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Wallet filled the auditorium of La Merced and remembers that "things can no longer be done with impunity"

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Juan Carlos Monedero, we co-founder, has been in Murcia, with Rafael Mayoral, Secretary for Relations with Civil Society and Social Movements in Murcia to present "Change Route".

This campaign is taking them across the country to talk with citizens and show that you are a transformer unit of society.

Purse has done a review of the neoliberal policies of the PP government, and has been identified as the policy has increasingly moved away from the people to become policy a few, recalled the launch of the so-called "gag "privatization of AENA, the Ebola crisis, the tax amnesty process, or political rescue and Spanish debt" whose debt makes us a province of Germany, and impossible that we can never live with dignity "

With respect to the Region of Murcia, Wallet said that "higher towers have fallen" and "Murcia is another place like Madrid, Valencia and Galicia, that will change when people identify that there is a force that can change, and that it can "

For his part, Rafael Mayoral, explained to the audience how we can has been transforming from birth to society and the Spanish political "change is here to stay and get to all the institutions" in his speech reminded attendees, that "the strongest network that can be used is not Facebook or Twitter, but the message, the word to friends and family to motivate change"

After the session, Rafael Mayoral and Juan Carlos Monedero were accompanied by Javier Sanchez, spokesman We RM and congressional candidate, Maria Marin Secretariat of Policies for change and Congressional candidate, and Esther Martos Senate candidate, together have established a discussion with attendees who were able pass on your questions and concerns.

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

González Tovar stressed that socialist mayors have demonstrated in their 100 days in office are honest, exemplary, participatory, engaged and effective

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

The secretary general of the Socialist Murcia said progressive municipalities take 100 days to lead the change, the transformation of society, fulfilling his electoral program, focusing on employment, people and democratic regeneration

The Secretary General of the Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia and parliamentary speaker, Rafael González Tovar, has praised the work of socialist mayors in these 100 days of progressive municipal governments and stated that "despite the difficulties found in all kinds, in particular economic, heritage management 20 years of the Popular Party, are shown to be effective, committed and decent governments, making us proud of his administration. "

This morning was held a ceremony at the Faculty of Education, Campus of Espinardo, to commemorate the 100 days of socialist mayors.

Rafael González has valued "100 days that have been leading the charge, the transformation of society, 100 days fulfilling our election program focusing on employment, individuals and democratic regeneration".

Tovar Gonzalez stressed that "our mayors are honest men, who rule with exemplary and transparency, an effective antidote to corruption. The Socialist Party has demonstrated zero tolerance for corrupt and at the slightest suspicion, does not shake our hands" he said.

In contrast, "the PP can not say the same, while boasting deciding things with their magic fingers, we do it based on participation."

For the leader of the Socialist Murcia is a big difference between the way of governing Popular Party and the Socialist Party.

"It's been 20 years of mismanagement and poor funding of improper powers delegated by the Regional Government."

Therefore, "it is vital to negotiate a new financing more equitable, allowing the municipalities continue to provide public services."

González Tovar said that in these 100 days has also been demonstrated that "socialist mayors and mayors govern with the people and for the people, taking people into the core of their policies and actions on fair and social for most policies. Our municipalities are the engine of change, "he said.

In this regard, he recalled that the citizens expressed at the polls "your desire they finished the absolutísimas majorities" to open a new era of dialogue and agreement, more focused on proximity and address the problems of people.

Rafael González Tovar, the PSOE is the transformer game and is proving that you can do things differently, as the 26 progressive municipal governments that exist in the region.

He therefore called on the President of the Autonomous Community institutional loyalty with mayors and local councils regardless of who governs.

"Citizens do not understand that the president who represents everyone use his position as a partisan and punish municipalities in terms of who should govern them."

The secretary general of the Socialist Murcia recalled the important event we have the next month.

"Change on 20-D is necessary, so that Rajoy not continue cutting public spending more and prevent the mayors continue to provide services to residents who need it most."

Tovar Gonzalez concluded, "Pedro Sanchez is very clear, people first The Socialist Party rule for most of Spain with a government of great social sensitivity and a strong municipalist support.".


Borja Casado The singer returns with two new albums

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

The singer married Borja published two albums in November.

The first, LIVE, was recorded over four years now live.

The second will be launched on November 28 and will be called RETALES MORE.

