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The Civil Guard detained a woman again devoted to commit bank fraud in Aguilas and Lorca

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Arrested for the fourth time in recent months

If the latter is attributed the alleged perpetrators of the crimes of usurpation of civil status and scam

He is credited with authorship of a dozen alleged scams in total

Subtract bank documents to friends and family for refunds

The Civil Guard in the region of Murcia has developed the second phase of the operation PARDALT 'to investigate new cases of bank fraud in Aguilas, which culminated with the arrest of a woman on suspicion of crimes of usurpation of state civil and fraud.

The arrested and was detained three times by the Civil Guard last August in one of them next to a man on suspicion of offenses of theft, bank fraud, usurpation of civil status and forgery.

The Civil Guard initiated the second phase of the operation last November, to investigate alleged crimes of fraud new Eagles and had respect for his modus operandi with the operation 'PARDALT', developed last summer, culminating with clarifying fifteen crimes in which the now arrested allegedly seized 7,000 euros.

Banking scams

Your goal is to steal cash from current accounts of their victims, including relatives and friends you can find.

For this criminal activity began with the theft of personal documentation and passbooks.

Once the documents held by pretending to be the victim to perform various financial transactions such as cash withdrawals or return receipt.

The last case has been clarified in Aguilas and Lorca.

A woman, a resident of the coastal town, reported to the Meritorious reimbursement of money from your checking account without your permission in a bank branch in Lorca.

Researchers found three suspicious actions in different bank branches, as the request for a duplicate of the booklet withdrawn from the victim, obtaining personal secret PIN number and finally the realization of cash back, an attitude held by the now stopped to hinder identification and links with the perpetrators of the crimes.

After fully identify the suspect, the victim's family, and all necessary evidence to obtain a search culminating in recent days with the location, arrest and subsequent remand in custody, on suspicion of offenses established usurpation of civil status and fraud.

The Spanish detainee, 31, a resident of Eagles and numerous precedents for similar offenses, together with the proceedings initiated, has been made available to the Magistrate's Court in Lorca (Murcia).

With this latest and four arrests in recent months by the Commission of about twenty offenses, where it is estimated that could have stolen more than 8,000 euros in cash are recorded.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

Last days to visit the exhibition of drawings Parraga organized by Culture and the City of Calasparra

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

The exhibition "Notes on an infinite figure ', including the' Routes' project promoted by the Ministry, will remain open in the Piñero House to January 6

The exhibition "Notes on an infinite figure 'Jose Maria Parraga can be visited until January 6 in the Piñero House Calasparra.

The exhibition is included in the 'Routes' project, launched from the Ministry of Culture and Spokesperson, and has been organized in collaboration with the City of Calasparra.

The sample consists of about 20 drawings of Murcia creator José María Párraga (Cartagena, 1937 Murcia, 1997) and has already been seen in other rooms municipalities in the region, such as eyes and Aledo, within this project through the Ministry of Culture which offers municipalities artworks from the collection of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts.

On the occasion of this exhibition, and taking advantage of the school holidays, the City of Calasparra also organized during these days of Christmas a children's activity in which participants can learn more about the life and work of Jose Maria Parraga.

Specifically, from the Department of Culture and Youth a tutorial (in collaboration with education professionals) to develop this activity was performed.

The workshop is offered by specialized monitors and is conducted in English, with the aim of also encouraging language learning by children.

The director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts, Marta Lopez-Briones, explained that 'Itineraries' was born with the aim to "contribute to increasing the cultural offer of the municipalities, and it is good to see how the municipalities are involved in conducting parallel activities that contribute to promoting the rapprochement of different audiences, in this case the school, the contemporary art ".

In 'Notes on an infinite figure', visitors can see a total of 19 ink drawings on paper signed by Parraga.

Through these creations, made between the decades of the 60s and 90s of last century, it can be seen the artist's constant concern for the human figure.

Marta Lopez-Briones added that thanks to 'Routes', about 21,000 people across the region "have come to know and enjoy during the last year of work of some prominent national and international artists in contemporary art through exhibitions such as 15 will soon close its doors in Calasparra and is dedicated to a key artist in Murcia plastic ".

The exhibition will remain open at the exhibition hall of the Piñero House Calasparra in the following hours: Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 20:30;

Saturday from 12:00 to 13:30 hours;

and Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 13:30 hours.

Source: CARM

37.5 percent of university students are exposed to smoke snuff environments weekday

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Health celebrates the tenth anniversary of the first anti-smoking law and the fifth of the current legislation on health measures against smoking

In Region 37.5 percent of university students are exposed to smoke snuff environments weekday, a figure that over the weekend amounted to 76.6 percent.

