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Urralburu: "We want to negotiate with a Socialist Party that is not markdown"

Monday, February 29th, 2016

"with which pledged to the electorate in December"

The secretary general of Podemos RM, Oscar Urralburu praised the proposal submitted today by the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez can, and has clarified that the problems of our country are structural and make policies for change is not to put a nice wrapper a regressive pact since a serious government program, put in the center of its program the needs of citizens.

For these reasons it has been stated that we want to negotiate with the PSOE, but with the PSOE during the election campaign promulgating social and egalitarian measures and committed to their electorate to carry out "a PSOE that is not markdown"

The document lacks solutions to crucial problems such as co-payment approach: In the introduction to suppress speak but as equals in the agreement with C's.

not prohibited but which it does not want any barriers, the ART 135: Sanchez is failing to fulfill its promise to repeal it.

There is talk of a "budget social floor" which has neither figures nor criterion of establishment, the elimination of policies revolving doors are not listed, and bleeding is regards the repeal of the labor reform: no figure, or vital minimum income: the only novelty is that it says will reach 700,000 families without income, which is pure no-brainer, also on equality: Only repeat exactly the same measures.

In addition in relation to the Domestic Violence Act it has been criticized by feminist activists and equality.

The PSOE has been justified by saying that this was not a measure against gender violence but was on the part of childhood that only C's linked both issues in an unfortunate tweet.

But in the document it sent today the proposal is included in the "INCORPORATION, INSTITUTIONAL AND POLITICAL VIOLENCE AGAINST GENDER"

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

We can: "We are trying to sell a great pact for education that means accepting PP measures: the LOMCE"

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Secretary of Public Policies for Change, Maria Marin and the Head of Education can RM have valued the PSOE-C's covenant, as regards the education system and have concluded that is a complete mockery of the entire educational community : the movement of millions of students, teachers and families.

With regard to the LOMCE- law that the PSOE promised to repeal if he entered the government – the agreement says is that paralyze those aspects that have not entered into force, but, in fact, has already entered into force in communities governed by the Popular Party, so in Murcia it would not change anything.

Thus, Maria Marin has indicated that the agreement does not solve the problems of education in our country and adds that "intends to review within three months training and in six months to create an educational pact without the participation of the educational community as a whole or citizenship".

We can still committed to the repeal of the Organic Law for the Improvement of Educational Quality (Lomce).

This involves opening the debate in the educational community

To formulate a new education law that has the greatest possible participation and support of the educational community and civil society.

In this regard, the Head of Education can RM, Belen Lopez, has reported the roundtable to be held tomorrow, Tuesday, organized by the circle of education can RM and the Ministry of Public Policy, entitled "A great pact for education "aims to open debate and citizen participation for the creation of a new educational model.

Belén López has reported that this event is open to all citizens concerned about character education and aims at creating public debate to address the problem of education from all points of view and with the educational community.

The event will be held tomorrow Tuesday, March 1 in the auditorium of the Moneo at 19:30 pm and will be attended by students, teachers, FAMP Juan Gonzalez, educational inspectors and all those who have something to contribute the debate on improving education.

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

Real Murcia contributes to the visibility of Rare Diseases

Monday, February 29th, 2016

The party that faced yesterday at Real Murcia CF and Cádiz in the New Condomina stadium served to give visibility to the needs of people living with a rare disease

On the occasion of World Day ER commemorated today, February 29, this action visibility reality of rare diseases, which affect Spain more than three million people of whom about 85,000 are held Murcia.

Members of the Association of Rare Diseases D'Genes had the opportunity to jump into the field to take a picture with the players before the start of the meeting, which was also attended by the Minister of Health, Encarna Guillen, and which they exhibited a large banner World Day of ER.

Also, on the eve of this match, volunteers D'Genes and AELIP had the opportunity to place a booth at the Main Plaza Stadium New Condomina where they went on sale the solidarity ball of both associations, which is part of the campaign " We go for the goal to rare diseases "and is sponsored by Vicente del Bosque and Andres Iniesta.

The benefits obtained from the sale of this ball will go to the maintenance of the Multidisciplinary Center "Celia Carrion Perez de Tudela" located in Totana, and research in lipodystrophy.

D'Genes would like to thank the solidarity and cooperation of Real Murcia once again allowed to give visibility to the reality of low-prevalence diseases and help to publicize the needs of this group.

Source: D´Genes

Fecoam murcianas five cooperatives involved in a European project that has managed to save 36 million kW / h

Monday, February 29th, 2016

This figure represents a reduction of 4,300 tons of emissions of greenhouse gas emissions

The Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia (FECOAM) has been active in the Tesla eco-efficiency and energy saving European project.

Five agricultural cooperatives in the Murcia region are among the 110 that have achieved savings of 36 million kW / hour, as announced by the president of Cooperatives Agro-Food of Spain, Angel Villafranca as promoter of this project.

Savings represents a reduction of 4,300 tons of emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere, which has been achieved through improvements in facilities and companies that have been evaluated through various energy audits since 2013. These investments have reached 10.8 million euros, taking into account the Community funding received for the project, the rate of return of each euro invested by the European Union has increased sevenfold.

