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The PSOE PP accused of lying and hiding information about the works of the AVE and degrade the agreement of 2006 to a mere project of suppression of level crossings

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Maria Jose Lajarín asks the PP not intended for sale as a phase the underground suppression plan a few crossings

Murcia, July 31, 2015;

Secretary of Infrastructure and Mobility of the Socialist Party in the Region of Murcia, José María Lajarín, he lamented that the PP "still do not understand what it is to defend the interests of the Region of Murcia", referring to the "many lies and PP smokescreen to try to cover up their ineptitude when it comes to ensuring that the AVE arrives buried in Murcia ".

"Fourteen months ago the PP knows that ADIF will not carry out the excavation project. The PP knew that the only project that we have is the removal of a level crossing," said Secretary of Infrastructure PSRM, who added that "the PP seeks to transfer to others the responsibility for something they do not comply. The AVE is not delayed because the first phase is done the correct and legal way, the AVE is delayed by the bad management of the PP. Furthermore, the AVE could come in a few months while excavation works are begun, as was envisaged in the 2006 agreement. "

Maria Jose Lajarín has dismissed as shameful that intends to invest 13 million euros in adapting the station El Carmen and then, facing the second phase, having to remove it: "We can not throw that money, that is all the garbage. can not continue improvising. A 2006 agreement that the PSOE and society Murcia put on the table and contemplating a legal project. The layout impossible Valcarcel signed in 2001 and the current works of dubious legality are the result of PP's inability to deal with the word that was given to the citizens. "

"It is the duty of the Regional Government and the Municipal Government of Murcia to put on the table to defend the interests of the municipality and the region. If we do the project from the first phase as it should be, we can save one million euros each one of the 'interim' seeking to build bridges, and avoid the suffering of many families of Sorrows, Tiñosa way, the Chapel of the Rosary and the path of the Garres that will be expropriated "Lajarín indicated.

"If the 2006 agreement continues the work is legal, the citizens want and that positively affects the interests of Murcia, everything else is lies and places the PP screens to hide their inability to defend the interests of all . With the project proposed by the PSOE, not only did not delay the AVE, but would come even before without harming anyone, "he concluded.


Thomas Violante associations studied with changes in the composition of boards of gender equality and violence

Friday, July 31st, 2015

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities and his team have collected the demands of this group at its first meeting

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Thomas Violante, along with his management team met with representatives of nine women's associations, to publicize the work lines of the new Directorate General on this matter.

Among other things, they studied changes in the composition of the Regional Council of Women and Gender Violence Council.

"We will consider requests for partnerships with more prominence in these organizations, which have requested to be represented other administrative centers of the Ministry and other authorities, as the policies of women have to be cross and we can do more extensive yet, "said the minister Thomas Violante.

The Regional Women's Advisory Council responsible for advising on the development of programs and action plans to promote equal opportunities for men and women, and to formulate initiatives and suggestions on this matter.

For its part, the Council of Domestic Violence makes suggestions on the implementation of government initiatives, programs and action plans to combat violence against women, and formulated initiatives that are being developed action plans against violence.

At this meeting representatives of the Organization of Murcia Business and Professional Women (OMEP), the Federation of Associations of housewives, consumers and users Thad, the Federation of Women's Organizations of Lorca, the Association of Families and Women in rural means The association Mediterranean Women Cartagena, the Regional Federation of Widows, the Federation of Rural Women Murcia (femur), the Federation of Rural Women of the Region of Murcia (FADEMUR), and the Association of Men for Gender Equality.

Another issue discussed was the monitoring of networking that is currently being developed with the associations.

This project was launched last year with the aim of achieving closer cooperation with the association and a reciprocal and continuous exchange.

He claims that people involved in associations deeper knowledge on what constitutes violence, and existing resources to help overcome the abuse.

In short, seeks to promote mutual understanding and exchanges between the Community and the associations and federations of women, with a clear vocation of continuity, in order to raise awareness and networking for better care for women victims GBV.

