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The GARM Association (Grupo Regionista murcia) rejects the bullfight for the benefit of the AECC

Friday, March 31st, 2017

GARM rejects this type of events and shows its most resounding repulsa before this activity that implies suffering, mistreatment and torture towards the animals, even with the purpose of obtaining money in the fight against this disease.

It is clear that the AECC has a wide range of cultural events to develop these charitable acts without the need to resort to this type of celebration CRUELES and BLOOD.

Next Sunday 2 April, the bullfight will be held in the city of Murcia to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer, in order to raise funds for this association.

From GARM (Grupo Animalista de la Región de Murcia), we reject this type of event and show our most resentful reaction to this activity that involves suffering, mistreatment and torture towards animals, even if it is for the purpose of obtaining money in the fight against this disease.

It is clear that the AECC has a wide range of cultural events to develop these charitable acts without the need to resort to this type of celebration CRUELES and BLOOD.

We do not understand how an organization such as AECC, which works hard to fight cancer through care and prevention projects, among others, admits to obtaining economic resources from events in which pain, suffering and death are inflicted. Innocent animals

Such events profoundly contradict the moral and ethical principles of entities such as the AECC, which fights against the painful aftermath of this terrible disease.

We once again ask the AECC of Mrcia to abandon such aberrant practices to finance their projects and resort to other types of activities without animal abuse, such as concerts or sporting events.

According to a recent survey of Cultural Habits and Practices, published by the Ministry of Culture, it is shown that 82% of Spaniards have never attended a bullfight, while 87% condemn animal suffering in public shows therefore , The organization of an animal cruelty-free activity would be much more successful and collecting, since many people who are against animal torture could give their support to this association.

Source: GARM

IU-Verdes asks the Murcia-Ecuadorians the vote for Lenin Moreno

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Izquierda Unida – Greens in the municipality of Murcia hopes that this Sunday the Murcia and the Murcia of Ecuadorian origin give a wide support to the candidacy of Lenin Moreno to the presidency of Ecuador in the second round of the elections in the South American country.

"Almost 30,000 Ecuadorians will be able to vote this Sunday at the tables set up in the Region of Murcia, which gives our neighbors an important decision-making power to stop the counterrevolutionary wave in Latin America," says the coordinator of IU-Greens in the municipality of Murcia, Sergio Ramos.

"After the institutional coup d'état in Brazil and Paraguay and the victories of the right in Argentina and Peru, the working class and the most humble in Latin America are suffering brutal cuts in social benefits and labor rights, The cost of basic supplies, impoverishing the citizens for the benefit of the oligarchic class, which better represents the banker Guillermo Lasso, "adds Ramos in reference to the conservative candidate for the Ecuadorian presidency.

Reducing poverty and inequality, sustainable economic growth and policies to help migrants return are at stake, says IU-Greens, in Sunday's elections.

"When Alianza País came to power, thousands of Ecuadorians arrived in Spain escaping from the ruin that led them to neoliberalism. Today, not a few Spaniards and hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorians have seen in Ecuador's progress a hopeful departure Before the crisis in our country, "recalls Ramos.

"It is vital, for Ecuador, its citizens and our migrant neighbors and their families, but also for the whole of the American continent and for the world left that the Citizen Revolution initiated by Rafael Correa and his party, Alianza País, continue to set an example from the Ecuadorian government, led from now on by Lenin Moreno, "says the municipal coordinator of IU-Greens.

"The Ecuadorian Government has given lessons to everyone with its refugee asylum policies, including those who are persecuted by the most powerful country, such as Julian Assange. Especially remarkable, and blushing compared to our administrations, have been their aid to Those affected by mortgage in Spain, "remarks the organization rojiverde.

"We are confident that it will remain a beacon of reference for honest governments committed to social justice," Ramos concludes.

Source: IURM

Request 1 hm3 of water from Aguinal or Valdelentisco desalination plants for livestock use

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The Association of Cattlemen Under Guadalentín, through the Community of Irrigators of Totana, requests to be able to have 1 hm3 of water of the desalinizadoras plants of Eagles or Valdelentisco for livestock use in their exploitations

Representatives of the Community of Irrigators Totana and the Association of ranchers Bajo Guadalentín recently met with officials of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) and the Autonomous Community to address the urgent need for desalinated water for livestock use.

