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Diego Conesa, elected secretary general of the PSRM-PSOE

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

The secretary-elect elect says he now has to work "very hard" to restore the confidence of civil society, and militants and sympathizers

The PSRM-PSOE militancy has elected Diego Conesa (mayor of Alhama) as secretary general in the second round of primaries with 2,485 votes, 51.89 percent.

"The militancy has spoken and now it has to work very hard to recover the confidence and the illusion of the civil society, the militants and the sympathizers," he said.

"We have taken an important step to recover the illusion, now it touches unity and continue to regain that confidence," added the secretary general-elect.

Conesa has thanked María González Veracruz, Francisco Lucas and all the comrades of the party, as well as the media.

"This is a celebration of democracy and not everyone can say the same thing. Tomorrow we have to start working on a united party, the militancy has decided and from this we can continue taking steps," he has remarked.

On the other hand, María González Veracruz obtained the support of 47.3 percent of the militancy, that is to say, 2.265 votes in these primaries, whose participation has been of 80.5 percent.


Family collaborates with Afammer in promoting the equality of women in rural areas

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Director-General Alicia Barquero inaugurates the day of exchange of experiences with entrepreneurs and the debate on the obstacles of this group

The general director of Women and Equality of Opportunities, Alicia Barquero, together with the president of the Association of Families and Women of the Rural Environment of the Region of Murcia (Afammer), Carmen Inglés, inaugurated today in Yecla the Rural Women's Day, which has had the participation of 175 women from Albacete, Alicante and Murcia.

This day aims to promote the incorporation of women into economic activities in rural areas and encourage their entrepreneurship.

Throughout the meeting the exchange of experiences of entrepreneurs has been carried out and there has been discussion about the possible obstacles that are found in the process of entrepreneurship.

The presentation included the presentation 'Women's Leadership in Agrarian and Livestock Activity', given by Juana Aznar Márquez, a professor at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and the roundtable 'Exchange of innovative experiences of exemplary women', with participation of five women entrepreneurs, including Encarna Larrosa, winner of the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, accompanied by Rafaela Ortega, Susana Blázquez, Elena Pacheco and Pilar Caselles.

"The experience of these women has been very valuable, since they have told us about their companies from the beginning, starting with original and innovative projects. They are an example to be followed for future entrepreneurs," said Alicia Barquero.

The General Directorate of Women and Equality of Opportunities together with Afammer, jointly holds days throughout the year to implement the principle of equality between women and men and co-responsibility in rural enterprises in the Region of Murcia.

Barquero also referred to the 'Manual of good practices for the implementation of the principle of equality and co-responsibility in rural enterprises in the Region of Murcia', conducted by Afammer, following the guidelines of the Directorate General Women and Equality of Opportunities .

This publication collects awareness-raising actions related to the implementation of equality and co-responsibility measures between women and men for rural enterprises;

examples of good practice from companies that have already implemented such measures;

and proposals aimed at promoting equal opportunities and co-responsibility in rural enterprises that can be developed from the Directorate-General.

Alicia Barquero explained that "the rural women's movement for the conquest of their rights in the Region is a decisive force on the road towards real equality between women and men, that is why we want to gather experiences that help women and organizations to move forward in that direction ".

The meeting of Yecla was closed by the Director General of Agricultural Funds and Rural Development, Carmen Sandoval, who highlighted the role of women in this area.

"The ongoing Rural Development Program has as one of its fundamental objectives the improvement of the quality of life, as well as fixing the population in rural areas, for which the role of young people and women is essential," said Sandoval.

He added that the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries "promotes initiatives and projects in rural areas to achieve the objectives of this strategy, as well as equality and job creation."

Source: CARM

With the performance of the Musical Unit of the Third of Levante 50 years are celebrated the association ASTUS in El Batel

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

The concert will be tomorrow Sunday 1 of October at 11:30 hours

ASTUS (Guardianship Association for the disabled) celebrates its 50th anniversary with a music concert performed by the Musical Unit of the Tercio de Levante;

a concert with which it is intended to spread to the public the joy of turning 50 years.

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 1st at 11:30 p.m.

The tickets, from 8 to 4 euros, can be purchased tomorrow from 10 am in the audiotorio itself.

On October 1, 1967, a group of Carthaginian parents met with the same concern: the future of their children with intellectual disabilities.

They were formed in association, ATNIS was their acronym … 50 years later, this association born October 1, serves more than 600 people with intellectual disabilities and / or cerebral palsy, in different centers and services created over the years, and its acronym is ASTUS.

Source: Agencias

Fernando López Miras: "We are the party with more implementation and structure, which allows us to be close to the people" The president of the PPRM will begin a tour of all the local and municipal headquarters to explain to the basic affil

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

The president of the People's Party of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras wanted his first meeting after being elected by acclamation by the Regional Board of Directors, either with representatives of the local and municipal structure of the training "to organize the intense work "That must be faced in the coming months, as he said before the start of the meeting.

