Housing rehabilitation aid will include accessibility and arrangement of structures, decks and facades

The Director of Housing highlights in an information day at Frecom that the Housing Plan also includes actions to improve energy efficiency

The aid contemplated by the Housing Plan for the rehabilitation of buildings will allow the citizens of the Region to carry out actions regarding accessibility and arrangements in foundations, structures, roofs, roofs and facades of their homes.

The director general of Planning, Architecture and Housing, Nuria Fuentes, informed the members of the Regional Federation of Construction Businessmen (Frecom) this afternoon about the aid provided in the Housing Plan, and informed them that soon will be the Calls.

Fuentes recalled that "the plan foresees 19 million in aid that will go to families with housing needs for rent, rehabilitation, accessibility and regeneration of urban areas in municipalities in the Region."

The director general said that "will make it possible to adapt homes and buildings to make them more accessible, since actions are contemplated in access to homes and premises with the installation of elevators, staircases, ramps or other devices."

Rehabilitation aid is also aimed at improving sustainability, with subsidies to increase the thermal insulation of the building and reduce its energy demand for heating or cooling, replacing carpentry and glazing, and improving the energy efficiency of common areas.

For rehabilitation of real estate, the plan will allocate more than 5 million euros of which will benefit communities of owners, groups of communities of owners, and sole proprietors of residential buildings, as well as public administrations and other entities under public law In the buildings that are destined entirely to the rent.

"The actions planned by the Housing Plan will reach more than 8,500 families and generate 1,500 jobs in construction-related sectors in the Region of Murcia," concluded Fuentes.

Source: CARM


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