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Submitted the Yeti Trail – Trail Regional Championship

Monday, October 31st, 2016

be developed in the stunning setting of the regional park Espuña

The headquarters of the Athletics Federation of Murcia has welcomed Monday the sunset along the VII Yeti Trail, which will witness Saturday 5 I Championship Murcia specialty, according to the definition of the ITRA

We know everything about one of the first and major events of the 2016/17 season, the Championship Murcia Trail to be held this Saturday November 5 as part of the VII Yeti Trail.

The headquarters of the Athletics Federation of Murcia has welcomed Monday the presentation ceremony, attended by the Director General of Sports in the Region of Murcia, Alonso Gómez, together with the technical director of the Yeti Trail, Christophe Roche, and FAMU president, Juan Manuel Molina.

Molina has expressed satisfaction to collaborate in a discipline that has such recent successes, without going any further this past weekend during the World Championship Trail held in Gerês (Portugal) with Luis Alberto Hernando proclaimed world champion and FAMU athlete Teresa Nimes revalidating the team silver in his second internationality.

Precisely been confident of being able to recover in time, the athlete UCAM Cartagena is present at the Regional, being the first time held in our region Championship Trail according to the definition of the ITRA (International Trail Running Association ).

A title that may choose those athletes with FAMU license or license + Sport in force.

Meanwhile, Christophe Roche reported the technical characteristics of the test, which will take place in the stunning setting of the regional park Espuña, where some of the highest peaks of the Region of Murcia, with an approximate distance of 44km.

the Yeti Trail and 2,600m.

of positive slope (5.200m. of cumulative altitude), with an area of ​​nearly 300 runners participation among the various tests.

the participation of leading specialists of the regional landscape is not only expected, but also many others arrived from neighboring areas such as Valencia and Andalusia.

Alonso Gómez stressed that this event is part of the Costa Calida program as a destination for Sports Tourism of the Region of Murcia.

A program that is giving very good results, driven by the Institute of Tourism of the Region of Murcia in collaboration with the Directorate General of Sports and the Union of Sports Federations of the Region of Murcia, which was released with the aim of bringing value and position our region as a sports tourism destination for the whole year, nationally and internationally.

The Yeti Trail starts at 8: 00h.

starting and finishing in El Berro.

At 10: 30h.

Mini Yeti start with a distance of about 19km.

The registration period for the two modes already exhausted, a waiting list for those still interested in participating is available ( ).

Bibs can be collected on Friday 4 from 19: 30h.

in the House of Culture of El Berro and Saturday 5 at the same place, from 6:30 to 7: 30h.

Trail Run for the Yeti and from 9:00 to 10: 00h.

for Mini Yeti.

the obligation to show ID or proof of identity for collection and FAMU license or license + Sport for athletes who choose to Regional Championship recalls.

There will be trophies for the first three of the Regional, and for the first three overall and in each of the categories established in the Yeti Trail.

They will also have local trophy first three (residents in Murcia or El Berro), having a special prize of € 100 for the winner of the Yeti Trail Run to improve the record of the race (4:16:06).

Source: FAMU

Jesus Cano: Mr. Tovar stop blocking and get to work with the Government for Regional Water Pact

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Responsible for Water MPRP considers the attitude of the leader of the Socialist Murcia an obstacle to consensus that the region needs to defend their need for water

Water spokesman MPRP and regional deputy, Jesus Cano has asked Rafael González Tovar to stop blocking the Regional Water Pact and feel and to work with the regional government siverdaderamente wants to reach an agreement.

Cano believes that the secretary general of the Socialist Murcia has no real willingness to compromise that supposed to assert the interests of the region against those of his party.

And he accused him of lying because, recalled, the regional government has already requested on three occasions, to appoint representatives of his party to work on this agreement, giving no answer.

Responsible on Water the MPRP considers that Tovar is becoming an obstacle to consensus that the region needs to defend its need for water, and asked him to learn the exercise of responsibility they are doing the other political forces with whom the Minister of Water, Agriculture and Environment has already started negotiations in fulfillment of the mandate of the Regional Assembly.