Murcia participating cooperatives have been the wine Bodegas y Bodegas La Purisima San Isidro-BSI, the Gregal and Sacoje fruit and vegetables, and Alia, dedicated to the manufacture of compound feed.

Fecoam president, Santiago Martinez, highlights the participation in this type of project represents an important cooperative development of the region forward, and encourages the Executive Murcia to support these projects of great interest.

The initiative also leaves other results that can be used by companies with similar characteristics to those studied, as well as sectoral studies and Codes of Practice are available, aimed at design professionals and agro industrial engineering, to improve process efficiency by incorporating technologies known and promising.

In addition, they can design individualized energy savings through simulation of the implementation of energy saving measures set out in this project with the support of the participants in this program technical plans.

Source: Agencias

The Assembly approved the proposal of the PSOE to develop a special plan to address the modernization of the industrial estates in the region

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Members Yolanda Fernandez and Alfonso Martínez Baños believe it is necessary to address the needs of small businesses and provide our industrial parks of the necessary infrastructure accessibility, public transport, Internet and energy

The Committee on Industry, Labor, Commerce and Tourism, today approved a motion of the PSOE, in which he proposed that the INFO constitute a Working Committee in which the organs involved the Regional Executive are present, municipalities and Fepemur (Federation of Business Parks of the Region of Murcia), in order to study the situation of each of the industrial areas of the region and develop a Special Plan provided with necessary to address the modernization of its infrastructure budget.

The motion, presented by Alfonso Martínez Baños, has been defended by Deputy Yolanda Fernandez, who said that to lay the foundations for a new economic model, with a strong presence in the industrial sector, it is necessary to define the basis on which support "the reindustrialization ", which segments of the industrial sector will lead this re-industrialization and define a strategy and an Industrial Plan that have a broad political, business, union and social support.

Murcia has 64 industrial estates, representing an area of ​​more than 5 million square meters of industrial land, where more than 10,000 companies are located and 30% of regional GDP is generated.

Socialist MEPs indicate that the main complaints of entrepreneurs who have their businesses in the industrial estates in the region focus on the industrial estates are "the Cinderella of the new urbanism" and mostly have a state of neglect and bad maintenance " .

They claim that it has been shown that most of the industrial estates of the Region of Murcia have accessibility issues, public transportation, access to new technologies and even supply electricity in some cases.

"We wonder how we may be asking them to companies located in industrial estates to modernize, become more competitive, exporting, if in some cases do not have access to high speed Internet."

Socialist MEPs question also "how it is intended to attract investors to our industrial estates with the sorry state that present some of them."

According to Yolanda Fernandez and Alfonso Martínez Baños, to become more competitive, to export, to attract investment to the Region of Murcia, to have solid companies to generate wealth and employment, "need for large infrastructure projects, but also small . in the present case, we can do caring, modernizing and equipping our industrial parks of the necessary infrastructure accessibility, public transport, Internet and energy. we hope that the adoption of this motion begin to take steps in the direction needed "they conclude.


Development joined the Maritime Action Admiral to the Bureau of the Marine Region

Monday, February 29th, 2016

The Minister Francisco Barnabas held today in Cartagena a meeting with Vice Admiral Manuel de la Puente

The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures, Francisco Barnabas, reported today the incorporation of Admiral Maritime Action to the Bureau of Navigation, in order to "expand the capacity of this forum to all maritime estates involved in coastal management sea ​​and Murcia. "

This was stated after a meeting in Cartagena working with the Maritime Action Admiral, Vice Admiral Manuel de la Puente.

Barnabas explained that this forum, under his department, "enhances its ability to intervene" with this command, responsible for training and certification of ships, their enlistment to fulfill missions, risk prevention and flight safety all units in their charge.

"Their contribution is important to the Bureau of the Nautica cuantoal knowledge of the maritime areas of national interest and preparation of ships for maritime surveillance, auxiliary units and research vessels, which shall monitor and protect maritime areas, and their coordination with the rest of the administrations and nautical sports entities, "said the counselor.

The Bureau of the Boating integrate the region MOTONAUTICA associations, yacht clubs and marinas, nautical schools, diving centers, nautical-Mar Menor Cabo de Palos, in addition to the federations of sailing and power boating.

COEC and the Chambers of Commerce of Murcia and Cartagena: Similarly, business entities involved.

It has recently joined the Maritime and Admiral of the Arsenal of Cartagena.

Source: CARM

Day craft sector Internationalization

Monday, February 29th, 2016

The Director General of Trade and Consumer Protection, Francisca Cabrera, opened the day of internationalization for the artisan sector in the region today.

The purpose of it is to present the services offered by the Institute of Development (INFO) for the internationalization of craft products produced in our territory.

The head of the Department of Commerce explained that "it is the artisans know the tools and aid that the regional government is available to export their products."

