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The Mowgli Adventure begins today the campaign in the Sanpol Theater of Madrid

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Bagheera, Baloo and the rest of our herd animals are already sharpening their nails to teach Mowgli to survive in the jungle.

The Sanpol Theater in Madrid today hosts the first of the performances of "The Adventure of Mowgli" in this room, with full capacity.

On 1, 2 and 3 February the work will continue to be represented within the school campaigns, entertaining and educating children from various points in the Community of Madrid.

While on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5, there will be performances for children and adults.

And again, on 6 and 7 February, will return to school campaigns.

"La Aventura de Mowgli" arrives in Madrid with two national awards under his belt: the Musical Theater Awards, where the work was awarded Best Children's Musical of the Year 2016, and the Broadway World Spain Award for Best Choreography.

To these competitions we add our recent candidacy to the Max Awards of the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) in the category of Best Children or Family Show, whose final decision will be known within a few weeks.

"Talking about Mowgli's adventure is talking about values ​​such as solidarity, effort, common learning, respect for the environment and the family," said Andrés Abellaneda, producer of El Molino Company.

"Our young actors and actresses carry the jungle in their blood, and the passion with which they live this musical for children and adults is noticeable at every step they take on the stage, and the audience perceives it and reacts with their applause and making us Hang up the poster There are no Entries one function after another ".

The musical, based on "The book of the jungle" by Rudyard Kipling, has been successfully represented in numerous venues throughout Spain, such as Murcia, Cartagena, Jaén, Granada, Ciudad Real, Guadalajara, Toledo or Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Among the agenda of the next weeks, behind the Sanpol Theater, are cities like Linares (Jaén), Granada, Murcia, Valladolid and Alcorcón.

Source: Agencias

We can demand the restoration of the zone of Puerto Mayor to the state before the beginning of the works

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The regional deputy, María Giménez, said that, at this point, it is a priority to "remove the built to recover the natural character of one of the few stretches that can be free of concrete in the Manga del Mar Menor."

Giménez explained that the ratification by the Juridical Council of the Region of the nullity of the 1988 resolution extending the term of execution of the Puerto Mayor project allows the Regional Government to declare, 41 years after it was granted ( In 1975), the expiration of the concession.

In this sense, Deputy María Giménez recalled that "a few months ago the Regional Assembly passed a resolution calling for the declaration of expiration, as well as the restoration of the area, and we understand that now the Regional Government should act according to Said statement of the Assembly ".

In this sense, he continued, "we are faced with a unique opportunity to recover the natural state of the area so many years later, by removing all the works executed, and by betting on the regeneration of a coastal strip which may remain as the last Vestige of paradise that could be La Manga. "

In order to do this, the deputy of the Parliamentary Group, we believe that "the Regional Government must give up its intention to continue with the implementation of the project" because otherwise "we would understand that they continue to be guided by the same development principles as were applied in 1975, And have been shown as a totally pernicious model. "

María Giménez has stressed that "there has been no will on the part of the regional executive" to resolve this situation, and the recent statements by the President announcing his intention to resume the project "suggest that there has been a resignation by the regional administration To exercise their legal powers in relation to the protection of the maritime-terrestrial public domain, which is what was theirs. "

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

Entrepreneurs in the tourism sector are concerned about the negative image of the Mar Menor to the Councilor

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Cartagena has held a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, Juan Hernández Albarracín, along with more than thirty businessmen from the region gathered in COEC around the commissions of the Mar Menor and Tourism.

These commissions have transferred to the Director the concern about the situation of the Mar Menor and the maximum interest of the business fabric for its early recovery, so that it does not affect the viability of its businesses and the employment expected for the next summer season.

"Entrepreneurs consider it a priority to foster greater understanding and coordination among administrations to speed up the implementation of measures and actions," said COEC President Pedro Pablo Hernández.

Likewise, support has been expressed for the measures being taken to recover the Mar Menor, and the absolute disposition to agree and collaborate with the Administration in taking the remaining measures to be carried out.

In addition, the urgency to adopt measures on the most visual effects such as the collection of the trawls and objects, cleaning of beaches, withdrawals of sunken ships, etc. has been demanded.

Entrepreneurs have expressed their concern about the negative image that is being shown abroad.