Jesus Cano said to repeal the Memorandum, the great proposal PSRM is a real blunder, and recalled that the Memorandum was born because socialists wanted to close the Tajo-Segura, which would have meant the ruin of agriculture in Murcia and is the guarantee that every month there is a transfer of the Tagus to the Segura, as they pray operating rules, and allowed despite four consecutive years of drought anyone in the Murcia region have run out of water.

He added that for ineffectiveness and submission, demonstrated by the water policies of the socialist harmful, referring to the zero five transfers when Gonzalez Tovar was a delegate of the Government of Spain.

Responsible for Water MPRP general secretary PSRM-lock PSOEcon attitude is hurting his party and interests throughout the region, in the style of Pedro Sanchez.

He concluded the responsibility of all to achieve in this new phase that has opened in the Congress of Deputies a national agreement for the water to reach where on where necessary.

Source: GPP

We can insist that the future law of the Mar Menor must work from a presentation at the Regional Assembly despite reiticencias PP

Monday, October 31st, 2016

The regional deputy, Andres Pedroza, said that the paper should be created within the Special Committee on the Mar Menor.

The aim is that such a controversial and complex issue discussion and consensus of all political groups of the Assembly takes place.

Otherwise, "we will have no guarantee that the law is born with enough force and is up to the challenges of the lagoon".

Pedroza said that there should be specific legislation regarding the management and harmonization of use of the lagoon.

"It is the responsibility of all parliamentary groups to end the institutional neglect and apathy that the PP has shown in the last two decades. They have blocked any legal or planning initiative to regulate economic activity in the surrounding territory of the Mar Menor and the continued abdication has resulted in the current critical state of its waters "asserted Podemos deputy.

In this regard, he said that the Region of Murcia, its economy and tourism, "can not afford another summer with Mar Menor mired and collapsed. We must work urgently drafting a text governing conflicts that exist today in the lagoon. "

Therefore, Podemos deputy stressed that it is necessary to develop a priority and that is the law that "is responsible for governing the life of this ecosystem. By responsibility we must move politically in this regard."

The presentation given by We can participate, apart from the four parliamentarians, members of civil society involved in the management of the Mar Menor with scientific and technical groups.

"This is the only way to deal in an integrated manner the problems of Mar Menor, lack of regulation and comprehensive management" asserted Andrew Pedroza, who added that it is precisely the "institutional abandonment of the Popular Party," the main culprit of all the problems are manifested in the Mar Menor.

They have been, stressed, "two decades in which the Popular Party has systematically dynamited any legislation, planning or regulation about it. They still do not understand the popular leaders to be managed holistically as a complex and diverse territory."

For 20 years, according to the deputy of Podemos, the regional government has been dedicated to "act as if in the Mar Menor nothing happen. Now, before the current disaster, improvising measures have some occurrences, baths are given, but do not understand that must be regulated specifically on ".

Andrés Pedreño the words "nitrates, eutrophication, pollution of urban saturation or marinas are too recurrent in the Mar Menor and to the deaf ears of the PP, we can only legislate that the Assembly urgently".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

The Region receives between January and September more than 150,000 foreign tourists in the same period last year

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Leisure and vacation is the main reason for the trip for 87 percent of tourists

The Minister Juan Hernandez stressed that "the growth of international tourism in the region is well above the national and everything indicates that the target of 925,000 foreign tourists will exceed"

Between January and September this year have traveled hastala Región799.565 foreign tourists, representing around 23 percent growth over the same period last year, ie, about 150,000 tourists more, as recorded by the Survey Movements tourist Fronteras (Frontur).

In September, the region received 71,267 foreign visitors.

Leisure, recreation and holidays is the main reason for the trip for 61,963 tourists, representing 87 percent of the total.

For business or professional reasons 1,267 tourists arrived, nearly 2 percent, and family visits, study or other reasons tourists traveled 8,037 (11.3 percent of total).

The Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment Development, Juan Hernandez, said that "the growth of international tourism in the region is well above the national, above the main tourist communities: Valencia (16 percent), Andalusia (13, 3 percent), Canary Islands (13.2 percent), Madrid (13.1 percent), Balearic Islands (10.6 percent) and Catalonia (4.4 percent). "

The rise of international tourism in Murcia this has been proven figures in recent years, with "rhythms of outstanding growth," 23 percent in 2016, 7 percent in 2015 and 2014 ended with a growth of 30 percent, "rates all well above the national average for those years, "said the counselor.

