Citizens demands to the mayor of Culture explanations on the actual situation of the museums and visitor centers of the city of Murcia

● The training warns that today the management contract of the City Museum ends and that in just two months also ends the Museum of Science and Water

● "They want to appear normal, when the reality is that everything related to culture and museums is drifting in the face of the neglect of Councilman Pacheco," says the mayor orange Carlos Peñafiel

Murcia, Thursday, August 31.

to keep it open to all Murcia, "said Orange Councilman Carlos Peñafiel.

"The Councilor of Culture, and therefore the Mayor Ballesta, must stop destroying everything related to the culture and museums of our city, and end with a demonstrated neglect for more than two years, which only ends up bringing problems to this administration and the neighbors, "said Peñafiel, who has lamented that" irregularities in cultural management and museum can not be solved with improvisations, because the only thing that happens is that the government team wants to appear normal, when the reality is that everything what is related to culture and museums is drifting in the face of the disdain of councilman Pacheco, "adds Peñafiel.

For Citizens, the management of Pacheco and the data -which show in the queue of cultural investment both the Region and the municipality- are one more sample of the little that cares about the culture, the Murcia and the correct and efficient management of our administration to Pacheco and Ballesta, executing a short-term cultural policy and serving only as a showcase of the Popular Party in the city of all Murcia. "

According to the mayor of Cs, "it is not necessary to remember the situation in which the Ramon Gaya Museum is, today it seems that the turn of the Museum of the City and on November 11 will be the Museum of Science and Water .

And all without the PP Government team assume any kind of responsibility in what could be an illegal hiring of workers camouflaged in a service contract.

Peñafiel considers that this "is going to be a serious economic damage to the local coffers, when they begin to publish the judicial decisions due to the huge amount of complaints filed by the workers affected against the City.

Fines and compensation that will not pay Pacheco and Ballesta, but we will pay all Murcia with more taxes and fewer services. "

Councilman Orange warns that today, "the real situation is that cultural services are not going to be able to provide, not in the conditions that were being carried out, but in no way by not having qualified workers for it.

If we add to this inadmissible job insecurity and the possible illegal transfer of workers, the picture is bleak. "

The municipal group of Citizens immediately demands the appearance of councilman Jesús Pacheco to report the real situation of museums and visitor centers, "in order to inform us of the measures to be taken, if any.

Pacheco can not continue hiding while the cultural and tourist management of the municipality collapses like a house of cards.

His incompetence is to blame for this situation, and not the opposition as he unsuccessfully tries to sell us. "

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia


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