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UTO-UGT denounced "the inaction of the administration against illegal gambling"

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

"abusing the disabled, deceives the public and jeopardize the work of the ONCE"

Asks that the law is enforced and acted against offenders

The Union of the ONCE (UTO-UGT), the majority union at the ONCE, with nearly 90% of union representation, denouncing the absolute passivity of the government in the fight against illegal gambling that, increasingly, bursts into the streets, abused the image of disability, deceives the public with products without any security, and threatens the social work of the ONCE and the job of each of the more than 20,000 sellers and selling of the Organization, all people with disabilities.

The State Committee for UTO-UGT, as a continuation of that undertaken for over a year campaign, "Illegal gambling is not a game", has decided to mobilize and go out to require competent authorities to act against entities " manifestly illegal "as the OID, among others, using the image of the draw of the ONCE, copy their products and image, so tortuous used disability to their advantage, as reiterated by the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), and sometimes they have reached assaults salesmen and saleswomen of ONCE.

With the campaign "illegal gambling is not a game", it is to sensitize the public statements of the need to comply with current legislation on games of the Law 13/2011 of May 27, which sets out specific conditions for this sector at all levels, and is mocked by those who act outside the law and threatening every day citizens who buy these products without warranty.

UTO-UGT considers "very rare" and some outright the actions against this illegal activity, such as the imposition of a fine of 25 million euros to the OID undertaken by the Ministry of Finance, since it has not been a significant advance and, it expresses the ministerial decision itself (BOE 27/12/2014) is an organization "with full awareness of the illegal nature of their activity" with a "quit attitude" illegally, with "lack of appreciation by the law" , what constitutes a "serious violation of the legal order".

And all this without consequences for violators.

Since UTO-UGT, as defenders of workers and employees of ONCE, as well as the provision of services offered to the blind and other disabled through the once-Foundation, besides being the biggest engine employment for people with disabilities in our country, we reiterate our "radical and uncompromising" stance against illegal gambling in all its forms.

We can not tolerate that the Administration's failure to enforce the many decisions, and administrative and judicial decisions that weigh against illegal gambling and specifically against OID, which still roam freely selling their products and luring nearly 100,000 consumers every day and up recently, with the ability to reach children through its website, as noted by the Ministry of Finance itself in the resolution.

UTO-UGT requires urgent, intervention by the State Administration for once and for all, is to enforce the Law 13/2011, of 27 May, regulating the game, not just those who act within the law, we pay our taxes and we work responsibly, but also and conclusively and definitively, to those that systematically violate, such as the OID.

For this, the union initiated any actions deemed appropriate to denounce the passivity and inaction of the government in compliance with the law, demanding categorically eradicate this scourge of illegal game, taking advantage of the solidarity of the citizens, directly attacks the sustainability of the institution and our gaming products, endangering the jobs and job security for all those who depend on it and especially because suffer directly in the street, vendors and vendors ONCE.

In the Autonomous Community of Murcia, at the end of 2014 there were a total of 1 association selling illegal gambling on the streets.

349 employees used to do, all without registration with Social Security and labor rights, with total sales estimated at 5,825,508 euros this year.

Source: UTO-UGT

Pedro Antonio starts a new "brave, helpful, reformist and permanent dialogue" for the Region of Murcia project

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The PP candidate is elected president of the Regional Assembly and "reaches out to the parties" because it is "responsible for all achieve great agreements that allow us to advance in the next four years "

The PP candidate for president of the autonomous region, Pedro Antonio, has obtained today the majority support of the Regional Assembly to start "a project with clear ideas, brave, reformist and permanent dialogue for the Region of Murcia"

After the vote, the newly elected president-elect "has reached out to all parties" because "it is the responsibility of all achieve great agreements that allow us to advance in a model of growth and progress over the next four years."

Pedro Antonio has referred to its plan for the future so that "Murcia more" containing fifty proposals "concrete and positive", marking "the beginning of a new policy, close, honest, transparent and participative ".