Fernando López Miras has said that the Popular Party "is the one that has the greatest implantation in the Region of Murcia, which allows us to be close to the people and reach it thanks to our presence in all municipalities and districts."

"Thanks to our structures we collect the concerns and the feelings of the citizens", said the president of the PP who added that this presence in the entire territory of the Region of Murcia "is the support" to maintain a direct connection with society .

Fernando López Miras has announced that in the next few days will start a round to be present "in all municipalities and districts."

"We are going to call all the local boards of directors because I want to be with the basic affiliates," he said, "I want to talk to them and make them aware of my project, pick up their concerns and schedule the work until 2019" period "that will lead us to win the next elections".

Referendum in Catalonia

The Catalan challenge has also been part of the agenda items of this morning's meeting.

"All the support of the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia to the Government of Spain to carry out all the necessary measures and actions to restore democratic order in Catalonia," said Fernando López Miras who added that the referendum called for tomorrow "Is a clear attempt to violate the constitutional state and the pillars and values ​​of the democratic state."

"In Spain when someone commits a crime is facing a sentence and in Catalonia there are people who have been looking for that sentence for too long," he concluded.

Source: GPP

The Párraga Center of Murcia hosts a dance and theater workshop given by the Belgian artist Sophie Thirion. The activity is held from October 2 to 5 in this area of ​​the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment and is aimed primarily at acto

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

The Párraga Center of the Region of Murcia, under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment, hosts from 2 to 5 October a dance and theater workshop 'The Physical Lyric', given by the Belgian stage artist Sophie Thirion.

This training activity involves a training of expressive movement and improvisation with guidelines that aim to develop a language of its own and broaden the creative possibilities.

Sophie Thirion develops a research space where she will train the possibility of deploying the corporal and expressive abilities.

The director general of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts (ICA), Marta López-Briones, stated that "from the Ministry of Culture we are promoting training actions open to citizens for the discovery of new trends and languages ​​in the field of contemporary creation ".

"The training offer is growing in our centers and in different disciplines to show the latest trends in the scenic landscape," said the director.

Likewise, the head of the ICA said that "this type of training activities that are developed from the practical point of view have great national and international professionals with experience and preparation that contribute to continue producing and generating talent in the public spaces of the Region" .

The course is aimed at actors, dancers, performers and all the people who want to experience through movement.

The activity also offers participants the possibility of working with costumes or materials to go deeper in the search for a character, an atmosphere or a metaphor.

The schedule of the course, whose registration fee is 120 euros and a limit of up to 14 students, will be from 10:30 to 14 hours.

The inscriptions can be made through the mail


Sophie Thirion (Brussels, 1978) is a stage performer at the Jacques Lecoq School of Physical Theater, 'Le corps poétique', and Jessica Walker's dramatic body language 'The Lab'.

At the same time, she has researched the art of the movement with the Butoh Dance, which led her to train with different masters such as Atsushi Takenouschi (Paris), Minako Seki (Berlin) and Yumiko Yoschioka (Minorca).

She continued her research and training with Mercedes Boronat's 'Keep Moving' method and participated in the EMFOCO III International Performing Arts Training in Concepción, Chile.

Her research as a creator and pedagogue is based on the space between dance and theater, looking for the expressive, poetic and own movement of each actor and dancer.

This is the language of his artistic creations in 'Blue', 'Poppy', 'La Femme Oiseau', 'Schiele', 'Women in the open' and 'Brisa'.

He is currently creating 'Nivis solo s', of dance and theater, and is working with Meritxell Checa on the play 'Etairas'.

Source: CARM

The application 'CONECTAmbiental' exceeds 1,500 users

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

This free tool allows anyone to easily notify their mobile phone of environmental incidents in the Mar Menor and its surroundings and provides information about their state and beaches

The application for mobile phones 'CONECTAmbiental' launched in mid-July by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment so that any citizen can communicate in an agile and simple environmental incidents and know the state of Mar Menor and its beaches already exceeds the 1,500 unique users and each week increases the number.

This new citizen collaboration tool has received 111 incidents of all kinds related to the quality of water and beaches, cleaning incidents, anti-meditation networks and warnings about fauna or flora of this natural environment, which were resolved within 48 hours.

The director general of the Mar Menor, Antonio Luengo, indicated that "we are satisfied with the results and with that every day are more users of this simple and useful tool of contact with the administration so that they send us their alerts on any environmental incidence" .

Also, it should be noted that the information provided by the application is useful to the user by how he uses it, since the most commonly used is the overview of the beach selected – consulted 7,435 times – or the list of beaches -2603. , highlight the interest of citizens in the technical and scientific information on the Mar Menor, consulted almost a thousand times.

