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The PP in these budgets confuses basic insertion income with a basic alms without insertion

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Congresswoman Consuelo Cano was concerned about the money spent on technical studies to outside companies and stated that these accounts show that the Department does not trust in town halls

The Socialist deputy, Consuelo Cano, has analyzed the regional budgets for 2016 on Family and Equal Opportunities and notes that the priorities are not what the region needs, especially in such a sensitive area.

The deputy stressed that social policy is of paramount importance in our region.

And the needs not only increase, through the effects of the crisis and because the administration has failed to keep up in serving the growing needs and the protection of the underprivileged.

Cano said that "what made before a Ministry now do two, and all with a budget of € 1.7 million, plus the salary of the minister".

One issue that draws attention to the PSOE is that next year will spend 3,635,551 in order technical studies to external companies, when the Autonomous Community are less regulatory development in social services.

Consuelo Cano said also that the increase in basic income is a pittance, "because to reach more people and reduce the quantities sold as a social revolution, when what is happening is that they confuse the basic insertion income with alms Basic without insertion. "

In this regard he added that the real revolution would restore dignity to many thousands.

According to socialist MEP with these budgets, the Ministry also shows that do not rely on municipalities to a great plan of integration policies, despite being the local corporations that suffer because they are the ones with the neighbors .

"It is not going to give one euro for this."

Public services continue to worsen.

Follow the waiting list for residences.

Moreover, early care for disability will continue dependiedo the town in which you are born, "despite the many photos that the minister is and try to convince us that it is the only one who cares for the disabled".

Another aspect that referred Consuelo Cano is the amount of money that will move immigration, which is on land without regulatory control.

"You can move to whim or interest that gives, we are concerned this issue and we will be very vigilant."

Finally he reported that the management of social resources in the CARM has no controls, since there are only three inspectors for 4,000 schools, institutions and services.


Teodoro Garcia FP students to sign language interpreters

Monday, November 30th, 2015

The No. 1 People's Party Congress of Deputies, Teodoro Garcia shared this afternoon a class with about 30 students of upper vocational training for sign language interpreters Institute Juan Carlos I of Murcia.

Teodoro Garcia has complied with the request of the institute to collaborate with students on vocabulary extension in all aspects related to political activity and communication.

The deputy has shared with students his experience as a deputy political, matters in which he has worked in a special way, especially those related to energy and industry.

The class ended with a colloquium in which young people have expressed their views and concerns in education and on the current political situation.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The electoral program UP-IU Greens, "by the people and for the people"

Monday, November 30th, 2015

The head of the list of Unidad Popular United Left-Greens to Congress by the Region of Murcia, Magdalena Martinez Bode, today presented the electoral program that your application will go to the general elections on December 20, have participated in the drafting social groups, political organizations and private individuals.

Bode Martinez explained at a press conference that the program priorities of UP-IU Greens are, among others, the need to promote an economic policy at the service of the social majority, relying on decent employment and full social protection, and ensure the production system that respects the environment and quality public services.

He also stressed the objectives of their application the demands of PAH, as in lieu of retroactive payment and debt relief;

democratic regeneration and social participation, based on criteria of justice and equality;

tax progressivity, so that those who have more pay more and gain, and the opening of a constitutional process.

According to the head of the list, the program, which contains measures aimed especially at people suffering cuts in regional and central governments as a result of its policies, namely, to "social majority," is made "by people and for the people ", giving special emphasis to job creation and social protection.

Thus, he explained that one of the most important proposals of the program is that of guaranteed work, which, according to his calculations, would benefit some 34,000 people in the region, accompanied by a Social Emergency Plan that includes a guaranteed minimum income and a plan for employment and training in areas such as green jobs and dependency.

In addition, that plan includes raising the minimum wage to 1,179 euros;

the adjustment of pensions;

repealing the last two labor reforms;

a plan to ensure the supply of water and electricity services and other support for child;

the suspension of evictions, aid to SMEs and freelancers, and create a good bank.

Election campaign

UP-IU Greens held the traditional putting up posters marking the start of the election campaign in Alameda de Colón, next to the garden of Floridablanca.

In addition to the events planned in most municipalities in the region, the candidature has organized for the 5th a meeting with councilors on the constitutional process.

