Urralburu: "This week we will meet with the Socialist Party, but the light and stenographers of citizens and the media"

The Secretary General of Podemos and Secretary of Organization in Madrid attended the State Citizen Council, where they have established criteria to form the regional negotiating group and have set procedures and objectives to be carried out during it.

Oscar Urralburu announced at the outlet of the Council that "after taking responsibility and the challenge of preventing the PP to govern the region, any possible agreement to fulfill the commitment to ensure that behind closed doors is not negotiated in the offices but that, on the contrary, the public and the media are witnessing the process. "

Meanwhile, Maria Angeles Garcia Navarro, he assured that the red lines we already fixed and will be very present at the meeting with the PSOE.

For Garcia Navarro, any agreement must go first, besides by the agreements signed during the election campaign (Pact Moneo, Covenant Against Poverty Pact Defense of Public Health, etc.) – For prioritization an agenda of national rescue to end evictions without alternative housing and break with institutional collaboration with financial institutions that hold these practices.

Second, it continued the Secretary of Organization "for Plan Income Guaranteed to undertake to provide a minimum living light and water to those 140,000 families in the region who do not receive any income, as well as the commitment that not a single child goes hungry in the region, providing scholarships and maintaining school canteens in no time. "

The Secretary General, Oscar Tovar Urralburu reminded the PSOE have to give a 180 degree turn to its policies because "everyone know the distance that has always existed between what is said and done this match" .

To Urralburu what should the PSOE is "get rid of the bad practices of the old policy, because it is not understood how the socialist group has given the green light by the European Parliament to the first advance of the Free Trade Agreement with EU-USA ( TTIP) ".

Both Garcia Navarro, as Urralburu have made clear that the proposed change that has voted citizenship throughout the country on May 24, should be put in each region but always in a manner consistent with the national project that represents we, a project that aims to represent only the interests of a party, but it goes beyond representing the vocation of change that Spanish society has expressed at the polls.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the autonomous deputies can Murcia along with the rest of the regions have conducted a training session by the secretary of Institutional Action, Help Honorato.

On this day it has offered training on the establishment and functioning of the parliamentary groups that are responsible for moving and enforce the demands of the people in the autonomous institutions.

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia


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