Family collaborates with Afammer in promoting the equality of women in rural areas

Director-General Alicia Barquero inaugurates the day of exchange of experiences with entrepreneurs and the debate on the obstacles of this group

The general director of Women and Equality of Opportunities, Alicia Barquero, together with the president of the Association of Families and Women of the Rural Environment of the Region of Murcia (Afammer), Carmen Inglés, inaugurated today in Yecla the Rural Women's Day, which has had the participation of 175 women from Albacete, Alicante and Murcia.

This day aims to promote the incorporation of women into economic activities in rural areas and encourage their entrepreneurship.

Throughout the meeting the exchange of experiences of entrepreneurs has been carried out and there has been discussion about the possible obstacles that are found in the process of entrepreneurship.

The presentation included the presentation 'Women's Leadership in Agrarian and Livestock Activity', given by Juana Aznar Márquez, a professor at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and the roundtable 'Exchange of innovative experiences of exemplary women', with participation of five women entrepreneurs, including Encarna Larrosa, winner of the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, accompanied by Rafaela Ortega, Susana Blázquez, Elena Pacheco and Pilar Caselles.

"The experience of these women has been very valuable, since they have told us about their companies from the beginning, starting with original and innovative projects. They are an example to be followed for future entrepreneurs," said Alicia Barquero.

The General Directorate of Women and Equality of Opportunities together with Afammer, jointly holds days throughout the year to implement the principle of equality between women and men and co-responsibility in rural enterprises in the Region of Murcia.

Barquero also referred to the 'Manual of good practices for the implementation of the principle of equality and co-responsibility in rural enterprises in the Region of Murcia', conducted by Afammer, following the guidelines of the Directorate General Women and Equality of Opportunities .

This publication collects awareness-raising actions related to the implementation of equality and co-responsibility measures between women and men for rural enterprises;

examples of good practice from companies that have already implemented such measures;

and proposals aimed at promoting equal opportunities and co-responsibility in rural enterprises that can be developed from the Directorate-General.

Alicia Barquero explained that "the rural women's movement for the conquest of their rights in the Region is a decisive force on the road towards real equality between women and men, that is why we want to gather experiences that help women and organizations to move forward in that direction ".

The meeting of Yecla was closed by the Director General of Agricultural Funds and Rural Development, Carmen Sandoval, who highlighted the role of women in this area.

"The ongoing Rural Development Program has as one of its fundamental objectives the improvement of the quality of life, as well as fixing the population in rural areas, for which the role of young people and women is essential," said Sandoval.

He added that the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries "promotes initiatives and projects in rural areas to achieve the objectives of this strategy, as well as equality and job creation."

Source: CARM


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