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Urralburu: "This week we will meet with the Socialist Party, but the light and stenographers of citizens and the media"

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The Secretary General of Podemos and Secretary of Organization in Madrid attended the State Citizen Council, where they have established criteria to form the regional negotiating group and have set procedures and objectives to be carried out during it.

Oscar Urralburu announced at the outlet of the Council that "after taking responsibility and the challenge of preventing the PP to govern the region, any possible agreement to fulfill the commitment to ensure that behind closed doors is not negotiated in the offices but that, on the contrary, the public and the media are witnessing the process. "

Meanwhile, Maria Angeles Garcia Navarro, he assured that the red lines we already fixed and will be very present at the meeting with the PSOE.

For Garcia Navarro, any agreement must go first, besides by the agreements signed during the election campaign (Pact Moneo, Covenant Against Poverty Pact Defense of Public Health, etc.) – For prioritization an agenda of national rescue to end evictions without alternative housing and break with institutional collaboration with financial institutions that hold these practices.

Second, it continued the Secretary of Organization "for Plan Income Guaranteed to undertake to provide a minimum living light and water to those 140,000 families in the region who do not receive any income, as well as the commitment that not a single child goes hungry in the region, providing scholarships and maintaining school canteens in no time. "

The Secretary General, Oscar Tovar Urralburu reminded the PSOE have to give a 180 degree turn to its policies because "everyone know the distance that has always existed between what is said and done this match" .

To Urralburu what should the PSOE is "get rid of the bad practices of the old policy, because it is not understood how the socialist group has given the green light by the European Parliament to the first advance of the Free Trade Agreement with EU-USA ( TTIP) ".

Both Garcia Navarro, as Urralburu have made clear that the proposed change that has voted citizenship throughout the country on May 24, should be put in each region but always in a manner consistent with the national project that represents we, a project that aims to represent only the interests of a party, but it goes beyond representing the vocation of change that Spanish society has expressed at the polls.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the autonomous deputies can Murcia along with the rest of the regions have conducted a training session by the secretary of Institutional Action, Help Honorato.

On this day it has offered training on the establishment and functioning of the parliamentary groups that are responsible for moving and enforce the demands of the people in the autonomous institutions.

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

Gruventa and fruit and vegetable exports to over 40 countries around the world

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The producer of fruits and vegetables GRUVENTA, based in the town of Murcia Lorquí, has become a business reference for its high degree of specialization in fruits and vegetables you supply high quality international distribution chains.

This firm, founded nearly five years, it has managed to export more than 25 horticultural products to over 40 countries, based on a working philosophy based on two fundamentals: Food Quality and Safety.

Explains the Director General of GRUVENTA, Fermín Sánchez Navarro, "the globalization of international markets currently requires that the fruit and vegetable companies specialize, and in our case, we have specialized in large international supply chains, giving them a whole service year and meeting their demands. "

Effective team

One of the keys to success of GRUVENTA is that it has an effective team of professionals specialized in foreign trade, logistics, communication, marketing, et cetera.

In this sense, Fermin Sanchez also pointed out that "the professionalism of our team stands for good work, which is highly valued by our producers, so intense as we work to create added value."

By way of example of good business track record of this company, GRUVENTA was awarded in 2014 within the ASAJA Murcia Awards for Best food companies, in the category of''Comunicación Digital and New Technologies. "In this sense, Fermín Sánchez indicated "It has been a great pleasure and pride that we granted this award, which is an encouragement to continue working on the line we have done so far."


One of the qualities of GRUVENTA in its high degree of business internationalization exporting its products throughout the European Union and the markets of Eastern Europe and Asian markets.

In the same context, the management responsible for the firm indicates that "Asian markets are very interesting for our fruit and vegetable products, and we expect to close phytosanitary protocols for exporting fruit to China. That is the great challenge of our industry" .

Balance of Russian Veto

Since GRUVENTA, company spokesman acknowledged that "the Russian veto has been, without doubt, a great blow to the whole industry, although the vast capacity for international expansion has allowed us to redirect exports to new markets the United Arab Emirates or the Asian market. "

GRUVENTA currently sells over 30,000 tons of fruits and vegetables, and their goal is to achieve short to medium term to more than 50,000 tons, maintaining the level of professionalism that characterizes his management team and that has become a model in the distribution fruit and vegetables worldwide.

