Urralburu: "The growth deficit shows the absolute failure of the PP government"

We can spokesman in the Regional Assembly has stated that it is "not questionable that measure tenth-tenth the failure of an economic model and the inability of a government to make it profitable for its citizens" figures.

Oscar Urralburu said that "once again" the regional government "sold us smoke when he boasted that the economy of the region had grown by 3%."

The accounts are "easy" to spokesman Podemos, since "if the 3% growth of the overall economy was talking about the executive, 2.52% is due to thickening of the regional public deficit, we obtain a net growth it does not create jobs and if so, is of low quality ".

In addition, Urralburu added that the deficit is not a cause of "public investment or distribution policies of income but for the payment of the debt and crumbling infrastructure that has buried us the Partido Popular. And so, we'll never get out of this dire situation ".

He also reiterated that the model PP austerity policies, not even "virtuous with their recipes, since we see as continuing public deficits, no employment is generated (in terms of annual hours worked), the debt continues to grow and economic recovery is not based on economic sectors able to distribute wealth and reduce inequalities, but the increases. "

Finally, Oscar Urralburu has stressed that "all these imbalances" are particularly "ferocious" in the case of the Murcian economy, since "largely are baited with the region by the mismanagement of the government of Pedro Antonio Sanchez, He is unable to lift the saddlebags and question the unfortunate, obscurantist and corrupt inheritance from Valcárcel ".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia


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