On December 11, the president of the Citizens Foundation Europe, Worship Guaman, discuss guaranteed job in Cieza and 13 IU MEP Marina Albiol host a conference in Cartagena on equality.

In the main event of the campaign, which will take place on 14, will participate the federal coordinator of IU, Cayo Lara.

Source: UP-IU Verdes

The Region adheres to the World Tourism Organization to enhance the promotion of Caravaca Jubilee 2017 and Mar Menor

Monday, November 30th, 2015

The head of the regional government, the Minister of Tourism and President of the World Tourism Organization sign agreement to improve cooperation in the implementation of joint projects

Pedro Antonio Sánchez stresses that it is a "qualitatively important step, which places the region in the First Division of tourism in Spain"

It stresses that the agreement "will allow activities to advance the Caravaca Jubilee 2016" and Murcia Tourism students can be linked in practice to the OMT

The president of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, said today that the agreement signed today in Madrid between the Region of Murcia, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), "is a qualitatively important step "as Murcia becomes an associate member of the WTO and shall take part in the General Assembly of this organization.

This agreement places the Region "next and as a contributor to the World Tourism Organization, the highest body in the promotion and dissemination of tourism in the world," remarked Pedro Antonio Sánchez after the signing, along with Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, and the secretary general of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Taleb Rifai, the agreement to collaborate in the implementation of joint projects.

Among these projects is empower national and international promotion of Caravaca Jubilee Holy Year 2017, whose activities may pre-empt the year 2016, and also promoting the Mar Menor, which is "extremely positive," said the president, who also the progress which will in modernizing and development projects, the seasonality of tourism in different destinations in the region and the possibility of Murcia Tourism students can be linked in practice to the OMT referred.

According to the head of Murcia, "tourism is a key part of our future and a strategic sector for the region."

Therefore, he said, "we want a model of tourism to generate employment and new horizons of development."

In this regard, he recalled the agreement reached unanimously with the sector with the adoption of a tourism development strategy until 2020, which will create over 8,000 jobs and perform actions modernization, seasonality and enhancement of the tourism products in the region.

In addition, he emphasized that "we will continue in this line of collaboration with the Government of Spain, which believes in the Region of Murcia, commitment and which, with agreements such as this puts it in the First Division of tourism in Spain" .

Jubilee Year of Caravaca de la Cruz and drive to Mar Menor

The accession of the region to the WTO means supporting national and international projection of the holy city of Caravaca de la Cruz and his Jubilee Year, as well as conduct a joint study on tourist itineraries to iconic places of pilgrimage with special emphasis on Caravaca de the cross.

Also, cooperate in the exchange of tourism data to facilitate knowledge set of parameters required to establish their policies;

organizing forums, conferences or any other event to consolidate the region as a destination for events, or train university students of Tourism of the Region of Murcia in the WTO.

Caravaca Jubilee Year is an event for the region to economic, social and tourist level, so that the regional government, in collaboration with local government, business and tourism stakeholders has developed a plan of action to strengthen Caravaca de la Cruz as a destination of utmost importance for religious tourism.

It is finalizing a plan for collaboration with Santiago de Compostela to achieve greater pull together and work on a regional and a national campaign to raise awareness of Murcia "exceptional" event themselves.

Similarly, it will drive the Paths of Vera Cruz, to revive domestic tourism and the economy of all the municipalities through which the routes pass.

To all this it is added that the regional government is preparing measures to coordinate the tourism impact of the arrival of the AVE will face the Holy Year.

On the other hand, with regard to tourism promotion of the Mar Menor, collaboration with WTO will strengthen the position as a destination for outdoor sport within the seasonal tourist strategy in the region.

In this sense, the regional government is working to convert the water sports on a lever of growth of economic activity and job creation.

In addition, the adoption of an Integrated Territorial Initiative (ITI) for the Mar Menor, with an investment of 45 million euros, will enable integrated action with actions such as the implementation of storm tanks, modernizing port facilities, and other training activities, environmental, water or sports.