It is the continuation of his previous work RETALES, who presented two years ago.

Live was recorded in February 2011 with the intention of editing that year.

In fact, he came to launch the video for Smile From afar, the first single from the album, which can be found in the youtube platform.

However, the project was paralyzed and has not seen the light until now.

It consists of six songs recorded live at the Auditorium Cabezo de Torres (Murcia).

More Retales is the continuation of the previous album Borja Casado.

RETALES was released in late 2013 to celebrate 15 years in the music collecting some of the main songs from the discography of this singer.

However, the author soon realized that there were some issues that deserved ruled area.

Hence the idea arises, almost two years later, to make this second part.

Both works will be available for free download via Bandcamp platform, the first one from today.

Borja Married this is a trilogy that closes a stage, "the songs make a good summary of nearly two decades on stage and, in time, make a last look to the past and to the future first, as it contains issues ago many years but recent recordings.

Really I do not know if there are three disks or triple one. "

It will be a busy month for Borja Casado, who will be kicking stage to present these works with his band The Singles.

First dates are: November, 11th False Door, 14th and 28th in Castellon FNAC Murcia;

and in December, 5th Café de Alba.

Married Borja is a songwriter and poet who mix pop and rock'n'roll in their subjects.

ALCAP poetry prize 2001, has published the poems Borja Passport to nothing and has collaborated with numerous cultural magazines.

It has also been special mention for Poetic Studies Center for his work The Poet Goodbye.

It is perhaps for these reasons that in all his songs is the greater role for the texts.

Source: Agencias

Citizens requires the arrival of the AVE sooner

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

"but always complying with the law and signed agreements"

Miguel Sanchez calls as quickly as possible to the Administration in processing the necessary documentation for the High Speed ​​finally a reality in the region

Citizens requires new arrival of the AVE to Murcia in the shortest possible time, but always subject to the law and the framework agreement signed in 2006. The spokesman of the formation in the region, Miguel Sanchez, stressed the "firm commitment" of C's by the High Speed: "We continue betting on a bird in top condition, which seems that the PP will be unable to fulfill," said Sanchez, who lamented "the light weight of Pedro Antonio Sanchez in Madrid, who has returned to turn their promises and the Popular Party in wet paper, again leaving the Murcia offside in such an important matter. "

Citizens also reminded the regional president who has to fulfill its promises on this issue, "but knowing what we now worth its word, we believe that the end will have to be Albert Rivera as Prime Minister finally bring the Murcia High Speed" said Miguel Sanchez.

"We ask the administration to manage with the maximum possible speed and urgency to comply with the signed, and so I pass on to the Minister acting on his visit to the region," said Orange spokesman, adding that this visit " a minister in office and unable to solve anything all I will highlight is the failure of both the central government and the Pedro Antonio Sánchez to solve both the problem of the bird such as the desalination of tailings or airport Corvera ".

Source: Ciudadanos

More than 1,500 young people have participated this month in the activities of electronic sports'WolrdParty' initiative

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

The general director of Youth attended by the Councillor for Youth of Murcia to the broadcast of the World Cup final championship game ' League of Legends' which concludes the event

The general director of Youth, Francisco Sanchez, and the councilman of Youth council of Murcia, Rebeca Perez, today attended the final day of the 'WorldParty' initiative, which has been developed during this month in which more than 1,500 young.

Murcia organized by the youth association 'Training Gamers' event concludes today at the Leisure Centre Zig-Zag with the live broadcast of the final of the world championship more electronic deported, which features the video game' League of legens'.

In addition, throughout the day there have been activities such as role-playing games, tournaments, exhibitions, 'cosplay', 'fan-art' exhibitions console and virtual simulators, and raffles with prizes.

The general director of Youth expressed their support at the event "youth initiatives that promote healthy leisure such as electronic sports", to which he added that "we will continue to offer young people new opportunities for leisure and recreation, always open to new trends in entertainment for the region to host a future international events, which are very attractive to the youth. "

In fact, the championship of 'League of Legens' is followed by millions of young people on five continents, especially among those between 14 and 35 years.

In addition, today's event in Murcia Murcia served to support Enrique 'xPeke' Cedeno, Spain best professional gamer.

