Asaja Murcia welcomes the EC includes Turkish lemons as risk product

The agricultural professional organization ASAJA Murcia has described as "good news" that the European Commission include the Turkish lemons as a product of risk due to the presence of pesticide residues.

The EC has approved the unanimous vote of the 28 member states including Turkey lemons in Annex 1 of Regulation (EC) No 669/2009 in considering that it is a product of risk due to the presence of pesticide residues .

For the Secretary General of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, "it is essential to preserve food security in fruits and vegetables, so we understand the decision of the European Commission and value it as very positive for the European citrus sector as a whole".

For this reason Turkish lemons shall be subject to special controls and reinforced by the European authorities control.

It is physical, documentary and identity checks, including laboratory analysis clearly to check the levels of pesticide residues

In the case of Turkish lemons, inclusion in this list of risk products has been the result of the detection in 2015 of 10 lots with residues of biphenyl with analytical confirming a presence of up to 8.56 mg / kg when the rules of EU set for this substance in an MRL lemons equal to the limit of detection (0.01 mg / kg).

Source: Agencias


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