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Alberto Plazas and Lourdes Heredia shine in the Majal Blanco

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The athlete takes Murcia Challenge I Mountain Race "El Majal Blanco" with a time of 1:07:17 in the 15,1km., Finishing in 1:23:23 and imposing female winner in testing 8km .

Natalia Martinez and Antonio Iniesta

The last Sunday of January would hold another important appointments in the calendar of the Mountain Running 2015/16.

The mountain racing circuit of Murcia would witness another test of newly minted, as I Mountain Race "El Majal Blanco", developed over two distances roughly 8.5 15,1km.- and also welcoming in the second one Championship Murcia Mountain Racing categories.

All this in a beautiful setting with start and finish in urbanization Torreguil Sangonera La Verde, under the organization of Athletic Sewer Company in collaboration with the Department of Sports Hon.

City Sewer, Hon.

City of Murcia and the Athletics Federation of Murcia.

The absolute triumph in the long distance fell to the current winner of the Running Mountain, the athlete Alberto Murcia Challenge Plazas, who also wore the veterans category A with a time of 1:07:17.

Behind him, Carlos De La Torre, the Wapaventura, veteran B 1 ending in 1:11:06, with 3rd winner in goal and senior Triathlon athlete Guerrita Sewer Pedro Antonio Sanchez, who stopped the clock at 1:11:22.

On the women's side, it was the fastest athlete Ventanica Lourdes Heredia, also winning in veteran B with a time of 1:23:36, ahead of the senior winner Carmen Torres, of Jabalin Club, covering the route in January : 30: 56.

All closed the podium and was 2nd in veteran athlete Mandarache B Cartagena Esther Sanchez, who finished in 1:34:27.

Regarding the 8.5km test.

For men overcame the athlete Running Tennis Club Antonio Iniesta, 1st senior (34:23) followed by the 2nd in that category Nestor Arce, the Roller Masters (36:35) and 1 veteran C, the athlete CA Murcia Tovarsport Antonio Navarro (37:09).

In the women won Natalia Martinez of postureo Running Club, also taking the veterans category A (52:04) ahead of senior winner Isabel Perez (54:06) and 2nd senior Patricia Jerez, Mandarache Cartagena (54:33) .

Furthermore, the Regional mountain racing categories granted the title senior male Jesus De San Pedro, Sewer distance runners (1:29:39) and veterans A winner of the race to Alberto Plazas.

Manuel Carrasco, CD Runtritón Cartagena, won veterans C (1:13:02), doing the same in veterans D Santiago Revuelta, CA La Manga (1:23:19).

In the women's title was senior athlete for Team Sonia AD San ​​Javier Quijada (1:36:47).

Source: FAMU

Triunfo de Martínez Bastida in the Grand Prix Aros

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The Spaniard Mariano Martínez Bastida rider has won the Grand Prix on Sunday, 1.45 meter test which closes the 2016 Winter Cup rings;

in second place is classified Inma Roquet;

third, Marta Fernandez Andrade;

fourth, Alfonso Arango and fifth, the Spaniard rider Moody Tania.

The test, in which 23 pairs have taken part, was played over two legs, passing the second round ten sets.

In the test of 1.30 meters, the classification is as follows: first, Mariano Martínez Bastida, with "Be Thunder";

second, Daniel Martinez Ricard, with "Cleopatra" and third, Borja Drum, with "Cantalarusa"

In the test of 1.20 meters, the winner was Christopher Peris, with "Darlyf" followed by Monica Murillo, with "Sea Garete" and Isabel Skarmeta, with "Inrving the Maset.