Source: Agencias

Active Health Preventive Action Plan from the heat this summer

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Director General of Public Health points out that heat stroke can even cause death and calls for caution to avoid such accidents

Facing the rising temperatures, Health recommends taking precautions as activities outside during the hottest hours, drink water and stay in cool places

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy, through the Directorate General of Public Health and Addictions, active morning, Monday, June 1st, the "Plan of preventive actions against the effects of excess temperatures on health 2015 ', which It runs until September 15.

The Director General of Public Health and Drug Addiction, Francisco Garcia stressed that "in this period it is important to focus attention on the elderly, children, workers and outdoor sportsmen."

Therefore, he added, "we must remember and emphasize measures that can help prevent heat stroke."

The purpose of the Preventive Action Plan, as in previous years, is to appeal to civic prudence to prevent and avoid situations arising from exposure to high temperatures that occur in the region during the summer months, and in some cases reaching to 40 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures can cause adverse health effects and even cause heat stroke, as explained by the CEO, "it is a medical emergency that can cause multiple organ failure characterized by increased core body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius. "

The Preventive Action Plan, implemented since 2004 as a result of the heat wave that hit Europe in 2003, has two priority tasks: to inform society of the risks posed by high temperatures and monitor those affected to the termination.

The Environmental Health Service, under the Directorate General of Public Health and Drug Addiction, elaborate Journal extreme thermal index (IDET) based on the maximum and minimum temperature thresholds established for the region (34 ° C and 23 ° C).

The IDET is published on the web and sent weekday by email to more than 80 addresses, among which are health centers, hospitals, municipalities, Red Cross, Civil Protection and media , among others.


The Director General of Public Health and Drug Addiction, Francisco Garcia, warned citizens that heat stroke can even cause death and insisted "the" importance of adopting responsible behaviors to avoid. "

In this regard, he noted that since the Ministry of Health and Social Policy has already been applied to municipalities and the Directorate General of Youth and Sports to consider convening its sports activities in times of lower risk.

Health recommends that people take precautions to protect your health:

Drink plenty of water or fluids without waiting to be thirsty.

Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea or cola and very sugary.

In the days of intense heat stay in cool places in the shade.

Take a cool shower or bath.

Lower the blinds so the sun does not come directly.

Make light meals of salads, fruits, vegetables, gazpacho and juices to help replenish salts lost through sweating.

Avoid outdoor activities during the hottest hours, especially if the activities are intense.

If you must stay outside try to be in the shade, wear lightweight, light-colored clothing, wear sun, wear a hat and sunglasses.

Use a fresh, comfortable shoes and transpire.

Source: CARM

The project management competence of the Arrixaca, awarded by the Star Foundation

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The Murcia hospital has achieved a second prize of prizes Professor Barea 2015

; The 'Future Hospital project

Competence management ', driven by the Human Resources Branch of the University Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca has been awarded by the Star Foundation, based in Madrid, within the call of Professor Barea 2015 award in the category' Health centers as a service company: global management '.

This project aims to design a model of competence management and is a contribution to the knowledge of the management in hospitals as a way to contribute to the professional development in a changing environment.

The work, awarded a second prize consists of three phases dependent on each other: Analysis and job description, competency management and performance evaluation.

Its development has involved 350 professionals, has created a manual job, with more than 347 descriptions, a dictionary of own skills and profiles type 57.

It has also prepared an evaluation manual.

The thirteenth edition of the Professor Barea Awards, considered the most prestigious in the health sector of Spain, there have been a total of 31 initiatives from 11 autonomous communities.

The awards honor unpublished completed or at an advanced stage, which represent a substantial improvement in the management and evaluation of healthcare costs projects.

The Star Foundation, as promoter of the awards, presented the awards on 26 May at a ceremony held at the Aula Magna of the University Carlos III of Madrid, attended by the authors of work: Management deputy director, Clara López Miranda , the Deputy Director of Nursing, Concepción Martínez Romero and Management Director Jose Javier Aranda Lorca.

Source: CARM

400 drivers have obtained the qualification for carrying passengers or goods

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Development performs on Thursday the tests on the third call of the six planned for this year

The Ministry of Development, Public Works and Planning, through the Directorate General for Transport, coasts and ports, has carried out the tests corresponding to the first two calls of the six planned for this year 2015, to obtain the certificate of qualification for drivers of certain road vehicles for road transport.

Testing both calls they were surpassed by a total of 401 applicants.

The specific rules states that, upon completion of the training course, aspiring to obtain a certificate of professional competence certifying his initial qualification must pass an exam in a period not exceeding six months from the conclusion of the course.

