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The Community pays in 31 days invoices to their suppliers in July

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The average supplier payment period is reduced by 50 days for the month June

Payment to suppliers in the regional administration has been 31.08 days in July, average period has been reduced in recent years thanks to the contributions of the State, through the Regional Liquidity Fund (FLA), and It represents one of the best data recorded in the country during that month.

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andrés Carrillo said the reception in June an extraordinary FLA of 346 million euros "reduced the average payment period in 50 days from the previous month and place ourselves around the limit set by the regulations governing for the government ".

Andrés Carrillo recalled that "one of the priorities of the regional government is to improve the payment to suppliers, because we are convinced that the financial difficulties of the administration can not be transferred to the regional economic fabric" and by the FLA, said the counselor "we can serve our payment commitments, enabling greater sustainability of our accounts and guarantees a further reduction of the payment period in the future."

Also, the Minister noted that the regular receipt of payments from the FLA "are needed in the structural context of underfunding in which lies the region and therefore the need for a government of the nation that is not acting so that it can carry out the reform of the current financing system. "

In the coming months the data of the average payment period depends, largely, that the government can raise the 2016 deficit target to 0.7 percent, in accordance with the resolution adopted in April by the Policy Council Fiscal and Financial and incorporated into Spain stability program that was submitted to Brussels later.

In this regard, the Minister said that "in any case, the regional government will use whatever financial means which can overcome the delays that may occur, in order that the national political problem has no effect on the suppliers of the Community".

Source: CARM

Urralburu: "This report confirms the untenable situation of Pedro Antonio Sanchez"

Friday, September 30th, 2016

We can spokesman in the Regional Assembly said that "is not sustainable" jump every week news about corruption cases that directly point to the President of the Region of Murcia.

Pedro Antonio Sánchez must solve its problems with justice away from the regional presidency.

Oscar Urralburu wondered how long Murcia and Murcia "we will have to continue to watch this situation."

The Senior Prosecutor of Justice, the General Comptroller of the State, the court of Lorca, the Audiencia Nacional, detailed Urralburu, "call into question the legality of the actions of Pedro Antonio Sanchez when he was mayor of Puerto Lumbreras and Minister of Education".

Therefore, according to the parliamentary spokesman can, "say it is not reliable. A person who is under constant suspicion for their ties with corrupt frames or bears the shadow of doubt in the management of an audience, not you can continue to lead the affairs of the Region of Murcia ".

In the Auditorium case, added Oscar Urralburu "is especially striking opacity that surrounds the whole process. As noted by the General Comptroller no one knows exactly how contracts were made, the selection process or for the project money. This is not simple administrative errors, that is a total disregard for procurement procedures and public works contracts whose purpose is precisely to ensure transparency about which so much talk and so little practiced Mr. Sanchez and avoid arbitrariness in the use of funds public; it shows once again that Pedro Antonio Sanchez is, at best, a lousy manager of the public, to expect to know the scope of their criminal proceedings ".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

The regional government ratifies neighbors Altorreal its commitment to implement a public transport

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The Minister of Public Works meets with residents and representatives of social groups in the community to listen to their needs and priority areas for this service

The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures, Pedro Rivera, moved today to the residents of Altorreal the regional government's commitment to "implement a public transport bus provided to cater for such essential needs for its inhabitants, such as going to work, schools , university and health centers. "

Pedro Rivera held a meeting with neighborhood and social groups representatives, business and students of this urbanization of Molina de Segura to listen to the problems regarding public transport and priority areas must have this service "to complete which is provided in today. "

Is closer collaboration between the Administration and the neighbors "to work on the common goal of having a more effective and efficient public service for residents in the community, providing human and material resources," noted the director.

Rivera stressed that Altorreal "is a population center with some very special characteristics and in which more than 10,000 residents, making it equal to many municipalities in the region live" and also "offers essential services for day to day of its inhabitants, such as schools, nursing homes and youth ".