Source: CARM

The PSOE said the counselor have stolen his wallet to reduce more than 48 million euros in the 2016 budget to Agriculture, Water and Environment

Monday, November 30th, 2015

The regional deputy Jesus Navarro said that the Ministry continues to rely heavily on aid Europe, with its own funds without compensating the decrease of the aid

The deputy of the Socialist parliamentary group, Jesus Navarro, said today about the appearance of the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Environment, to explain his department budgets for 2016, that "the counselor have stolen his wallet with these accounts, with more than 48 million euros, which are those that have decreased the budget of the Ministry ".

Navarro said that this decline surprised because agriculture and livestock have been in these long years of crisis, "the mattress that has cushioned the serious economic situation and lack of employment in our community. This is a dynamic and competitive sector that not only has maintained the activity, but that has risen to be the engine of export growth and economic activity, and the most stable in terms of maintaining and creating employment. it has also been the area home to many families and workers affected by the housing bubble. "

Navarro said that the Ministry continues to rely heavily on European aid, without compensating with equity decreasing such aid without adequately assessing the future reduction or disappearance of such aid must be provided with sufficient time to prevent the interruption of programs, and support activities that are being developed and new ones must be launched to boost the sector.

The deputy added that again and surprisingly this budget passes by on one of the main demands of sectoral organizations, such as the recovery of aid for agricultural insurance, affecting mainly small and medium farmers.

On the other hand, the other Promotion Program Improvement Industry, with a budget of almost 13 million euros, experienced a reduction of 5.6%, "clearly insufficient to meet the many needs of this plot."

The cut in the Directorate General of Rural Development and Forestry is clearly excessive, more than 25%, more than 15 million euros, which will result in the implementation of all its programs, beginning with the Reform and Rural Development in that 3,000,000 euros for investment in rural roads are insufficient to meet the needs of the entire region.

As the Rural Development Plan, Navarro noted that while contemplating important figures, should be complemented by own funds and that falls short and there are projects that "could be addressed with other funds and allocate these items to redotar other projects" which, as well as the local development strategies, are underfunded, and are key to achieving social, environmental and economic goals instrument.

Also, six and a half aimed at business creation Young Farmers million will not cover all the demand and will only be able to meet one-third of the requests, since, according to the agricultural organizations, are more than 800 previous applications that handle "and not want to happen, as in the previous Plan, which was unable to meet the expectations."

Chapter IV, dedicated to animal health subsidies (ADS) indicated that it is insufficient to maintain the health situation so extraordinary that we have achieved our livestock, thanks to the financial efforts of our farmers.

On the other hand, ranching is in need of a special plan that includes aid for training of new farmers and increase aid and incentives for the maintenance of native breeds.

As for plant health, emphasize the insufficient subsidy for ATRIAS (24,000 euros).

Jesus Navarro also interested if there any plans for monitoring and control of red palm weevil and denounced the brutal decline -from 65% – in the sanitation program and debugging.

10 million euros for more than 50 projects in sewage, storm tanks and collectors.

"Many projects for so little budget."

Regarding the design of channels and hydrological studies highlighted "the incongruity of a game with a budget of 15,824,384 euros, earmarked for the desalination of tailings 15,326,839 euros, and environmental recovery for only 136,585 euros intended for projects Ulea, Cieza and Blanca.

Finally denounced 542nd on the program for training and technology transfer, reduction of 10.1% occurring in the transfer where again low equity contribution, although it is offset by new funds to cover ERDF "activities research and technological development in research centers "(IDT).

The budget for 2016 IMIDA amounts to 9,946,295 euros, representing a decrease of 13.4%.

"We do not understand the decline in investment staff when I + D + I is the main challenge we have to recover and to allow the return of researchers and scientists who, because of the crisis, have had to leave the region."

Finally denounced the reduction of 29.9% for projects IMIDA research, which since the Socialist parliamentary group will try to recover amendments to that effect.


Lopez Miras "sorry spectacle of PSOE, citizens and we, who just want to take political advantage of the commissions of inquiry"

Monday, November 30th, 2015

"The Tripartite puts their particular interests and electoral 3 days before the election campaign begins"

"Just they pretend to be in the picture and make political, electoral and partisan benefit"

Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PP Regional, Fernando López Miras has dismissed as "sad spectacle" the position of the tripartite opposition formed by PSOE, and Citizens can, "putting the Regional Assembly, once again, to serve their interests and election ".

