Cano: "Who pays and seeks the unreal, interested, skewed and biased report of Greenpeace against Murcian farmers?" The PPRM executive secretary of Water sees very coincidentally that "this performance coincides with the recent entry of

The Executive Secretary of Water, Agriculture and Environment of the PPRM, Jesús Cano has asked himself this morning who pays and seeks the report "unreal, interested, biased and torturer Greenpeace against Murcia farmers."

Likewise, Cano sees it as a coincidence that "this performance coincides with the recent entry of We can to the Executive of Castilla La Mancha" and has also questioned that this report is due when the National Water Council approved the Basin Plans of Water and assured that the deficit of the Segura Basin was 400 cubic hectometres, "data admitted, supported and applauded by environmental organizations.

The popular leader has referred once again to the alliance of these two political forces of which he has said that "has already been noted with a dirty campaign of smear against the Region of Murcia."

In relation to the report of Greenpeace has qualified "it is rather a disinformed subsidized by a Government that only looks for the confrontation and the war between communities".

Thus has criticized the Government of Castilla La Mancha for not realizing that with its smear campaigns towards the Region of Murcia "is also acting against the benefits of Agriculture in its own Autonomous Community"

"Castilian society of La Mancha needs serious, concerned leaders, who seek solutions to the problems of citizens," Cano said to clarify that "instead they allocate the money paid by their contributors to dirty smear campaigns that lead to nothing ".

The official responsible for water in the PPRM has asserted that "mafias are more typical of communist regimes than a democratic society" and has defended the agricultural sector of which he said "bread is won on the basis of effort and sacrifice."

In this sense it has put in value "the miracles that the farmers do with the little water of which they dispose due to the extreme drought that suffers the Murcia field and in spite of that the Region continues being the greater producer of fruits and vegetables of all Europe" .

"From the PPRM we are not going to allow insult and question the great work of the Murcia irrigators," said Cano to add that "they use every drop of water to get their crops yielded."

Source: PP Región de Murcia


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