These data come from a study conducted in 2010 and 2011 among students in Sociosanitary of the University of Murcia.

This work, developed by a professional of Nursing Service Promotion and Health Education Directorate General of Public Health and Addictions reveals a high exposure to passive snuff among college students;

exposure reaching higher than the general population of the region, which is 17 percent figures, according to the European Health Survey in Spain 2014.

The Director General of Public Health and Addictions, Manuel Molina, said that "there is still a large percentage of people exposed to smoke snuff, although this thesis shows that a reduction among students surveyed over 2011 experienced".

Thus, a decreased risk of exposure of 50 per cent on weekdays and 80 percent occurs during the weekend.

This, said the CEO, could be a consequence of the entry into force of Law 42/2010, of December 30, 2015, as "the reduction was similar for students of both sexes, and between smokers and non- smokers. "

The thesis also collects data on consumption of snuff among students of Health Sciences, specifically of degrees of Medicine and Nursing;

Teacher Training;

Labour and Sciences.

Among them, it has been found that the rate of daily consumption of snuff is 15 percent.

Of these, the group is less smoking of medical students, followed by Nursing.

Finally, the work done by Adelaide Lozano, entitled 'Study on Smoking in Sociosanitary students of the University of Murcia: snuff consumption, attitudes and snuff smoke exposure', concludes that consumption of snuff among college students It is lower than that observed at the regional level.

Also, it shows a reduction in exposure to smoke snuff among students studied, which could be linked to the entry into force in 2010 of legislation to control smoking.

Molina said that "in general, there is still a high percentage of students exposed to smoke snuff, so should promote and strengthen measures that are already in place to raise awareness and protect the population from the consequences of snuff, which It is a major public health problem. "

Smoking in the Region

The prevalence of snuff in the Region of Murcia, according to the latest European Health Survey in Spain 2014 is 28.4 percent.

The prevalence is higher among men, with 30.6, among women, the percentage is 26.4 percent.

Compared with the previous survey, in 2009, in the region of Murcia has declined 3.3 points the prevalence of smoking, from 31.8 percent to 28.4 percent.


From the Department of Health the tenth anniversary of the Law 28/2005 of health measures against smoking and the fifth anniversary of Law 42/2010, which came into operation on January 1, 2011 is commemorated.

Thus, this time is used to encourage people to respect the spaces without snuff and, where appropriate, to quit smoking, in addition to remember that this harmful habit is the first preventable health problem, as data from the World Health Organization indicate that smoking annually produces six million deaths.

Of these, one in ten is related to passive or involuntary smoking.

Source: CARM

The Community invests in 2015 more than 13.2 million in conservation efforts of regional highways

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

were carried out actions for improvement, adaptation, renewal and road accessibility

The Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure, through the Directorate General of Highways, has invested during the year 2015 more than 13.2 million euros in the development of conservation activities, improvement and upgrading of roads in the road network Autonomous Region, which has a length of 3,000 kilometers.

The Director of Roads, Jose Antonio Fernandez said that the maintenance of the regional road network "is an important action on roads to give a correct conservation, both preventive and corrective, the road heritage, so the maximum are guaranteed levels of safety and comfort in driving. "

Fernandez noted that conservation activities consisted essentially repairs damage caused by the action of traffic, such as rebuilding or replacement protective elements of signals, and by heavy rains and, where appropriate, snows, in addition to regular work conservation and implemented through works contracts.

A functional conservation purposes and to facilitate the tasks of intervention by technicians roads, the network is divided into different sections and sectors that cover the areas of Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Caravaca de la Cruz, Jumilla and Mula.

These sectors include approximately 500 kilometers each.

They are planned and executed work of adaptation, renewal and accessibility on its roads amounting to 4.9 million euros.

The Caravaca de la Cruz is the one that has dominated investment, with 1,158,103 euros.

It has also carried out various maintenance operations on motorways and roads in the region, with a budget of 2.9 million euros.

The road subject of this investment have been the RM-1 (Zeneta-San Javier);

RM-12 (La Manga);

RM-19 (Puerto de la Cadena-San Javier);

RM-301 (station Alquerías-San Javier);

RM-2 (Alhama de Murcia-Campo de Cartagena);

RM-3 (Totana-Mazarron);

RM-23 (motorway connecting the RM-2 and RM-3);

RM-16 (Highway A-30-Airport Corvera);

RM-17 (Highway A-30 to RM-16);

RM-602 (Miranda-The Muñoces) and RM-608 (A7-sale Rafaeles).