"This means that the region has not only loyal to the large volume of tourists attracted in recent years, partly because of security problems affecting competing destinations, but has managed to continue to grow at very high rates. With this dynamic everything indicates that the target set in the Strategic Tourism Plan for the whole of 2016, which is 925,000 foreign tourists will be overcome, "said Juan Hernandez.

He also recalled that "these results support the actions implemented by the Ministry in the sense of strengthening regional tourism demand increasing degree of internationalization to take advantage of new opportunities, diversifying markets and building competitive advantages."

Market diversification

In this sense, the data confirm compliance with one of the objectives of the Strategic Plan, the progressive diversification of issuers international markets for tourism to the region by attracting tourist flows in new markets or other poorly consolidated to date .

The number of tourists from UK has increased by around 10 percent in the first three quarters of the year compared to the same period of 2015. In addition, the Tourism Minister specified that "growth had a livelier pace in summer months, once confirmed the Brexit ".

Also, due to promotional campaigns in markets of central, eastern and northern Europe, these markets consolidate and grow more than the British.

Thus, increasing the share of France (6.7 points) to 17.2 percent, the highest historical percentage, and between midpoint and a point quotas Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

In the countries of central and eastern Europe amount in a year from 3 percent to 5.1 percent, the result of operational implemented by the Ministry in Austria, Poland, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

All of them, along with others in the UK, Portugal, Denmark and Sweden guarantee hotel occupancy in the Costa Calida for ten months and attract 18,000 tourists a total of 128,000 overnight stays in 2016.

Add to that the increased flight frequencies, both in winter and summer, in the airports of San Javier and Alicante and the establishment of the new line of Aer Lingus in San Javier, which operated from March 27 adds until 9 October, with four flights per week, and seeks to strengthen the positioning of the destination in the sending areas.

extrahotel establishments

The number of travelers staying in September in the non-hotel establishments (camping, apartments and rural tourism) in the region increased by 23 percent and reached 27,582 (in the whole of Spain rose by 16.5 percent), representing the best record for this month since data are available.

Of these, domestic travelers grew by 31.3 percent to 19,386, and foreigners 6.9 percent, reaching 8,195 travelers.

Overnight stays increased by 7.7 percent compared to September 2015, and came to 146,951, which is the best record for a September since 2010 (148,790).

Specifically, overnight stays of domestic (84,052) rose 10 percent and foreign 8.1 percent (up to 62,898), which is the best record from which data are available.

In the period from January to September this year the number of passengers on regional extrahotel establishments reached 242,844, 11.7 percent more than in the same period of 2015. Of these, national (179,776) increased 13.4 percent and foreign (63,064, a record) 7.2 percent over the previous year.

Meanwhile, overnight stays were 1,679,768, and experienced an increase of 5.4 percent over the same period of 2015, the best record since 2008 (1,685,358).

Thus, domestic tourists (925,920) increased by 7.5 percent, which is the best record since 2010 (930,975) for the period from January to September and foreigners 3 percent, reaching 753,848, the which is the best record from which data for this period.

Source: CARM

The Director General of Agricultural Funds reports on the handling of aid to mountain areas

Monday, October 31st, 2016

The Director General of Agricultural Funds, Carmen Garcia Frago, met today with representatives of the professional organizations and federations of cooperatives, to report on the status of processing of aid to mountain areas and areas with natural constraints.

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment is currently considering a total of 432 records for 825 mountain areas and for areas with special limitations.

The total amount of aid amounts to 2,685,200 euros, the payment is scheduled for December.

The meeting highlighted the need for concerted efforts to improve and streamline the management of aid.

attendees on the status of processing aids agri-environment and climate and organic farming were also reported.

Source: CARM

Urralburu: "ICN can not be Sangonera prison"

Monday, October 31st, 2016

We will meet with the government delegate to know what the situation ICN Murcia and present a motion in the Regional Assembly for the creation of a commission to review its operation.

