UPYD calls for pensions to rise by 1.2%

Union Progress and Democracy considers "insufficient" 0.25% increase that has approved the PP by decree law

The government of Mariano Rajoy has approved in the Council of Ministers a decree law that establishes a rise in public pensions of 0.25 percent, which is the minimum annual increase guaranteed by law.

The rise that Union Progress and Democracy says is "alarmingly insufficient".

Instead, it proposes that pensions be increased in the same proportion as inflation forecast for 2017 (ie 1.2 per cent).

"We will have those who want to weaken the system or not strengthen it as the pensioners deserve: well born is to be grateful," warns Gorka Maneiro, UPYD national spokesman.

UPyD advocates a policy of reforms in the pension system that guarantees its sustainability while maintaining a decent level of pensions.

The first requires compliance with a budget constraint, in the form of a sustainability factor, to ensure that there are sufficient resources to provide pensions.

Secondly, greater spending on pensions is allowed in terms of GDP as the population ages, converging to spending on European values ​​(which now exceed 3 points of GDP in Spain), so that Pensions does not rise from that of the average wage.

The additional resources needed are to be achieved through income from the tax system, as social contributions are already high and discourage employment.

To compensate for the increase in life expectancy, measures should be applied such as voluntary and incentive lengthening of working life above the legal retirement age.

Supplementary contributions to private savings schemes for retirement should be facilitated.

UPyD argues that the deputies, senators and other public offices should be required to have the same conditions as any citizen for the calculation of retirement pensions.

There are specific pensions, such as those of widowhood and orphanhood, which present notorious inadequacies that have to be corrected.

On the other hand, the magentas propose that the companies that resort to pre-retirements have to face fully the increase of the public expense that these practices provoke.

This would provide another objective to be pursued by the reforms: the approximation of the actual retirement age to the legal age.

"Spain is facing the corrupt, the false regenerators and a nefarious opposition and without ideas. From UPYD we are committed to protect the pensioners, more than 9 million Spaniards, before the threats of the social cutters. One of our main flags, "says Maneiro.

* In the image, UPYD's national spokesperson, Gorka Maneiro, and the organization's head, Ana Rosa Quintana, pose with representatives of the 'Garanticemos las Pensiones' Platform and the 'Association of Retirements without Penalizing'.

Source: Agencias


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