In terms of users, 94 percent are Spanish and the rest are foreigners, mainly between the ages of 25 and 35.

In addition, among the main interests of the people who have installed the application is sports, outdoor activities and travel.

By installing this application on the phone and opening it, you can obtain information about the climate, UV index, temperature, waves and water temperature of the different beaches of the Mar Menor.

Other complementary information that it offers is the result of the analytical microbiology of the water in the riverside beaches.

In addition, the user can fix his favorite beach, so that the information about it always appears at the beginning.

The 'CONECTAmbiental' community mobile application is free and available for IOS and Android systems.

Source: CARM

Public Health begins the training of health professionals foreseen in the health actions for the Llano del Beal

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

The director general of Public Health attended the first training session yesterday, in which have participated 35 health professionals of the area

The Ministry of Health, through the Directorate General of Public Health and Addictions and in collaboration with the Murcian Health Service (SMS), began yesterday at the El Algar Health Center training sessions for health professionals, within the program of actions to be carried out in the town of Llano del Beal.

These sessions, given by Dr. Juan Antonio Ortega, head of the Environmental Health Unit of the Arrixaca, intend to deepen the knowledge about heavy metals and their potential impact on health.

The next session will be held on October 6 at the La Union Health Center.

The objective is to help health professionals to better understand the mechanisms of referral and transmission of clinical data of patients, if it is necessary to consult beyond the Health Center where they are treated.

The Director General of Public Health, José Carlos Vicente, who attended this first training session, and explained last Wednesday to the residents of the Llano del Beal, in an informational meeting, the actions that from the Ministry will be developed in the town .

The action program includes, in addition to health and epidemiological actions, a health education plan specific to Llano del Beal families, which will include formative and informative sessions on different aspects of interest.

In addition, it will be facilitated to neighbors who voluntarily request it to undergo an individual analysis.

For this, the SMS has arranged that the agendas of the local office can include these patients.

The objective of this action is to subtract uncertainty from the neighbors and create a sentinel network on the health status of these people with the data obtained specifically with these analyzes.

On the other hand, the development of the preliminary actions of the epidemiological study has begun, whose purpose is to know the situation of the environment in health and whose results may be available by the end of the first half of 2018.

For this epidemiological study, a population sample of 184 schoolchildren and their mothers will be selected, following the methodology established at international level by scientific societies.

Thus, the data obtained will be compared with those obtained in a similar population sample of another locality of the Region where there has been no mining activity.

Source: CARM

The Community advances in the Regional Pact against Gender Violence

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

The Councilwoman remembers that all the political groups have been summoned to a new meeting and that the Congress of Deputies approved last Thursday the pact of State of Violence of Gender

With regard to the very early age of cases, the regional government also develops specific training actions in young people

The Community is studying the contributions of the political groups to the Regional Pact against Gender Violence.

The regional government is advancing in this agreement, which will be fundamental for the development of new actions, and for this purpose has convened all political groups with representation in the Regional Assembly to a new meeting, to be held next Wednesday, day October 4, to advance the final drafting of the document.

The text includes the measures presented by the four parliamentary groups plus the resolutions of the Special Commission against Discrimination and Gender Violence adopted at the plenary session of the Regional Assembly on 6 July.

The counselor Violante Tomás referred to the agreement and participation that should give light to the Pact.

"The fight against gender violence is the commitment of public and private agents, so we ask the participation of all levels for drafting the importance of the measures that will include," he said.

In this regard, he recalled that the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies approved last Thursday the 213 measures to implement the State Pact on Gender Violence.

This year, the Community allocated a total of 2.2 million to the prevention of gender violence and the care of the victims.

The care provided to victims has increased by nine per cent.

The Regional Network of Specialized Care Centers for Victims of Gender Violence (Red CAVI) of the Ministry of Family and Equality of Opportunities, recorded until August a total of 16,426 care, compared to 14,932 last year.

"Increased attention is the result of increased knowledge of specialized resources, as well as coordination between different agencies and departments at all three levels of government," said Violante Tomás.

Attention in the 21 CAVI centers is free of charge and can be accessed through the telephone number of 901 101 332. In addition, for emergency cases, the phone 1-1-2 is available for free, 24 hours a day, the seven days of the week.

Prevention of cases at an early age

In addition, with respect to the earliest age of cases, the regional government is developing specific training actions, such as prevention strategies in the educational field, didactic materials to prevent gender violence and promote equality in Primary and Secondary Education and a guide for action on gender-based violence in schools.

Likewise, teacher training activities are developed for the prevention and detection of cases in education and workshops to promote healthy and egalitarian relationships in adolescence.

The actions of prevention and promotion of equality are also strategic lines in the Regional Pact against Gender Violence.