The secretary general of Podemos in the region and party spokesperson, denounced the new episode happened today in the CIE of Sangonera in Murcia, where five people have escaped after a fight between inmates fact that the mutiny makes adds so just one month, where 18 people escaped from the center and are still missing, and Urralburu said that "the CIES's are irreformable, shameful and unacceptable and can not continue acquiescing prison innocent"

In this respect it has advanced the parliamentary group can file a motion next Thursday in the Regional Assembly for the operating model of the CIE be revised to know "whether they are complying with the rules that must regulate the lives of these centers, since remember that they are not prisoners, ICN can not be a prison or it may violate human rights of people who are there. "

Urralburu also announced that on Wednesday November 2, regional deputies, Maria Angeles Garcia Navarro and Andres Pedroza, visit the government delegate to know what is happening in the CIE, and how the treatment being given to people inside it, after news today a new episode where five people have escaped after an episode of dispute between inmates.

The spokesman of the parliamentary group of Podemos, recalled that after the visit that made several of the deputies we at CIE of Sangonera la Verde, "it was found that the philosophy and architecture of these centers is prison not a reception center "so" do not understand that they remain imprisoned innocent people.

Alternatively, the Parliamentary Group we proposed in various parliamentary initiatives supervised apartments, passport retention or regular reporting to the authorities, etc. ".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

The PP calls for a plan to support the flower cut in the region to boost its national and international projection sector.

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Deputy Jose Soria, highlights the importance of the activity in the Northwest with more than 200 hectares dedicated floriculture

Consolidate and give a boost to the national and international projection of the cut flower industry is the aim of the motion presented by the regional deputy of the Popular Party, Jose Soria in urging the wing regional government develop a strategic plan to support this activity accounts for 5% of the agricultural sector in the region of Murcia.

PP deputy in the Assembly emphasized the weight that, especially in the Northwest, floriculture where in the plain of Argos River in Cehegín, over 200 hectares of land are dedicated to hosting greenhouses, this activity is the livelihood of many residents of villages in the area, she has avoided depopulation, there is an unemployment rate below the average and has achieved a generational shift that is very difficult in the agricultural sector, he said.

In this sense, José Soria explained that this is an activity that provides employment for the inhabitants of the villages of Canara, Glen of Canara, the Campillo de los Jimenez, La Carrasquilla, stack, El Cabezo, Agezares and also in the municipality of Puerto Lumbreras, we are talking about a sector that generates higher income to 65 million euros, of which 10 million correspondena exports, said the popular MP who added that the region Murciaes the most important productive area carnation Europa.Y stressed that next to this flower growing other varieties such as roses, gerberas, gladioli, paniculatas and daisies are given, among others.

We must work to give more strength to the internationalization of floriculture, said Soria who considers it necessary to address parainvestigar measures on new varieties, opening new international distribution channels, promote associations of producers, modernize farming in greenhouses and try to get the designation of origin Canara.Por flowers that reason, the regional deputy PP considers it appropriate that the regional government developed a strategic plan to boost this activity and strengthen.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The PSOE proposes 20 measures the Special Commission of the Mar Menor to streamline the protection of the salt lake

Monday, October 31st, 2016

The deputy, Yolanda Fernandez, mentioned among the most important the creation of a working commission of the four groups to accelerate the creation of the Integral Law of the Mar Menor and the Mar Menor surround yourself with a protective cordon to prevent the entry of discharges

The spokesman of the Socialist Group in the Special Committee of the Mar Menor, Yolanda Fernandez, has taken this morning to the Special Commission to address this issue a battery of 20 measures to expedite the protection of the salt lake.

The Socialist parliamentary group exhibited at the previous meeting of the Special Committee of the Mar Menor disagreement with the rhythm that carried the work and appearances.

The Socialist deputy recalled that a year that the Commission was established and to date has only taken place the appearance of the coordinator of the ITI del Mar Menor ago.

The PSOE presented last April wishlist comparecientes and is waiting for other groups to do the same.

Of the 20 measures proposed by the PSOE, the Socialist deputy highlighted the creation of a working committee formed by the four political formations, while the reform of the Rules of the House does not occur, to begin work on the development of the necessary Mar Menor comprehensive law, to then be ratified by the Commission and finally approved at the plenary session of the Assembly.

