The Community highlights the work between administrations and farmers for improvements in safe stone fruit

Farmers and representatives of the Ministry met today in Madrid with Enesa and Agroseguro to address the coverage of agricultural insurance to fruit bone

The Minister of Water, Agriculture and Environment, Adela Martinez-Cacho, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the meeting held this morning in Madrid with farmers in Murcia to address insurance coverage stone fruit.

Martinez-Cacho stressed that "the proposal brought to Madrid has taken good results, as has been achieved zoning and separation of coverage for frost and lack of fruit set. In this regard, it was agreed to create a specific module for Region".

As for limiting yields, Martinez-Cacho noted that "it is good news that has been agreed to continue working together" and explained that "they will convene technical groups to advance this issue, since the objective is to take the ratio most favorable to the insured. it has also agreed to study the contribution to the series of juvenile period of plantations, and in the case of not hiring supplemental insurance, you may request a review of the actual production of the plots ".

The meeting in Madrid attended by the CEO of Productions and Agrifood Market, Fulgencio Perez, along with representatives of Asaja, Coag, Upa, Fecoam and Apoexpa and State Agricultural Insurance Agency (Enesa) of the Directorate General of insurance Ministry, Agroseguro and the insurance Compensation Consortium.

Source: CARM


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