Pedro Antonio Sánchez will present in Barcelona the experience of the Region of Murcia in social integration of the immigrant group

The President of the Community will participate tomorrow in the political bureau of the Inter-Mediterranean Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

Pedro Antonio Sánchez will ask for more participation to the regions in the decision-making of the migration policies, being the closest administrations in the integration and reception

The President of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, participates tomorrow in the meeting of the political bureau of the Inter-Mediterranean Commission (CIM) of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions (CPMR), held in Barcelona.

The head of the regional Executive will present to the political authorities of more than 40 Mediterranean regions the experience of the Region of Murcia in welcoming and collaborating with countries of origin of immigrants.

Pedro Antonio Sánchez will also ask for more participation to the regions in decision making, since it is the public administrations that manage the reception and integration into society of this group.

The head of the Regional Executive attends this first meeting of the new period of the CIM representing the Region of Murcia as a member of this body for 2016-2018.

During the meeting, the new global action plan of the Inter-Mediterranean Commission will be presented and discussed and approved, which will then be submitted for final ratification by the General Assembly in 2017.

The meeting will also discuss new possibilities for Mediterranean cooperation within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy, with a view to the next call for funding of the European Neighborhood Instrument for the Mediterranean Basin (ENI CBC MED).

It will also address the prospects for sustainable maritime economic development in the Mediterranean basin, to focus European funds on a series of actions to achieve a safer and more protected maritime space, to improve the main environmental problems of the sea basin and to promote new opportunities For the growth of coastal zones.

Intermediterranean Commission

The Intermediterranean Commission is one of the geographical commissions in which the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, organization to which the Region of Murcia belongs, is structured.

It comprises 41 regions of 10 Mediterranean countries, both on the north bank and on the south bank (Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia and Albania).

The governing body of the CIM is the political bureau, of which the Region is a member.

It consists of 21 members, approves political decisions and cooperates in defining and influencing Mediterranean policies in the economic, transport, social and cultural spheres.

In addition, high level contacts are maintained which are very beneficial for the Region to participate in international projects.

The president of the CIM, elected in 2016, is Apostolos Katsifaras, president of the Greek region Dytiki Ellada.

Source: CARM


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