For the head of the Ministry, all these features "justify us to consider improving the service currently has and is being funded directly by the neighbors."

During the meeting, the needs of urbanization have an bus service Altorreal connect directly with the city of Murcia and another that communicates with the town of Molina de Segura exposed.

As to the first, Rivera moved "the commitment of the regional government to meet their needs for direct communication with Murcia" and to this end, "their preferences are taken into account in terms of frequencies, schedules and expeditions."

Regarding the second line, which connects Molina with Altorreal, the Minister said that it is a bus line "of municipal jurisdiction" and that it is up to the municipality to the proposed extension of the line to the regional government "to be check traffic that do not affect other concessions of the Community ".

The Ministry requested earlier this month documentation to City Hall to discuss new routes and their possible impact with other services and be able to grant, where appropriate, the authorization service.

Source: CARM

Just one month to dispute the Regional Championship Trail

Friday, September 30th, 2016

On Saturday 5 November the Championship Murcia specialty within the framework of the Yeti Trail Run 2016

Just we have one month to the dispute of one of the events indicated in the calendar especially for lovers of trail.

So it will be because of the dispute, on Saturday November 5, Championship Murcia specialty within the framework of the Yeti Trail Run 2016. A degree to which they may choose those athletes with FAMU license or license + Sport in effect, the first time being held in our region Trail Championship according to the definition of the ITRA (International Trail Running Association).

The test will have an approximate distance of 44km.

and 2.600m.

of positive slope (. 5.200m of accumulated slope), starting at 8: 00h.

starting and finishing in El Berro.

At 10: 30h.

Mini Yeti start with a distance of about 19km.

Remains open enrollment period for the test, under the organization of club Wapaventura through asuspuestos ( until November 2.

While it should be noted that this test has a limit of 200 registered, so those interested in participating in the appointment and / or the Regional Championship Trail, must take into account this circumstance to formalize their registration.

The cost of it is 37 € (33 € FAMU athletes or card + Sport) until 2 November or reach the maximum number of entries.

service option shower at the campsite El Berro is also granted, with a charge of 2 €.

Exhausted and 100 lats for the Mini Yeti, a waiting list for those still interested in participating ( is available

Bibs can be collected on Friday 4 from 19: 30h.

in the House of Culture of El Berro and Saturday 5 at the same place, from 6:30 to 7: 30h.

Trail Run for the Yeti and from 9:00 to 10: 00h.

for Mini Yeti.

the obligation to show ID or proof of identity for collection and FAMU license or license + Sport for athletes who choose to Regional Championship recalls.

There will be trophies for the first three of the Regional, and for the first three overall and in each of the categories established in the Yeti Trail.

They will also have local trophy first three (residents in Murcia or El Berro), having a special prize of € 100 for the winner of the Yeti Trail Run to improve the record of the race (4:16:06).

Source: FAMU

The Environmental Advisory Council discusses actions in the Mar Menor and decrees on waste plan and garbancillo Tallante

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The central government financed with European funds held in the Mar Menor investments

The Regional Advisory Council on the Environment (CARMA) today addressed on its agenda action in the Mar Menor and the draft decree approving the Plan of waste in the Region of Murcia (2016-2020) and recovery of garbancillo tallante.

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment informed members of CARMA on initiatives to address the problems of the Mar Menor, as the celebration, in October 2015, a symposium on the creation of green filters to reduce pollution effluent in the Mar Menor, studies and work to control discharges into the Rambla del Albujón and commitment established with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, last June, for the decontamination of aquifers and to avoid any kind of condition the Mar Menor.

Thus, on June 12 it was signed with the Ministry document beginning of the environmental assessment analysis solutions for zero discharge to the Mar Menor, from the Campo de Cartagena, which will involve investments of the central government financed with EU funds amounting of 50 million euros.