Source: CARM

On November 15, runs anywhere with UNICEF

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

The Team UNICEF World Run is a global initiative that professional racers and fans around the world can join, the only requirement is to connect your Smartphone application or GPS clock and complete a total of 10km.

that Sunday

No shortage even less reason to go for a run on Sunday November 15, either by participating in any competition or, in addition, collaborating with an RBI for UNICEF initiative, which collaborates and encouraged to participate Athletics Federation Region of Murcia.

All professional racers and fans around the world can join Team UNICEF World Run through its website (

It is a charity race connected with thousands of runners, with no set time or place of departure, which allows participants to want to run where and when they want.

The only requirement is to register and connect the mobile application using (RunKeeper, Strava, Nike +, Runtastic, MapMyRun, Endomondo) or from your GPS (Garmin and Polar) clock and complete 10km.

said day.

They can also do this by forming teams of four people.

The TEAM Unicef ​​World Run is a charity race that has as its mission the fight against severe acute malnutrition, which kills nearly 8,000 children every day worldwide.

The total funds raised by the race will go to UNICEF to support the work of the organization in this area.

With an enrollment of € 10, eight children can be treated for severe acute malnutrition during one day.

The first 1,000 registered also receive the official shirt of Team UNICEF World Run.

Despite the progress, "siguee child malnutrition remains a major threat to the survival, health and growth of millions of children. In the world there are 161 million children under five suffering from chronic malnutrition. We know of the importance of acting now. Together we can achieve a better future for all children and what better way than through sport. This mobilization of so many people is a message of hope and life "in the words of Carmelo Angulo, president Spanish UNICEF Committee.

Participants can also go sharing images of their own workouts and race through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, through the hashtag #TeamUNICEF and involve family and friends to take part in the race or support their team by a donation to UNICEF.

Source: FAMU

Esamur offers farmers sludge to improve the quality of agricultural soils

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

have zero cost to farmers and provide lots of nutrients to the soil

Sanitation The Bank has launched a pilot project to monitor by GPS transporting sludge from the treatment plant to the plots

The Bank of Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment of Murcia (Esamur) of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment offers irrigators sludge resulting from water treatment to improve the quality of agricultural soils.

Manager Esamur Jesus Artero, yesterday held a meeting with representatives of local groups Yecla City Council to report on the application of sludge in agriculture.

Currently 130,000 tonnes of sludge that meet the quality standards set out in the guidelines and to improve agricultural soil with plenty of nutrients are obtained annually.

Mud has zero cost to farmers and analytical control from the treatment plant to the farmers' fields is guaranteed by Esamur.

For the sludge, farmers must apply to their municipalities.

In addition, it is conducting a pilot project that involves the installation of GPS devices in the trucks that transport the sludge from the treatment plant to the plots to conduct a comprehensive monitoring.

Jesus Artero announced an agreement with the City of Yecla for the use of sludge will be signed and is expected to also sign agreements with other municipalities in the region.

The sludge from the treatment plants are used for composting or as fertilizer for agricultural land.

Source: CARM

Jesus Cano: "A leftist government would close the tap to the Region of Murcia"

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

The popular MP regrets that citizens do not support the motion of the PP on the reduction of the electricity tariff for desalination

The deputy of the Popular Party, Jesus Cano, said today that "a hypothetical leftist government 20-D, would close the tap to the Region of Murcia. The proposals of the PSOE in water is to resurrect the infamous' Plan Narbonne ', desalination and installation of photovoltaic plants for desalination. In a word transfers ", as was reflected last Thursday in the Regional Assembly of Murcia.

The executive secretary of the MPRP Water and Agriculture has asked acting González Tovar, who raise your voice and defend the interests of farmers and irrigators Murcia to his socialist comrades.

"It is unacceptable that the socialist García Page denounce the Ministry to approve transfers from the Tagus to the Segura y Tovar do not say mu".

Cano says he does not understand the position of the Socialist Murcia on water, "if a great deal is achieved to lower the price of desalinated water are not able, or even to show their satisfaction with what has been achieved, although it is good for farmers and irrigators Murcia ".

Water spokesman of the popular group has expressed surprise and wondered "why the Socialists irritated them that the governments of Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Antonio Sánchez build the pipeline desalination Eagles, to bring water to irrigation Puerto Lumbreras, Lorca and Totana, even if it means ending a problem that they created ?. What is the PSOE's water policy? Does Mr. Tovar the price of a cubic meter of desalinated water and a cubic meter of water transfer? What are they waiting for socialists lend a hand when it comes to benefit the citizens of the Region of Murcia? Have you ever Tovar will precede the general interest above partisan interests? ".