With priority objectives such as job creation, lower taxes, support for the most vulnerable, health, education, infrastructure, democratic quality, the newly elected president reaffirmed that "is willing to talk with all the benefit of Murcia to transform their concerns in decisions. "

In addition, he insisted on continuing dialogue to ensure stability.

"Stability is not a need for this President. It's not a matter of comfort for a government. It is a necessity of an entire region that needs a strong and solid government that generates confidence and certainty," said Pedro Antonio.

He also insisted on a "courageous, honest and loyal" to Murcia, "open to listening to them and giving them the possibility of codecidan on issues that most affect them" and "a lot of work at" work.

He summarized that among his priorities include a Plan of Support for Families, "the recovery reaches all", job creation, public, universal and free health care, quality education, and a working group to agree on a financing model.

The newly elected president of the Region of Murcia concluded that "we all have to make this possible shared future. The best is yet to come up to us and make it possible"

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Civil Guard has rescued in the last week to 917 immigrants in Italian waters south of the island of Lampedusa

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The bailouts have been carried out by the crew of the vessel Rio Segura oceáncio Civil Guard, which is deployed Triton FRONTEX in operation in the territorial waters of Italy

The ocean vessel Segura River Civil Guard has rescued during the last seven days for a total of 917 immigrants who were adrift in Italian waters south of the island of Lampedusa.

The Civil Guard vessel is serving under Operation Triton the European Border Agency (FRONTEX) has deployed in the Central Mediterranean.

On day 22, the crew of the River Segura rescued 459 people in three interventions.

The first one took place 148 miles southwest of the island of Lampedusa, where they were rescued 187 immigrants.

In the second of the interventions they were rescued 112 people who were 120 miles also south of the island Lampedusa and finally were transhipped to ocean vessel Civil Guard from two ships of the Italian Coast Guard 160 immigrants who were south of the island itself.

The total of those rescued in the three interventions were landed at the port of Augusta Sicily Island

Similarly, on June 28 they were rescued 458 migrants in three other interventions carried out in Italian waters.

In the first one 354 immigrants were transferred to two vessels of the Italian Coast Guard after the Segura River and the localizase rescued 98 miles south of Lampedusa Island.

Then, another 94 immigrants who were in an inflatable boat, were rescued in the same area and another 10 (8 women and 2 children) that were transshipped to a ship of the Guardia di Finanza.

All rescued in these three interventions are being transferred to the port of Cagliari in Sardinia.

To all immigrants they are easy food and water, being accommodated in the flight deck and older men in the living shipwrecked women and children.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group subtracted diesel trucks in Totana and marketed illicitly

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The Civil Guard has enjoyed the cooperation of the local police in Totana

They have been arrested six members of the group, two of them minors, for crimes of burglary, theft and receiving

So far six have been clarified fuel theft.

Since the arrests have not been counted more robberies

The Civil Guard in the region of Murcia, in collaboration with the local police in Totana, has developed the operation "DISCOGASOIL" research aimed at clarifying several counts of theft of fuel in Totana, which has led to the arrest of six people two of them minors, on suspicion of crimes of burglary, theft and receiving.

During the proceedings they have also seized the effects used by those arrested in criminal activity such as large capacity bottles and hoses.

Earlier this year, after detecting the commission of several robberies and thefts of fuel in dedicated professional Totana transport vehicles, the Meritorious initiated the investigation in order to clarify the crimes with the identification and arrest of the perpetrators.

The first investigations were developed to meet the "modus operandi" as used in the commission of abductions and collect any evidence that could link the crimes with their authors.

The result of these investigations it was found that all vehicles that had been stolen diesel them were stationed at the crossing of the town in dimly lit areas to commit a crime without risking detection.

Another security measure used by the dismantled criminal group was to stay away from the vehicle while fuel falling into the bottles, so if someone detect manipulation of deposits are not able to relate.

In some cases, they are using a punch, forcing the closures of the tanks to enter the hose to absorb the oil and put it in bottles.