The actions undertaken include the promotion Plan Integral Management API del Mar Menor, the project and expropriation of land for the construction of the green filter in the Rambla del Albujón, the start of construction of a pipeline to divert effluent the rambla del Albujón the desalination community of irrigators South Mar Menor Arco and industrial water treatment Cabo de Palos, the project and the beginning of the first phase of works to prevent flooding in Los Nietos, Minor Islands and Mar de Cristal, and environmental pollution runoffs Mar Menor, run by the community of irrigators.

Also include the establishment in July and August Program Integrated Maritime Surveillance del Mar Menor, with environmental controls and waste collection, the creation of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Mar Menor, which held its first meeting on September 15 as well as the signing of the Protocol between the Community, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and the Campus of International Excellence Mare Nostrum to boost research on the Mar Menor, which has given way to start three oceanographic surveys and research in the coastal lagoon.

Waste Plan and garbancillo Tallante

The Ministry also reported on the draft decree approving the Plan of waste in the Region of Murcia (2016-2020), which is part of the Waste Management Framework (MARP) 2016-2022 State Plan, and developed in response the requirements of European legislation on waste.

Said plan includes, among other things, an exhibition of measures to facilitate the reuse, recycling and other recovery, including energy recovery and disposal of waste, enabling the fulfillment of the objectives set out in European legislation and state.

Finally, it was reported on the draft decree approving the Recovery Plan garbancillo Tallante ( 'Astragalus nitidiflorus').

It is a flowering plant from the Fabaceae family, which is only known global population, in the Campo de Cartagena, which has few specimens and is fragmented into four subpopulations located in nearby towns together.

Currently, the population size fluctuates between 135 and 300 breeding individuals, detected most of them in a single subpopulation.

The species described in 1910 by Carlos Pau, thanks to the work of Francisco de Paula Jimenez botanical Munuera.

The species has been missing for science for nearly a century.

In 2014 he turned to detect.

The Recovery Plan aims to address the threats to the species, for which it has formulated a number of specific objectives that go beyond those that arise in the basic standard, and articulated in actions or measures conservation.

Source: CARM

The regional government reiterates its "full support" to the request of the irrigators for "maximum possible desembalse be authorized as soon as possible"

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The regional chief executive meets with the acting chairman of the Central Union of Irrigation Tajo-Segura to analyze the measures that "have allowed close the hydrological year without a single hectare of the region have run out of water"

The government spokesman, Noelia Arroyo, stressed that "in a period of maximum difficulty, the regional government has done the most in the shortest possible time"

The extension of the drought decree joins the adoption today by the Council of Ministers, the start for urgent procedure of the connection between Valdelentisco desalination plant and the reservoir of Algeciras, in Alhama de Murcia, Murcia and Librilla

The president of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, said today the acting chairman of the Central Union of Irrigation Aqueduct Tajo-Segura (Scrats), Jose Antonio Andujar, the "full support" to claim irrigators to be authorized " the maximum possible desembalse and as soon as possible, a commitment that will transfer to the Government of Spain ", said after the meeting the Minister of Culture and spokesman for the Executive Murcia, Noelia Arroyo.

Arroyo stressed that the work between the regional government, the Agriculture Ministry, Food and Environment and irrigators "has allowed close the hydrological year 2015-2016 without a hectare of the region have run out of water," noting that " a period of maximum difficulty "and where they accumulate four years of consecutive drought, the regional government" has done the most in the shortest time possible and in a serious and complicated situation for our farmers, especially in the Campo de Cartagena ".

He recalled that the extension of drought decree approved last week by the Council of Ministers week, "are put in place all the necessary mechanisms for obtaining resources in the new Water Year which begins tomorrow."

The Council of Ministers today approved the start, by emergency procedure, the connection between Valdelentisco desalination plant and the reservoir of Algeciras, in the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia, Murcia and Librilla.

The investment is 5 million euros and will be executed by the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura urgently.