On the other hand, the popular MP also lashed out at the Citizens parliamentary group, which has been accused of having a double standard and live permanently in election campaign, "do not understand how they do not support something that is beneficial and necessary for farmers and irrigators, such as the lowering of electricity tariff for desalination. This is the proof that they are something else and not on what really matters and worries Murcia. "

Jesus Cano has called the party Citizens "can not be playing with something so serious, it is necessary to ensure water for our agriculture, and all that we hold public responsibilities we have to commit ourselves to this task and work on finding resources to combat this drought, since the responsibility and high-mindedness, and are mistaken if they think they do not support our initiatives, it is to punish the PP, for whom harm is Murcia. "

The executive secretary of Water and Agriculture MPRP has finished asking Tovar Sanchez and "try to be helpful and defend the interests of Murcia and not his personal".

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Community encourages entrepreneurs in the region to take advantage'boom' kosher food in the United States

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

The Institute of Public works to the region next year Kosherfest be present in the fair, the most important event of a North American market only moves 12,500 million euros

Thirty businessmen from the region participated in this week's conference "Business opportunities for the sector kosher in America ', organized by the Ministry of Economic, Tourism and Employment Development, through the Institute of Development of the Region of Murcia ( INFO) within the Promotion Plan.

During the talk, the participants learned about the characteristics and requirements of these products associated with Jewish culture and the good prospects for a market growing at a rate of ten percent since 2005 and in the US alone generated 12,500 million annual euros.

INFO director, Javier Celdrán, said the appeal of this market has led this organization to work for that next year the region is present in the Kosherfest fair, the most important event of this market.

"It's fair food and beverages world's largest kosher, with more than 6,000 trade visitors and over 300 companies present, and we want to become the key to open the US kosher market to companies Region, especially those in the food sector, "said Javier Celdrán.

During the seminar, given by the director of the Office of Business Development in the United States, Maria Sanmartin, entrepreneurs learned about the potential benefit of entering a team of more than twelve million people market.

In addition, between 40 and 50 percent of products sold in American supermarkets have kosher certification, of which there are more than 195,000 references that keep growing each year.

Globally, the kosher market represents 600,000 million, although 70 percent of these sales are concentrated in the United States and Israel.

The entry into this segment, however, allow regional companies to reach other markets in countries where consumption is also rising kosher food for its association with natural, healthy and safe products, such as France, the United Kingdom, Russia or Argentina.

This association of quality kosher certification is precisely responsible for the spectacular consumption of these products in the US, where only 11.5 percent of the 12 million consumers were Jewish kosher.

The rest of the demand comes from consumers perceive these products as natural or who come to them for health reasons, as vegetarians, gluten or lactose intolerant.

Currently, INFO is aware of about 40 companies certified kosher in the Region of Murcia.

Among the Spanish food with more demand in this market include the extra virgin olive oil, wine, canned vegetables and fish, candies and chocolates, sweets, vinegars, cheeses and honey.

"Regional products also feature this quality assurance and benefit from the reputation and good name of the Spanish cuisine, so obtaining kosher certificate provides access to a very interesting niche market and possibility of achieving a good return medium or long term, "the director of INFO.

Source: CARM

The bet Region for excellence as added value during the Third International Congress of Quality Tourism held in Coruna

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

During the meeting were discussed collaborative economy, new industries and future tourism

At present, the Region of Murcia has 80 certified establishments with the Q for Quality Tourism

The Ministry of Economic, Tourism and Employment Development has participated in the 28th, 29th and 30th October at the Third International Congress of Quality Tourism, held in La Coruna under the slogan "Choose quality, avoid risks."

The Region, who attended this meeting as Territorial Delegation of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), a member of its Board of Directors and representative of the autonomous communities, took the congress to strengthen their commitment to quality as tool for adding value to the tourism industry.

He also participated in a series of technical meetings where topics, such as collaborative economy, new industries and future of tourism were discussed.

At present, the Region of Murcia has 80 certified establishments with the Q for Quality Tourism.

And with 37 certified beaches, it is the third Community national rankings in number of beaches with Q tourist quality, only behind Andalusia and Valencia.

Source: CARM