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This Friday, presentation of the VI Championship of Spain of Promotion Winter March

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Dear friends, attached press release is sent regarding the VI Spanish Championship of Promotion Winter March, this Friday, December 2 from 11: 00, in the City of Cehegín.

There we will know all the details regarding the competition that will take place in the municipality of the Northwest, on Sunday, December 11.

This Friday, presentation of the VI Championship of Spain of Promotion Winter March

The City Council of Cehegín will host, from 11:00 am, the appointment of the event to be held on Sunday, December 11, next to the Trophy 35th Anniversary Cehegín Athletic Regional and Interprovincial March

With a little more than a week to play, this Friday we will know everything about a new national event that will be witnessed in our region, the VI Championship of Spain of Winter Promotion March.

The City of Cehegín will host from 11:00 h.

The long running of the competition, which will take place on Sunday 11 December in the municipality of the Northwest, for the categories cadet, junior and junior.

It will also detail the information about the Cehegín 35th Anniversary Trophy Atletico de Marcha Regional and Interprovincial, which will also affect the aforementioned categories, but will also give the option of competing athletes of any other (benjamín, alevín, infantil and junior, both Male and female).

All this, having as its headquarters the Sports Complex Javier Miñano.

Source: FAMU

Stolen Babies Region of Murcia joins concentrations in different cities on the first Sunday of each month

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

They will be intermittent in the cities of Cartagena and Murcia, beginning the first this Sunday, December 4, in the Plaza del Icue de Cartagena of 11 : 30 to 13: 30

Began in Madrid and Bebés Robados Region of Murcia will be the tenth association to join this initiative indefinitely.

This Sunday, December 4, from 11.30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the Plaza del Icue de Cartagena, members and supporters of the association Bebés Robados Región de Murcia will gather next month in Murcia.

Ana Moreno, mother looking for her daughter born in 1974 and Toñi Martínez Ros, a woman who seeks a nephew born in 1979, and who is in charge of advising all Cartagena families about the documents to look for, are The impellers and those who have presented this initiative to the Board of Directors of the association: "mainly thinking about social awareness and visibility, by the way will be easier and closer contact between those affected and may reach more cases to the association To be advised and that can clear the doubts that they harbor ".

This action is in addition to the initiative that in 2012 began the Madrid Association "Adelante Robés Robados" to inform the citizens of the foot of the problem that currently lives their cause with 90% of the complaints filed and without A national investigation has been opened to determine the alleged baby theft that took place in our country for five decades.

They demand justice and truth, social, political and judicial awareness, access to the archives of their documentation.

The concentrations are currently made every first Sunday of each month in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Seville, Cadiz, Malaga, Almeria, Bilbao and now in our region.

Source: Bebes Robados Region de Murcia

The PSOE gets the Senate to unanimously approve, review and strengthen the public pension system

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

PSOE spokesman in Social Security Javier Oñate says that the pension system has felt "orphaned" during the Rajoy government and added that the Ministry of Employment has been the "biggest boycott" of the pension system

"It is necessary to study alternative proposals to save pensions because it is not a problem of lack of resources but a lack of political will"

It proposes as niches for the collection the recovery of the quality of the employment, a new fiscal reform and the suppression of the ceilings of quotation

PSOE spokesman in Social Security, Francisco Oñate, expressed his satisfaction that the Senate unanimously approved a socialist motion aimed at reviewing and strengthening the public pension system.

Oñate stressed the need to re-issue a new Toledo Pact and agree on a new pact for pensions and pointed out that "alternative proposals have to be considered to save pensions because it is not a problem of lack of resources but of a Lack of political will ".

In this sense, it has indicated that various niches can be studied for the collection of funds as the recovery of the quality of the employment, a new fiscal reform or the elimination of the ceilings of quotation.

The senator from Murcia has warned of the future instability of the pension system and recalled that "the X Legislature and its appendix of XI have been horrible for the Public Pension System.This system has been an orphan of father and mother and has touched Sleeping with its worst enemy.The Ministry of Employment has been the biggest boycotter of the financial stability of the Public Pension System.

Next, Oñate has offered a series of data that reflect that the fall of the Social Security contributors during the Government of Mariano Rajoy has doubled.