There are, in this respect, initial qualification exams drivers transport goods and passengers, as well as extensions of powers in both modes.

In the first round of 2015 there were a total of 319 applications, 266 of haulage drivers and 53 passengers, with a total of 187 Fit for goods and 48 for travelers mode.

In the second round held there were a total of 245 applications, 229 for freight and 16 passengers, with a total of 155 suitable for goods and 11 for passenger transport mode.

The exams for the third call will be held on Thursday, June 4, from 16:30 to 18:30 hours, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Campus Espinardo in Murcia.

The evidence of the following three calls will take place on July 16, October 1 and November 19.

Source: CARM

The exhibition Gastroarte 'Culture in the Mubam concludes with more than 6,500 visitors

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia exhibits until July a retrospective of Joaquin Torres-Garcia, they have enjoyed about 2,500 people in 20 days

More than 6,500 people have visited the exhibition 'Gastroarte' that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities organized at the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia (Mubam) with the aim of uniting in a single project, painting, sculpture, photography, poetry and cuisine.

For the 'Gastroarte. Initiative

The Mubam eat 'Murcia Michelin-star chef Pablo González-Conejero, La Cabana Finca Buenavista, created ten dishes inspired by the compositions, colors and textures of ten works from the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia.

The plates were then photographed and presented by Joaquin Zamora, accompanied by the poems of James Delgado, along with the parts that served as a reference.

The gourmet-art project was completed with a video that showed the public the process of preparation of dishes, all of which have also been collected in a catalog foreword by chef Juan Mari Arzak.

The master of constructivism

Also in the Mubam the public can visit the exhibition 'Joaquin Torres-Garcia (1874-1949)'.

This retrospective organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities offers a complete look at the history of the Uruguayan artist who have already visited about 2,500 people in 20 days.

Curated by José Ignacio Abeijón and Guillermo de Osma, the exhibition takes a journey through all artistic disciplines who worked Torres-Garcia, and among its famous exhibits include paintings especially those included in the constructivism and fifteen drawings, plus six five sculptures painted wooden toys.

'Joaquin Torres-Garcia (1874-1949)' brings together a total of 74 works from major art centers and institutions such as the National Centre de Arte Reina Sofia Museum, the Valencia Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) and the Joan Miró Foundation and private collections and galleries in Spain.

Several of the works will also travel after exposure of Murcia to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, who devoted a large retrospective in autumn Uruguayan creator.

This exhibition can be visited until July 5 at the following times: Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00;

Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00, and Sundays and holidays from 11:00 to 14:00 hours.

Source: CARM

Culture collaborates with national and international tours 24 shows performed by companies in the region

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The Scene 2015 Plan has allocated 45,000 euros to increase the visibility of artists from Murcia, who will perform throughout Spain and in Italy, Mexico and China

The allocation for this new edition of the project to enhance the arts and music is completed with 67,000 euros to be invested in scheduling performances in 16 municipalities

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities, in collaboration with Banco Sabadell Foundation allocated nearly 45,000 euros to help 15 performing arts companies in the region of Murcia made national and international tours to present a total of 24 shows.

The granting of this aid corresponds to the line 2 Scene 2015, complete with a catalog of 90 theater, dance and music that has been offered to the 16 municipalities that have joined the project of Culture Plan.

For this another line more than 67,000 euros, bringing the total amount devoted to Scene 2015 Plan will be 112,000 euros, 87,000 will be provided by the Ministry and 20,000 euros for Banco Sabadell Foundation will go.

The general director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts, Marta Lopez-Briones, said that "after the good reception given among professionals and the public this plan last year, and being aware of the importance of performing arts in cultural industries, it was decided to increase the funding in this second call. "


Specifically, these 15 companies in the region of Murcia will present their shows in 58 performances in numerous regions and three companies made international tours.

The Ballet of Carmen and Matilde Rubio bear his dance 'Carmen' to four cities in China, while the company of puppets and theater Onírica Mechanical objects represent his latest show, 'Fragile', at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico and the Festival of Morelia which is also organized in the American country.

Sylph Theatre, meanwhile, will make the audience of Sardinia (Italy) will ask 'Where is Peter Pan?'

Marta Lopez-Briones explained that, in terms of touring, "the fiscal effort on the part of Culture in collaboration with Banco Sabadell Foundation 2015 Plan allowed Scene dealing with complaints and cover 90 percent of the amounts requested ".