In other cases, because the caps did not have lock, simply uncoiled and came the same way.

Collaboration with local police in Totana

Thanks to the cooperation of citizens, the local police in the town were alerted that a group of people could be subtracting a diesel truck parked at the crossing, so they went to the place and identified the suspects.

Some suspects who followed the Civil Guard and the track.

The information obtained from the initiation of the investigation and provided by the local police has allowed for the arrest of five people including two minors, on suspicion of two counts of burglary in things and a continuing offense of theft by accumulating four fouls theft.

To these have been seized them useful for the extraction of oil, hoses and bottles, hidden between a bush adjacent to the parking lot of trucks.

In addition, investigators have arrested a sixth person suspected of crime of receiving, for purchasing fuel stolen by the group dismantled.

Those arrested, seized effects and the proceedings have been brought before the Court of Instruction number 4 of Totana (Murcia).

Since the elucidation of these six offenses of theft of fuel and the arrest of members of the criminal group, the Civil Guard has no record of committing new crimes.

Also has been shown that the now arrested could be involved in the commission of more fuel theft victims but have not made the corresponding complaints.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

The Info exported to other European regions the figure 'Entrepreneur municipality' and the aid program 'Cheque Tic'

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The Institute of Development presents these two initiatives at an event organized by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels

The Instituto de Fomento (Info) presented in Brussels the figure of 'Entrepreneur municipality' and the aid program 'ICT Cheque' 'as success stories, "the director of Info, Francisco Martinez, and said the agency" shared the good results achieved in the Region of Murcia with these two initiatives "during the meeting between representatives of the regions awarded under the program 'European Entrepreneurial Region' (EER), organized by the Committee of the Regions of the European Union the week last.

The Region was the first winner, in 2011, with the prestigious label ERR, which has had a leading role in the conclusion of this meeting, chaired by Markku Markkula, chairman of the Committee of the Regions, paper and have attended by representatives of various directorates of the European Commission.

Info director, Francisco Martinez, stressed the importance of visibility offered by the name of 'European Entrepreneurial Region'.

"Besides showing that entrepreneurs play prominent role in the region, the label serves as access various programs and projects of the EU and thus obtain additional funding for our businesses," he said.

In this sense, Martinez cited the 'Cheque ICT', saying that "because of the prestige achieved during these years and the excellent work of our Brussels office, we are leading a pilot project to implement the 'Cheque ICT' level Europe, which represents an important distinction for this and other future activities. "

Good Practice Guide

The meeting served to present new projects and initiatives in the regions, and to present a guide of good practices.

In this context, the initiative 'Entrepreneur Municipality' has the support of 30 municipalities in the region to promote entrepreneurship locally.

In addition, the meeting served to expose the salient features of the project 'SME + i' and 'Innovation Check' and the European project 'Innovoucher', in which a consortium led by regional organizations develop a European proposal Info check of innovation that serves as a standard or example for all European regions.

In this regard, the European Commission recognized the regional body experience in the design and management of innovation vouchers for companies, using different sources of EU funding from the European Regional Development Fund to the Programme for Research and Innovation EU Horizon 2020.

During the meeting, representatives of the European Commission emphasized the value of the regions awarded the EER award, and the fundamental role of the authorities involved when it comes to create ecosystems to support entrepreneurs.

Source: CARM

The Popular party spokesperson called "the consensus and ongoing dialogue"

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Victor Martinez asks the parliamentary groups to abandon judicial strategy against Pedro Antonio Sanchez

The spokesman for the PP parliamentary group, Victor Martinez, said during his speech at the investiture debate intends to open "a permanent dialogue and be at this stage the key consensus."

Victor Martinez has expressed his willingness to "work for a constructive dialogue and to do so effectively live up to what is required by all Murcia".

In this regard, he has reached out to other parliamentary groups and has urged them to work together on the issues that concern society as job creation, social policy, health, water, education, etc. "if we do not get our work will be barren and we have failed in our task," said Victor Martinez.