Source: Agencias

Patricia Fernandez: "The PSOE government has achieved all that when it was ruled distrust, unemployment, and water or infrastructure problems"

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Deputy Secretary of communication of the regional PP was speaking in response to the socialist deputy Maria González Veracruz

this morning calling a national socialist government led by Pedro Sánchez

The deputy secretary of the regional PP, Patricia Fernandez, has answered the Socialist deputy, María González Veracruz, this morning called for a national government led by Pedro Sánchez, and in that sense, has said that "what history has shown It is that the worst years for the region have been the socialist governments "and added that" all we have has been brought unemployment, mistrust, abuse issues or water infrastructure. "

Deputy Secretary of Communications of the PP has asked the Socialist Party to respect the election result, and in this sense, has reminded that "PSOEen Murcia has obtained the worst result in its history and must leave the largest party gobenar by the Spanish who has been the Popular Party "

Patricia Fernandez stressed that "what the Spanish and Murcia have wanted was a strong, stable and future as is the president Mariano Rajoy government" and concluded by stating that "it is the best thing that will come to the region and our country. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Maria Gonzalez Veracruz said that a government of Pedro Sanchez would be the best thing that could happen to Murcia

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Secretary of Science, and Political Participation Network and Member of Congress was convinced that a government of the PSOE make the necessary reforms and ensure public services to citizens cut by the PP

Secretary of Science, and Political Participation Network and parliamentary deputy, María González Veracruz, said that "citizens voted in a majority change, policy change, and it is the responsibility of the PSOE and so it was decided yesterday in the Federal Committee of the Socialist Party, attempt to cause ".

The Federal Committee of the PSOE is a democratic body and again gave its support yesterday for Pedro Sanchez try to form a government, "looking left and right, if the King commissioned it, to make necessary reforms and change our country, just as we committed to citizenship in the election campaign, in short, that government of change that needs to Spain and our region. "

The socialist leader has said that the "best thing that could happen to this community would change the government of Rajoy, how our land has been abandoned for the past four years."

In this regard, he has been convinced that Pedro Sanchez would make investments and we would pay attention that the PP has denied us, "and most importantly, ensure the health, education and public social policies, the rights of workers and cleaning of public life, which we all need to Murcia. "

González Veracruz has roped "a message of reassurance to Murcia and Murcia" since recalled that "the government will not be at any price, and furthermore, that an agreement be reached, it would be endorsed before the membership base of the Socialist Party, giving again an example of openness, transparency and democracy and a party of the century, which is what Pedro Sanchez has brought the PSOE ".


The PP reflects the concerns of the College of Physiotherapists of Murcia

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Members of the PP agree to study measures to prevent professional intrusion

The deputy spokesman of the EPP Group and chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Affairs, Domingo Coronado and the deputy, Miguel Cascales have held a meeting with the Dean of Physiotherapists Association of Murcia, Sebastian Peris Sanchez, who pledged to advance in the regulation of this professional group to avoid professional encroachment.

This is a major concern in this profession along with the effectiveness of the complaints arise, speaking of a sector where there is a high rate of self, making it more difficult to pursue those exercising activity without the academic endorsement , said Domingo Coronado.

The College of physiotherapists comprises 1,600 collegiate compose which 160 work in the Health Service of Murcia which 38 do in primary care and 100 in primary care.

The remaining works as autonomous professionals and affiliated clinics.

During the meeting, the deputies Domingo Coronado and Miguel Cascales also collected their demands in the field of training they go through a specialized training that allows them to complete their service portfolio also called for the creation of a public job offer wider dependent services in the Ministry of Health.

The deputies of the Popular Party could know how the College is currently organizing various working groups that develop lines of action in those areas considered for improvement in the exercise of their activity.

The Dean of the College, Peris Sebastian, welcomed the interest of the People's Party for their concerns, and both parties were emplaced to continue working together.

Source: GPP

Last week to see the picture of Goya 'San Ignacio de Loyola' exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The work is on display until February 7 in the 'Great masters of the Mubam' initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Spokesperson, and has been visited by about 3,200 people

The painting by Francisco de Goya 'San Ignacio de Loyola' can be seen in the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia (Mubam) until next Sunday, February 7th.

This is therefore the last week that will remain on display in this area of ​​the Ministry of Culture and Spokesperson Goya's work, which has been visited by about 3,200 people.

The general director of Cultural Heritage, Maria Comas, explained that "this exhibition is part of the series 'Grand Masters in Mubam', launched by Culture for Murcia and visitors can enjoy works we first level, for sometimes part of private collections, as in this case, are not exposed as usual ".

