37th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura

Pedro Antonio Sanchez: "The Tajo-Segura is synonymous with solidarity, employment, progress and future for the region and for Spain"

The president of the Community , confirms that "we will not give an inch in defending what is fundamental, essential and indispensable for this region"

States that the regional government "will not look away" and "will personar in all cases where the decision to get water to the region recourse and thus defend the interests of Murcia"

The president of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, said today that the Tajo-Segura "is synonymous with solidarity, employment, progress and future for the region," adding that it is "a work of opportunities for part of Spain, which impacts in the prosperity of the whole country. "

Pedro Antonio Sanchez made the remarks to reporters' questions about the 37th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura, at the opening of the new police station of the National Police in Lorca.

During this ceremony, the president reiterated that the regional government defends a large National Water Pact "put us according to all on viable and permanent solutions" and stressed that the Tajo-Segura "is a good example of that."

"We continue to argue that there is water for all in Spain and we must guarantee it to everyone, wherever they live," he added.

In his opinion, "it is common sense that if there are places where plenty of water, of which about get where needed, and if not spare, logically can not be distributed".

To actions brought in the courts by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha approved by the Council of Ministers transfers, Pedro Antonio Sanchez stressed that the Executive Murcia "will personar in all cases where a decision recourse to reach Murcia water "and has already given instructions in this regard to the Legal Services of the Community.

He stressed that the decision of the Cabinet responds to compliance with a law passed by "large majority in the Congress of Deputies" and, therefore, the regional government "will not look away" and "we will demand that enforce the law and defend the interests of Murcia, something that is compatible with defending the model of Spain ".

"Although there are people who try to manipulate and muddy this debate," the president said, "we, out of loyalty to Spain and Murcia, we will not give an inch in defending what is fundamental, essential and indispensable for this region."

In this regard, he added that "is well to short-sighted, short-sighted and selfish policy" and considered that "one can not say that defends Spain and at the same time, going against a transfer that does is structure the country and create opportunities. "

Impact of the Tajo-Segura

The Tajo-Segura generates 100,000 direct and induced jobs twice;

supplies to 2.5 million people and accounts for 5 percent of national GDP.

The impact of the Tajo-Segura is evident in the transformation they have experienced regions like the Campo de Cartagena, the Guadalentín Valley or Vegas del Segura, which has developed an agriculture that is actually a food production industry, serving the needs of European fruit and vegetable market with high quality products and high added value.

Murcia has some 192,000 hectares of irrigated land, representing 17 percent of its territory, and is leading in the Spanish exports of fruit and vegetables.

Over 96 percent of these are made to countries in the European Union.

This production is carried out with a high utilization of water transferred, using techniques such as drip irrigation, hydroponics, in greenhouses or species that maximize water usage.

The continuity of the transfer is protected today by the Memorandum Act which establishes the rules of exploitation of water transfer and was approved through consensus between five autonomous communities and the Government of Spain.

Source: CARM


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