The urban gardens make the cities

Urban gardens allow you to convert any space growing area

Improving the environment and food, advantages of having a home garden

DIY community proliferates the emergence of urban gardens

Urban gardens are a growing trend in the Spanish cities.

Although its origins date back to 2000, in recent years we have experienced a proliferation of these natural spaces in the main urban centers of our country.


Concern for a healthy diet, awareness of respect for the environment and the need to relate to nature have become fashionable urban gardens, which have invaded every space.

And one of the main attractions of urban gardens is the possibility to install them anywhere.

From a balcony or terrace to a plot, any space is good to have an own garden and cultivate in ecological, an increasingly widespread practice among those who need or want to have control of what they eat.

But the benefits of this type of culture beyond food.

"Growing our own food helps us to give more value to what we eat, but it is an activity that requires perseverance, commitment and also fosters social ties.

It also helps to improve the environment, reducing net carbon emissions and recycling options multiplying, "says Sonia Molina, Country Manager of DaWanda Spain.

Not to mention the advantages for health: agriculture and gardening allow those who practice them relax and relieve stress, improving the quality of life.


Convert a terrace or balcony in an urban garden full of life is simple, however there are several aspects to take into account the outcome is expected.

First, the count with minimal space to install the pots or cultivation table dimensions, and that the plants have sufficient space to grow.

Light is also important: the cultivation requires a certain light exposure, so it is necessary to consider the orientation of the terrace, knowing that the most optimal light is incident from the top.

If you have low light reflective surfaces can help increase the brightness.

Also keep in mind the material and utensils used in the activity.

The pots, for example, must have a minimum depth of 30 cm so that the roots can grow, and have holes in the base to prevent the accumulation of water.

There are many types of substrate valid to grow at home, being the coir and vermicompost the most suitable for its lightness and porosity.

But most importantly certainly is dedication and perseverance.

For an urban garden will bear fruit daily necessary time and effort.


The growth of urban gardens also comes from the hand of the rise of philosophy Do It Yourself or "do it yourself", which puts the value relevance of craft or handmade.

In this regard, platforms such as DaWanda, the largest online marketplace for unique products and ideas handmade DIY in Europe, contribute to increasing urban community gardens.

"The Internet has become a meeting point for lovers of gardening, and a place to learn and take the first steps in this world," said Molina.

"The combination of the wide range of materials and finished products has made DaWanda on a stand selling reference for lovers of this type of activity."

It also has the portal DIY with Love, offering a lot of tutorials and video tutorials for lovers and the curious who want to enjoy all the possibilities of gardening at home.

Source: CTN


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