Source: CARM

The PSOE ensures that the PP can not join the agreement with Citizens because it is a covenant for all and against corrupt

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Emilio Ivars states that "if someone is ruining the Murcia farmers, is the Regional Government with its bad management and its president under suspicion "

Communication Secretary of the PSOE-RM and deputy in the Regional Assembly, Emilio Ivars, said that the agreement with Citizens is a covenant for all and against corrupt, and so the Popular Party can not join, "because if we talk about corruption, are leading. "

Ivars said that the pact signed by Pedro Sanchez and Albert Rivera serves to improve the lives of all Spaniards and especially of Murcia, "including the agricultural sector."

In this regard, he recalled that the Socialist parliamentary group submitted an amendment to the budgets of the Region to the Ministry of Agriculture reactivate the chapter on aid to farmers, "who now can only assure 20 percent of their crops" .

"The Socialist Party supports the implementation of an agricultural policy in the Region of Murcia, which currently is nonexistent," he added.

"If someone is ruining the Murcia farmers, is the Popular Party," said Ivars, to which he added that the PSOE, both at national and regional level, is fighting for their rights and mitigate the losses they can suffer from bad weather.

Ivars recalled that the Socialists defend the reactivation of agricultural insurance for the informal sector continue to deteriorate "for the mismanagement of the Popular Party, that his only concern is that dawns a new day without uncovering another corruption scandal that splash".

"Therefore, the agreement of government no place for corrupt, precisely because the goal is to end this burden that bears the PP throughout Spain and throughout the region", he concluded.


Murcia in January was the region with the highest average stay in campsites

Monday, February 29th, 2016

The Region recorded the best figure since 2007 in terms of increased tourist accommodation travelers

The average stay of travelers at campsites in the region of Murcia was 18.14 days in January, above the Spanish average, which stood at 8.16 days, which puts Murcia as the community with greater average stay in their campsites.

The general director of the Institute of Tourism, Manuel Fernández-Delgado, today assessed the data released by the National Statistics Institute, and stressed that "in recent years have seen during the winter months an increase in overnight stays in campsites Cartagena and Mazarrón, and advances the seasonality of tourism in the destinations of Costa, which provides business activity in these areas in the months of low season ".

Specifically, the municipality of Cartagena, with a total of 66,878 overnight stays stood at the second place of the tourist spots largest number of overnight stays of Spain, behind Benidorm.

Mazarrón, with 34,305 overnight stays, ranked fourth.

The occupancy rate by plots of campsites in the region was 50.5 percent, which is 1.6 points more than in 2015, and is above the average occupancy of the whole country, which was 35.8 percent.

Increased tourism accommodation register

In January, in all the tourist accommodation (hotel and non-hotel) Region a total of 75,861 passengers, representing an increase of 5.6 percent over the same month last year and also assumed the figure recorded highest since 2007. notable increase of 14.9 percent of visits by foreign tourists, reaching 19,256, representing a record.

Meanwhile, the number of travelers living in Spain increased 2.7 percent to 58,258, the highest figure since 2008.

As for overnight stays, they totaled 283,990, representing 5.2 percent more than in 2015 and represents the highest figure of overnight stays since 2008. In particular, overnight stays by resident travelers in Spain rose 4.3 percent and reached the 120,594, while that of foreign travelers increased 5.9 percent, with a total of 163,397 overnight stays.

Source: CARM

The commission of environmental coordination progress in the establishment of sectoral working groups

Monday, February 29th, 2016

They are integrated by technicians of the regional administration and its purpose is to answer questions, analyze proposals and develop rules to favor the administrative and business efficiency in environmental management

The commission of environmental coordination addressed today the role of the working group on mining, among other matters on the agenda, which included reports on the formalization of new working groups on farms, simplification assessment procedures and environmental quality, and land use and urban planning, among others.

The group consists of representatives of the Directorate General of Quality and Environmental Assessment of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, and service technicians mines of the Directorate General of Industrial Energy and mining activity, the Office of socioeconomic momentum environment and the General Department of forest policy.

The first meeting, held on February 18, served to analyze cases of mining holdings under ordinary and simplified assessment provided for in the legislation of the State environmental impact.

In addition, progress was made in resolving doubts about technical concepts and flows of documentation and processing of reports between the departments involved were proposed, for maximum flexibility and legal guarantees in the resolution of cases.

In these specific working groups it is intended that the technicalities involved in the process to resolve doubts, to discuss such proposals, technical instructions and sectoral guidance documents, and develop regulations favoring the administrative and business efficiency in environmental management.

Competent management centers, because of the matter, proposed before the meeting of each of the groups those issues on which progress must be made a priority.

At today's meeting, and several department heads and experts from the Directorate General of Quality and Environmental Assessment, the Director General of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture, CEO Simplification of Business Activity and Digital Economy attended, deputy Director General of Planning and a representative of the Directorate General of Rural Development and Forestry, among others.

He also stressed the attendance of representatives of INFO, which will be incorporated as members to the commission, once approved by the Governing Council.

In addition, we evaluate the importance of this commission the Directorate General of Heritage and Computer to join, so also propose its incorporation.

Environmental coordination committee was established on September 16, 2015 by resolution of the Governing Council, fulfilling the provisions of Law 4/2009 of integrated environmental protection.

The commission acts as a channel for collaboration and coordination of the organs of the regional and local administrations with competence in processing monitoring procedures and discipline regulated by the Act.

Source: CARM