According to the minister, this action "will allow, for the first time this desalination plant to operate continuously and not on demand" and also "move forward in this important project to have all the desalination plants at full capacity and connected with said irrigable areas ".

fulfilled commitments

The expansion of drought decree proceedings that the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, agreed with the president of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, and representatives of the Bureau of Water are added, and between which include the transfer of rights between the communities of irrigators Estremera and La Poveda, specifically 10.4 cubic hectometres.

Also the start imminently efforts for the desalination plant in Torrevieja double its production, from 40 to 80 cubic hectometres / year as well as the establishment of the monitoring committee to study and analyze the feasibility of each of the wells Campo de Cartagena.

In this hydrological year which ends today, thanks to the extension of the decree of drought, exceptional measures that have mobilized a total additional 250 cubic hectometres was launched.

Source: CARM

Health reiterates the importance of promoting breastfeeding healthy practice

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The Minister Encarna Guillen participated in the conference organized by the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs in Mazarrón, where he explained the benefits of this practice to the health of mothers and children

The Minister of Health, Encarna Guillen, today reiterated the importance of promoting breastfeeding as a healthy practice and encouraged women entrepreneurs to create specific spaces in the workplace, so that this initiative be extended to more companies.

Guillen today participated in the conference organized by Organization of Business and Professional Women of the Region of Murcia (Omep) in Mazarrón, where he explained the benefits of this practice to the health of mothers and children.

Promote spaces for breastfeeding in the workplace is a way to promote healthy lifestyles.

Therefore, "we want to seek possible ways to help facilitate mothering, as conditioning extraction rooms milk or breastfeeding in the workplace," said Guillen.

This initiative joins others that have already been taken in this direction, as the project 'Until you anytime', promoted by the Department of Health of the Altiplano and in 2014 was recognized as excellent practice by the Ministry of Health.

On the other hand, since last summer the Cartagena St. Lucia hospital has a focus on the donor breast milk.

So far are 43 infants and 16 mothers who have benefited from this initiative.

Coming Week Breastfeeding will be held under the motto: 'Breastfeeding: key to sustainable development'.

In this sense, Guillen said that "from the regional government we want to continue promoting mothering, involving benefits for mothers and newborns" because "breast milk is the best food you can get the newborn to be immunologically protected and prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes as well as being good for the mother because it helps to reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. "

Health is considering the possibility of providing health centers in an extraction room for those workers who after breastfeeding leave acceded to his post.

So Guillen said, "we do a more humane and supportive environment in which it ensures the balance and health of the baby and mother."

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months, the introduction of appropriate foods for age and thereafter insurance, and maintenance of breastfeeding up to two years or more.

Source: CARM

Play FIFA 17 Kitoko, Guichón, Pere Milla, Juanma and Isi

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The UCAM Murcia CF TODAY organizes a tournament of famous video game on Liberty Avenue (Murcia, opposite El Corte Ingles) with the presence of footballers first team

Today, Friday, September 30, between 17h and 22h, will be an event of FIFA 17 open to anyone who wants to try the game, at the door of the English Court of Avenida de la Libertad, in the center of Murcia , including a tournament for 32 participants with fabulous prizes.

In addition, at 19h, Kitoko, Guichón, Pere Milla, Juanma and Isi, first team players, will go through the tournament to participate and play against fans who wish to challenge them.


The winner will take an XBOX One and a credit of UCAM Murcia CF, the runner will get the FIFA 17 and credits the club, while the third will win an official match ball of Laliga and two tickets to the match against Mirandes.


There will be a maximum of 32 opponents, selected in order of arrival, which will have to register (for free) between 17h and 18h ​​on the stand to settle against the English Court of Avenida de la Libertad.

The championship will start at 18pm.

As a requirement, all participants have to play with the UCAM Murcia CF.

In parallel minigames and exhibitions which will win tickets, fertilizers, team jerseys will be held, etc.

