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González Veracruz: "Pedro Sanchez has been steadfast in our reasons for not, can not be accomplices of a party incapable of regeneration"

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The Socialist deputy ensures that the reasons for the PSOE for not a yes to change LOMCE, yes to recover the rights of workers, a yes to the fight against energy poverty, and yes the minimum income they need thousands of families Murcia

The Socialist deputy by Murcia in the Congress of Deputies, María González Veracruz, said that Pedro Sanchez has been firm and clear on the reasons of the PSOE to say no to the investiture of Rajoy.

"Faced with a Rajoy, absolutely far from reality, Pedro Sanchez has reflected the truths of the past four years."

"Our reasons for not just a yes to change LOMCE, yes to recover the rights of workers, a yes to the fight against energy poverty, and yes the minimum income they need thousands of Murcian families have no recourse, "he explained.

The Socialist deputy has defended not because the PSOE Rajoy can not afford to govern the party of corruption, which is being unable to regenerate, "an accused party for destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice."

"He spoke Rajoy measures against corruption and I want to remember from the destruction of computers to their messages of support Barcenas, through lack is in the region of Murcia responsiveness and proactivity against corruption," he added.

"Socialists can not complicit in all that because an accused party for corruption can not be the guiding regeneration. Citizens need a clean government, just and Spain to build a social rights and freedoms."

For Gonzalez Veracruz, it is not a matter of blocking, but a question of democracy, "and the PSOE is being more responsible than ever to collaborate so that there is no Rajoy four years."


The Socialist Party claims that the regional government has allowed the accumulation of tons of waste in the Mar Menor

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Responsible for the Environment of the socialist Executive considers it unacceptable that the Minister of Environment brag of success when the PP is solely responsible, for their inaction and their speculative policies, the situation of the Laguna

The head of the Environment of the Executive of the PSOE-RM, Enrique Ayuso, has reported that the regional government has allowed the accumulation of tons of waste in the Mar Menor and complains that now want to sell a nonexistent recovery, when they denied the problem for 20 years.

Ayuso said that it is unacceptable that the Minister of Environment of the Community brag success and look complacency and advertising when the PP has caused this situation with its policies of speculation in the environment of the Mar Menor and inaction over the years.

On this issue, the Socialist leader added that "while the minister said there were high levels of nitrates and waste in the Mar Menor, other leader dedicated to criticize and despise all who have warned and denounced the serious situation, which shows its incoherence and inability to manage such a serious issue. "

Also, Ayuso recalled that the Mar Menor to nitrates is declared sensitive place, so do not explain how it is possible that the government of the PP has allowed such high levels of nitrates up to 17 times more than now in early summer- and has not taken steps to prevent it.

"We can not understand why an issue that, according to the minister, can be solved in a month, have been slow to implement solutions, which, incidentally, arrive late and wrong," added Ayuso.

The social responsibility has stressed that the Popular Party has spent all summer to deny most: dirt and pollution to the Mar Menor with accusations through social networks, while the Socialists have proposed solutions have been next to the neighbors, who have been greatly affected.

Ayuso said that the Mar Menor "prevention and protection needs not wait to die to try to recover. More than twenty years of neglect without prevention Popular Party have led to this situation to our natural jewel".


The region leads in July growth of rural tourism and community is the third largest increase in campsite

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Murcia is the community with an average longer stay in apartments, reaching 7.92 days

The region is the region that experienced a greater increase in rural tourism in July and the third in the fastest growing the campsite, according to data from the survey of occupation of non-hotel tourist accommodation has published today the National Institute of Statistics.

Thus, the number of tourists registered in July in rural accommodation in the region (5,526 travelers) grew by 46.5 percent over the same month last year, while growth in the whole of Spain was 16.2 percent and overnight stays increased by 32.9 percent, reaching the 14,348 at the national level the increase was 15.4 percent.

Similarly, regional camp last month recorded 20,101 passengers, 25.3 percent more than in July 2015, compared with growth of 12.6 percent in Spain.