Representations in 16 municipalities

Regarding the scene Line 1 Plan, in this call they have joined a total of twenty scenic areas of 16 municipalities in the region of Murcia.

Artists made representations Murcia in Murcia, Blanca, Bullas, Caravaca de la Cruz, Jumilla, Las Torres de Cotillas, Molina de Segura, Fortuna, Alguazas, Ricote, Yecla, Lorca, Cieza, Lorquí and San Pedro del Pinatar.

The municipalities themselves are the ones who choose what they want hosting performances spaces among the 90 shows offered in the catalog prepared by Culture.

It mounts launched by 40 companies in the region of Murcia, theater, dance, music, children's shows and, in this new edition has also included street theater.

Culture evenly distributed a total of 67,000 euros to assist in the programming of the shows chosen.

The Ministry will pay 50 percent of the cache of the company, another 25 percent fall in the corresponding municipality and the rest in the company, as it will be covered with the box office.

Source: CARM

Education reminds families that Thursday is the last day to apply for school meals and school supplies

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The Ministry envisages more than 38,000 scholarships in both modes

The budget increase this year in the dining consolidates and increases by more than 25 percent allocation for books, representing a total amount of over 7.3 million

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities reminds families that next Thursday, June 4, is the last day when you can apply for both scholarships dining as school supplies, which are used together the most 7.3 million euros to support those who need it most.

The general director of Educational Centers, Maria Dolores Valcárcel, said that "the forecast of the Ministry is to exceed 38,000 scholarships for next year, and that its resolution is effective fertilizer coinciding with the start of classes, as was done by first time during the present course 2014-2015 ".

The call for scholarships dining budgetary effort for the current year, representing an increase of 45 percent over the previous year is consolidated.

Also, the support aid for school supplies intensifies as it grows in 850,000 euros the amount allocated to grants, representing a 25 percent increase over the current course.

In the case of support for books and school supplies, which are called study grants, the Ministry allocated 4,200,000 euros with an estimate of 34 058 scholarships granted, 7,000 more than this year.

The amount of this aid is 150 euros for students of secondary school and 110 for primary school students.

As for scholarships cafeteria, representing the gratuity of this complementary service are for 3,181,557 euros and an increase of 45.8 percent (one million euros) held for the current year is consolidated.

The estimate of Education is awarded more than 4,000 scholarships dining room, to which we must add another 1,000 beneficiaries of free school meals to be users of busing students.

In these two calls is continuing administrative simplification.

For this you can use the application in electronic form, which is available to families in the web.

These procedures take into account the family income of the year 2014, allowing you to adjust the award to the economic situation of the family, being the most recent statement of income.

In addition, to facilitate this simplification in processing, can you enforce the documents submitted the previous year, and to the families of the status of the application will be reported through the web of parents and text messages, when indicated in application.

Source: CARM

Publications of France, Navarre and the Basque Country include various reports on the Region in their next issues

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Two groups of French journalists and Navarre cross the Region to meet their various destinations on two trips organized by the Institute of Tourism

Publish the reports reach more than four million potential readers

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Business and Innovation, through the Institute of Tourism, has strengthened its actions promoting destination 'Costa Calida-Murcia' in France, the Basque Country and Navarra, and has brought the Region and two sets of French journalists who are learning Navarre tourism in the region to subsequently publish various reports on the Community in various media, which reach more than four million potential readers.

In particular, the French journalists are since Thursday in the region, which are learning the most representative destinations of the coast and the main cities of the region and the provision of health tourism.

This trip is organized jointly by the Institute of Tourism and Turespaña.

The result of this action will be reflected in two reports to be included in the journal 'Sciencie et Avenir' and the generalist newspaper Le Progres, versions of paper and online here.

The publication 'Sciencie et Avenir' has a monthly circulation of 373 472 copies and a reach of 3.672 million readers, while Le Progres has a daily circulation of 198 324 copies and 872,000 readers.

On the other hand, two journalists Navarre run from May 26 to know the region and its attractions offering different options in order to publish a report in the Journal of trips and getaways 'On Magazine', in particular within the section 'The smart traveler'.

This report, in addition to showing the main tourist attractions of the Region of Murcia, include various 'apps' with information about the destination for passengers who habitually use smartphones or tablets, so that when they want to access to information and get a more complete travel experience.

