The Community advances in the Regional Pact against Gender Violence

The Councilwoman remembers that all the political groups have been summoned to a new meeting and that the Congress of Deputies approved last Thursday the pact of State of Violence of Gender

With regard to the very early age of cases, the regional government also develops specific training actions in young people

The Community is studying the contributions of the political groups to the Regional Pact against Gender Violence.

The regional government is advancing in this agreement, which will be fundamental for the development of new actions, and for this purpose has convened all political groups with representation in the Regional Assembly to a new meeting, to be held next Wednesday, day October 4, to advance the final drafting of the document.

The text includes the measures presented by the four parliamentary groups plus the resolutions of the Special Commission against Discrimination and Gender Violence adopted at the plenary session of the Regional Assembly on 6 July.

The counselor Violante Tomás referred to the agreement and participation that should give light to the Pact.

"The fight against gender violence is the commitment of public and private agents, so we ask the participation of all levels for drafting the importance of the measures that will include," he said.

In this regard, he recalled that the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies approved last Thursday the 213 measures to implement the State Pact on Gender Violence.

This year, the Community allocated a total of 2.2 million to the prevention of gender violence and the care of the victims.

The care provided to victims has increased by nine per cent.

The Regional Network of Specialized Care Centers for Victims of Gender Violence (Red CAVI) of the Ministry of Family and Equality of Opportunities, recorded until August a total of 16,426 care, compared to 14,932 last year.

"Increased attention is the result of increased knowledge of specialized resources, as well as coordination between different agencies and departments at all three levels of government," said Violante Tomás.

Attention in the 21 CAVI centers is free of charge and can be accessed through the telephone number of 901 101 332. In addition, for emergency cases, the phone 1-1-2 is available for free, 24 hours a day, the seven days of the week.

Prevention of cases at an early age

In addition, with respect to the earliest age of cases, the regional government is developing specific training actions, such as prevention strategies in the educational field, didactic materials to prevent gender violence and promote equality in Primary and Secondary Education and a guide for action on gender-based violence in schools.

Likewise, teacher training activities are developed for the prevention and detection of cases in education and workshops to promote healthy and egalitarian relationships in adolescence.

The actions of prevention and promotion of equality are also strategic lines in the Regional Pact against Gender Violence.

"Special emphasis has been placed on prevention in education, since schools are a fundamental nucleus in the socialization of boys and girls. That is why it is necessary to equip teachers with the tools that allow them to detect these cases , knowing where to go and what to do to help potential victims to get out of this situation, "said the counselor.

Source: CARM


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