It is therefore necessary to focus on the dissemination of the measures being taken and to provide more information to stakeholders on the evolution of the effects of these actions.

From the Confederation, there is a resounding rejection of the protests, opinions and positions that some groups have posed as counterproductive for the normal development of economic activity around the Mar Menor, damaging different companies, shops, lodgings, etc.

And therefore to the numerous employment that this sector generates.

Nevertheless, the objective and concern of these groups for the Mar Menor and their recovery is shared.

"In recent years, the tourism sector has shown a good example of acting with quality and efficiency, a recognition that has been reflected in the innumerable" Q of Tourism Quality "that have been obtained in the Region. This commitment of eco-efficiency in the management Will increase from the private initiative, betting in this way for the Mar Menor as a sustainable tourist destination, "said Pedro Pablo Hernández, president of COEC.

In this way, the businessmen have positively valued the action that the Regional Government has had in this situation and call for continuity in this line of support to alleviate the effects of the current situation, aggravated by the last episodes of torrential rains.

Thus, it is requested to coordinate with the local administrations the establishment of exemptions in the payment of IBI, occupancy rates, garbage, the establishment of subsidies for attendance at fairs and promotional actions, aid for maintaining employment levels And aid for the investment of more efficient and sustainable equipment, among others.

Likewise, initiatives will be worked together with the Administration to carry out any event in the area of ​​sports, nautical, diving, cultural, etc., which has the capacity to generate overnight stays and / or media repercussions.

Also the implementation of the Mar Menor 2.0 Center, where the products of the Mar Menor are known as their agriculture, traditional cuisine, as well as expose the actions that are being carried out in the field of healthy business practices.

"We bet on the agricultural and tourism sector as two of the wealth engines of the Region of Cartagena," said Pedro Pablo Hernández.

The committees have also transferred to the Director the need to establish support for the implementation and achievement of ISO 14001 Certificates or similar, as well as the recovery and implementation of "sensitive" environmental areas such as Lo Poyo, Vivero, Salinas de Marchamalo , The Ventorrillo, the Perdiguera, etc.

"The entrepreneurs express their commitment to the recovery of the Mar Menor, their willingness to collaborate in everything that is aimed at achieving this goal, since this unique enclave in Europe has to become a reference within sustainable tourism destinations , Thus enhancing a different way of tourism, in an exceptional enclave, developed by a committed business sector that generates wealth and a large number of jobs in the Region of Murcia, "concluded Pedro Pablo Hernández.

For its part, the Minister of Economic Development has expressed the interest of the Regional Government to implement measures that lead to a recovery of the Mar Menor combining environmental sustainability and economic sustainability.

"Many businesses and families are dependent on the Mar Menor," said Juan Hernández Albarracín.

Source: Agencias

Housing rehabilitation aid will include accessibility and arrangement of structures, decks and facades

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The Director of Housing highlights in an information day at Frecom that the Housing Plan also includes actions to improve energy efficiency

The aid contemplated by the Housing Plan for the rehabilitation of buildings will allow the citizens of the Region to carry out actions regarding accessibility and arrangements in foundations, structures, roofs, roofs and facades of their homes.

The director general of Planning, Architecture and Housing, Nuria Fuentes, informed the members of the Regional Federation of Construction Businessmen (Frecom) this afternoon about the aid provided in the Housing Plan, and informed them that soon will be the Calls.

Fuentes recalled that "the plan foresees 19 million in aid that will go to families with housing needs for rent, rehabilitation, accessibility and regeneration of urban areas in municipalities in the Region."

The director general said that "will make it possible to adapt homes and buildings to make them more accessible, since actions are contemplated in access to homes and premises with the installation of elevators, staircases, ramps or other devices."

Rehabilitation aid is also aimed at improving sustainability, with subsidies to increase the thermal insulation of the building and reduce its energy demand for heating or cooling, replacing carpentry and glazing, and improving the energy efficiency of common areas.

For rehabilitation of real estate, the plan will allocate more than 5 million euros of which will benefit communities of owners, groups of communities of owners, and sole proprietors of residential buildings, as well as public administrations and other entities under public law In the buildings that are destined entirely to the rent.

"The actions planned by the Housing Plan will reach more than 8,500 families and generate 1,500 jobs in construction-related sectors in the Region of Murcia," concluded Fuentes.

