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Gloria Alarcon supports Diego Conesa to work on equality policies

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Pre-candidate adds Alarcon's experience to its regional project

The professor at the University of Murcia Gloria Alarcón holds a PhD in Law and Professor of Applied Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Murcia, as well as principal investigator of the group "The Fiscal Observatory: Analysis of Public Policies" .

Diego Conesa adds talents to the project he leads in order to opt for the General Secretariat of the Region of Murcia and the profile of Gloria Alarcón will allow him to implement the equality policies that are so important for the Region.

This teacher, renowned for her professional reputation, is an institution in gender equality policies, as well as knowing firsthand the budgetary dynamics in municipal and regional matters, something that Conesa also knows closely for being the candidate who from the first moment has put into value the need to establish a municipal policy for the Region of Murcia.

Her feminist trajectory and fighter make her an active defender of the rights of women working in front line from the Forum of Feminist Policies of the Region of Murcia championing causes that affect closely many women in all areas of society.

With the adhesion of Gloria Alarcón, the candidacy of Diego Conesa follows his roadmap putting the issues that most concern this candidate to professional experts who know the world of politics perfectly and who work to attend to the priorities of our Region .

Source: Agencias

Citizens demands to the mayor of Culture explanations on the actual situation of the museums and visitor centers of the city of Murcia

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

● The training warns that today the management contract of the City Museum ends and that in just two months also ends the Museum of Science and Water

● "They want to appear normal, when the reality is that everything related to culture and museums is drifting in the face of the neglect of Councilman Pacheco," says the mayor orange Carlos Peñafiel

Murcia, Thursday, August 31.

to keep it open to all Murcia, "said Orange Councilman Carlos Peñafiel.

"The Councilor of Culture, and therefore the Mayor Ballesta, must stop destroying everything related to the culture and museums of our city, and end with a demonstrated neglect for more than two years, which only ends up bringing problems to this administration and the neighbors, "said Peñafiel, who has lamented that" irregularities in cultural management and museum can not be solved with improvisations, because the only thing that happens is that the government team wants to appear normal, when the reality is that everything what is related to culture and museums is drifting in the face of the disdain of councilman Pacheco, "adds Peñafiel.

For Citizens, the management of Pacheco and the data -which show in the queue of cultural investment both the Region and the municipality- are one more sample of the little that cares about the culture, the Murcia and the correct and efficient management of our administration to Pacheco and Ballesta, executing a short-term cultural policy and serving only as a showcase of the Popular Party in the city of all Murcia. "

According to the mayor of Cs, "it is not necessary to remember the situation in which the Ramon Gaya Museum is, today it seems that the turn of the Museum of the City and on November 11 will be the Museum of Science and Water .

And all without the PP Government team assume any kind of responsibility in what could be an illegal hiring of workers camouflaged in a service contract.

Peñafiel considers that this "is going to be a serious economic damage to the local coffers, when they begin to publish the judicial decisions due to the huge amount of complaints filed by the workers affected against the City.

Fines and compensation that will not pay Pacheco and Ballesta, but we will pay all Murcia with more taxes and fewer services. "

Councilman Orange warns that today, "the real situation is that cultural services are not going to be able to provide, not in the conditions that were being carried out, but in no way by not having qualified workers for it.

If we add to this inadmissible job insecurity and the possible illegal transfer of workers, the picture is bleak. "

The municipal group of Citizens immediately demands the appearance of councilman Jesús Pacheco to report the real situation of museums and visitor centers, "in order to inform us of the measures to be taken, if any.

Pacheco can not continue hiding while the cultural and tourist management of the municipality collapses like a house of cards.

His incompetence is to blame for this situation, and not the opposition as he unsuccessfully tries to sell us. "

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia

The Regional Assembly of the Red Cross Mar Menor Norte joins the 'Return to Cole Solidaria' collecting school material in Carrefour Dos Mares

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

For the first time this Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of September, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 20 volunteers from the municipalities of San Pedro del Pinatar, San Javier and Los Alcázares will be identified in the accesses of the hypermarket of this Shopping Center to receive donations for families with limited resources

The president of the Mar Menor Norte Regional Assembly of the Red Cross, José Cortés, has reported that "for the first time the members of this institution working in the municipalities of San Pedro del Pinatar, San Javier and Los Alcázares will participate in the campaign national 'Vuelta al Cole Solidaria' thanks to the recent implementation in the Dos Mares Shopping Center of Carrefour hypermarket, company with which the Spanish Red Cross has an agreement for this initiative.

Specifically, on Friday, September 1 and Saturday 2, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., about twenty Red Cross volunteers, distributed in six shifts, will collect the school material donated by Carrefour customers with the objective of being able to help those families with children of school age who are experiencing serious economic difficulties.