In addition, overnight stays increased by 11.2 percent and 97,176 were recorded.

The average stay was 4.8 days and Murcia was the sixth community with a better stay within Spain.

Moreover, tourist apartments rose by customers in July of 17.4 percent, reaching 21,207 passengers.

The general director of the Institute of Tourism, Manuel Fernández-Delgado, said that this figure "is a record that has been possible, above all, the strong growth of domestic tourism, which has increased by 22.2 percent, with a total of 17,669 tourists. "

The average stay in this mode was 7.92 days, the highest in the country, while the national average was 6.49 days.

As noted Manuel Fernández-Delgado, it is "record numbers that come to note the widespread rise of regional tourism during July and reflect the economic dynamism generated by the sector not only comes from tourism hotel and not only it occurs on the beach. "

Overall, tourists who choose regional extrahotel establishments (campsites, apartments and rural tourism) in July increased 23.6 percent, with 46,834 travelers.

"The best record from which data are available," added the head of the Institute of Tourism.

Source: CARM

II Cresta del Gallo Trail & BXM Murcia Fair will take place on September 10

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Within the program of events of the Fair September in Murcia

On Saturday 10 September afternoon there will be the test "II Cresta del Gallo Trail & BXM Feria de Murcia", including within the Fasterwear Cup cycling Mountain (BXM) 2016 and the program of celebrations of the Fair September Murcia.

Test organized by the Mountaineering Federation of Murcia, with the collaboration of the Association and Civil Protection Bicihuerta Torreagüera Torreagüera.

The test, with a distance of 6 kilometers, has two modes:

Mountain Bike Trial by (BXM), scoring in the League Mountain bike "Fasterwear BXM Cup 2016"

Trail or Mountain Race

BXM departure at 17.30 from House Forest (hamlet of St. Joseph of the Mountain) arrival to the forecourt-parking Cresta del Gallo about 18.50 hours.

Trail Departure at 19.00 from House Forest (hamlet of S .. Jose de la Montana) arrival to the forecourt-parking Cresta del Gallo over 20.00

Registration takes place through the web, being the registration fee of 5 euros for federated people per FMRM, 7 € Federated other federations and athletes unfederated 8 €.

BXM mode for federated by the Mountaineering Federation should be complemented by BXM.

The last day for registration is September 8 at 23.59 pm in, this period is needed to establish the starting order in the time trial.

You can consult the path of the test

Source: Federación de Montañismo de la Región de Murcia

The UMU published work on Salzillo and the School of Sculpture Caravaca

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The editor of the University of Murcia (EDITUM) recently published, among other works, "Francisco Salzillo and the School of Sculpture of Caravaca", which are authors Christopher Belda and Indalecio Pozo.

He has also published "Compendium of letters, and news of peace treaties and truces between Granada, Castile and Aragon (XIII-XV centuries)" and "Partnerships and negotiations Sultan", both Melo Diego Carrasco.

Other books published by EDITUM are: "Studies of the Spanish neologism", edited by Carmen Sanchez Manzanares and Azorin Dolores Fernandez, and a new issue of the "Journal of Tourism".

Source: UMU

The Black Tide private security association denounces the precariousness of professionals in rural areas

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

From the Marea Negra association for private security denounce the precariousness of professionals in rural areas, we speak of "Save Rural", a professional in the Region of Murcia it is underrated and least recognized, besides not having the support of the administration, both locally and in the region.

In fact this professional in this region is totally helpless being in a bad situation, because most of them are unemployed because of the intrusiveness of service companies that offer services rock bottom with unqualified personnel that has nothing to do with this profession .

Rural Guards, are autonomous, and invest much capital of both in training and in material because they are the ones who buy their own vehicle, gun, gunsmith, clothing and so on.

Professionals are authorized to monitor and protect people and property in rural properties as well as agricultural facilities, carrying the proper accreditation by the Ministry of Interior.