In the balance held today, it concluded that the project has developed so far a total of 18 workshops I have attended about 400 people.

Source: CARM

Murcia beaches will be more accessible

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Thanks to an agreement signed by the ONCE Foundation and the Spanish Red Cross

ONCE Foundation and the Red Cross signed agreement that will improve access to bath disabled in beaches of Murcia

In the first instance the donation consists of 3 kits consist of amphibious chair, two life jackets, two amphibious crutches and two identification panels

ONCE Foundation and the Spanish Red Cross have signed a national level, a cooperation agreement to promote access of people with disabilities in the Spanish beaches.

Specifically, in the region of Murcia, ONCE Foundation has already delivered three Red Cross kits compounds, each for 1 amphibious chair-anfibuggy, life jackets for adults and children, amphibious crutches game for children and adults and identifying two panels adapted bathing activity.

Since ONCE Foundation is revealed and the need to satisfy the right of disabled people to enjoy leisure and sports in the beach areas of the Region of Murcia.

A right that not only affects the group of people with disabilities but also those with some kind of functional limitation due to increased life expectancy.

These are people who do not travel alone but in many cases accompanied by their families.

From the ONCE Foundation better living conditions for people with disabilities are promoted.

Spanish Red Cross in the region of Murcia, has surveillance and rescue service in Murcia coast 15 beaches, and 5 in the town of Pulpí (Almería).

Currently available service bathroom 8 beaches of Murcia, in the municipalities of Mazarrón, Aguilas and Cartagena (Lost Ship-Hotel Entremares and Mar de Cristal).

"It's a commitment to Red Cross to people with disabilities, and we are increasing this service," said Aurelio Moon, president of the humanitarian organization in the region of Murcia.

With this agreement, both entities will carry out various initiatives and activities in Spanish beaches for the promotion of universal accessibility and design for everyone.

To do this, ONCE Foundation undertakes to provide to the Spanish Red Cross support products that facilitate access to leisure and sport by people with disabilities.

For his part, Spanish Red Cross is committed to providing its human resources in order to enable use by people with disabilities of assistive products donated by the ONCE Foundation.

Source: Cruz Roja Águilas

The Minister Francisco Barnabas meets the spokesman of the Platform Pro-Underground

Friday, July 31st, 2015

The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures, Francisco Barnabas, today received the Speaker of the Pro-Underground, Joaquín Contreras Platform, accompanied by members of the platform, with whom he analyzed in detail the agreement acquired yesterday by the Ministry of Development, the Autonomous Community the city of Murcia advances in programming project of the High Speed ​​burial in the city of Murcia, which expresses implementation phases and deadlines.

At this meeting, I was made aware of the Platform that the burial "will continue taking steps in Murcia" with the next run of the station of El Carmen, followed by construction in the Path of the Garres, the Nonduermas-Barriomar depression and burial in Nonduermas.

Thus, the integral desoterramiento AVE project and completed in Murcia.

Source: CARM

Pedro Antonio Sanchez emphasizes employment as a priority in the implementation of measures "to be reflected in the lives of the people"

Friday, July 31st, 2015

The head of Murcia chairs the meeting of the Council of Mayors, made today after the commitment made just a month ago for president in his inaugural address

Announces that the access of young people Youth Guarantee Program will expand from 25 to 30 years, which is double the number of beneficiaries in the region

The president of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, said today on the occasion of the constitution of the Council of Mayors that employment "will be a priority" to address and implement measures "to be seen reflected in the lives of the people", and He remarked that "our main goal is to get who want to work in the region can do in terms of quality."

The prime minister made the remarks on the occasion of the first meeting of the Council of Mayors, which was formed today after the commitment it made less than a month ago in his inaugural speech.

The regional president said that "to fulfill acquired commitments and Council of Mayors is the expression of one of them."