Cortes stressed that Carrefour starts this action with a direct donation of school supplies to meet the needs of children in a situation of social emergency and this amount will add the contributions made by clients during the campaign in favor of these families.

In the tables installed in the center Carrefour of San Javier will collect school material like pencils, markers, notebooks, pens etc.

that citizens donate and later, Red Cross will be in charge of distributing it among the smallest beneficiaries, for which volunteers will also be available.

The aim of this action, in the words of Sebastián Miras, representative of Institutions of Carrefour in the Region of Murcia is "to contribute to reduce the economic impact of the acquisition of school material for families struggling through economic difficulties."

In this sense, Miras stressed that "the campaign is part of a plan promoted by the Solidaridad Carrefour Foundation and the Spanish Red Cross to serve families who have children of school age and are in a situation of vulnerability.

Faustino Herrero, president of the Red Cross in the Region of Murcia, said that "children are especially vulnerable to any situation of crisis that leads to an increase in the poverty rate.For this reason, in Red Cross, we work day-to-day with minors in serious difficulties, and initiatives such as this allow us to cover their basic needs for school material and to alleviate the economy of their families, as well as complement the work of schools. "

Red Cross and Solidaridad Carrefour Foundation have been working together since 2001 through various social initiatives whose purpose is to contribute to improving the living conditions of groups in situations of vulnerability.

In 2011, both institutions renewed for a further five years a collaboration agreement signed in 2001 to care for people affected by emergencies and catastrophes, such as the December floods in the towns of Mar Menor.

In this area, Fundación Solidaridad Carrefour also supports the development, training and maintenance of 18 Emergency Response Teams (ERIEs) specializing in Psychosocial Intervention.

They provide care for both the victims of disasters and their families.

Fundación Solidaridad Carrefour coordinates all the programs developed by Carrefour in the field of social action in Spain.

It especially supports projects for the benefit of children with disabilities or social exclusion.

It helps people in situations of vulnerability and is involved in emergency operations in Spain.

It also promotes the labor integration of persons with disabilities or at risk of exclusion and encourages the participation of the Group's employees in the different social initiatives.

In the words of Faustino Herrero, "Red Cross directly attended to 1,718 children between the ages of 8 and 14 in 2016. From the Humanitarian Institution, the technological aspects of the study, which are essential at the moment educational level of the children.Today many educational aspects of online development and the existing digital divide, causes difficulties for some boys and girls in maintaining the rhythm of classes or completing their duties.

Following that argument, the regional president of the Red Cross stressed that "37% of the minors surveyed do not have any computer equipment (Computer, Tablet, …) and 46.7% lack access to the Internet, '6% do not have books, and 35.1% do not have musical instruments to develop their school education. They also lack adequate school material to study 33.7% of boys and girls between 12 and 14 years of age. what we carry out campaigns like the one of carry out in the Carrefour of the Region of Murcia, the next days 1 and 2 of September. "

To access the video of "La Vuelta al Cole Solidaria 2017", click on the following link:

Source: Agencias

The number of international tourists in the Region increased more than 35 percent in July

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

The Region registers the best month of July in the history of the arrival of foreign tourists, with 127,034, and since it began The year is already 548.804

The United Kingdom, France and the Nordic countries remain the main markets for international tourism and tourists from Ireland and Belgium double

The number of foreign tourists who chose to spend their vacations in the Region during the month of July grew 35.7 percent over the same month of the previous year to reach 127,034, according to the Statistics of Tourist Movements in Frontiers (Frontur), Published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

This growth rate was 3.5 times higher than that of Spain as a whole, which was 10.1%, making the Region the fifth largest inter-annual rate of growth, surpassing the most important tourism communities : Valencian Community (+17.1 percent);

Madrid (+14.8 percent);

Andalusia (+12.5 percent);

Catalonia (+ 6.5%);

The Balearic Islands (+5.3 percent) and the Canaries (+4 percent).

In addition, this volume of international tourists was a historic record for the month of July in the Region, by removing the record obtained in 2009 and considered the best to date (119,867 travelers).

The main access route of international tourists to the Region of Murcia this month were airports, with a share of 76.9 percent over the total.

The means of transport by road gained weight and were the way of entry of 17.3 percent of foreign tourists.

In this way, 2017 maintains an upward trend in the number of international travelers arriving in the Region.

In total, 548,804 foreign tourists traveled to the destination in the first seven months of the year, up 12 percent from the same period last year, or about 58,778 more tourists.