"Special emphasis has been placed on prevention in education, since schools are a fundamental nucleus in the socialization of boys and girls. That is why it is necessary to equip teachers with the tools that allow them to detect these cases , knowing where to go and what to do to help potential victims to get out of this situation, "said the counselor.

Source: CARM

The Community allocates 1.2 million euros to help more than 200 SMEs increase their exports. The Internationalization Program, which this year triples its budget in relation to the 400,000 euros of the last edition, offers aid of up to EUR 100,000

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

In the last call participated a total of 65 companies that mobilized an investment in internationalization actions of more than 1.5 million euros

The Community, through the program of Internationalization of the Company driven by Info, allocates a total of 1.2 million euros to help more than 200 SMEs in the Region to improve their position in foreign markets and increase their exports .

This program, with a first call that will remain open until October 16 and a second that will be active between November 2 and December 15, offers these companies grants of up to 100,000 euros (50,000 euros per call) to put actions to improve its internationalization capacity.

The Minister of Employment, Universities and Enterprise, Juan Hernández, stressed the importance of this type of programs so that regional firms, and especially SMEs, can face their internationalization with the greatest guarantees of success.

Hernandez said that "one of the keys to the growth of the regional economy has been the firm commitment of companies to international markets, as reflected by the fact that the export base has grown by 42 percent in recent years to 4,825 companies of last year ".

"Our goal is to keep raising that figure to 5,000 during this year, but we also want to do it in the best conditions, after analyzing their situation and knowing the markets and more appropriate forms of marketing for their products," added Hernandez .

In this sense, the Company Internationalization program allows to subsidize all those actions aimed, among other objectives, to make a diagnosis of its competitive position and its internationalization potential, as well as the elaboration and execution of international marketing plans to enter or consolidate in foreign markets.

In addition, this aid enables companies to improve their competitiveness by developing actions aimed at opening new markets or introducing new products, including participation in trade fairs, trade missions, international marketing actions or the registration of patents and trademarks abroad.

Results of the previous call

For this year, the budget of this program has tripled, going from the 400,000 euros of the last call to 1.2 million euros of the current one.

During the last edition, these 400,000 euros allowed the internationalization of a total of 65 SMEs in the Region, who mobilized an investment of more than 1.5 million euros in actions aimed at improving their export capacity.

"Those companies that export, according to some studies, are more competitive and increase their volume of business up to 50 percent, as well as better resist adverse economic cycles. In addition, internationalization has a direct effect on the creation of quality employment" , said the counselor.

This program is part of the Region's External Promotion Plan, a pioneering tool managed by Info, in which the main agencies involved in business internationalization, such as the Chambers of Commerce of the Region, are present.

The plan, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), involves the implementation of more than 120 actions to achieve, among other objectives, € 10 billion in exports and 5,000 exporting companies.

Source: CARM

The ITV Workers will go to STRI from Monday, October 2

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

CCOO and UGT call STRIKE in the ITV Sector, in the face of the negative attitude of the Director Juan Hernández, and as a result of the stagnation of the Negotiation with the Regional Government, a situation that causes great uncertainty to the workers who see as their work and the future of 200 families can be ruined by the incompetence of the government to solve a problem that has been solved in the last 20 years, with a management model of Administrative Concession, with the exception of the Sewer ITV that works and very well as Public Management.

The workers of the Technical Vehicle Inspection companies fail to understand the reason why the Employment, University and Company Counselor has been obsessed with changing a model of Administrative Concession that has worked well, for another one of Administrative Authorization , which according to all the data we know has not worked in other Autonomous Communities.

In addition with the addition that the current model of Administrative Concession has been supported by the vast majority of associations and organizations in this region, according to the words of the Employment Counselor himself.

UGT and CCOO denounce the attitude that the Director D ° Juan Hernández maintains in this negotiation.

The latest event was the meeting with the Workers' Representatives (members of the Works Council) behind the backs of the unions, in a sterile attempt to break the unity of ITV workers.

This situation fills the glass, CCOO and UGT we feel betrayed in the good faith that in a negotiation must prevail.

Given the lack of dialogue between the Director and his inability to resolve the conflict, CCOO and UGT demand an immediate meeting with the President of the Autonomous Community, Fernando López Miras.

Request formalized next Monday in the first hour.

CCOO and UGT, we advocate a prompt resolution of the conflict, and for this, we demand from the Government a response that allows the public service of the technical inspection of vehicles to be offered to citizens with quality and efficient, and at the same time we defend the rights of workers.

The maintenance of the necessary safety and environmental standards can only be guaranteed with a model of Administrative Concession Management, maintaining the ownership and direct public management of the Alcantarilla ITV.

Finally inform about the dates of the call for the STRIKE, this has been called for the following days: 2,9,13,16,18,20,23,25,27,28 of October.

The strike that begins next Monday, October 2, not to find a solution during the same will become indefinite as of November 2.

Source: CCOO Región de Murcia