In his speech, the popular spokesman has defended the reform agenda that Pedro Antonio Sanchez wants to pursue in this term and has asked the opposition "to abandon its legal strategy because even though I try not to get to convict the innocent, the Justice always prevails "

Victor Martinez has asked the PSOE and that we "leave the old politics in which they are installed and give way to a new time in which to collaborate and reach agreements."

The spokesman of the Popular Group has described the current funding system "as unjust and whose revision is one of the challenges of this new stage" because without fair financing can not be properly manage basic services such as education and health.

In his speech, he defended freedom in education and the work of professionals in health care.

And he has exhibited as an objective "to help the most vulnerable so that they can regain their confidence in the future."

He gave as an example of support for those most weakened by the crisis, the "Pact Against Poverty" the first initiative registered in the Regional Assembly at the ninth and driven by the People's Party.

For the parliamentary spokesman of the Popular Party, in this legislature must "consolidate the positive trend in job creation" and supported the measures outlined by Pedro Antonio Sánchez to favor families and the elimination of "inheritance tax, tax most unfair of all. "

In terms of infrastructure, Victor Martinez, he said that after many years of process "major infrastructures are in the final stretch of its journey and we have already put into operation."

On the other hand, it has defended the proposal made yesterday by Pedro Antonio Sánchez to require a national pact based on common sense and solidarity Water ".

Source: PP Región de Murcia

New medals feast for our veterans

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The athletics track of Alcobendas hosted this weekend the Championship of Spain L Veterans, where our athletes achieved no less than 15 metals

And another success as they have guessed finish getting our veteran athletes in the L Championship Outdoor Spain, held this weekend at the Municipal Sports José Caballero de Alcobendas.

No fewer than 15 medals, six gold, five silvers and four bronzes.

Lali Velasco, the Youth Athletic Elche, was one of the major players in the competition with no less than five medals, taking gold in weight (10.16) and javelin F35 (33.83), silver on heavy hammer (7.72) and brass hammer (28.22) and disc (26.28).

One of the big winners was also the athlete Murcia Tovarsport John Brown CA, with gold medals in heavy hammer (13.36) and M40 hammer (44.34).

He also came a heavy hammer gold F35 to Maria Dolores Penalver, Athletics Alhama (8.59) that finished 4th in hammer (24.36), 5th in weight (8.21) 4th disk (24.45) and 6th in javelin F35 (16.91).

Neither athlete failed Playas de Castellon Juan Marcelo Ogues gold height M35.

The athlete Jose Antonio Alcaraz Alcaraz Group took two silvers in 800 (1: 54.76) and 1,500m.

M35 (3: 59.07).

Meanwhile, the independent Angel Salinas took silver in 100m.l.

M60 (13.25), being 3rd in the final A 200m.l.

with the 4th best overall time (28.01).

Also it took the silver Aurelia Marin Raceway Athletic Society, F80 weight (4.75).

Another bronze in triple jump M55 come to the athlete CA Murcia Tovarsport Florencio Martinez (10.88).

The athlete Skechers Performance Division – Mobel Sport – CA Nogalte Carlos David Fernandez could M35 bronze in weight (10.47), not getting improved hammer, being 7th in heavy hammer (8.97) 8 Disk (31.22) and 9th in Javelin M35 (22.41).

6th was Pascual Ruiz, the CAB Infinity Network, 800 M45 (2: 06.56), while the athlete UCAM Athleo Cieza Jesus Velasco was 8 800 (2: 15.87) and 6th in 1500 M50 (4: 48.63).

Andres Martinez, the CAB Infinity Network, finished 11th in 800 M55 (2: 26.90), being 7th in 1500 (5: 03.66) while the Group Alcaraz athlete Guillaume Le Mouhaër would 7th in 1500 (4: 10.45) and 5th in 5000 M35 (15: 29.77).