The work of El Greco 'San Francisco in prayer before the crucified' tapestry Henry VIII commissioned Pieter van Aelst and Picasso oil 'Bullfight' are other pieces of important national and international artists who have been part of this the Museum of Fine Arts cycle "also helps to promote the creation of new audiences for the regional museums through the organization of parallel activities, as commented visits and workshops for children," said Maria Comas.

'San Ignacio de Loyola "was painted by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes late eighteenth century.

Dedicated to the founder of the Society of Jesus, the picture was unveiled to the public in 1978 by the historian Jose Camon Aznar by an article in the magazine 'Goya'.

Eight years later, the work was exhibited for the first time in the exhibition "Goya Joven 'held at the Museum Camon Aznar Zaragoza.

In 2015 it was possible to see in the same city, in the Goya Museum – Collection Ibercaja, and that same year took part in the same space of the exhibition 'Goya and the Virgin: her images of Zaragoza'.

The painting belonged to a family from Navarre Argentina.

Juan Ignacio Ezcurra (1750-1827) who commissioned him to Goya and, after his death, was inherited by his daughter.

In the early 70s of last century, the work was auctioned and bought by an antique Spanish to then return to Zaragoza at the hands of a private collector of Murcia roots.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00;

Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00, and on Sundays from 11:00 to 14:00 hours.

Source: CARM

More than 900 births were registered in hospitals in the region since the entry into force of the new record

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The new system facilitates the paperwork for families, thereby saving time and effort

A total of 910 births were registered in public hospitals in the region since the entry into force of the Law of administrative reform measures in the field of the Administration of Justice and the Civil Registry, which Murcia a month ahead.

This new service does not replace the current system used to births in the Civil Registry, which continues to operate as usual, but adds to hospitals as intermediary entities in this process, in order to make more comfortable procedures to families.

If you prefer, parents can travel to the headquarters of the registry that corresponds to them.

Available within 72 hours to decide whether enroll the newborn from the hospital or not.

Once out of that period, they can only do so in person at the registry.

Before finishing 2015, this new service was available in all hospitals of the Health Service of Murcia with maternity services, which has helped speed up the process of birth registration to families who have opted for this system.

In the region, some 17,000 births annually, of which 14,000 take place in public hospitals are addressed.

In the Virgin University Hospital of the Arrixaca, reference center of the Health Area I (Murcia / West), have already enrolled in the office of the premises of Mother and Child Pavilion a total of 351 infants between 30 November and January 26.

Regarding the Health Area II (Cartagena), the number of infants enrolled in the University General Hospital St. Lucia was 274.

In the Rafael Méndez de Lorca, reference center of the Health Area III, 160 Hospital were enrolled, with a daily average of 5 records.

As for the Hospital Virgen del Castillo de Yecla (Health Area V-Altiplano), the number of infants enrolled is 36.

In the Northwest Regional Hospital, Health Area IV, located in Caravaca de la Cruz, the first center to install the record, 63 have registered.

Finally, in the University General Hospital Los Arcos del Mar Menor, concerning Health Area VIII, there have been 26 newborns.

Facilities for families

The new birth registration mandatory since January 1, 2016, was launched on November 1, 2015 at the Hospital Los Arcos del Mar Menor and the University General Hospital Virgen de Yecla.

Thus, hospitals and the Mar Menor Yecla joined this initiative in October was already operating in the Northwest Regional Hospital Health Area IV-Northwest.

On November 20 this record became operational in Cartagena Santa Lucia hospital on 25 November at the Rafael Méndez hospital in Lorca, 30 November at the hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca of Murcia.

As set out in the entry into force of the modernization of the Justice, hospitals NHS should promote compulsory registration of births from January 1, 2016 in all public medical centers.

It is, therefore, necessary because the transfer of the parents to the headquarters of the records to conduct registration in the Family Book.

This is an administrative task rather than professionals performing hospitals, which time and effort it saves families.

Source: CARM

The Community promotes the use of ICT among older courses through four functions You-line'

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The courses will be offered within the range of the platform Form @ carm

The Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, in the actions carried out to promote the widespread use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the region, has designed a program of four courses for seniors .