The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the Confederation, was attended by Miguel Ángel Ródenas and José Carlos González, the president and water commissioner of the organization, respectively;

The Director General of Livestock of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, Carmen Teodora Morales;

The General Director of Water, Andrés Martínez;

The councilman of Agriculture of the City council of Totana, Andrés Garci'a;

The president of the Lower Guadalentín Cattlemen's Association, Francisco Pedro García Cánovas, and two members;

And the president of the Community of Irrigators of Totana, Felipe Andreo, and the secretary of the same, Jerónimo Cánovas.

The meeting sought to find a solution to the issue of water supply to livestock farms of the term Totana, farms on which depend numerous families as the sole means of subsistence and that would be put to closure of the same if this GRAVE PROBLEM is not Resolves

On the part of the Association of Cattlemen Bajo Guadalentín and the Community of Irrigators of Totana was requested that the request formulated in September of last year by the community body to ACUAMED of 1 hm3 of water for cattle use, as the only way to solve the Lack of water resources in this sector.

It was urged by all parties, the CHS, the need for an urgent solution because it depends on the subsistence of the important livestock sector of Totana , as this situation is affecting large numbers of livestock and thousands of livestock of all types .

Source: Comunidad de Regantes de Totana

Antonio García-Trevijano will denounce the absence of political freedom and democracy in Spain at a conference at the UMU. The conference will take place at the Auditorium of the University of Murcia, on the campus of La Merced, on Thursday, 6 April.

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Granadino lawyer Antonio García-Trevijano, 89, is the best political thinker in Spain.

As a man of action, he has not had equal either.

He only grouped all the opposition to Franco in search of freedom, democracy and the rupture with the regime.

At the last moment he was betrayed (the members of the democratic Junta that he himself created chose to accept the "agreed reform") and defamed, to remove it from the public sphere.

Everything you predicted has been fulfilled.

The best thinkers, even the leading politicians, have always surrendered to their judgment.

If Franco considered him his main enemy, he did not in vain order his assassination twice, the later political class has admired and silenced him at the same time, aware that his words and actions are a threat to the current party.

In 2007 he founded the MCRC (Citizen's Movement for the Constitutional Republic), a non-ideological organization that fights for the opening of a period of constituent freedom and the implantation in Spain of a democratic system, in which citizens can directly elect the president of the government And, in separate elections, to their representatives (deputies).

He is the strongest advocate of electoral abstention as a means of delegitimizing the current state of parties and achieving the collective political freedom of the Spaniards.

The movement is already unstoppable, with thousands of followers throughout Spain and many more spread throughout the world.

He has left an important written work that will be crucial in the future, hopefully next.

As a lecturer, his actions do not leave anyone indifferent.

His sentences, his experiences, his analysis of the present, the solutions he proposes, fall like bombs precisely because they all recognize them as true.

If you want to expand information you can contact me or consult videos like this:


Or any other of the channel Libertad Constituyente tv.

Source: MCRC Murcia

Francisco Bernabé: Citizens have to ask themselves if their voters want to aupar the liar Tovar and We can to the Government

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The deputy secretary of Political Action of the PPRM has affirmed that the secretary of the socialists "knows that it can not agree a reform of the Statute of Autonomy with elections for four years because that agreement needs the PP to be fulfi

The deputy secretary of Political Action of the PPRM and national deputy, Francisco Bernabé, said this morning after the meeting between the leaders of the PSOE and We can "the certain risk is certain that in less than a week there may be a government chaired by the Socialist González Tovar, with the constant and continuous support of We can and sustained with the votes of Citizens "," a Government of change to the worse "has apostillado.

Given this scenario, Barnabas has expressed "the concern of the Popular Party as it would imply a dire situation for the Region of Murcia", "disastrous in fiscal policies since it would be said farewell to the lowering of taxes, disastrous for educational freedom since I would say goodbye to the choice of center and to match the education to the public and would say goodbye to the infrastructures since we know that We are against the AVE.

This situation "tremendously negative only has to avoid Citizens," said the head of Political Action of the PPRM who added that it is the Albert Rivera party "which has to prevent the politician with fewer votes in the history of the PSOE in the Region of Murcia to be president, "and avoid that in the Region" a regression with the rancid politics of the extreme left takes place ".

