The Community shall intact in 2016 the two extra payments and 26 percent of the Christmas bonus 2012

The General Board of Civil Service has agreed to meet next week to discuss proposals submitted by union representatives

The regional government included in the budgets of 2016 a wage increase of 1 percent to all public employees

The regional government committed today, at the first meeting in this term of the General Bureau of the Public Service, the full payment of the two extra payments next year, the payment of 26 per cent for the 2012 Christmas bonus and a wage increase of 1 percent of salaries to civil servants

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andres Carrillo, who chaired the meeting, presented the unions with representation in the regional administration the government proposal on public function that is included in the draft 2016 Budget Law and agreed to meet next week to meet and study the proposals of the union representatives.

The salary increase for public employees for the next financial year will be a total of 48.5 million euros, including 1 percent rise for all sectors and remuneration, amounting to 21.5 million, and 27 million for the payment of 26 percent of the bonus in December 2012.

Carrillo said that "for the first time after six years of public wages increase, the government recognizes the efforts made by public employees in recent years and, to the extent that the current economic recovery takes hold, we keep improving working conditions of this group. "

Always "in a commitment to prudence and rigor with public accounts, which allow us to continue on the path of growth and jobs recovery," said the counselor.

In this regard, the finance minister conveyed to the members of the Bureau of Civil Service "the government's intention to open a permanent process of negotiation, which is reflected in a legislative framework agreement, for the next four years they can recover most of the rights to which public employees resigned in previous years. "

The Minister recalled that "in 2015 the regional government paid 25 percent of the bonus in December 2012, representing an outlay of 25 million euros, and thus postpone the next financial year an effort of this amount, which It would be impossible to meet this year. "

The public job by the executive notes that the terms will be considered in the basic state policy, where the full replacement of vacancies due to retirement is included, a figure to be determined at year end, and to be adopted with unions in a forthcoming General negotiating table.

The Minister stressed that "at this time we started talking and increase in salary compensation, a wide range of public employment and how to recover rights through a legal framework to regulate the rights and duties of public employees."

Source: CARM


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