These actions will be accessible for free on the Form @ carm portal.

The aim of the course is to convey the benefits they can bring them the use of ICT in their daily lives.

In addition, each of these activities will have personalized tutoring.

The CEO of Simplification of Business Activity and the Digital Economy, Francisco in April, noted that "the aim of this action is to promote among citizens the acquisition of the digital skills necessary for integration into the Information Society".

Specifically, the four courses will address, from a practical point of view, different topics within the field of ICT.

Thus, they graduates courses' Discover Internet will be offered.

Free Online Resources';

'Learn to manage a smartphone Android';

'Tools to communicate: Gmail and WhatsApp' e 'helps you prepare Internet travel'.

The plataformaForm @ carmpretende bring citizens, for free, shares 'on-line' related to different subjects, especially education Technologies of Information and Communication (Internet, office automation, web design and programming, business tools, etc. .).

Form @ carmes a project run by the Integra Foundation and funded by the Community, through the Plan for the Development of Information Society, as well as the Avanza Plan of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and the European FEDER .

Source: CARM

The Wildlife Recovery Centre held theoretical and practical sessions for students in the Master of wildlife management

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

A total of 26 students from grades Veterinary, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science and Forestry Engineering, from other regions, countries in the European Union and Latin America

The Center for Wildlife Recovery 'The Valley', under the Office of Social and Economic Promotion of the Environment, in its educational and training work, and under the collaboration agreement with the University of Murcia, recently held several theoretical sessions -practices for students enrolled in the Master's in wildlife management organized by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Specifically, involving a total of 26 students from grades of Veterinary Medicine, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science and Forestry Engineering, from other regions, countries of the European Union and Latin America.

Among the subjects covered include the administrative organization of the Center for Wildlife Recovery, overall performance in areas such as management and collection notices, recovery and release of animals, attending strandings of whales and sea turtles, and the fight illegal use of poison in the environment, among others.

Practical issues related to the rehabilitation of wildlife such as medical imaging, treatments, blood extraction, the administration of drugs and fluids, bandages and detention and also addressed;

and health surveillance of wildlife, obtaining and processing of samples and interpretation of results, among others.

Source: CARM

The Info launched a pioneering system that allows discharge of a telematics entrepreneurs with limited liability

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The Point of Care Entrepreneur attended last year to 201 freelancers and entrepreneurs and add 847 high in the last five years

The Instituto de Fomento Region de Murcia (Info) has launched a pioneering system for discharge of a telematics entrepreneurs with limited liability, a figure that protects them and prevents any debts arising from their professional activity can affect your home.

This system has been enabled in the Point of Care Entrepreneur (PAE), an office in the last five years and a total sum of 847 high autonomous and entrepreneurs, of which 201 were carried out over the past year .

The director of Info, Javier Celdrán, stressed "the importance of this tool to streamline and expedite the creation of companies".

In this regard, he noted that "the authorities have to endeavor to provide maximum facilities to entrepreneurs who, through their efforts, contribute to boost the economy and create jobs, and therefore has implemented this system allowing High quick and agile the entrepreneur with limited liability, which gives more guarantees and security to those who have decided to embark on a business venture. "

The PAE of Murcia started this system with Galicia and La Rioja, as was the case a few months ago with the figure of the joint property.

Since this service can also complete the formalities constitution telematics in other modalities, such as autonomous, the limited partnership, the new limited company and limited liability company.

"In addition to providing information and advice, allowing PAE Info arrange to enlist any of these formulas and start a business in less than 24 hours, and further, so telematics," said Javier Celdrán, who recalled that the lead agency "has more than ten years by eliminating administrative barriers and boosting economic development in the region."

More than half of high processed in the last five years correspond to freelancers.

Specifically, during this period the PAE info has helped start business on a total of 573 freelancers.

It has also launched nine new company limited partnerships and limited liability companies 262 plus have already started working with three communities of goods, a figure with which the info also works as a pioneer.

"These data confirm the growth trend started a trend that we maintain through work and constant effort to continue promoting businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, who are the real creators of job creation in the region," he concluded director of Info.

Source: CARM