In this regard, it has been detailed that between 2009 and 2011, a decrease of 458,000 contributors was recorded, while in the period 2011-2013 the figure of 889,000 lost contributors was reached.

In addition, in those years, there has been an acceleration in the decline in the quality of contracts, an increase in the loss of indefinite contracts (from 203,000 to 699,000), full-time contracts (from 636,000 to 1,106,000 ) And full-time indefinite contracts (from 276,000 to 758,000).

The parliamentarian of the PSOE has criticized that the Ministry of Employment has used the Social Security fund and the resources of the contributions to pay the active policies of employment and, with that, has emptied, almost in its entirety, the piggy bank of pensions .

"At this rate, he pointed out, in 2017 the reserve fund will end and the Public Pension System would go into bankruptcy."

Javier Oñate stressed that in all this process there has been a clear winner and a loser: "The loser has been the prestige of the public pension system and the suffering of the people who, right now, fear for their future and their pensions and Winner has been the publicity of the private pensions, that are selling, each time, more contracts ".

Oñate concluded by betting on the conciliation and the agreement and remembering that "pensions are not a punishment. The public deficit ends up alleviating with the income to the Social Security Reserve Fund."


The PP agrees with the rest of groups a battery of measures on missing persons

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Today, through a motion approved in the full Senate

It proposes the creation of multidisciplinary teams, enhance technological and material means and promote collaboration protocols

Pérez Lapazarán thanked the continuous and effective work of the State Security Corps and Forces and the autonomous police and the work of the Government in improving, informing, coordinating and collaborating with different countries and organizations

Fulgencio Gil points out that the problem of missing persons is a priority for the Government "and it must be for this House as well, because behind every disappearance of a person, a relative, a real human drama is hidden.

The full Senate has approved a motion promoted by the Popular Parliamentary Group, after being transacted with the rest of parliamentary groups, with the exception of the PNV, which seeks to implement a wide battery of measures aimed at improving search and location Of missing persons.

In addition, it is proposed to create multidisciplinary teams, implement and enhance the technological and material resources for the units in charge, promote protocols of collaboration between the State and Autonomous Communities with the media on the journalistic treatment of cases of disappearance, among others measurements.

GPP's Interior Ministry spokesman, José Cruz Pérez Lapazarán, thanked all the contributions made, through amendments, by other parliamentary groups and which were incorporated in the final text of the motion "because this initiative is justified in the several thousand Of disappearances of people that occur annually in our country ".

During his speech, Senator Navarro has acknowledged and thanked the "continuous and effective work of the State Security Corps and Forces and the regional police" to try to resolve the complex cases of disappearances, as well as the work of the Government in improving, Inform, coordinate and collaborate with different countries and organizations ".

Pérez Lapazarán stressed that "for the PP and for the Government, the issue of the disappeared is a priority policy that has made major efforts and will continue along the same line of action in the future. To the best treatment of this problem, regardless of the political considerations that may arise in this debate. "

During the time of amendments, the PP senator for Murcia, Fulgencio Gil, has pointed out that the problem of missing persons is a priority for the Government "and should be for this House as well, because behind each disappearance of a person, Of a relative, a real human drama is hidden. "

The senator Murcia has indicated that "in the media we see in many cases the most media cases but behind them there are many other cases with identical drama and identical consequence and we can not be unaware of this situation."


Among the issues raised in the motion is the request to publish official statistics on missing persons with detailed information to improve databases and better information.

In addition, it considers it necessary to create a multidisciplinary team in which representatives from different backgrounds can be integrated, such as: State Security Forces and Corps, forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, rescue units or associations of missing persons;

With the aim of improving the monitoring, information, treatment of missing persons and, if necessary, proposing actions that may facilitate the best treatment in each case.

In the opinion of the senators of the PP, this team should orient their work in the search of cooperation, participation and proceed with the signing of agreements with associations of relatives of disappeared persons;

To promote protocols of collaboration between countries and autonomous communities, with media to improve the information and the journalistic treatment of these cases.

It also promotes the protection of the missing person by the Victim Assistance Offices, guaranteeing assistance to relatives and improving communication with them.