'Magazine On' is published on a weekly basis every Saturday and distributed together with four newspapers in northern Spain, Diario de Noticias de Navarra, Noticias de Gipuzkoa, Alava News and Deia in Vizcaya, which have a range of 250,000 readers.

French tourism

According to Frontur, in 2014 the region reached a total of 84 031 French tourists, 9.7 percent more than the previous year.

France is the second foreign source market for tourism Murcia, just behind the United Kingdom, with a market share of 10.4 percent.

On the other hand, as a whole the total expenditure of the French tourism in the region reached 85 million euros, representing a market share of 9.8 percent of total spending by foreign tourists in the region.

Navarre and Basque tourism

In 2014 the number of travelers Navarre staying in hotels in the region grew by 35 percent over the previous year, going from 4,072 travelers a total of 5,509, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The number of overnight stays generated was 16,073, representing an increase of 13 percent, while the average stay of tourists in Murcia Navarre hotel establishments in 2014 was 2.92 days, above the national average tourist It is of 2.49 days.

As for the destination, 58 percent opted for the cities, 31 percent of the Costa Calida and 11 percent opted for destinations inside.

With regard to the Basque Country, it is the seventh most important tourist market for the region, with 15,301 travelers staying in tourist establishments in 2014, representing 12 percent more than in 2013. In addition, last year 58 Basque percent opted for the city visitors, up 32 percent from the coast and ten percent by the interior.

Source: CARM

The IMIDA and UMU develop packaging technology and controlled drug release from nanoparticles silk

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Han to demonstrate its practical application in the release of anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory compounds

Murciano Research Institute and Agricultural Development and Food (imide), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, and the University of Murcia (UMU), have succeeded in developing a method for obtaining fibroin nanoparticles and other insoluble fibrous protein or sparingly soluble in water, by employing the combination of ionic liquids and ultrasound.

They have to demonstrate its practical application in the release of anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Biotechnology equipment IMIDA began in 2007 a research dedicated to developing applications as silk fibroin biomaterial in tissue engineering and Nanomedicine.

The unique properties of the silk fibroin, such as biocompatibility, in combination with the slow degradation and their ability to incorporate drugs have fueled a growing interest in this material for a variety of applications Nanomedicine, such as slow-release nanoparticles bioactive compounds and controlled in suitable therapeutic targets.

In this sense, the director of IMIDA, Adrian Martinez, said that "the research on biomaterials silk represents a breakthrough in the field of non-food uses of agricultural products, and also opens up numerous possibilities for business development, to be directed to the biomedical market with growing demand for products with high added value, resulting in a significant revaluation of the sericulture activity. "

In this line, the IMIDA has established several collaborations with research groups at the University of Murcia, such as Green Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology, directed by professor Gloria Víllora.

As part of this collaboration has already obtained a national patent of the 'method for obtaining fibroin particles regenerated using ionic liquids and ultrasound' and has made a publication in the international journal Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

According to team leader IMIDA Biotechnology, Dr. Jose Luis Cenis, these types of nanoparticles are a significant improvement over existing ones.

Firstly, they are more biocompatible polymeric or metallic nanoparticles, decomposing into peptides that are reabsorbed and, secondly, its manufacture is simple and inexpensive sustainable.

Furthermore, the reactivity of its surface allows loading with a variety of bioactive molecules of synthetic or natural origin, as well as peptides targeting to the cellular targets which must act.

Practical application

In addition to developing a new processing technique nanoparticles, it has succeeded in demonstrating its practical application in the release of antitumor and anti-inflammatory compounds.

In the first case we have collaborated with Metalofármacos research group, directed by Professor José Ruiz, from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Murcia.

This group specializes in developing metalofármacos with antitumor application;

specifically, various derivatives of cisplatin and ruthenium and iridium complexes.

As part of this collaboration it was shown that silk fibroin nanoparticles loaded with cisplatin precursor have significantly higher cytotoxicity than the free compound in various tumor cell lines.

The result of this work has been the publication 'Antitumor properties of platinum (IV) prodrug-loaded silk fibroin nanoparticles'.

In addition to an increase in cytotoxicity, cytotoxic vectoring in the nanoparticles allows a slower release of the same and its targeting to tumor cells reducing their adverse systemic effect.

In addition to antitumor load, it is also testing the loading and release of other bioactive plant compounds with antioxidant and antitumor effect.

An example is resveratrol vine.

By loading into the nanoparticles it is achieved a significant antiinflammatory effect in a model of ulcerative colitis in rats.

Source: CARM