F. M45 athlete CjRural Alamo Regional Juan Antonio Garcia finished 13th (19: 32.75), while Montesinos Francisco, CA Murcia Tovarsport was 5th in 5000m.

M70 (23: 54.94).

4th was Juan Jesus Barranco, CA Murcia Tovarsport, javelin and 5,000m.

M45 up (25: 47.64), while the athlete Eliocroca Juan José Carrillo finished 5th in the triple jump M40.

On the female side, the athlete F. CjRural Alamo Regional Estebana Esparza finished 6th in 800 F55 (4: 02.43), being 10th in 1500 (8: 08.06) and 6th in weight F55 (4.93).

Meanwhile, Concepcion Lopez Eliocroca finished 8th in 800 (3: 24.92) and 1500m 8th F50 (6: 42.22).

Source: FAMU

Speech by Social Democratic Party spokesman, Rafael Gonzalez Tovar – Debate investiture IX legislature

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Good morning to all.

President and board members of the Regional Assembly, authorities and invited guests who join us in this investiture debate, and those who follow us through the media.

Good Morning.

I want to begin by transmitting to thank those who have given me the opportunity to be here at this rostrum of speakers, giving me the honor to represent them over the next four years.

Start remembering the men and women who pushed for the 45 people who make up this House.

They have decided to make this human group, and no other, which gives voice to their concerns, their hopes, their desires … and your dreams.

They wanted us to be the ones who put up the project they want for the region and its future.

I also want to mention and show my commitment to the people who decided to abstain, hoping to drive them to believe in politics.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to analyze the policy framework raised by the outcome of the polls.

We have gone from the largest of the absolute to a new stage with diversity and dialogue in ninth legislature is expected exciting for those who believe in consensus by conviction and political vocation majority.

For true conviction, not by imposition or by interest.

For return values ​​to the exercise of politics, it is also a vital function of this parliament.

Understanding, generosity, ability to dialogue … That's the way the citizens of this region want to see their parliamentary act.

One need only observe the composition of the chamber.

We have to agree on everything, indeed, we may have differences that sometimes seem insurmountable.

But it has also been mandated to men and women of this region overcome these obstacles, we make possible what once seemed impossible.

And when an agreement is not feasible, know that we defend our positions from the passion and conviction that we are doing what we believe best for this country, for our land.

On 24 May, we are sitting here today we were called to open a new political time for the Region of Murcia.

A new time in the plurality and diversity have been installed in society.

A time when citizens requires us politicians to listen, talk and agree.

A time when tolerance, humility and generosity replace imposition.

A time for transparency and participation.

Many Murcia and Murcia that most governments have not known that the absolute majority of the Popular Party.

The polls have said loud and clear, majority way, it's time for change.

The dynamic change, openness, but also the consistent and safe change.

A necessary change that has to be addressed urgently, with the urgency of promoting from this moment, the project for the future needed for decades in our region.

This is required by the delicate economic, employment and social situation that we suffer, suffering Murcia families, a situation that does not allow us to waste a minute more just.

And that situation should not depend on the political debate and to focus on stability hangs governments whose thread of suspicion, or interim presidency, or situations created by those who have governed us for the last two decades.

Too long in government without allowing any interaction, or by citizens or opposition itself.

Too long without remembering that the institutions are still people that year, legislatures and absolute majorities are not entitled to his usurpation.

Everything needs, over time, regenerate, and politicians even more games.

And I think that the best way regeneration can suffer a party that brings together the will of the citizenry, as is the popular party, is to go into opposition, look inward criticism, with modesty and with the real intention of adapt to the ways that we required.

Therefore, in this day we express our refusal to sweeten the continuity and the arrogance with which they have ruled for 20 years.

We will not do.

We do not want to be complicit in continuity, moreover, before starting is already showing signs of instability in the governance of this region.

Honestly, it is unclear which groups that have broken into the policy change offers regeneration and pretend to be accomplices of a Popular Party whose dome needs to regenerate on the bench.