Other measures proposed by Yolanda Fernandez are in addition to the moratorium, the entire perimeter of the Mar Menor with a lace skirt to protect it from the entrance of crops.


The PSOE agricultural organizations reaffirms to its willingness to reach a Regional Water Pact

Monday, October 31st, 2016

González Tovar says it is waiting to be called by the President of the Autonomous Community in order to advance in this agreement

The secretary general of the PSOE in the Region of Murcia and spokesman of the Socialist Group, Rafael González Tovar, has reaffirmed to the agricultural organizations of the Region of Murcia its willingness to reach a Regional Water Pact that allows to achieve higher flow to finish definitively with the deficit, both for consumption and for agricultural use.

At a meeting with representatives of agricultural organizations, the Socialist leader has ensured that water can not be a throwable political weapon, which has appealed to the need to work for the unity of the Murcian political forces and have a single regional voice on this issue.

"I'm going to the President of the Autonomous Community to convene me as soon as possible, with the goal that by the end of the year the work of the Special Water Commission are carried out and that regional pact be speeded up", explained .

According to Gonzalez Tovar, the PP water policy has been characterized by electioneering purposes, inefficiency demonstrated in periods of drought and submission to national politics to the detriment of Murcia.

He recalled that the Tajo-Segura has been key to the economy of Murcia, Alicante and Almeria since it came into operation in 1979, and sends water to more than 55 percent of the irrigable area of ​​the region, as well as providing the 60 percent water mouth and have generated more than 110,000 direct and indirect jobs.

"It is important for us the Tajo-Segura central axis and put in place the necessary measures to solve the problem of irrigators field Cartagena that allow open wells to prevent the arrival of discharges to the Mar Menor infrastructure" He indicated.

"It's a very efficient system in terms of energy cost and has great environmental value because it prevents overexploitation of aquifers, so the Socialists are committed to the transfer, although the PP governments have worsened the conditions of exploitation," he added .

González Tovar stressed the urgent need to repeal or amend the memorandum of the PP, since it involves raising the reserve from 240 to 400 cubic hectometres, "which entails serious harm to the needs of Murcia farmers".

"The memorandum has meant that in the period of drought dispongamos 160 cubic less hectometres and a decrease in irrigation water, which poses a serious threat to agriculture in Murcia, with serious economic, social and environmental impacts in the region," he added .

In this regard, he commented on the need for investment to operate at 100 100 desalination plants, such as Eagles to reach Lorca and Totana.

It has also proposed alternatives for reducing energy costs, such as installation of photovoltaic plants in some plants;

provide desalinated water at a single price stably irrigation communities, and the construction of new public and private desalination plants.

Moreover, the Socialist leader has called for the legalization of consolidated irrigation;

the definitive establishment of the perimeters of the Segura Basin, and regulation and consolidation of water rights from irrigation communities, providing legal guarantees to users.

He has also defended the acquisition of rights within the Segura Basin and other basins through public water banks to avoid speculation, and establishing programs for protection and improvement of the aquatic environment, controlling discharges and ensuring that all water bodies are purified, and giving a new impetus to the water reuse plan.

"We must also encourage sustainable water use and advance the modernization of irrigation systems, in addition to implementing an emergency plan that allows the adjustment of supply networks and distribution systems, both in rural areas, such as urban, to avoid the heavy losses of water produced by the current poor state of the pipe systems, "he concluded.


Terra Natura becomes the occasion of Halloween

Monday, October 31st, 2016

animal park and nature has welcomed these days activities for the whole family

Terra Natura Murcia has become the occasion of Halloween.

The animal park and nature has hosted since last weekend themed activities for the whole family.

Many visitors have come disguised as children do so could enter free when accompanied by an adult.

especially targeting smaller, they have developed workshops and games in which the key has been the participation and involvement of all.

They have been strengthened crafts, performing with masks and brooches and has opted to combine fun with learning through scientific experiments.

They have also been raised animated games in which participants could become mummies or enjoy looking out of a maze with many surprises.

The planned program has been developed in a proper environment in which Halloween has not missed a decoration or costumed characters who have interacted with the audience.

Both elements have helped make the experience of touring the park in something very different than usual.

Source: Agencias