So López Miras has referred to the visit he organized the tripartite opposition to the Auditorium of Puerto Lumbreras when "only three more days to kick off the campaign, and before we could receive the technical documentation as to show what It is what we would see in the visit, as requested by the Popular Party. "

Also the deputy secretary of the PP has shown that "the only intention of the tripartite opposition is a photo you take a political, electoral and partisan benefit, as they have drawn conclusions in advance commissions of inquiry"

López Miras has criticized the position of the president of the inquiry commission, Oscar Urralburu "that has been allowed to make personal judgments about the contents of it, when commissions are secret until the regulation of the Regional Assembly does not change, modification already requested the PP. "

He concluded by saying that "the Popular Party used the Regional Assembly to find solutions to Murcia, while PSOE, Citizens and sovereign institution can use this in order to serve their partisan interests."

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Murcia designer Christopher Aguilo, finalist of the International Biennial of Poster Design Terras Gauda

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Contest Francisco Mantecón 2015

The Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, presided over the awards ceremony, which was attended by over 500 personalities from the cultural, business, social and political

Poland designer Jaglinska Angelika is the winner of 1st Prize of the International Biennial of Poster Design Competition Francisco Mantecón Terras Gauda, ​​endowed with 10,000 euros in cash.

The poster image will hold in the next two years.

1st Runner-Vigo Port Authority went to the graphic artist Guillermo Fridman Israel;

2nd Second prize was awarded to Toni Pontí Ibars (Lleida) and a special mention has recognized Joonas Vähäkallio (Finland) an original.

Each of these awards is valued at $ 2,000.

Bodegas Terras Gauda has distributed a total of 16,000 euros in prize money.

Murcia designer Christopher Aguilo was one of 37 finalists selected by the jury last October 30th.

The works come from Israel, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Argentina.

José María Cruz Novillo was the guest professional jury, which highlighted the artistic quality and graphical diversity of the 1,310 original 59 countries participating in the Biennial.

More than 500 personalities from the cultural, social, political and business world attended the awards ceremony, chaired by the Minister of Development Ana Pastor, and which have involved the president of the Terras Gauda Group, José María Fonseca Moreton;

Pilar Rojo, president of the Parliament of Galicia;

Santiago Villanueva, delegate of the Government;

Valeriano García Martínez, Regional Minister of Facenda;

Enrique Lopez Veiga, president of the Port Authority of Vigo, José María Cruz Novillo, professional designer invited the jury.

In the consolidation of the Biennial International Poster Design Competition Francisco Mantecón Terras Gauda as one of the three most prestigious in the world and the most powerful organized by a private entity worldwide is the key national and international media coverage.

Since April this year there have been over 500 publications and the impact has come to Australia and New Zealand, where The Design Kids, a community of 33,000 illustrators, artists and graphic designers has published information in the printed edition of the magazine and periodically in the web.

It has also been echoed in a platform of artists with more than 49,000 followers on the most important social network in Russia:

The contribution of highly valued professionals, the implication of the best universities in the United States, Canada, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan ….

and integrated by leading graphic artists collectives they have contributed to recognition.

ALADI (Latin American Design Association) has awarded for the 3rd consecutive year the seal of institutional support and has chosen the 1st Prize of the 10th anniversary of the Francisco Mantecón competition to become part of the exhibition "Walls talk" with a historical overview of posters, posters and manifestos, in Argentina.

Other design competitions and festivals such as the International Design Festival Berlin (Germany), SBB Biennale Association BRNO (Czech Republic) and Independents Liverpool Biennial 2014 Visual Arts Festival (UK), have also been involved in this issue.

Biennial International Poster Design Competition Terras Gauda Francisco Mantecón-2015 has the support of the Port Authority of Vigo and the Galician regional government, through Tourism Galicia and the General Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Education.

Source: Agencias

Young Socialists welcomes the inquiry commission, in the unfinished auditorium Pedro Antonio Sánchez

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Socialist Youth of Puerto Lumbreras, with support from the regional organization, has received in audience the works of PAS to the commission of inquiry to investigate the alleged corruption case splashing regional president and other members of lumbrerense PP.