Source: CARM

Citizens promote the increase of staff in the fire stations that now have only three staff

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Cs spokesman Miguel Sánchez has a meeting with the Minister of Presidency to define the fate of the half million euros that the training introduced via amendment in the budgets to the regional firefighters

"The priority is that the Parks of the Fire Extinguishing Consortium be well endowed and provide an adequate and quality service, because the safety of the Murcia is at stake," says Sánchez

Citizens want the half a million euros that managed to introduce in the regional budgets to improve the endowment of the Fire Extinguishing Consortium "is intended primarily to expand the workforce of parks that now have only three staff per shift."

This was transmitted this morning to the Minister of the Presidency, María Dolores Pagán, regional training spokesman, Miguel Sánchez, at a meeting held at the Palacio de San Esteban, which also included the general director of Citizen Security and Emergencies, Manuel Durán, and the spokesman of the manager of Cs in Molina de Segura and professional firefighter, Javier Real.

"The priority is that the parks are well endowed and provide an adequate and quality service, because the safety of the Murcia is at stake," said Sanchez, who believes that the parks that could benefit from these reinforcements would be those of Alhama de Murcia-Totana, Mazarrón, Alcantarilla, Jumilla, Abanilla and Eagles, among others.

"The extension of the workforce to four firefighters per shift will start in the parks that most need it and have a greater workload," says the orange spokesperson.

Sánchez explained that the minister "has committed to execute the entire budget planned for the Consortium, in order not to deplete its capacity and to be able to apply the improvements planned in the facilities."

Another issue addressed at the meeting was the implementation of the Regional Emergency Law, which also has citizens thanks to a 100,000 euro item in this year's regional budget.

Both parties have pledged to work together to get it off, in addition to continuing to work to unblock the public offer of employment for firefighters in Madrid.

In the Civil Protection chapter, Citizens has also reached an agreement with the Presidency to allocate 100,000 euros to improve the Civil Protection system.

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia

Pedro Antonio Sánchez will present in Barcelona the experience of the Region of Murcia in social integration of the immigrant group

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The President of the Community will participate tomorrow in the political bureau of the Inter-Mediterranean Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

Pedro Antonio Sánchez will ask for more participation to the regions in the decision-making of the migration policies, being the closest administrations in the integration and reception

The President of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, participates tomorrow in the meeting of the political bureau of the Inter-Mediterranean Commission (CIM) of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions (CPMR), held in Barcelona.

The head of the regional Executive will present to the political authorities of more than 40 Mediterranean regions the experience of the Region of Murcia in welcoming and collaborating with countries of origin of immigrants.

Pedro Antonio Sánchez will also ask for more participation to the regions in decision making, since it is the public administrations that manage the reception and integration into society of this group.

The head of the Regional Executive attends this first meeting of the new period of the CIM representing the Region of Murcia as a member of this body for 2016-2018.

During the meeting, the new global action plan of the Inter-Mediterranean Commission will be presented and discussed and approved, which will then be submitted for final ratification by the General Assembly in 2017.

The meeting will also discuss new possibilities for Mediterranean cooperation within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy, with a view to the next call for funding of the European Neighborhood Instrument for the Mediterranean Basin (ENI CBC MED).

It will also address the prospects for sustainable maritime economic development in the Mediterranean basin, to focus European funds on a series of actions to achieve a safer and more protected maritime space, to improve the main environmental problems of the sea basin and to promote new opportunities For the growth of coastal zones.

Intermediterranean Commission

The Intermediterranean Commission is one of the geographical commissions in which the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, organization to which the Region of Murcia belongs, is structured.

It comprises 41 regions of 10 Mediterranean countries, both on the north bank and on the south bank (Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia and Albania).

The governing body of the CIM is the political bureau, of which the Region is a member.

It consists of 21 members, approves political decisions and cooperates in defining and influencing Mediterranean policies in the economic, transport, social and cultural spheres.

In addition, high level contacts are maintained which are very beneficial for the Region to participate in international projects.

The president of the CIM, elected in 2016, is Apostolos Katsifaras, president of the Greek region Dytiki Ellada.