Another important issue is to implement and enhance the technological and material resources of the State Security Corps and Forces in the matter of missing persons: more means and more specialization.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Environment proposes that the public use plan for the Calblanque regional park be finalized in 2017

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

The members of the Board of Governors of the park positively valued the system of management of access to the beaches of Calblanque applied during last summer

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture and the Environment is set as objective for next year the completion of the Plan of public use of the regional park of Calblanque, as it was revealed yesterday at the meeting of the Governing Board of the park, main body of participation Of this protected space.

The Plan of public use defines the model through which the visitors of the space approach and know it.

Its basic objectives are to make known the values ​​of the regional park and the importance of its conservation, as well as to plan the design and location of the facilities and infrastructures aimed at facilitating and regulating the visit, recreation, interpretation, information and education environmental.

During the meeting, which was attended by 25 people between board members and guests, the 2016 budget report was presented, which includes both basic services and the proactive management of the park in the aspects of conservation, equipment and public use, Infrastructure and defense of the environment, communication and dissemination, research, studies and social participation.

In this sense, the director of the Office of Socioeconomic Impact of the Environment, Juan Madrigal, thanked the neighbors, associations and owners for their collaboration in voluntary actions.

Among the actions carried out during 2016 are the results of the biological monitoring of the Salinas del Rasall and the proposal for the management of the paths of the Ash Mount, motivated by the increase in public use.

For its part, the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena presented a study that evaluates the different options for the system of capture of sea water to supply the Salinas del Rasall.

It remains to evaluate the uptake through wells, at the expense of the corresponding hydrogeological studies that discard the presence of fresh water.

Another of the issues addressed was the system of management of access to the beaches of Calblanque applied during last summer, with the exposure of the results obtained.

In this sense, both the neighborhood association Cobaticas-La Jordana and the conservationist associations valued positively such a system, although they proposed to increase the monitoring numbers.

Finally, the proposal for an investment budget for next year was presented, which includes basic services (cleaning and maintenance, forestry prevention and fire protection, visitor assistance and social communication and service of the Biological Wild flora and endangered vertebrate fauna), in addition to the previously mentioned aspects.

Those interested can contribute to this proposal until 31 December.

Source: CARM

Approved the call for 10 places for the body of Education inspectors

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

The Community and the Bar Association collaborate in the service of orientation Legal Penitentiary

The Governing Council has approved the decree that establishes the regulatory bases and the convocation of ten places of access to the body of Education inspectors, as well as the preparation of the list of inspectors that results from that procedure.

It is expected that they will be convened before the end of the year and that the tests will be carried out in the current academic year.

The decree reflects the measures of impetus and professionalization of the inspectors' body, of fundamental importance for a quality educational system.

Thus, changes are introduced that impact on a greater scientific preparation of the teachers and teachers that access this body and improves the assessment of the language knowledge of the aspirants.

The evaluation criteria of the teaching function are also updated in their different fields of action, according to the actual configuration of the educational centers and the demands of society.

In the line of promotion of quality, the text indicates that the list of accidental inspectors will be configured based on the scientific and didactic competence demonstrated in the opposition process, taking into account also the experience in the inspection function.

The Community and the Bar Association collaborate in the Legal Guidance Service Penitentiary

The regional executive has given approval to an agreement between the Ministry of Presidency and the Bar Association of Murcia to provide care and advice to persons deprived of liberty, within the framework of a Legal Prison Guidance service.

Its purpose is to assist and guide free consultations that, in legal matters, may be raised by inmates in the Murcia-Sangonera Penitentiary Center.

30,000 euros for those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

The Governing Council has approved regional aid of 30,000 euros for Haiti's victims of Hurricane Matthew, which will receive UNICEF to finance emergency humanitarian aid-related equipment, materials and supplies.

This grant is granted by the Ministry of Presidency, once informed the Regional Advisory Council for Cooperation and Solidarity of the Region of Murcia.

Unicef ​​has been the entity selected by the Community because it is an experienced entity, established in the Region of Murcia, and works on the ground in humanitarian work to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of water, sanitation and hygiene in Haiti.

In addition, it works in coordination with other actors and also has a capacity for management and rapid response in cases of emergencies.

Source: CARM

EUR 40 000 for cooperation and promotion of activities related to the environment

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

The Council of Government has approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment, a grant of 40,000 euros to the Regional Confederation of Business Organizations (CROEM) for cooperation and promotion activities related to the environment.