At this point, Bernabe has said that Citizens "should ask themselves if their voters would auparían the liar

Tovar ya We can lead the Government of the Region of Murcia "so he has asked the orange formation" to match. "

"Tovar yesterday failed once again to the truth because it is not going to call elections, it only tries to arrive at the power and to remain there" said the popular leader who has added that "it does not deceive to anybody because by much pact that signs that agreement would need of the PP to be fulfilled. "

And he recalled that to modify the Statute of Autonomy in order to call elections for four years "require qualified majorities that the three parties together do not have" in the Regional Assembly.

He also pointed out that this reform should go to the Cortes Generales and the Senate, and here "" those political forces are in the minority. "

Francisco Bernabé has said that the PSOE and We can "sink their policies to the Region and end the progress of these last two years where we have managed to lead economic growth, job creation and end the situation of hope that is seen thanks To the policies of Pedro Antonio Sánchez and his Government. "

"The time has come to 'sing' the truth and take away the mask from the liars," said Francisco Bernabé, "Tovar and Urralburu are liars and in the hands of Citizens is to prevent these two people from coming to power," he said.

"The Tovar who wants to preside over Murcia is the one who supports the mayor of mortalla who refuses to declare"

Francisco Bernabé has stated that González Tovar, who "lacks the truth", is de-legitimized to "give ethical lessons" because he supports the mayor "communist of Moratalla, investigated by Justice" and allegedly denounced for the humiliating treatment of officials "a Mayor who refuses to testify before the judge. "

"This is González Tovar who wants to preside over the Region of Murcia and who wants to support Citizens" has concluded.

Source: GPP

Large delegation of socialists support the Jubilee Year of Caravaca

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Socialists point out that the work and policies they are carrying out in the 27 municipalities that govern in the Region of Murcia shows that change is possible

Mayors, councilors, regional and national deputies and senators of the PSOE-RM have participated in a day of coexistence in Caravaca de la Cruz, on the occasion of the Jubilee Year 2017, which to date, is having three times the influx that in 2010, As indicated by the mayor of the municipality, Jose Moreno.

"What we are living today demonstrates the strength that the PSOE has in the Region of Murcia, the bases are alive and very consolidated, there are 27 city councils that are being very properly governed by the Socialist Party," said the mayor of Caravaca.

For her part, the national deputy María González Veracruz has ensured that the Socialists are demonstrating that change is possible, as they are doing in most municipalities in the Region of Murcia.

"The support to the murcian municipalities and the union that we are demonstrating the socialists today is fundamental in a political time like this in which the Region needs it so much," he added.

It has been remembered that the PSOE supports in the different institutions to all the municipalities of the Region.

"From the policies carried out by mayors and government teams, to the initiatives that we present in the Congress of Deputies."

He has set an example of the non-law proposal that the PSOE presented on the Jubilee Year, which "was fortunately" approved, and which was an impulse to the region and the Region.

"When we have the opportunity and Murcia trust us, we are able to move positively towards equality, to generate more jobs, and to make our municipalities play a fundamental role in our region and in the country," commented González Veracruz .

Lastly, the mayor of Alhama, Diego Conesa, explained that in the day today they have seen part of the representation of the activities that are in Caravaca on the occasion of the Jubilee Year and has invited all the neighbors of the Region and the rest of the Country to visit this municipality.

"All the mayors support this concept of sustainable tourism and enjoy all natural spaces through the greenways," he said.

"We are betting on the institutional strength of the Socialist Party, because it has been the backbone of all the municipalities in this region, and in this country, and it will continue to be," he concluded.


This weekend, the outdoors opens for the young

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The athletics track of the Bajo Guadalentín Sports Complex, in Alhama de Murcia, will host the I Benjamin-Alevín Semifinal on Saturday, taking place on Sunday the I Semifinal Infantil-Cadete al Aire Libre

The outdoor campaign will kick off this weekend, beyond that important event that will take some of our athletes to the Velodromo Luis Puig in Valencia, on the occasion of the Second Interprovincial Championship Alevín-Infantil Valencia – Castellón – Alicante – Murcia..

Also within our regional limits we will have the competition that will start the second part of the season on track for the youngest, also starting the tests of the XXX Grand Prix of Athletics Base Region of Murcia, Coca-Cola Trophy.

And this, because this Saturday will take place the I Benjamin Seminar – Alevín AL, with the athletics track of the Bajo Guadalentín Sports Complex in Alhama de Murcia and under the organization of the Athletics Club Alhama.