Source: CARM

The number of Young Card users increased by 18 percent who can access discounts in 575 shops

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The Community starts a campaign to promote the advantages of this document that have more than 36,000 people in the Region

Noelia Arroyo recalls "the firm commitment of the Executive by young people with this and other measures, such as investment in the Youth Guarantee program to continue promoting employment"

The Community has launched a new campaign to publicize the advantages of the Young Card, which allows those between the ages of 14 and 30 to benefit from discounts in 575 shops and businesses, a "record figure."

Currently, there are 36,019 cards issued, an amount that, according to the Minister of Culture and spokesman of the regional government, Noelia Arroyo, increased by more than 18 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year, and that "the Executive wants to increase with new measures As a contest and more activity through social networks. "

Noelia Arroyo, along with the director general of Youth, Francisco Sánchez, presented today the campaign 'Never a piece of plastic had so much value'.

The event, which was held at the Archaeological Museum of Murcia (MAM), was attended by Youth Councilors, youth correspondents from different municipalities and other members of associations and collectives.

Also present were the director of the CaixaBank Business Area, Gerardo Cantero;

The territorial director of Levante of BMN-CajaMurcia, Olga García, and the director of Public Sector DT of the entity, Federico Ros.

Arroyo said that the Youth Card is "one of the measures promoted by the regional government to promote the participation of young people in our region in various activities, as well as their mobility throughout Europe, and offers them new opportunities and enjoy leisure , Culture and quality tourism, thanks to the advantages and discounts offered by more than half a thousand businesses and companies that have already adhered to this project that continues to grow year after year.

The Youth Card is a personal and non-transferable document that offers young people the possibility of enjoying discounts, both in the purchase and purchase of products and in access to cultural and youth tourism goods and services (transport, cinema, travel , Accommodation, museums, concerts or sports facilities), throughout Spain and Europe.

In the Region of Murcia it is managed by the General Youth Office, in collaboration with the banking entities BMN and CaixaBank, whose offices can be requested.

In Europe, the coordinating body is the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) and 42 countries are part of it.

Thus, the European Youth Card guarantees the reciprocity of benefits between the different autonomous communities and associated European countries, allowing users access to accommodation, transport, culture, leisure or sport.

It is also an effective tool for information, mobility, culture and participation of young people.


Next to the campaign, which will affect the dissemination through social networks, a competition will be launched soon that will allow the holders of the card to choose a prize of 1,000 euros, which can spend for one hour in associated establishments.

The details will be advertised on the website and young people will be able to participate through the accounts of Facebook (youthCARM) and Instagram (@juventudmurcia).

During the presentation, the minister recalled that "young people are a priority for President Pedro Antonio Sánchez" and highlighted other measures put in place as "the commitment to integration through the Young Inclusive Seal and the Youth Guarantee Plan, which 27% of the budget of the General Directorate is destined so that the young people are more and better prepared and they can have access to a job of quality that guarantees its future and the growth of our Region ".

Measures to improve employment, especially among the young, Arroyo said, "are working, because in 2016 35,300 jobs were created in the Region, with the unemployment rate below the country's average, and almost 6,000 Young people left the unemployment lists, which means a decrease in unemployment at almost four points in the last year. "

The Community, he added, "grants aid to boost youth employment, encourages indefinite recruitment and, imminently, the call will be launched so that those enrolled in Youth Guarantee can benefit from the program 'Autonomous Quota Zero', which will facilitate the Business trip to young entrepreneurs ".

Source: CARM

The Community deficit was reduced by one third in November compared to the previous year

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The Region of Murcia continues the path of decline of the deficit, falling by 175 million euros from year to year

The deficit in November represents 1.33 percent of regional GDP, 31.6 percent less than in the same month of the previous year

The deficit of the Community was reduced to 175.7 million euros in November 2016 compared to that of the same month of the previous year, from 556 million euros in 2015 to 380 million euros.

The deficit figure last November represents 1.33 percent of regional GDP, 31.6 percent less than in that month of 2015.

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andrés Carrillo, stressed that the Community "maintains the path of reducing the deficit with the objective of achieving budgetary balance at the end of the legislature."

The head of the Treasury highlighted the effort made by the regional government to reduce the deficit, despite the underfinancing suffered.