The president of the Community noted that employment "is a concern of all" and, in this regard, announced as a measure to support the access of young people to the Youth Guarantee Program will expand from 25 to 30 years.

Pedro Antonio Sánchez highlighted the "proper functioning" of the program, which serves youth "to help her better training and find a job."

The regional chief executive said that the proposal by the Government of the Region of Murcia rose to the Ministry of Employment, the Youth Guarantee Program will expand its coverage, which will, said that the Region of Murcia "almost double the number of young people who can benefit from this program ", which will be passed to the 27,000 young people under 25, who was the current limit, to 52,000 young people up to 30 years in the region.

Pedro Antonio Sanchez stressed that the regional government's goal "is that in this term jobs generated 45,000 youth" and also announced the support the Executive Murcia, through the SEF, made in expanding the payments they receive about 250 youth labor practices, which will mean a 50 percent higher salary, which will go from 450-639 euros.

"More media, more pay, more facilities, more aid for young people who want a better education and more opportunities to get a job," noted Pedro Antonio Sanchez.

Framework for discussion of municipal proposals

The President said that the Council of Mayors "was launched with the aim of providing a framework for discussion of proposed municipal interest" as well as being "a participatory forum in which the word is given to municipalities to do get their demands directly to the Executive Murcia shape. "

"It is a participatory body, a new pluralistic forum," said the regional chief executive, arising, he added, as a "space for dialogue and consensus seeking and shared decision-making and co-decision with the public" .

The president said that "one of the first determinations is to open new avenues for society to be present in decision-making", with the development of the Rules of Participation, as well as "the walking of the Council of Mayors, which will pay special attention to municipalities, and a new framework of relationship that allows it to be closer, fluid, effective and valid. "

In his speech, the Chief Executive proposed the drafting of a law "to do with each other and give new impetus to the current Council for Local Cooperation", which was established in 1994 and, according to the president, "must be appropriate, without prejudice their duties, complementing the Council of Mayors. "

"What we aim is to create a better structure," said Pedro Antonio Sanchez, who advocated the involvement of 45 municipalities and a "swift and positive" from institutional loyalty relations.

Source: CARM

The Civil Guard detained nine people for scams owners of lost pets

Friday, July 31st, 2015

This is a new type of crime involving the selection, through Intrenet, owners of animals lost to calling certain sum of money by deception, to recover

So far, 33 cases have been clarified criminal acts of fraud committed in the provinces of Seville, Barcelona, ​​Granada, Valencia, Logroño and Murcia

The arrested individuals they contacted announcing the disappearance or theft of pets

The Civil Guard in the region of Murcia has developed the operation 'WANTED' research aimed at locating and arresting the perpetrators of scams pet owners, which has resulted in the arrest of nine people on suspicion of at least 33 criminal acts constitute a crime of continued of fraud, committed in the provinces Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Granada, Valencia, Logroño and Murcia.

The investigation last June began when the Civil Guard met the alleged scam pet owners, who after announcing, via the Internet, the disappearance of these received another call saying if any recovered for which certain requested delivery amount of money, while the animal was never recovered.

Given the suspicions that this crime was committed in a systematic manner, the Meritorious sought similarities between similar cases and found that there were more than thirty complaints in police stations and posts of the Spanish Civil Guard in different provinces where victims reported having received calls or messages in an unknown, by deception, she claimed to know the whereabouts of your pet for which recovery requested certain amount of money, ranging from 20 to 100 euros.

These crimes had caused some alarm among pet owners, some of whom warned, through different social networks, this type of crime that had hitherto gone unpunished.

The Civil Guard sought information related to the phone from which the calls were made and inquired about the ownership of the bank accounts where the victims entered the agreed amount.

These research efforts bore fruit with the identification of nine neighbors of Ceuta and parental relationship were outlined as the alleged perpetrators of the alleged scams.

The operation 'WANTED' has culminated in the location and arrest of nine people six women and three men, of Spanish nationality and aged between 19 and 35 on suspicion of continued crime of fraud.

