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IU-green meets their municipal public office in Moratalla to analyze the development of their government programs

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

About forty councilors left formation, they have met today in Moratalla in a working session to discuss coordinated strategies that allow to carry out different aspects of his electoral program.

In this sense, they have put on the table two fundamental issues for IU: rescue and utility redistricting, namely drinking water supply and policies for citizen participation.

Regarding the first topic, IU-Greens commitment to work towards reversing the management of drinking water to public hands.

In this regard we consider essential first ensure that all municipalities recognize as rate the consideration that residents pay for the service and all the consequences resulting therefrom apply: cheapening of service, public control, budgetary management of money, concurrence of public works related to the service, transparency, oversight for full compliance of the contractual clauses, service regulations to ensure a vital minimum supply to all citizens.

Ultimately end abuse and traditional obscurantism of the management of many concessionaires.

On the other hand, IU has shown progress in their participatory policies in the municipalities where it has the mayor (Moratalla and Totana): participation in town meetings, development of participatory budgeting, choosing pedáneos by the residents themselves through nominations citizens, associations impetus to the creation citizen to defend their rights, implementation of participatory practices transversely to all municipal political action making this be mandatory and binding character for the municipal government.

It was also agreed, in line with the Plan of Municipal Coordination has established IU-Greens, meet within three months to review the scope of the measures put into practice.

This time Totana.

Finally IU-Greens would like to express institutional support from all public office the mayor of Mortalla, Candi Marin, "before the grievance and institutional disregard the president of the CA Pedro Antonio Sanchez starred a few days ago on a visit to this municipality without tell who holds the highest representation of citizenship of Moratalla ".

Source: IURM

We can participate in the demonstration of International Labour Day in defense of increasingly undermined labor rights

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Representatives and members we Murcia integrate the manifestation of the International Labor Day, where they will support with their presence, the need for new labor policies that put an end to insecurity, high rates of unemployment, the erosion of labor rights, and workplace accidents.

Secretary General of Podemos, Oscar Urralburu, will be at the event to be held in Murcia from 11:30 on Gran Vía, at this point are also members of the Regional Assembly can and secretaries of different areas can and members of the circles.

At the rally to be held at the same time 11:30 in Cartagena, will be the deputy and vice president of the Regional Assembly, Maria Lopez, as well as regional deputies native of Cartagena and secretaries can and can Cartagena circles.

Underline the young circle can also integrate the demonstration, focusing on the problem in the precarious youth working as an intern and are never recognized labor rights.

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

The real estate fair 'Reside Primavera' closes with 600 appointments made for the purchase of homes

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

The general director of Housing, Nuria Fuentes, and the president of Apirm, Jose Hernandez, made a positive balance of exhibition space, in which 750 properties have shown

The first Housing Fair 'Reside Spring' closed this afternoon with more than 1,000 visitors received information about 750 homes that were offered at the fair, among which aroused particular interest secondhand.

This was revealed the general director of Planning, Architecture and Housing, Nuria Fuentes, and the president of the Association of Real Estate Developers of the Region of Murcia (Apirm), Jose Hernandez, during the balance of the fair.

The general director Nuria Fuentes said that "public assistance has been ongoing and there have been numerous consultations, with more than 600 contacts for buying some of the homes that were exhibited at the fair, both new construction and second-hand available in the Region of Murcia and second homes on the coast. "

During the three days that remained open the fair, located in the central avenue of the Freedom of Murcia, "it has been more than 1,000 people interested in buying a home and attracted by the wide selection that was offered, with significant discounts prices, "he added.

"The opportunities, interesting prices and offers second home on the beach have made this fair has proved a positive experience," said the general director Nuria Fuentes, who congratulated the association of promoters and throughout the industry for this type initiatives, which "are very beneficial and show the recovery thereof."

In this sense, Nuria Fuentes said that the sector "is in a good moment, as it has grown by 13 percent the number of sales transactions in the first two months of the year compared to figures for the same period last year" .

A figure that maintains recorded in 2015, "the year in which 11,000 operations, the best figure of the last four years, when in 2011 he performed 12,208 operations were closed," he said.