As a citizen is not without fine or penalty to incur a crime and must pay, the government should set an example and not to make "mistakes" by ignoring a law on national level and the Security 5/2014 private.

And is that last August 25 the SEF of Murcia called for a "DRIVER'S MIDNIGHT ACCESS TO FARMS" for Mazarrón.

From this partnership we have three years denouncing events like this, since it is encouraging intrusiveness, sometimes by omission and other misinformation.

Black Tide is offered altruistically to the different Administrations to before publishing deals of this kind, be informed, and so thus collaborate in our struggle that is none other than the to end the intrusiveness and the great unemployment spanning 60 graduates Rural Guards existing in our region, of which 20 are only those who work today.

On the other hand, we would like to know the reasons why the Civil Guard, not pursued and punished these facts, as these guards are directly dependent on this body.

We want to add that in Fuente Alamo are taking place lately a wave of burglaries, in rural areas, where the local police can not cope and are neighbors themselves who take turns to guards, fearing finishing shot among themselves affected, as published today a newspaper of regional circulation.

These neighbors are concentrated next September 12 in front of the Government Office.

Finally Marea Negra want to stress once again that, to authorized personnel, protected and regulated by the Private Security Act 5/2014 to realize such functions and not go to the cheaper labor work, is hired untrained because these people do not go through any filter and criminal history is unknown (if any), so many people are completely unprotected, which is ironic because they are hired precisely for these purposes.

Source: Marea Negra Murcia

The regional government extends to all year Integral Security Service in the Mar Menor to improve water quality

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The Governing Council analyzes the results of the measures implemented in the salt lake that allowed reach the horizon 'spill zero 'last August 10

Martinez-Cacho announced that farmers in the Campo de Cartagena will have purified waters of San Pedro del Pinatar with a new connection to the desalination of El Mojon

The regional government will expand the Comprehensive Monitoring Service Mar Menor, which began on August 1 and will be ongoing throughout the year with the aim of further improving the water quality of the salt lake.

This was announced today by the Minister of Water, Agriculture and Environment, Adela Martinez-Cacho, after deliberating meeting of the Governing Council, held today in the city of Los Alcázares.

He announced that next September 15th will go to tender and award the project of connection between the treatment plant of San Pedro del Pinatar and desalination of El Mojon, a performance that will enable farmers to dispose of these resources once released through this pipeline .

The Governing Council discussed the actions that have taken place in the Mar Menor as well as new ones that will be put in place.

Martinez-Cacho recalled that measures began in April "took us to the horizon of 'zero discharge' of the Rambla del Albujón on 10 August."

He said that "we will continue to follow up with traffic counts weekly each Wednesday the Bank held drainage and water treatment, and the results that are obtained will be made public".

Adela Martinez-Cacho also noted that next Monday, September 5, work will begin to end flooding in the residential areas of Mar de Cristal and Los Nietos, and thus "avoid both problems rains may pose to neighbors as tows ending in the Mar Menor ".

He also stressed that it will remain the Cleaning Service natural areas, which so far has collected more than 15 tons of waste.

He stressed that the work done by the IMIDA and the University of Murcia have made will diminish water turbidity from the time of 'zero discharge' 'improving visibility in this regard so that evolution has been very favorable. "

Furthermore, the data obtained from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena phytoplankton monitoring show low or very low concentrations.

He recalled that already in the public exposure BORM green filter project, which will have 18 hectares, and the announcement of the expropriations for construction.

He also indicated that the works underway pipe that diverts effluent from the Rambla del Albujón the desalination of Cabo de Palos.

Since last August 1, there have been nearly 300 hours of navigation for the control and monitoring of activities carried out in the Mar Menor.

Source: CARM

We can agree with the Transparency Council join forces to work on the proper functioning and independence of this body

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Regional MPs can, Oscar Urralburu and Maria Gimenez, have held a briefing with the Chairman of Transparency, Jose Molina which have addressed the major issues that are working for this institution such as the reform of the law of Transparency and independence dela same.