The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Javier Celdrán, stated that "we continue to fulfill the objectives set out in the Strategic Tourism Plan of the Region and we hope to end the year with the arrival of 1,135,500 international tourists."

So far this year, the United Kingdom has been the main country issuing foreign tourism to the Region, with 43 percent of the total and 236,181 tourists, up 8.4 percent from the same period in 2016. France consolidates As the second issuing market to the Region with 74,759 tourists, 20.1 percent more than in 2016 and a share of 13.6 percent.

The Nordic countries were the third market with 59,256 tourists, a significant increase of 45 percent and a weight of 10.8 percent.

Ireland was the fourth market to the Region with 33,834 tourists, more than double that in 2016 and a weight of 6.2 percent.

It also doubles its number of tourists Belgium, which stood as the fifth issuing market with 32,367 tourists and a share of 5.9 percent.

The sixth in the ranking is Germany with 32,172 tourists and a share of 5.9 percent, followed by the Netherlands with 3 percent and Italy with 1.8 percent.

The head of Tourism highlighted that "these data show the success of the promotion campaigns in northern and central Europe, as well as the effectiveness of promoting promotion in social networks in English. With Turespaña and with the Spanish Offices of Tourism Abroad, as well as the implementation of international operations ".

Source: CARM

The regional government stresses that the tender for the Caudete variant is "a step further" for the connection with Valencia by the interior. The Minister of Presidency and Fomento recalls that before the end of the year the Jumilla-Yecla

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

The Minister of the Presidency and Development, Pedro Rivera, today described as "other good news for the Region of Murcia" the tender by the Ministry of Development of the works corresponding to the seven kilometers of the circumvallation of Caudete (Albacete), forming Part of the A-33, called in the section corresponding to the Region 'Autovia del Altiplano'.

Rivera stressed that "this is in compliance with one of the commitments made by the Minister of Development with the President of the Community, Fernando López Miras, during his visit last July, and progress is made in the communication of the (A-30) with the Albacete-Alicante motorway (A-31) and with the Almansa-Valencia (A-35) dual carriageway, the Altiplano and the whole Region, with the Valencian Community inland, connecting the Albacete- , By a route very used, in particular, by the transport sector ".

The director recalled that "before the end of the year will be in service the stretch between Jumilla and Yecla, so necessary for the inhabitants of the Altiplano and so beneficial to the whole Region," in addition to the fact that in autumn will be tendered The last remaining section, which is the one that connects Yecla with Caudete.

The section whose tender is published today in the Official State Gazette has an amount of 60.95 million euros and includes the northern variant of Caudete, including links to the N-344, Caudete and the branch link to the A -31, and the execution of three viaducts, three upper passages and eight lower passages.

The A-33 dual carriageway has been in service since August 2012 between Blanca and Jumilla, while the sections between Jumilla and Yecla and between Caudete and Fuente La Higuera are under construction.

The variant of this last population came into service on 19 June.

Source: CARM

The Civil Guard investigates three people for using commercial varieties of protected fruit trees for commercial purposes. In collaboration with the CARM Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Ministry

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

They have been instructed as alleged perpetrators of crime related to industrial property, for possession and reproduction of protected plant variety

These are varieties corresponding to crops of apricot and mandarin, which were exploited without authorization of the plant breeder

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia (CARM), has carried out the operation 'GOMORRI' in Molina de Segura and Calasparra Investigation aimed at clarifying the multiplication for agricultural and commercial purposes of plant material whose exploitation is subject to the authorization of the breeder thereof, which has culminated in the investigation of three persons, who have been instructed as alleged perpetrators of crime Relating to industrial property.

Officials of the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) of the Benemérita began the operation to investigate the possible possession and reproduction without the mandatory authorization of plant varieties under protection.

The inspections carried out by the agents allowed to verify the manipulation of protected plant varieties without the corresponding permits in Molina de Segura and Calasparra.

In order to exhaustively determine the origin of the plant material investigated, it was necessary the corresponding sampling on the ground and its subsequent referral to a reference laboratory for comparison with the patterns of the registered varieties.

The analysis revealed that the plant material used was under the protection of industrial property rights.

Over 2,500 plants without authorization

In the last days, two people have been investigated in Molina de Segura for the use of the variety Orri variety of mandarin in a farm with 2,200 plants, and another person in Calasparra as alleged responsible for The multiplication of 400 albaricoquero plants of the variety denominated Flopría variety protected by the Community Office of Plant Varieties.

All three have been indicted as alleged perpetrators of industrial property crime.

This type of action has its origin mainly in the complaints filed by companies that develop new plant varieties.

During the development of the operation, the Civil Guard has had the fluid collaboration of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of CARM.