Source: UCAM Murcia CF

The Community announces the first call for awards for promoting participation among students in the region

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Education Presidency and drive the initiative '+ Participation in School' to be held for the first time this academic year

The Autonomous Region today introduced the regional initiative '+ Participation in School', which groups the actions developed to promote transparency, participation and good governance in public schools, among which the convening of the first prizes for students will be granted in this course 2016/2017.

This was announced by the counselor of Presidency, Maria Dolores Pagán, and Education and Universities, Maria Isabel Sanchez-Mora, who, accompanied by the Chairman of the Board of Transparency, Jose Molina, explained the measures to fifty school IES Octavio Carpena artés Santomera pioneer in converting your website into a portal of educational transparency, through a participatory process.

The regional leaders emphasized that this is an unprecedented initiative in Spain, which may join the centers that wish, so that participation and transparency reaches the whole of the regional education system.

"At an early age is when you need to be aware of the importance of the right to know, transparency, participation and achieve more democratic and more civic citizens," said Maria Dolores Pagán.

As for the call for prizes and competitions for the school year 2016/17, Maria Isabel Sanchez-Mora explained that there are two categories.

The first, for children between 6 and 12 years is the presentation of drawings or phrases that are original and represent what the school means to transparency and participation.

The second category, for students between 13 and 16 years, will consist of the development of a work (writing, blog …) on what is for the contestant transparency and how we can benefit.

There will also be a prize for work EOG (TFG) and term papers Master (TFM) for students of public universities in the region, as well as students at universities murcianos out.

In this modality may present papers examining aspects of open government, transparency, accountability, openness of data or the use of new technologies.

The awards were also handed over, with the same crew that school in September 2017.

Moreover, among the activities covered by '+ Participation in School' is the training management teams of schools on this matter, through the Center for Language and Communication.

It also will launch a participatory process pilot in three centers (in Adult Education in the 'García Alix' of Murcia, in Primary in the public school 'Santiago Garcia Medel' of the Murcian hamlet of Era Alta '; and Secondary at the institute Octavio Carpena Artés Santomera);

and how to improve their own websites centers, with content transparency.

All these actions will be supervised by the regional government through the Office of Transparency.

Education in the Transparency Portal of the Region of Murcia

Transparency measures in schools will work from several areas: institutional, economic, communication with families and centers results.

The institutional area has identification data, information on lessons they teach, educational project, organization, facilities and resources are there in each center, foreign students rate or rates of absenteeism, among other indicators.

In the economic sphere the budget of each center and its execution, the ratio of minor contracts and agreements signed or investment per pupil made exposed.

In communication with families, will be launched actions for information on contacts, forms suggestions, surveys and other online services and all information associated with the activities of the center.

In terms of improved results, they will be carried out innovation activities and research and actions to improve educational quality and rates of positive evaluation areas and subjects, promotion rates for courses are published, in addition to actions aimed at know the degree of satisfaction of families, center staff and students and the social recognition they receive.

The portal for transparency in education and provides, inter alia, a seeker of schools with comprehensive information;

information on scholarships and grants;

concerted education subsidies;

educational statistics, data on students, staff, expenditure and financing both medium as university teaching;

teaching evaluation and diagnosis;

and indicators of national and regional system.

Source: CARM

The Information and Guidance Lipodystrophies of AELIP serves about thirty new users in the last three months

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The Information and Guidance Lipodystrophies (SIOLIP) of the Association of Relatives and Affected Lipodystrophies (AELIP) registered a significant increase in users over the last three months.

So far this year, in the service they have been served a total of 58 people, of which 27 have been in the last three months and correspond with persons diagnosed or carriers of the disease.

Of these 27 new cases treated, 18 are people with lipodystrophy, of which 11 are Spanish and 7 in Latin America.

The remaining 9 are carrying people but not have the disease.

The SIOLIP has increased the number of people served in relation to consultation on social care patients and their families, patient registration, coordination with professionals and other partner resources -sanitarios number of voluntary collaborators with the entity and number of social and health projects presented .

Source: AELIP