Early this morning, members of the socialist youth organization, provistoscon adequate protections work, they moved to the works of the auditorium Pedro Antonio Sánchez, for the commission of inquiry of the Regional Assembly of Murcia, next to shed light among other issues certifications payments allegedly works would not have done.

Secretary General JS Puerto Lumbreras said that "the visit of the regional deputies to clarify the details of this embarrassment involving the President of Murcia, was only possible because the roll has run an absolute majority of the PP in Murcia ", on his arrival at the ground zero of popular outrage.

From JSRM they consider that this visit is the most obvious obscurantism practices, mismanagement and waste of PP governments certification and the exhaustion of the right Murcia.

Young Socialists have said that "it is time to return to Murcia decent government that responds to the change reflected most laAsambleaRegional, with pockets and glass walls to return to Murcia confidence in the institutions."

Given the above, JSRM demands the resignation of President Pedro Antonio Sánchez to facilitate regeneration of public life, in the region of Murcia.

Source: JSRM

Club Aros presents the program of your V Winter Cup

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Two weeks of competition with more than 40,000 euros in prize

Club Aros of Murcia has made official its program for the fifth edition of the Winter Cup, Winter Cup. From 22 to 31 January 2016 two weeks of competition will be played with the development of two national competitions in show jumping three and four star (and Csn4 CSN3 * *) with cash prizes endowed with 40,000 euros.

The Organizing Committee is preparing, as it is tradition, a Winter event with a program with sports competition, offers VIP area, live entertainment and tours for riders, families and tourists wishing to spend two weeks under the Murcian sun and welcome 2016 in the premises of "Four temper" that Aros offers.

Source: Agencias

The regional government provides for the implementation of the Stock Exchange of Social Rental Housing in the first 50 properties

Monday, November 30th, 2015

The Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure allocates one million in the draft budget to the purchase and rental of housing, whose purpose is the relocation of families at risk of social exclusion

The Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure plans to implement next year the housing stock Social rental Murcia, including about 50 houses that will be made available to families and groups who are experiencing or at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

The head of the Ministry, Francisco Barnabas met with the presidents and representatives of associations of social support Habit, Caritas and Columbares, to inform them of this initiative, which will have a prize of one million euros, as envisaged the draft budget of the Ministry for 2016.

The Minister stressed that the Stock Exchange of Social Rental Housing is already created following the signing last May, the agreement 'Zero Evictions' with financial institutions BMN, Sabadell and Cajamar, which already has 300 empty homes intended for social rented for certain groups in need of greater public protection.

In this sense, Barnabas stressed that the draft budget of the Ministry for next year "plans to increase the number of properties with 50 houses."

The Ministry of Public Works will proceed with the purchase of housing in different parts of the region, with an investment of 875,000 euros, and whose fate will be the relocation of families at risk of social exclusion.

To do this, proceed to the identification and preparation of a census of potential beneficiaries collective work and social integration in the environment and support for families who occupy these homes eventually be held.

This initiative is part of the action program of the Joint Working Committee created by the ministries of Public Works and Infrastructure and Family and Equal Opportunity, in collaboration with the Association Habit, to coordinate and promote all social policies on housing .

In addition, the Ministry of Public Works will continue I collaborate in 2016 actively both Caritas and Columbares, with which currently has two agreements to finance the payment of rent to families at risk of social exclusion and in both cases expected to increase its contribution economic.

For Caritas, the grant will amount to 40,000 euros and the Columbares, 25,000 euros, representing a total 65,000 euros, compared with 50,000 euros this year.

These items another 30,000 euros for the Stock Exchange of Social Rental Housing to work to ensure decent housing for those citizens who need be added.

Finally, the regional official informed them that the project of the Ministry for 2016 includes 28.8 million euros for social housing policies, in order to meet the needs of more than 6,700 families, particularly disadvantaged individuals and groups more vulnerable.

In this regard, he stressed line rent subsidies, amounting to 2.5 million euros, 25 percent more than this year, and other grants of 16.4 million to contribute to the rehabilitation of common elements buildings and urban renewal, which will affect conservation, energy efficiency and quality of buildings.

Source: CARM