The sentimental value of pets favored payment scammers

The Civil Guard has concluded that this is a new type of crime consisting collect through Internet ads, search for missing pets.

In these publications all the victims reported the details of the lost animal such as race, color, name, appended photographs of it and facilitated a contact number for whom might have seen.

With this premise the now detained, allegedly got in touch with the owners by calls or messages, with the following deception: alleged that a third party had offered the animal sought in exchange for some money and as they did not have of that amount, required his owner a bank transfer order to buy the animal and return it.

The victims, on expectations of recovering their animals and moved by the sentimental value of these, they agreed to pay the money, but in any case they managed to recover.

The Civil Guard has clarified 33 crimes related to this type committed in the provinces of Seville, Barcelona, ​​Granada, Valencia, Logroño and Murcia.

The arrest and the proceedings have been brought before the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Molina de Segura (Murcia).

Source: Ministerio del Interior

Victor Martinez: Pedro Antonio Sanchez is solving the problems left Tovar as government delegate

Friday, July 31st, 2015

GPP spokesman believes that it is time to move away from polemics and bring solutions to the problems

The spokesman of the Popular parliamentary group, Victor Martinez, said that the Socialist Party has little or nothing to contribute on water and what to do "is away from controversy and seek solutions to the problems of the region".

In this regard, he said that in a month in office, President of the Autonomous Community has been placing solve the problems left in 2009 Rafael González Tovar as delegate of the Government, problems of water, financing, infrastructure .

Victor Martinez recalled the agreement reached for the arrival of the underground and the Region of Murcia and additional 254 million euros will receive the Autonomous Region for next year Ave.

The parliamentary speaker believes that it is time to move away from old debates, talk less and work to solve the problems, that is what citizens expect from us and that task is overturned Pedro Antonio Sanchez and the government of the Region.

Victor Martinez has concluded the agreement for the arrival of the AVE to the region that connects us with the rest of Spain and makes us more competitive because there is a president who has decided to change things.

Source: GPP

Sunday Segado: Tovar helped implement the nefarious current financing system

Friday, July 31st, 2015

The regional deputy and chairman of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget, Domingo Segado, said the secretary general of the Socialist Murcia, Rafael González Tovar helped implement the nefarious current funding system is hurting both Murcia .

Sunday Mowing considered great news that the Region of Murcia available next year additional 254 million euros that are the result of hard work and vindictive attitude of the president of the autonomous region, Pedro Antonio Sanchez.

For the regional deputy, this is a first step that will be complemented with a review of the system of regional financing that both have claimed the Region of Murcia and that the ministry will begin to study next September, as it has requested President Pedro Antonio Sanchez.

Source: GPP

The GPP BIC statement calls for the submarine Peral

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Elena Ruiz: The time has come to strengthen protection of this valuable piece

The EPP group has been a motion in the Regional Assembly requesting the Regional Government of appropriate steps to achieve the declaration of a Cultural submarine Peral.

This morning, the group's spokesman, Victor Martinez accompanied by deputies Segado Elena Ruiz and Domingo held a meeting with the head of the Military Arsenal Admiral Fernando Zumalacárregui who has given transfer of the initiative to be the defense ministry owner submersible.

We want to defend one of the most important symbols of Cartagena and Murcia, he said Victor Martinez stressed the importance of the figure of Isaac Peral and his invention as differentiators that make us different and more important.

It has also stressed its appeal as a tourist attraction element.

The regional deputy, Elena Ruiz, stressed the great value of the piece and linking Cartagena to the figure of Isaac Peral.

For Elena Ruiz, once the submarine has its own space in the Naval Museum it is time to strengthen their protection declaration like Good of National Cultural Interest.

In this sense, the deputy said that the competent body to boost the administrative procedure is the Ministry of Culture because it is a state property.