For Sunday is the I Semifinal Infantil – Cadet, to be developed in Lorca and in what will be the first athletic competition after being known that said facilities will bear the name of the best FAMU athlete, Ursula Ruiz.

A competition that will be in charge of the Eliocroca AD, in both cases in the morning.

Source: FAMU

CCOO Teaches Solidarity with Twice Cassandra Vera

Friday, March 31st, 2017

and rejects the conviction issued by the National Court

The Federation of Teaching Workers' Commissions understands that an injustice sentence has been issued against it, which violates freedom of expression, opinion, free thought and, ultimately, against values ​​that should be those of a truly democratic society.

CCOO Teaches solidarity with the twiter Casandra Vera and rejects the conviction handed down by the National Court

In CCOO Teaching we hope and wish that this affront to the victims of the fascist dictatorship – of which the Admiral Carrero was high hierarch – is repaired promptly after the corresponding judicial recourse.

The judgment of the National Court against Cassandra Vera, a young student of the Degree of History of the University of Murcia, for publishing some twits, about the blow-up by ETA in 1973 of Luis Carrero Blanco, military and fascist hierarch who as President of the Government was the Number two of the Franco regime, "It's nonsense" and "It scares a society in which freedom of expression, however regrettable, can lead to prison sentences"

These statements made by a granddaughter of the same Carrero Blanco show the disregard of the judicial decision.

Cassandra Vera has finally been sentenced to one year's imprisonment, a year of special disqualification for the exercise of the right to vote suffrage – which prevents her from appearing as a candidate for electoral processes – in addition to another seven years of absolute disqualification , Which means, among other things, to lose the scholarship that he currently enjoys and thanks to which he can carry out his studies, in addition to the impossibility of accessing public positions.

In the opinion of CCOO Teaching, the sentence of Kassandra violates the principle of proportionality, which implies a weighting of the law itself and of the latter with respect to the penalty and the aim pursued, and invades fields protected by law, such as freedom of expression, freedom Opinion, etc., … in short, the pre-eminence of the principles that enshrine the rule of law.

The young woman condemned, for telling jokes in a social network, states that: "Not only do I keep records, I have been denied the right to scholarship and destroyed my project of being a teacher. I have ruined my life."

In the face of the gravity of the sentence, there is no choice but to ask: Are we really facing a dangerous criminal who deserves this sentence according to the laws and social context of Spain in 2017?

In the opinion of CCOO Teaching we witness a new case of abusive use of the repressive capacity of the State;

Abuse that, supported by repressive laws such as the Gag Law, so well do we know trade unionists, social activists and members of groups affected by the crisis (evicted, swindled by the bank, strikers, …).

CCOO Teaching considers it urgent and imperative to repeal the Gag Law and the amendment of the Criminal Code to prevent the reproduction of cases such as this one and to ensure that the legitimate protection of the dignity of victims of terrorism does not prevent freedom of expression or criticism And ridicule of the fascist victimizers.

CCOO Teaching expresses its support and solidarity to Cassandra Vera, and considers that neither the repressive laws nor the severe application of them are in line with times of Freedom and Rights, but rather, they are typical of the worst of previous times (Although, in the view of the seen, not fully overcome).

Source: CCOO Enseñanza

The Community will transfer to the Ministry of Development and the EU the problem of stowaways to give more security to transport companies

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The Minister of Fomento and Infraestructuras highlights the support of the regional government to the sector, which generates more than 30,000 jobs And represents 6 percent of regional GDP

The Minister of Development and Infrastructure, Pedro Rivera, stressed today that "the regional executive will transfer to the central government and the European Union the problem of the irruption of stowaways in trucks on their international routes, in order to find solutions that result in a Greater security and confidence for the companies of Murcia transport ".

Pedro Rivera held a meeting with businessmen from the Regional Federation of Transport Business Organizations of Murcia (FROET) and stressed that "this is a serious matter" and "we can not allow more time to find solutions and that our entrepreneurs can play their part. Work within a framework of security and with legal guarantees ".

The meeting was attended by the President of Froet, Pedro Díaz, and directors of companies of the Federation such as Capitrans, Merlatrans, Papa Ali, Primafrío, Suditrans, Transportes Agustín Fuentes, Transportes Caliche, Transportes El Mosca, Transportes Filardi and Transportes Hermanos Corredor.

