Public Health begins the training of health professionals foreseen in the health actions for the Llano del Beal

The director general of Public Health attended the first training session yesterday, in which have participated 35 health professionals of the area

The Ministry of Health, through the Directorate General of Public Health and Addictions and in collaboration with the Murcian Health Service (SMS), began yesterday at the El Algar Health Center training sessions for health professionals, within the program of actions to be carried out in the town of Llano del Beal.

These sessions, given by Dr. Juan Antonio Ortega, head of the Environmental Health Unit of the Arrixaca, intend to deepen the knowledge about heavy metals and their potential impact on health.

The next session will be held on October 6 at the La Union Health Center.

The objective is to help health professionals to better understand the mechanisms of referral and transmission of clinical data of patients, if it is necessary to consult beyond the Health Center where they are treated.

The Director General of Public Health, José Carlos Vicente, who attended this first training session, and explained last Wednesday to the residents of the Llano del Beal, in an informational meeting, the actions that from the Ministry will be developed in the town .

The action program includes, in addition to health and epidemiological actions, a health education plan specific to Llano del Beal families, which will include formative and informative sessions on different aspects of interest.

In addition, it will be facilitated to neighbors who voluntarily request it to undergo an individual analysis.

For this, the SMS has arranged that the agendas of the local office can include these patients.

The objective of this action is to subtract uncertainty from the neighbors and create a sentinel network on the health status of these people with the data obtained specifically with these analyzes.

On the other hand, the development of the preliminary actions of the epidemiological study has begun, whose purpose is to know the situation of the environment in health and whose results may be available by the end of the first half of 2018.

For this epidemiological study, a population sample of 184 schoolchildren and their mothers will be selected, following the methodology established at international level by scientific societies.

Thus, the data obtained will be compared with those obtained in a similar population sample of another locality of the Region where there has been no mining activity.

Source: CARM


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