Source: CARM

González Tovar, "Pedro Sánchez has worked for change four months and will after 26J from the Prime Minister"

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

The secretary general of the PSOE-RM ensures that neither PP nor we can carry out the reforms needed Spain and remember that Pablo Iglesias and Rajoy have blocked all attempts to form a government

The secretary general of the PSOE-RM, Rafael González Tovar, said Pedro Sanchez was the only candidate who has worked for change during these four months and will be the president who will carry out the reforms needed Spain from June.

González Tovar, who has gone to the Federal Committee which was held in Madrid on Saturday, said that the PSOE has shown that represents the change this country needs and to end the disastrous policies of the Popular Party both have harmed citizenship .

"Neither the Popular Party nor we can carry out the change claiming Spain. They have only been shown to have the lock and not allow to form a government during these four months and that the public knows," added the Socialist leader.

Also, González Tovar has argued that the PSOE represents hope for all Spaniards, who know exactly what is the attitude that has Pedro Sanchez.

He is the leader that from June 26, from the Prime Minister, will carry out the reforms needed Spain ".

The secretary general of the Socialist Murcia said that "the public has taken note that Pedro Sanchez has worked hard to form a government and that, meanwhile, Rajoy and Pablo Iglesias have done absolutely nothing. Therefore, we hope that the Spaniards put their trust in the PSOE. "


Pedro Antonio Sanchez: "The PP is the guarantee for quality employment and it is believed more dignity"

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

MPRP General Secretary announces 50 million more for active employment policies

Ramon Luis Valcarcel stressed that the PP policies have led to the creation of a million jobs in Spain

The Popular Party today held a meeting to discuss employment only two days after the latest data from the EPA in the last quarter they have put on the table that the Region of Murcia is leading the creation of jobs in Spain were known,

"Our big goal is more work, more jobs, higher quality and dignity that have lowered taxes, have simplified procedures for creating businesses," said the secretary general of the PP in the region, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, who added that " the Popular Party is the guarantee to create jobs. "

Pedro Antonio Sanchez has indicated the will of PP to "continue lowering taxes with active employment policies for what we will have 50 million more", "These policies must reach out to groups with special difficulties to have more opportunities access to the labor market. "

Secretary General of the MPRP gave as an example of the results of the policies of the Popular Party the results of the EPA in the last quarter "are the best data for the Region of Murcia since 2002, Murcia has led job creation in Spain ".

They are showing good results, according to Pedro Antonio Sánchez that "policies and the reforms we have implemented are useful and serve to create jobs."

The regional president of the Popular Party, Ramon Luis Valcarcel said that "a region, a municipality or a more prosperous countries nation the more occupation exists" and has highlighted that the policies of Mariano Rajoy have led to the creation of more than one million jobs in Spain.

Valcarcel has stated that in addition to the numbers, the effectiveness of policies is reflected in the people and the reality is that "who finds work contributes to the advancement of the family."

The round table held by the Popular Party to discuss employment has enjoyed the participation of Macarena Perona, founder of EDL Abogados, Luis Tesón founding member of the schoolgirl and Juan Celdrán, responsible for marketing the company Syscomed.

Source: GPP

Family participates in the coexistence of the Diagram Foundation, attended by over 300 members

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Thomas Violante, attended today in Murcia V Coexistence Foundation Diagram team, in which more than 300 members.

At the event, Thomas Violante, recalled that his Department allocated this year more than 10 million euros for the maintenance of the 149 seats arranged with the Foundation for compliance with measures of internment.

During this year a total of 155 measures of internment or coexistence in educational group run.

Currently there are 109 minor fulfilling them.

Thomas Violante said that "the regional government is essential to take the most vulnerable groups, and especially these young people, who are under judicial measures."

Diagram Foundation, he added, develops "an exemplary socio-educational work, both in its own centers and those dependent on the community. We have studied the progress the people they serve and are numbers success stories in social inclusion".

Recently, the Belgian government has been interested in the model of the regional executive of social integration for minors.

Youth minister visited that country last April 22 with the counselor Thomas Violante the La Zarza, where could know the success of the program developed with young people.

This visit was a proposal by the Ombudsman for Children of Belgium, Bernard De Vos, who got to know the work done in Juvenile justice in the region of Murcia, hand diagram regional government and the Foundation.