Therefore we will vote no.

But no for no, but a not convinced that we need a new government immediately.

The region urgently needs a policy change and the people, a government for most, without other interests.

A government to redress inequalities that have been generated in the last 20 years, to enter on its agenda as a priority the fight against poverty, to apply the Law Unit and develop the Basic Income Insertion.

Desviva it for employment, major problem, certainly in the region.

A government that offers opportunities for everyone, with policies to create and distribute wealth through transparency, participation and solidarity.

A Government securities, decent people who are not being investigated by the Justice solvency recognized by society without any strings attached.

It is exemplary.

A government that defends the public interest, that does not submit to anyone and at nothing, that puts the rights of citizenship, equality, freedom and justice.

A Government to ensure quality public services, efficient and effective, without unfair copayments.

The public school, the premier public university, where the economic situation of families is not an impediment to develop the talent and knowledge of youth.

Some young, Mr. Sanchez, who started working adventures but migrate to earn a living.

Free and universal for all, sustainable, quality health care.

A government that listens, who identifies with the problems of people, families and put them solution.

Generating forums for participation and be close.

A government that generates excitement and hope, respect and be respected and loved.

In the offer made by the PP to this House to head the Regional Government do not match words with deeds.

You're not the President that needs this new time in the region.

Because it offers no guarantees of change they want to Murcia and Murcia, especially the families that are suffering more harshly the impact of the crisis.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are many materials and programmatic work urgently from the Assembly and from the government projects.

I'll start with the most alarming situations, those thousands of people that I mentioned before, those most are suffering the impact of the crisis and the lack of economic direction of our region.

As reliable as hard are the different indicators managed by third sector organizations.!

Some organizations that, if I may, I want to express my deep appreciation.

We can never thank you enough social work they do, as they are overwhelmed with the growing inequality and poverty in our society, covering in many cases, the performance of an administration whose needs are forced to meet.

Analyze this situation should lead us to tackle as a priority the situation of families at risk of poverty and exclusion of our population with a series of extreme emergency measures.

Measures that the Party now seeks the presidency has been denying and hampering almost cruelty in recent years.

Blush listening now, after so many years of suffering, propose measures that have continually rejected us so insensitive and arrogant in this House.

Is of extreme urgency meet minimum requirements to ensure a life in dignity for everyone, the input of at least one salary to each of these 20,000 families with all members unemployed and without income.

We will not be conforming with those dramatic situations that are living long-term unemployed, especially over 45 years, and their families.

We must act and Ya!

Ensure electricity and water as well as end the scourge of evictions, and in turn, facilitate their return to productive society, are tasks that can not wait.

From this Assembly let's end the seven years of blockade on the Basic Income Insertion.

7 years for too many eternal families at any given time have been nothing.

That same eternity to which you have subjected thousands of dependents to see a performance recognized legally regulated and we have to start immediately.

That the Community is suffering twice the national average these years of crisis and difficulties is an irrefutable fact.

Several of our municipalities are in the national ranking of greater economic vulnerability and Murcia each half has been left in the crisis years 12% of income per capita while the average per Spanish is of 6.6%.

This region has, after the crisis, 140,000 more unemployed (from 52,000 in 2007-192000 at the close of 2014) and 107,000 fewer employed.

At the same time, public debt has soared from 2.3% of GDP in 2007 to 25.2% in 2014. And poverty is around 30% according to all studies.

These data are the result of speculative model and economic policies that you have developed over the last 15 years.

The consequences of its economic model are: UNEMPLOYMENT, CORRUPTION AND INEQUALITY.

Therefore, the PP candidate has no credibility when it rejects this dual society, when talking about wage gap, speaking of disappearing middle class.

We need other policies that are not based on the excesses in the loss of values ​​and speculation aimed.

Who they have used such policies have no credibility to lead this new time.

Because this region needs a new growth strategy and a jump of modernity that make it look to the future with optimism.