Deputy Maria Jimenez, representative of Podemos in the Transparency Council explained that "we must work hard in the reform of the Law of Transparency and Good Governance to the region is truly a pioneer in this regard, so that citizens can have an independent intuition that can serve the defense of citizens' rights and interests "

Gimenez said that "Thanks to the reform that the Regional Assembly made the Transparency Act, all political groups are represented in the Council and will be the eyes and the voice of the people"

Finally, the regional deputy we noted that since the abode training is going to work for "the Transparency Council has all the resources and financial allocations necessary for you to exercise the role that citizenship is waiting"

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

The Region receives the first group of Italian pilgrims attracted by the Jubilee Year of Caravaca

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The Diocesan Pilgrimage program launched by the Ministry of Tourism and the Italian operator Brevivet, begins with this trip

Murcia has received the first group of Italian pilgrims attracted by the Jubilee Year, a group composed of 25 people, including the Bishop of Brescia, Luciano Monari, who arrived today and will remain in the region until next is Sunday.

During their stay they will visit some of the most significant religious level and its main attractions municipalities in Murcia: Calasparra, Lorca, Totana, Murcia, Cartagena and Caravaca de la Cruz.

Group two nights in Caravaca and two will be staying in the city of Murcia.

According to the general director of the Institute of Tourism, Manuel Fernández-Delgado, "it is time they start arriving pilgrims and begin to see the results of the work of the Regional and Local Administration to position the region as a destination for religious tourism, way of the Cross of Caravaca and the Jubilee Year 2017 ".

In this case, the first flow of pilgrims has come through specific channels of parishes and their dioceses.

The promotion plan 'Jubilee Year Caravaca 2017' organized by the Ministry of Tourism has led, since November, holding six familiarization trips, attendance at national and international specialized and general fairs, creating the Way Foundation de la Cruz, market opening in Italy and Poland, and the commissioning of the first way of the Cross, the Camino de Levante.

Fernandez-Delgado said that the Government of the Region hopes to turn the Jubilee Year 2017 "in the religious event of reference in Europe, which will make this product a backbone for economic and social development of the region, will favor the rupture seasonality, expand our tourism and stimulate job creation. "

Source: CARM

The labor market in the region was two points higher than the national average and three points to the EU average

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

30,100 unemployed found jobs in the region in the first quarter, 18.2 percent, compared to 16, 1 percent on average in Spain and 15 percent in the European Union

93.4 percent of those employed in the last quarter of 2015 , work continued on the first of 2016

A total of 30,100 people in the region of Murcia began to have a job during the first quarter of 2016 after meeting unemployed in the previous quarter, according to estimates from the Labour Force Survey (LFS).

This means that 18.2 percent of the unemployed who had in the last quarter of 2015 found work.

This figure is two points higher than the national average points as in the whole country was 16.1 percent of people.

In addition, the figure is three points higher than the average for the European Union, 15 percent, a figure that was published last week by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat) week points.

The general director of the Regional Employment Service and Training (SEF), Alejandro Zamora stressed that these data "are not isolated or ad hoc, but in addition to many other positive indicators and confirm that the employment in the region is growing higher than its surroundings. in fact, today we are the second autonomy creates more jobs, after the Balearic Islands ".

On the other hand, in the first quarter of this year, 10,700 persons who were inactive in the region during the last three months of 2015, ie neither working nor actively seeking employment were, happened to be occupied.

This means that 2.2 percent of the inactive in the region ceased to be because they found a job.

In the whole of Spain, was 2.1 percent.

With regard to people who lost their jobs in the region during the first quarter, 24,400 persons employed in the last quarter of 2015 came to be unemployed.

This figure represents 4.5 percent of all employed in the previous quarter.

In total, 93.4 percent of those employed in the last quarter of last year continued in that situation in the first three months of 2016.

On average in Spain, 4.4 percent of the occupied happened to be standing in the first quarter, while those who kept their jobs were 93.4 percent of the employed population, as in the region.

Source: CARM