Source: CARM

Waiting lists in health drop to four days in the first quarter

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Health offers first data waiting list 31 March, just three months after the end of 2015

Waiting for surgery in Murciano Health Service it has been reduced by 11 days in the past year

Waiting for an intervention is reduced and a half day for the specialist in four days during the first quarter of the year

The citizens of the region expect, as of March 31, 108 days on average for surgical intervention and 57 for an appointment with the specialist.

This represents a decrease of one day (109) with respect to the latest published data, December 2015, in surgery and four days less compared to the waiting list for an appointment with the specialist, who in December last year were 61.

The Ministry of Health, as promised when he presented his new strategy to deal with reducing waiting lists, will publish next week on the website data concerning the status of the waiting list 31 March, before the court semiannual June, which will be next.

In these three months the waiting list has experienced a slight decrease in their average, thus keeping the work started in October last year.

The average wait for surgery in March 2015 was 119 days, which represents an annual decrease of 11 days.

The average wait is at 108 days, one less than in December 2015, although the number of patients waiting has increased by eight percent.

Those who have improved in March 2016 compared to December 2015 surgical services are General Surgery, 106 days (110 in December 2015), Gynecology, 72 days (76 December 2015), Traumatology, 129 days (131 in December 2015), Urology, 70 days (75 December 2015) and Dermatology, 66 days (71 December 2015).


As for outpatient, waiting for the appointment with the specialist has decreased compared to March 2015 in three days.

It was 60 days a year ago and now is 57 days.

This reduction is higher compared to December 2015, the last official court, since the average wait was 61 days.

Murcia expect less a day than the national average for an appointment with a specialist, as the latest data from the Ministry, December 2015, put average expected in 58 days, one above the data provided by the waiting list March 2016. in addition, the number of patients waiting structural has also increased, although somewhat less than in surgical, two percent.

Queries that have improved the average waiting time compared to December 2015 are Cardiology (55 days) Gynecology (81 days), Ophthalmology (45 days), Dermatology (54 days), Otorrino (26 days) and Neurology (68 days) .

Source: CARM

Camerata de Murcia closes on Sunday cycle in the Auditorium Victor Villegas with the "Battle" of Heinrich Ignaz Biber

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Murcian training play a team consisting of works of the Baroque, Romanticism program and the first hearing in Murcia of 'Tabula rasa 'of Arvo Pärt

Victor Villegas Auditorium of Murcia receives this Sunday, May 1, the members of Camerata de Murcia, who will offer the last concert cycle organized in this regional scenario in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Spokesman fertilizer.

Training, with its concertmaster, José Néstor Thomas, head, perform the program entitled 'Battle'.

Baroque, Romanticism and present compositions are chosen for this last performance in which the first hearing will take place in Murcia the work of Arvo Pärt (1935) 'Tabula rasa', part of contemporary musical avant-garde.

The program is also composed String Quartet in G minor, op.

27, No. 1 of Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), one of the great Nordic representatives of Romanticism, and the 'Battalia 10' Ignaz Biber Heinrich (1644-1704), one of the lesser-known geniuses of Baroque Austrian.

The general director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts, Marta Lopez-Briones said that "this concert ends the cycle Camerata de Murcia held for the first time in the Auditorium in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and has allowed the public from knowing the work done by this outstanding training murciana joins other groups such as the Quartet Saravasti and the Symphony Orchestra of the Region itself also offer concerts regularly in this regional scenario "Region.

This programming, added the general manager, "helps to give greater visibility to the musicians of the region and complements the comprehensive program dedicated to classical music offered each season the regional Auditorium, which highlights the 'Great Concerts' by international groups and soloists and the cycle coprogramado Music Association in Murcia ".

In addition to the three concerts included in its cycle of own fertilizer, Camerata de Murcia has participated this season in the programming of Pro Music, and in the 'Schools concerts' and the 'Family Concerts' Symphony Orchestra Murcia, with which it works to bring classical music to family and child audiences.

Tickets for the concert on Sunday, starting at 20:00, can be purchased for 13 euros (advance) and 14 euros at the box office of the Auditorium Victor Villegas de Murcia (open from two hours before the concert), in the Film Library of the Region (open on Saturday from 18:00 to 21:00) and online through Ticketmaster.

Camerata de Murcia

Formed in 2009, Camerata de Murcia is one of the largest Spanish chamber groups projection.