The crime against industrial property is defined in the current Criminal Code and defines it as that which, with agricultural or commercial purposes, without the consent of the owner of a plant variety certificate and with knowledge of its registration, produce or reproduce, condition with Production or reproduction, offers for sale, sells or markets in any other way, exportation or amount, or possesses for any of the aforementioned purposes, plant propagating material or multiplication of a protected plant variety in accordance with national or Union on plant variety protection shall be punishable by one to three years' imprisonment.

The investigated, seized effects and investigations have been made available to the Examining Courts of Molina de Segura and Caravaca de la Cruz.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

The Community and Jesús Abandonado collaborate in the social and labor integration of more than 3,500 people at risk of exclusion

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities visited the day center and social eatery of the foundation, which the Community finances with EUR 1,059,000

The Community collaborates with the Jesús Abandonado Foundation in the care of more than 3,500 people at risk of exclusion, fundamentally homeless, with the aim of achieving a full recovery and developing an independent life.

This was indicated by the Minister of Family and Equality of Opportunities, Violante Tomás, who today visited the day center and social dining room of the Foundation together with the president of the foundation, José Moreno, and its director, Daniel Lopez.

The Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities finances with 1.059.000 euros the actions of the foundation intended for the attention of people with needs of sustenance and housing, as well as its programs of social and labor insertion.

Violante Tomás said that "facilitating access to employment for people with greater difficulties to enter the labor market is a priority objective of the regional government, which we carry out through organizations such as Jesus Abandoned."

The Instituto Murciano de Acción Social (IMAS) will allocate more than 85,000 euros this year to the organization, co-financed by the Social Fund, 80 per cent for the programs of employability and guarantee for young people, at risk of social exclusion or with special difficulties .

The program 'Emplea 2016' by Jesús Abandonado had 97 participants and achieved 35 job insertions, through individual insertion itineraries, 42% more than the previous year.

491 hours of training were given on active job search, social skills and skills for employment, equal opportunities and sources of funding, among other aspects.

It is also granted aid to facilitate the recruitment of people who are aware of the Basic Income of Insertion.

In addition, the participants were able to expand and make their curricula more competitive, through collaboration with different companies and institutions in the Region.

Thus, work practices of the course advanced techniques of cleaning in the company STV, dedicated to the waste management;

The Labor Foundation of Construction gave the training to obtain the professional card of the sector, an essential requirement to work in this area, and the Union of Small Farmers and Livestock Region of Murcia (UPA) certified the professional user of phytosanitary products.

Likewise, the Ministry supports the care of immigrants in shelters and shelters, food for the homeless in the NGO social dining room and socio-health care, to which it allocates 974,000 euros.

Working with NGOs

She praised the organization's work with the homeless and noted that the day center "is a door to hope, an opportunity for many people to start a new life."

Likewise, he considered that "it is not only a place where to shelter, but also can be formed, with workshops designed so that they can start that road so difficult for their social and labor insertion".

Violante Tomás noted that the Community's programs aimed at NGOs to fight poverty have this year with a budget of 1,560,000 euros.

He recalled that Jesus Abandonado is part of the Network to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion of the Region, with which the Ministry designs common social policies, through the Bureau of the Third Sector.

"Our goal is to deepen the problem of social exclusion, looking for the most effective causes and actions to address it," he said.

The Jesús Abandoned Foundation has 202 places in its short, medium and long-stay centers, with 30 places in protected housing and 26 in the pension it manages.

The social dining room has capacity for 300 meals a day and reached in 2016 the figure of 301.459 services.

Source: CARM

Counseling addresses the 'Mental Health Regional Action' to optimize care for patients

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Counselor Manuel Villegas visits the Romanian Albercan psychiatric hospital to start the work lines of this project, which will reorganize all the devices in this area Care

In 2016, 16 percent of Primary Care consultations were for people with anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, or insomnia

The Ministry of Health will launch the 'Regional Action of Mental Health 2018-2022', a strategy that will serve to reorganize all the devices in this area for comprehensive community care, to optimize care for patients, and provides Create the Regional Management of Mental Health.

The councilman Manuel Villegas visited the psychiatric hospital Román Alberca today, and stressed that "a milestone within this action is to intensify coordination with Primary Care in its work of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common mental disorders and their coordination with devices Mental health for the management of serious mental disorders. "

Villegas said that "mental health is one of the areas of action of the Ministry where most changes will be experienced in the coming years," and announced that "we will improve coordination and attention with a new, more comprehensive and cross-cutting approach , That puts the person, and not the disease, in the center of all the actions ".

Román Alberca is the only monographic hospital in Spain to be included in the Notification and Learning System of the National Patient Safety Strategy.