The Conference of Presidents, recently held, has laid the foundation stone for the reform of the regional financing system in order to modify it throughout 2017. "We trust that the various autonomous authorities and political groups will be able to Reach the consensus that reform needs. "

The regional government "is balancing its accounts thanks to the implementation of the reforms they are carrying out and all this while maintaining the quality of public services and reducing taxes to Murcia," Andrés Carrillo concluded.

Source: CARM

Agriculture reports on new harmful organisms present at national and European level

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Director General Carmen Teodora Morales points out the advisability of preventive measures such as avoiding the introduction of seed potatoes from affected production areas

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment develops a new Code of Good Agricultural Practices

The Director General of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Carmen Teodora Morales, reported today at the meeting of the Plant Protection Bureau on the new harmful organisms present at national and European level.

Among these organisms is Xylella fastidiosa that already affects several plant species such as olive, olive, baladre, polyglot and rosemary, among others, with foci in the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza.

To contain this disease the Ministry of Agriculture has issued an Order that regulates the actions to be carried out to avoid their dispersion to the peninsula, among which is to prohibit the circulation of more than 300 plant species that are susceptible.

Another of the phytosanitary alerts that are emerging at European level are related to the harmful organisms that affect the potato, especially by the presence of Epitrix and Tecia solanivora, the latter with rapid dissemination in the autonomous communities of Galicia and Asturias.

Carmen Teodora Morales reported that the containment of these two pests "is related to the adoption of preventive measures such as avoiding the introduction of seed potatoes from these producing areas, although the risk of introduction by non-professional producers for self consumption is also high" .

Today's meeting also dealt with nitrate pollution from agricultural sources and the declaration of 'vulnerable zones', where an action plan and a Code of Good Agricultural Practice (CBPA) are required to avoid the effects of Nitrogen fertilization.

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment presented a new CBPA for the producer sector to make the appropriate observations, which will be published later in the transparency portal of the Region, so that any citizen can make the observations.

Source: CARM

Valcárcel bets on "improving the employability of young people in the Mediterranean" to "prevent radicalization and irregular immigration"

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The Vice-President of the European Parliament and MEP of the Popular Party, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, said today that "youth is the centerpiece of socio-economic development in the Mediterranean."

It did so by filing a parliamentary question in order to strengthen regional cooperation and promote synergies to effectively exploit the resources intended to alleviate the difficult situation that crosses much of the southern shores of the Mediterranean.

"Improving the employability of young people is vital to prevent radicalization and curb irregular immigration in the region," Valcárcel explained.

"It is not possible to preserve and reinforce the security that, being the one of our immediate neighborhood, is also our own if there are no prospects of development and progress for the citizens in their respective social nuclei" .

In the question referred to the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, the popular one referred to the road map agreed in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) last week in Barcelona .

This roadmap puts in value the potential of youth in stabilizing the region.

In this regard, the Vice-President of the European Parliament referred to the "importance of providing young generations with opportunities", considering this as "the key to addressing the challenges that threaten social welfare, which are radicalization and Irregular immigration ".

Valcárcel, who is a member of the Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean, therefore had to know "in which specific programs the resources will be centered".

He recalled, in this regard, that "the goal is to achieve improvements in the areas of job creation, entrepreneurship and education."

By subscribing one of the main premises of the road map ("there is no development without security and security without development"), the PP deputy supported "those actions that promote human development, particularly that of women and young people, As both are the weakest links in the chain of challenges facing the region today. "

"We must build on common and tangible aspirations, good practices and examples of projects that have been successful in strengthening the capacity of societies to develop in peace and with guarantees of future," he said.

Valcárcel also called for "strengthening the scope of action of the UfM so that it can promote more effective regional cooperation strategies".

As he noted, "this can be achieved, first, by moving towards better articulation of the UfM with regard to the European Neighborhood Policy".

This will allow, in the words of the MEP from Murcia, "to avoid duplication between the instruments and activities of both platforms and thus ensure maximum use of each euro invested, thus promoting synergies and good practices to favor The best use of money and the arrival of liquidity to regional and local authorities, which I have been advocating periodically in the Committee on Regional Development. "

The Popular therefore asked the High Representative for more detailed information on "the concrete actions that could be taken to increase the synergies between the EU and the UfM".

It also called for "how the regional dimension of the European Neighborhood Policy could be consolidated without adversely affecting existing bilateral cooperation agreements".

Source: GPP