Source: GPP

Socialist Alternative calls for a change in the rules of non-contributory pensions to avoid discrimination in the disabled community

Friday, July 31st, 2015

The Federal Unit Personal Autonomy Group, Disability and CLI-AS (Building the Socialist Left Alternative), believe that the entry into force of Law 26/1990 of 20 December, which were established and regulated the PNC` s (Non-Contributory Pensions) meant at the time a breakthrough in this area.

"For more than eleven years since its implementation, these pensions have helped thousands of people to have a dignified life, preventing family financial burden and giving more autonomy to people receiving" the organization said. "

Thus, it says this match, the PNC`s fulfill these functions:

Give economic independence who otherwise would be impossible to have it.

Alleviate the burden of extraordinary expenses in households, not overloading the so called "family bed" of families with a disabled member.

Revive consumption, as consumer generated autonomous agents.

Prevent absolute poverty, marginalization and even death of the elderly and disabled without support of any kind of social network.

During these years the Law 26/1990, of December 20, has been substantially amended or clarified on several occasions:

However, this legislation is not reform the talk about inconsistencies in Art.14 of RD 357/1991 of 15 March.

In this art., For every person cohabiting economic cohabitation unit it said.

That article reads as follows:

"Article. 14. Calculation of the amounts. 1. The amount of pensions in its annual amount, shall be as set in the relevant law of state budgets. Your payment will be packed in fourteen pay for each one of the months of the year and two extra payments that accrue during the months of June and November.

If the same economic unit concur more than one beneficiary entitled to a pension of the same nature, the amount of each pension will be determined according to the following rules:


The amount referred to in number 1 it would join 70 100 of the same amount as many times as the number of beneficiaries but one existing in the economic unit.


The amount of the pension for each of the beneficiaries will be equal to the quotient of dividing the result of the sum provided for in the first period, the number of beneficiaries entitled to a pension.

2. individual amounts resulting from the application of the provisions of the previous number, calculated on a yearly basis, shall be deducted, where applicable, annual reckonable income or earnings available to each beneficiary.

3. In cases of coexistence of the beneficiary or beneficiaries in a single economic unit with non-beneficiaries, if the sum of income or annual income of all the components of the economic unit, but the amount of the pension or noncontributory pension calculated as provided in the preceding exceeds the limit of accumulation of resources provided for in Article 11, the pension or pension will be reduced to avoid exceeding the limit, disminuyéndose, by the same amount, each of pensions.

4. The minimum amount of pension to be recognized in any event, equal to 25 per 100 of the amount of pension for the number 1 of this Article, if the calculation resulting from the application of the provisions of 2 and 3, would have less than this percentage result.

5. The monthly amount paid to each beneficiary shall be rounded to the nearest multiple of ten excess. "

Given the arguments above, Socialist Alternative sees that in the case of two people percipient PNC contrajesen a marriage, that marriage union would be a considerable reduction in their respective PNC`s.

This party is a measure that penalizes marriage between people receiving a PNC and its independence in its project to enable independent living, to establish an economic recharged said personal project.

"For people with disabilities, given the high cost of living with a disability, both in technical aids, adaptations and medical treatments, this measure represents an even greater punishment. Makes economically impossible marriage between two persons with disabilities and their coexistence in a common life project on an equal footing with the rest of the population "aclaran-.

Considering the above, Socialist Alternative calls upon the Government of Spain to exclude the concept of economic family unit cases in which married life of two people percipient of PNC, for purposes of calculating individual incompatibilities and to collect amounts are given.

Leaving intact the amounts they receive both spouses in respect of PNC`s.

"This will only affect the amounts received for PNC`sy not to other income of both spouses, which under current law is governed" affirm-.

"This modification will be made in the text of the Law 26/1990, of December 20, for which they were established and regulated the PNC`s (Non-contributory pensions), and other development legislation" conclusive .

The Federal Unit Personal Autonomy Group, Disability and Socialist Alternative has launched a campaign on the website to achieve this goal, you can sign this petition:

Source: Alternativa Socialista Región de Murcia