The location of a stowaway in a truck causes the vehicle to be immobilized by the security forces of the corresponding country and that neither the client, the exporting company and the insurance company bear the losses, which are borne by the transport company, and may amount to 30,000 Or 40,000 euros per truck.

The Minister acknowledged that "we can not carry out the legal regulation that specifies this problem, but we can bring the voice of the sector to the Government of Spain and the competent European institutions, to act in a situation that affects drivers in Their travels outside our borders, who face fines, loss of their cargo and even legal claims. "

Rivera said that transport "is a strategic and decisive sector in an exporting community, such as ours, which, in addition to connecting territories, creates wealth, generates more than 30,000 direct jobs and represents 6 percent of regional GDP."

Safe rest areas

Likewise, the need for a network of safe service areas has been proposed, which provides a solution to the business sector in terms of safety and control of goods and vehicles when traveling internationally.

In addition to the safety of freight and vehicles, these areas stand out for offering a multitude of basic services that the professional needs at the end of their work day (car wash, workshops or gas oil) and are forced to spend the night away from home , As toilets, showers and cafeteria-restaurant.

In addition, it was noted that the demand for safe service areas is growing every day by customers, professional associations and insurers of transport companies, who link their coverage to the use of these areas to cover the risks of the merchandise.

Box office Companies

Likewise, the director promised to transfer to the central government the need to legally regulate in Spain to combat the unfair competition of the so-called 'mailbox companies', which are those that do not exert any real economic activity in the country in which they have their headquarters .

To this end, it is necessary to carry out the transposition of the European regulations on the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services and amending the European Regulation on administrative cooperation through the Internal Market Information System .

Source: CARM

"The PP continues with its" game "and carries out alone a motion with the sole purpose of delaying the approval of the General Plan"

Friday, March 31st, 2017

"Winning Totana IU maintains the line of coherence, with a serious and responsible approach, in which the general interest excels over private interests and partisans"

In the ordinary plenary session of the month of March, which was held on Wednesday, 29th, the nth debate took place on the General Plan.

During the course of the same, we attended a sultry spectacle both by the Popular Party and the PSOE.

In addition to the contradictions manifested by the spokesperson of the PP, there were a series of amendments and counter-amendments, with the sole purpose of further delaying the final approval of the PGOU.

Finally, with the 7 votes in favor of the Popular Party, came forward the amendment that they proposed in which it was requested that the Working Table constituted in the last legislature be reconstituted to look for an alternative referring to the problematic of the heights.

If in six years no other alternative solution to the General Systems deficit has been found, does the Popular Party think that in a few days it will raise something serious and viable?

Is the Popular Party questioning the work of the municipal technicians, implying that all possibilities have not been studied before?

To win Totana, "it is clear that this" game "and these changes of approach are without doubt the proof of a coordinated strategy to delay or prevent the approval of the General Plan that is so important for the present and future development of our municipality. "

"We remain firm in our line of coherence and we continue to defend a serious and responsible position, in which the general interest overprivileged interests and partisans. We rely on the work done by the municipal technicians, as well as the approach taken Of the Bureau of Labor during the last legislature and we are not in favor of any further obstruction of the approval of the document. "

Totanera society demands Legal Security that would have to have an approved General Plan.

They have been waiting for many years and more than € 800,000 spent on newsroom drafts that never came to anything.

This proposal of General Plan has many positive aspects from which it is possible to initiate a process of improvements and modifications once approved.

It contemplates necessary infrastructures that will only be realizable when we count with the document, like the bypass that would alleviate the traffic of the center and would improve the accesses to the District of San Jose, corrects the imbalance between edificabilidad and public spaces, ensuring the quality of life to the inhabitants Of the Casco Urbano, orders the industrial land, is the first step for the release of the licenses of work and licenses of activity for the livestock farms and includes the protection of the agricultural land and the Natural Spaces like Sierra Espuña definitively.

"As it can not be otherwise, we respect the democratic result of the full vote, but we will not enter into the partisan maneuvers of others. We stand firm to what has been defended during the last years and our vote will not serve to put In doubt the work of the municipal technicians or the work table during the last legislature, in which Izquierda Unida was present without interruption, making contributions and working in the search for agreements and solutions when it was time to do so.We are convinced, As well as the great majority of Totana society, that what is best for the people of Totana is not to jeopardize the approval of the General Plan, since it will have great economic and social benefits and is an essential tool to move towards the future. "

Source: Ganar Totana IU