Our athletes are given a bath of solidarity

The Campaign "Here we play all" has continued Tuesday and Wednesday with the delivery of toys to children in need of protection or high social risk, which have helped some of our athletes more representative

Full immersed in this special time, it is also developing one of those campaigns that seek to extensible happiness those who have it harder.

Under the motto "Here we play all", the Ministry of Culture and Spokesperson through the Directorate General of Sports continues that joint initiative by the Union of Sports Federations of the Region of Murcia, thanks to which they are delivering new toys minors in distress or high social risk.

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday it continued delivery at various points and also boasts the participation of a representative list of athletes FAMU.

Tuesday attended Monteagudo national athlete UCAM Cartagena Laura Nicholas, junior runner-promise Running Challenge in 2015, he took part in the delivery made in the functional Home Leyva.

Already this morning took place two new appointments, the first module in the medium and long stay located in the Albatalía, which was attended by the athlete CA Tovarsport Sunday Vicente Murcia, regional and national champion in 100m silver cadet.

fences in 2013 and aquiline international Rafael Baraza, currently responsible for Javelin sector development just before that day of modernization in Monte Romero.

Youth accompanied Baraza regional runner-up in weight, his pupil and aquiline Antonio David Sanchez.

Just behind this modernization came to the center Baden, in Era Alta, technical director Patricia FAMU Peace and FAMU absolute best athlete in the last two years, the Olympic Ursula Ruiz, one of the great protagonists of the workshop developed in the Campus Espinardo.

Also last week took part, President of the Athletics Federation of Murcia, Juan Manuel Molina, soaking up all that increasingly necessary spirit of solidarity.

Source: FAMU


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