A growth strategy that has as its first vector decency in public contracting in resource efficiency in the fight against fraud.

Equal access of all enterprises to contracts generates economic growth and corruption is a permanent drag on it.

The second vector is social cohesion as a growth factor.

Employment, whether it is of low quality, is no guarantee of growth and social cohesion.

Moreover, it is the seed of inequality.

Employment, social policy and fiscal policy are the three major political equality.

We bet as a third vector in place the conditions for supporting businesses.

Entrepreneurs are fed up with plans that are not met.

They want to be helped resolve bottlenecks in their business and in their projects.

The fourth vector is to evaluate and restructure government spending.

Do more with the limited resources we have.

And evaluate before beginning a project and once done.

No. We can not give a vote of confidence to the candidate of the Popular Party.

It would be of dubious criteria support those who have led our Community to have to endure a level of debt and deficit, fired and an unbalanced economic model that has led to chronic unemployment and a temporary employment unaffordable.

The evidence of mismanagement of the PP governments in this region is palpable and visible: I will cite just one example.

You know what that will cost the airport at Corvera Murcia families?

I will not give figures.

I just give an example.

Neither more nor less than six times the budget of the UPCT for a year.

Many research projects at public universities !, how many agreements with companies !, many of these young people who have gone out, no adventure as you said yesterday, but look for the future that we guarantee it in this region could have done with good management of that infrastructure emerged with a commitment from this rostrum of former President Valcárcel that "would not cost a euro to Murcia" Today 22,000 Euros more and go ……

And the first step to combat this situation involves better management and fight against the central government, it is the party that is, better than the current regional financing.

The promotion of a new, fair and progressive tax reform, a very powerful campaign to combat fraud and the black economy, which in the region could be around up to 30% is required.

We can guess who promised to support wealth macro-based star who not only finished crashed, but have been an unaffordable financial cost to families and Murcia have burdened the sustainable growth of our land.

And forgive the desalination plant tailings sample only as a button.

The future of our Region passes resolutely implement more industry and productive sector closely related to the knowledge society, innovation, and with the added value that provide it with the necessary quality to compete in a globalized scenario.

The balanced way of "doing" economy is betting on the challenge of putting in synergy to public universities in our region, Training and centers and technology parks, with SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Let us once and for all the necessary support so many forgotten and independent companies that raise the blinds every day with commitment and difficulty and whom so little attention has been paid them for their regional government.

We have the example of the Social Economy as a reference to promote sustainable growth of our region, taking the base of the cooperative as a security guarantee.

Low wages and working devaluations can not be our competitive elements, they must be quality, added value and innovation that marked the way.

In sectors where we are strong, such as food and tourism, and also in the sectors of the future that should be our goal.


On that we agree.

We need a great deal on regional water unanimous.

it's posible.

But for this, the water should stop being a weapon of political manipulation, which currently has finished hitting farmers, irrigators and whole society Murcia.

We reaffirm the unwavering defense of the Tajo-Segura, without cuts or Memorandum sending water to the region, as well as defend the efficient use of water desalination getting an affordable price to farmers.

In addition, having as we have one of the determinants for the future of the region as is the sun, it is inexplicable that yesterday neither the slightest mention was made raw materials.

He forgot the energy when it is one of the most important debates this region.

Solar energy and other renewable such as wind and biotechnology are fundamental as a challenge for our economy and for our growth.

Make a plan and imagine the energy transition to renewable future are important for our future steps.

Murcia can be energy self-sufficient.

So the duo Energy-Water is one of the cornerstones of sustainable growth in this region.

So we have an obligation to invest in solar energy, this key sector to which the Popular Party has sought to ruin.

More than 20,000 families know which party voted in favor of reform that leads them to ruin, and that's another important reason to vote for him against this investiture.

Another of our workhorses will certainly defend and protect our environment, for economic and environmental issues.

The environment, its protection and conservation and regeneration of our unique natural spaces, must be addressed forcefully thinking about the welfare of future generations.