The Region has 136 beds in five acute units, one in the psychiatric hospital (22 beds), and 74 half-stay beds.

Of the more than 6.7 million consultations attended in the Region's 85 health centers in 2016, 16 percent were for people with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse or insomnia, which represents approximately one million Of queries.

In addition, 27 percent of people who consulted for health problems in the physical area had symptoms that were conditioned and intensified by mental health problems, representing 1.8 million consultations.

Nearly 300,000 adult consultations and 11,300 children under the age of 16 attended the mental health centers.

Also, last year there were almost 3,000 hospital discharges and about 4,800 attentions in the drug dependence program.

Villegas said that "we have a wide network of resources, which we will promote, such as the psychiatric hospital, 17 mental health centers and centers for drug addicts, five rehabilitation units, three community assertive treatment teams (Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca), a regional unit of hospitalization for disorders of the behavior of the feeding and another one of detoxification, both the hospital Reina Sofia ".

165 new jobs for people with mental illness

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health develops the 'Euroempleo' program, endowed with 5 million euros from the European Union, aiming to achieve 500 work contracts for the integration of people with mental illness by the 2020 horizon. The date 165 contracts have been reached.

Source: CARM

López Miras reaffirms his commitment to continue promoting the nautical sports in the Region The president of the Community receives in the Palace of Aguirre of Cartagena to the crew of the Murcia sailboat 'Pez de Abril', champion of the Glas

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, today transferred the crew of the sailing vessel Murcia 'Pez de Abril', champion of the Copa del Rey-Mapfre sailing in Swan 42 class, the regional government's commitment to water sports, And reaffirmed its commitment to continue promoting this type of activities in a region "that has the best conditions for it."

This was stated by the Government spokeswoman, Noelia Arroyo, at the end of the meeting that the president held with the crew of 'Pez de Abril' in the Palacio de Aguirre in Cartagena, where he expressed the recognition of the Executive Murcia for the triumph And the success achieved in the 36th King's Cup sailing, which took place in the bay of Palma de Mallorca between 29 July and 5 August and which involved 138 sailboats in 10 different classes.

"We must persevere and continue working so that our athletes have the institutional support and the best conditions, so that they continue to bring titles to the Region," said Arroyo, who added that "that triumph is also the success of the Region."

In that test also participated an important number of regional sailors, who were part of the creations that were quoted in the bay of Palma.

The Murcia sailboat 'Pez de Abril' has a crew of 11 sailors and is based at the Portman Nautical Club.

He won the Swan 42 class (12,80 meters in length), completing a contest with three victories in all 10 races, and a third place in the final day that assured him the lead.

Source: CARM

Cano: "Who pays and seeks the unreal, interested, skewed and biased report of Greenpeace against Murcian farmers?" The PPRM executive secretary of Water sees very coincidentally that "this performance coincides with the recent entry of

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

The Executive Secretary of Water, Agriculture and Environment of the PPRM, Jesús Cano has asked himself this morning who pays and seeks the report "unreal, interested, biased and torturer Greenpeace against Murcia farmers."

Likewise, Cano sees it as a coincidence that "this performance coincides with the recent entry of We can to the Executive of Castilla La Mancha" and has also questioned that this report is due when the National Water Council approved the Basin Plans of Water and assured that the deficit of the Segura Basin was 400 cubic hectometres, "data admitted, supported and applauded by environmental organizations.

The popular leader has referred once again to the alliance of these two political forces of which he has said that "has already been noted with a dirty campaign of smear against the Region of Murcia."

In relation to the report of Greenpeace has qualified "it is rather a disinformed subsidized by a Government that only looks for the confrontation and the war between communities".

Thus has criticized the Government of Castilla La Mancha for not realizing that with its smear campaigns towards the Region of Murcia "is also acting against the benefits of Agriculture in its own Autonomous Community"

"Castilian society of La Mancha needs serious, concerned leaders, who seek solutions to the problems of citizens," Cano said to clarify that "instead they allocate the money paid by their contributors to dirty smear campaigns that lead to nothing ".

The official responsible for water in the PPRM has asserted that "mafias are more typical of communist regimes than a democratic society" and has defended the agricultural sector of which he said "bread is won on the basis of effort and sacrifice."

In this sense it has put in value "the miracles that the farmers do with the little water of which they dispose due to the extreme drought that suffers the Murcia field and in spite of that the Region continues being the greater producer of fruits and vegetables of all Europe" .

"From the PPRM we are not going to allow insult and question the great work of the Murcia irrigators," said Cano to add that "they use every drop of water to get their crops yielded."

Source: PP Región de Murcia