They have also committed other works, such as improving the layout of the RM-514 (Abarán-White) road and pavement repairs and replacements in the RM-A20 roads (White Station-La Hurona), RM D3 (Lorca-La Hoya), RM-D4 (Mazarrón-Lorca), RM-504 (Cehegín-La Paca) and RM-423 (Fortuna variant).

He also starred in the pavement rehabilitation of the A-30 (The Canton-RM-422), RM-E29 (Sewer-El Palmar), RM-D13 (Eagles-Hermitage of El Garrobillo), RM-D24 (Pozo Higuera-RM-11), RM-F22 (Balsicas-Torre Pacheco) and RM-F5 (The Azacaya-San Jose de la Vega).

Finally, work repainting road markings were carried in road sectors Lorca, Murcia and Mula.

Source: CARM

The Community has allocated 6.7 million euros to promote self-employment in 2015

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Over a thousand projects to create a business or company have become jobs following the advice of the SEF

Aid for self-employment ranging between 3,000 and 9,900 euros and the SEF will monitor the project for three years

The Ministry of Economic, Tourism and Employment Development has allocated in 2015 a total of 6,667,300 euros to promote self-employment among the unemployed.

About 2,500 unemployed people have participated in awareness-raising, information and advice for your idea or business project a reality, through the specific service of guidance, advice and support to new entrepreneurs.

After counseling, they have become feasible projects a total of 1,002 business plans provided by these new entrepreneurs.

The Minister of Employment Government of Murcia, Juan Hernandez, said today that it is "qualified service support" is provided from the Employment Offices Network of the Region of Murcia and "aims to promote self-employment or support productive activities that involve having a job among people who are unemployed. "

The Regional Employment Service and Training (SEF) has provided financial support to entrepreneurship and self-employment projects more than a thousand unemployed people (1,002).

These grants range between 3,000 and 9,900 euros from a minimum investment of 2,500 euros, and target people who have previously received advice to encourage responsible and successful enterprise.

The SEF will establish a monitoring these projects over the next three years.

The advice provided by these new entrepreneurs is based on their needs and the possibility of referral to specialized services of the Institute of Development Agencies and Local Employment Development, chambers of commerce and other organizations and agencies with which the SEF is on coordination.

The director Juan Hernandez said that 642 women have sought advice or financial assistance to establish themselves as self-employed, representing 64 percent of the total.

SEF-services companies, in collaboration with the Institute of Development, is made available to all these self-employment initiatives.

Thus many people who want to become self-employed or start a business or business from an idea can count on advice, qualified information and personalized assistance totally free.

They can also count on support for the processing and media promotion of recruitment, training and intermediary services to locate suitable working staff, and all this, the counselor, "will encourage the development and success of the business project".

Source: CARM

The Mariano Ruiz-Funes Foundation published next year the work 'Jurists and Murcia institutions in History'

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Pagan Maria Dolores The Minister chairs the meeting of its Board

The Minister of Presidency, Maria Dolores Pagan, presided this week's meeting of the board of the Mariano Ruiz-Funes Foundation in which it was announced that next year the work 'Jurists and Murcianas Institutions in History' will be published in digital format, and it is already finalizing the 50th of the Law Review of the Region of Murcia which also publishes this entity.

Maria Dolores Pagan explained during the meeting that the regional government "wants to revitalize and stimulate the activity of this institution" and invited all employers to be involved in this task of programming activities, from a legal perspective, the benefit of society Murcia.

The Foundation was established in 1991 by the Autonomous Community, the University of Murcia and the Bar Association, and its functions also highlights the promotion of the study of law and the publication of the work related to legal matters charge or otherwise made available.

The trustees of the Foundation are, by the Autonomous Community, the Minister of Presidency, the general secretary of the Ministry and the Director of Legal Services;

by the Bar Association of Murcia, the dean, secretary and librarian;

and, representing the University of Murcia, the dean of the Faculty of Law, the director of the School of Legal Practice and director of the School of Labor Practice.

Source: CARM

Closing of the V sport conference on drugs in the prison Murcia I

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

The PB Totana especially appreciates the assistance, in carrying out these activities, the Foundation of FC Barcelona, ​​the Department of Peñas del FC Barcelona and to the team of futsal Mambo, Totana

More than 200 people in detention have participated in the V Conference on Sports Against Drugs, framed within the campaign "Do not quit your health", which were held in the prison Murcia I. These seminars have been organized again by Barcelonista Peña Totana, in collaboration with the Departments of Social Work, Physical Education and Occupational Therapy I. Penitentiary Murcia

During this Christmas they have organized small football tournament, Parcheesi and chess championships and dominoes.