We will work to achieve a region free of Fracking pollution and the risk that this activity represents

This legislature is now beginning, it will be the consolidation of the opportunities offered us the infrastructure we need to definitely not be far from the growth of other regions of our environment.

We have to fight to get to realize all these infrastructure have been practically paralyzed and which are vital for the future of our economy.

Arrives AVE underground Murcia, Cartagena to the current season and that we will join the line with Andalusia Lorca.

By the way, Lorca, a city that continues under reconstruction and still needs the support of all.

The Mediterranean corridor, variant or cliques that end, really, the Altiplano highway sections in their Yecla and Jumilla-Yecla Caudete are essential objectives for us

We will continue to protest and demanding.

A daily work to surrender accounts thoroughly and with absolute transparency and accessibility.

So also we will require the group of institutions in the region.

Incidentally, this is another point that keeps us support you, because on the City Council you managed weigh convictions for violating Article 23 of the Constitution by denying access to information in their responsibility as mayor.

And I would like at this point also greet the media with us today.

You have an enormous job ahead and a key role in monitoring and dissemination of decisions and actions carried out.

In this sense, we will work on our performance by making public television in this region is finally an impartial and representative of those who argue that they are just all Murcia and Murcia and not just a few television and promote the great potential of our land to make reference in the audiovisual and cultural sector.

Let no one doubt that the parliamentary group which I represent, will be the main focus of battle to defend universal public services and quality that have always characterized the work of the Socialists.

Ending unfair as copayments will do in autonomous regions such as Andalusia and Valencia will be our endeavor.

Health, education.

Dependency law … as essential pillars of a welfare state whose disappearance will not allow more than some insist, and as an engine of equal opportunities.


Meteorology warns of temperatures up to 38th in the Guadalentín (yellow warning)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) today warns that temperatures can reach 38 degrees in the Valley Guadalentín, Lorca and Aguilas, so yellow warning level set by this phenomenon.

Notice the time zone is 13 to 20 hours and the probability between 40% and 70%.


Events planned

Risk Level Risk


High temperatures: 38 ° C

Geographic area

Valle del Guadalentín, Lorca and Aguilas

Start Time

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 13:00 standard time

End time

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 20:00 standard time


40% -70%

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  • Riesgo Riesgo

  • Riesgo Importante Riesgo Importante

  • Riesgo Extremo Riesgo Extremo

    Source: 112RM

AELIP and D'Genes you participate in the III Latin American Meeting on Rare Diseases

Monday, June 29th, 2015

is held until next July 3 in Guadalajara (Mexico)

The Association for Rare Diseases D'Genes and the Association of Relatives and Affected Lipodystrophies (AELIP) are participating in the III Latin American Meeting on Rare Diseases to be held from today until next July 3 in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

This international conference, under the theme "A common effort for people with rare diseases in Latin America", is organized by the Latin American Alliance for Rare Diseases (Aliber) and the Mexican Organization for Rare Disorders (OMER).

For six days, representatives and families belonging to 28 international entities come together with the aim of establishing a forum for exchange and reflection on the social and health situation of these diseases in different countries and identify the main priorities of the group.

The main mission of this conference is to provide a meeting place, learning and dissemination of the organizations working with rare diseases in Latin American countries by improving practices, projection and cooperation.

To this end, the conference will focus on four areas: networking, participatory strategies;

Experiences and best practices with rare diseases;

Strengthening partnerships of people with RD;

and innovative social action projects in ER.

In addition, tomorrow, Tuesday Her Majesty the Queen of Spain Letizia, on a state visit in Mexico, will meet with representatives of Aliber, who will inform the main conclusions of this international congress and major challenges from organizations face in addressing rare diseases.

Aliber born in 2013 in the city of Totana, in the IV National Congress for Rare Diseases.

It is a non-profit organization that brings together different organizations of relatives and patients ER organization of the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.

It is chaired by Juan Carrion, who also is president of the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases and D'Genes.

Source: D´Genes