The intention of both parties is to agree on coordinated actions to ensure the conservation of the habitat types and species of the Natura 2000 network which are being carried out through the process of planning the management of protected areas and biodiversity.

The agreement will establish the conditions and commitments applicable to the granting of this subsidy for the promotion of environmental co-responsibility in the natural environment among the business community of the Region of Murcia.

This aim will be carried out through actions aimed at analyzing European, national and regional regulations, as well as plans and programs for the conservation and protection of the natural environment and biodiversity and their compatibility with economic activity and the dissemination of this Knowledge among entrepreneurs and business organizations.

Source: CARM

More than 630,000 euros for 30 places of people with intellectual disabilities in residences

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

The Governing Council has authorized the extension of the agreements signed with the City of Fortuna and the Commonwealth of Social Services of Valle de Ricote for the provision of the service in residences for people with intellectual disabilities in a situation of dependency.

The amount budgeted for these addenda is more than 634,000 euros for the maintenance of 30 seats.

The Community will allocate to the residence of persons with intellectual disabilities of Fortune 531,942 euros for the maintenance of 24 places and 102,930 euros for the occupation of six places for people with intellectual disabilities in the residence of Las Arboledas in Archena.

Las Arboledas started its operations in September 2003, with a total of six internships, through an agreement signed with the Instituto Murciano de Acción Social (IMAS).

The program of operation of the residence intends to offer a help to the work carried out by families with people with disabilities, with the aim of offering a continuous daily care when they need it.

Source: CARM

2.3 million to maintain 224 places in day centers for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

The Governing Council has approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities, to extend the agreements signed with several municipalities of the Region, for an amount of 2,294,000 euros, for the maintenance of 224 places for People with mental disabilities or with mental illness dependent in the day centers of Fortuna, Alhama de Murcia, Archena, Puerto Lumbreras, Mazarrón, Totana, Abarán and the Commonwealth of Social Services of Valle de Ricote.

The center of daytime stays of Fortuna is destined 477,000 euros for the maintenance of 45 places, Alhama de Murcia 222,000 euros for 21 places and Archena 359,000 euros to maintain 33 places.

In Puerto Lumbreras 12 places will be subsidized with 125,000 euros;

301,000 euros will be allocated to the Mazarrón day care center to maintain 29 places;

To Totana, 339,000 euros for 32 places of people with mental illness and, for the day center for people with intellectual disabilities in this municipality, the Community contributes 245,000 euros for 22 places.

The extensions also include 12,766 euros to serve 15 places in the Community of Social Services of Valle de Ricote, and 209,000 euros for Abarán, for 15 places in the day center for people with disabilities in situation of dependency of the locality.

The Day Center service is constituted as an adequate resource for people with disabilities, through which it is tried to promote a better quality of life, enhancing their autonomy and adequate conditions of coexistence in their own family and sociocommunity, delaying Or even avoiding their entry into residential centers.

Source: CARM

Nearly € 33 million for the purchase of exclusive medicines for different SMS centers

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

The Governing Council has authorized the Ministry of Health to purchase exclusive medicines to various centers of the Murcian Health Service (SMS) for a total amount of 32,955,558 euros.

The exclusive medicines are those dispensed in the Services of Hospital Pharmacy and that, despite their high cost, are primordial for the treatment of certain pathologies.

Specifically, € 8,935,142 is earmarked for the purchase of drugs for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, ovarian cancer and metastatic resistant prostate cancer as well as for progressive multiple myeloma, schizophrenia or HIV infection, among others Pathologies, all of them from the Janssen-Cilag SA Laboratory

In addition, a total of 13,768,010 euros will go to the purchase of drugs for the prevention of graft rejection after a solid organ transplant, to improve the quality of life of those suffering from immune thrombocytopenic purpura, chronic myeloid leukemia and Allergic asthma, among others, from the Novartis laboratory.

The remainder, € 10,252,406, is to buy drugs to treat pathologies such as severe systemic mycosis, chronic hepatitis B, chronic lung infection and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, all through the Gilead Sciences laboratory.

The SMS sends annually exclusive drugs, both in hospital pharmacy and prescription drugs, about 197 million euros.

Investment in this type of drug accounts for 63 percent of the regional budget for hospital pharmacy and 25 percent for prescription.

Source: CARM