It is composed of a group of young performers trained in centers across Europe and who were members of Young Soloists Cycle Murcia City Council and the Youth Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OJRM).

Currently, the musicians develop their artistic activity in formations prestigious as the National Orchestra of Spain, Orchestra Palau de Les Arts in Valencia, Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​Mahler Chamber Orchestra, National Youth Orchestra of Spain, Gustav Mahler Youth , Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Nederlandse Orkest Ensemble-In-Academie, etc.

His musical experience is supported by its participation in recitals and solo concerts in Europe, America and Asia, including venues such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center (New York), Philharmonie and Konzerthaus (Berlin), Philharmonie (Cologne), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) , Room Simon Bolivar (Caracas), and different concert halls in Paris, Vienna, Chicago, Beijing, London, Bratislava, Madrid and Barcelona.

Source: CARM

Public Health informs the coastal municipalities how to create areas for pets on beaches

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

spaces for recreation of animals should be properly defined, controlled and equipped with containers

Coastal municipalities in the region already have information requirements to enable canine areas in their municipalities.

Service Food Safety and Zoonoses of the Ministry of Health has sent a document with recommendations for creating these spaces as a result of the consultations undertaken by the consistory of several coastal municipalities in the region about enabling beaches for spreading pets.

These recommendations detailing technical requirements and minimum conditions to be met by beaches to be declared as use of mascots, have been referred to the Directorate General of Local Government, Federation of Municipalities and coastal municipalities of the Region of Murcia, in order to avoid possible health risks and disease transmission.

Municipalities, meanwhile, besides these spaces properly signaled shall notify the Directorate General of Public Health and Addictions what approved zones in order to establish a regional census and put health official control programs running.

They should also install suitable containers for depositing droppings of pets at least every 50 meters and perform adequate surveillance and control of the correct use of these spaces.

In this regard, the Minister of Water, Agriculture and Environment, Adela Martinez-Cacho, held a meeting last March with coastal municipalities in the region to propose that enable spaces beaches so they can go with their pets, as They exist in areas of Mazarron and Aguilas.

Adela Martinez-Cacho stressed that "besides being a demand of society, helps to improve the tourist image of the municipalities."

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment is working on a common signaling for beaches that support pets and use common standards for municipalities that enable these spaces.

Areas not allowed

For public safety reasons prohibiting access to the beaches Pet enabled and controlled bath collected annually in the National Information System Bathing Water remains.

So, beaches commonly used for bathing or routinely present occupation by citizens as places of entertainment can not be qualified as areas for animals.

On the other hand, areas with access to pets will not be adjacent to boardwalks or places with large crowds, unless the municipal authorities to ensure suitable conditions for this use by the delimitation of times and whenever controls daily healthiness previous are made the normal use of these spaces.

Authorized animal beaches should be located in physically separate areas of common bathroom, preferably in inaccessible areas and rapid renewal of the municipal coastal waters.

Should not be delimited by barriers, the minimum distance will be 200 meters apart.

In any case, this type of beaches is not permitted in areas of natural parks, Sites of Community Importance (SCI) Special Caravan Environmental Protection (SPA).

Users, meanwhile, must have her properly identified, vaccinated and wormed pet.

When the animal belongs to potentially dangerous breeds or present aggressive behavior that you must use a muzzle.

It is the duty of responsible animal excreta collect and deposit in landfills or authorized containers.

Source: CARM

Education and the College of Veterinary collaborate to educate school children about the animal respect

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

It will launch campaigns disseminators among fifth- and sixth year of primary education

The Minister of Education and Universities, Maria Isabel Sanchez-Mora, and the president of the College of Veterinarians of the Region of Murcia, Fulgencio Fernández, signed an agreement that aims to "the development of the training action on this week animal welfare among school children in fifth and sixth year of primary education in the Region of Murcia ".

Through this agreement, the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Association of Veterinarians, scheduled disseminators campaigns on the protection and defense of pets between school and take measures to help promote respect for animals in society.

For this, the next course will be held a training called "Companion animals, for them and for them."

The goal, said the minister Maria Isabel Sanchez-Mora, is "to contribute to the awareness of school to try to improve society since the early years of teaching in schools."

Source: CARM