La Peña Totana Barcelonista addition to organizing these activities has also developed training and awareness program with students of matrix drug addiction actions in this prison.

The PB Totana especially appreciates the assistance, in carrying out these activities, the Foundation of FC Barcelona, ​​the Department of Peñas del FC Barcelona, ​​as well as the team of futsal Mambo, Totana.

Source: PB Totana

Our pitchers work hard before the new year

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Monte Romero Stadium hosted a matinee Wednesday Releases Sector, led by the heads of each sector and in the case of weight counted no less than the international Ursula Ruiz

As announced, the penultimate day of the year would also witness a new round of Sports Modernization Plan of the Athletics Federation of Murcia, in the Monte Romero Stadium.

There was held this appointment Releases sector, which has benefited from the direction of those responsible for each of the specialties and the collaboration of the great dominating the national weight for almost a decade.

Taking advantage of the stay on their land, Lorca Ursula Ruiz has been part of this modernization contributing their knowledge to colleagues discipline, who have joined specialists disk, also responsible for the supervision of Javier Llinares and accompanied by the president COEN FAMU Jose Garcia.

For its part, the international Rafael Baraza also addressed the session javelin, John Brown being in charge of the hammer.

An intense and productive morning to face with the best forms a 2016, we hope, will bring us important joys.

Source: FAMU

Our athletes are given a bath of solidarity

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

The Campaign "Here we play all" has continued Tuesday and Wednesday with the delivery of toys to children in need of protection or high social risk, which have helped some of our athletes more representative

Full immersed in this special time, it is also developing one of those campaigns that seek to extensible happiness those who have it harder.

Under the motto "Here we play all", the Ministry of Culture and Spokesperson through the Directorate General of Sports continues that joint initiative by the Union of Sports Federations of the Region of Murcia, thanks to which they are delivering new toys minors in distress or high social risk.

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday it continued delivery at various points and also boasts the participation of a representative list of athletes FAMU.

Tuesday attended Monteagudo national athlete UCAM Cartagena Laura Nicholas, junior runner-promise Running Challenge in 2015, he took part in the delivery made in the functional Home Leyva.

Already this morning took place two new appointments, the first module in the medium and long stay located in the Albatalía, which was attended by the athlete CA Tovarsport Sunday Vicente Murcia, regional and national champion in 100m silver cadet.

fences in 2013 and aquiline international Rafael Baraza, currently responsible for Javelin sector development just before that day of modernization in Monte Romero.

Youth accompanied Baraza regional runner-up in weight, his pupil and aquiline Antonio David Sanchez.

Just behind this modernization came to the center Baden, in Era Alta, technical director Patricia FAMU Peace and FAMU absolute best athlete in the last two years, the Olympic Ursula Ruiz, one of the great protagonists of the workshop developed in the Campus Espinardo.

Also last week took part, President of the Athletics Federation of Murcia, Juan Manuel Molina, soaking up all that increasingly necessary spirit of solidarity.

Source: FAMU

González Tovar says Pedro Antonio Sanchez is the only one that clarified matters as corruption PP

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

The general secretary of the PSOE in Murcia remembers the president of the Community that in these six months have been reached 60 agreements unanimously, four times more than in the same period of the previous legislature

The secretary general of the PSOE in the region of Murcia and spokesman of the Socialist Group in the Regional Assembly, Rafael González Tovar said that "Pedro Antonio Sanchez is the only one that clarified matters as the shadow of corruption hanging over the PP and is not able to solve. "

Regarding the search for consensus, "we are always willing to sit down to talk, but the Popular Party does not know, or want to sit at the table to reach agreements as already demonstrated by the expenditure ceiling or now with the Budget Law, with so all it does is a toast to the sun, because the PSOE always turn to negotiate the priority issues of our region. "

González Tovar has stated that "we socialists, we have very clear and we have shown in these six months of term agreements and work for the people" so I have expressed surprise that the chief executive wants to draw "red lines when they were the ones who rejected an emergency employment plan for over 45 years, free of charge textbooks, defense of self and the social economy. "

Likewise, the spokesman of the socialist bloc recalled that the PP "is the opposite of the PSOE: we create the Dependency Act, violate them, we created the welfare state, they stop investing and leave battered; Socialists fight for equality and justice, the Popular Party approved the labor reform that has generated more unemployment and precariousness of our democracy. "

Rafael González Tovar has announced that all members of the Socialist Group working in fair amendments that guarantee basic social services and to make the region a prosperous place.