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CCOO success rate of the first day of strikes in Post

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

CCOO, as the majority union at the post office and the whole sector, with unions CSI · F, Free Trade Union and UGT, with 80% representation at the post office, described successful tracking of the first partial strikes throughout the state and the province, where they have been seconded by 70% of the workforce.

The union stressed that "there will be no social peace until the demands of the 52,000 workers / as vilified by SEPI and Correos can not attend" and noted that the data of the strikes are a good sign to face the first general strike next May 4, the three convened this month, with the government requiring managers to rein Post the job cuts which is dismantling the public postal service and unlocked the Convention and Agreement after year and a half hiatus in negotiations but so far neither business nor political institutions, have raised real and solid proposals in favor of an agreement.

Workers / as Post have gathered at a rally in front of POST Provincial Headquarters in Plaza Circular, to demand an end to the policy of cuts in the Post Office which has removed 15,500 jobs in five years, 11,000 since 2011, dismantling the postal service Posts and the public release of the Convention and Agreement.

CCOO, is a good starting point for addressing the 4th of May, the date on which the first of the 3 general strikes planned this month (15-in Madrid to be festive 15 is convened it will move to 14-day, and May 22), and high downtime tracking is a powerful symbol of the discontent of workers / as to an ineffective and inefficient management of the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI), Ministry of Finance and maintaining locked Postal Convention in a year and a half instead of negotiating, and put forward proposals that address the improvement of labor, social and economic conditions of workers / as in negotiating the collective agreement and civil service Agreement.

CCOO stressed that "There will be no social peace at the post until SEPI and Postal stop the bleeding of jobs, endowing the collective labor regulation with a salary increase, more stable employment and rights and a public postal service is secure with funding and quality for all citizens ".

For the union, the downsizing means a clear precarious working conditions and to provide public postal service, the dynamics of job cuts imposed via attrition and reduced hiring involving increased stress, the number kilometers performed, versatility and job insecurity for workers who are suffering and a worse service to the public in the terms and guarantees Directive and the laws in effect determined.

The only way out of this labor and social conflict, passes take firm steps to enable progress in negotiations of labor regulation, including the cessation of job cuts and provide sufficient template Post, consolidating employment, salary increase and ultraactivity regulation.

They are warning that otherwise, and irresponsibility of politicians and managers of Post, is assured of reaching a conflict over the remainder of the year.

CCOO has warned against the attempt of intimidation of the Interior Ministry in the Council of Ministers on April 24, and the pressure of Correos with informative poisoning, strengthen the right to information for workers / as can exercise voluntarily their right to strike without any coercion on 4 May.

CCOO has identified several actions of the company to violate the constitutional right to strike, including workers intimidation, and warned that in criminal proceedings require each and every one of these cases.


The regional government says that with the arrival of the AVE the region will be connected to Barcelona in three hours

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The Minister of Development reiterates to business representatives, professional and social high-speed rail will be in Murcia end of the year and Cartagena in 2016

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Francisco Barnabas, said today at a briefing held with about 40 representatives from the worlds of business, professional and social development of the Region of Murcia "We can confirm that the society Murcia AVE will arrive on schedule, so at the end of this year will be in Murcia high-speed rail, fulfilling the commitment of the Government of Spain, and that all actions that are being developed point in that direction " .

Economic and social agents had gathered news of the times that are expected to travel between Murcia and the main capitals of Spain with the arrival of the AVE to the region, which will be three hours with Barcelona and an hour and a half with Valencia, through the Euromed, which will flow through the new high-speed tracks.

Moreover, Renfe forecasts are starting to operate the new line with a minimum of six trips daily round trip to the capital of Spain, facing the four Talgos that exist today, and in a time of trip two hours and twenty minutes.

During the meeting, also attended by the Minister of Education, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, the mayor of Murcia, Miguel Angel House, and Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and Councilman Joaquin Mowing Cartagena, Barnabas explained that "the Government Region of Murcia and the representatives of the municipalities of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca are absolutely convinced that the arrival of the high speed will be very beneficial to generate wealth and employment, as we are in that resists further delay or more expect ".

The holder of Development elaborated on the matter stating that "just as the expectation that the high speed reaches the city of Murcia is maintained, the AVE come next year to Cartagena, and then tour the Guadalentín Valley to reach Lorca and link from there to Almería and the rest of Andalusia. "

The representatives of the regional government moved to the economic and social representatives present "High speed is absolutely indispensable, and commitment is to connect before the end of the year with the main cities of the country and Europe. Our work is to ensure that Murcia is not left behind, that we are not a second-rate region, but a competitive region, in which we can promote tourism and exports. "

The event was attended by members of the colleges of Surveyors, Architects and Engineers Technical Building;

Engineers, channels and ports;


Industrial Engineering;

Public Works Engineers and Civil Engineers;

Agents Real Estate Property;

and Industrial Engineers.

Representatives from the business confederations of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca;

the Chambers of Commerce of Murcia and Lorca;

Association of Real Estate;

employers' federations of Construction and Metal;

of Hostemur, Seniors Club, Ucomur, ADIMUR and Proexport;

Municipal Boards of Cabezo de Torres St. Pius X Carmen, Los Dolores, and Nonduermas;

of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations;

traders and Carmen neighborhoods Vistalegre;

LAT and Transport of Murcia;

and Radio Taxi and Eurotaxi.

Source: CARM

Barnabas affects the social character of the new Housing Act of Murcia

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Development Advisor closing the conference on the new rules organized by the Association of Professional Real Estate Brokerage

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Francisco Barnabas, said today the "social value" of the Housing Act on the occasion of the conference held in Cartagena on these new rules and their impact on the sector of real estate brokerage.

Barnabas stressed that the Region of Murcia "has now the most advanced law socially in Spain in housing, which is part of the premise that all citizens have the right to decent shelter and mechanisms are established to They framed to make it possible, as the creation of a social housing stock, or giving legal status to Service Orientation and Mortgage Brokerage. "

Bernabe said that "it was necessary to undertake the development of this new regulation, and therefore took this step with which new legal concepts, such as tourist accommodation, not previously contemplated, introduced economic aspects were foreseen and regulated the exercise of the profession. "

The holder of Development impact on "the construction is reactivated providing legal certainty, and develop modern regulatory bodies adapted to the current situation, in which the procedures are simplified and processing times are shortened, and specific channels are set to develop initiatives arising from the sector. "

Francisco Bernabé closed this conference organized by the Association of Professional Real Estate Brokerage in the Region of Murcia, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Cartagena, on whose premises the work sessions were developed along all morning.

Source: CARM

Martinez-Cache encourages farmers to try Abanilla alternative to traditional crops more profitable

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water will support these initiatives to maintain the competitiveness of the sector

The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Adela Martinez-Cache, yesterday encouraged farmers Abanilla to "try alternative crops more profitable traditional" on the occasion of the celebration of the Technical Conference on 'traditional and alternative Woody crops' held in the building of La Encomienda and was attended by some 150 people, including farmers and technicians.

Martinez-Cacho said, to join the varietal renewal that is immersed horticulture in Spain, "we must introduce new species and adopt farming techniques designed to increase the final value of production."

The Ministry, he added, "supports such initiatives to maintain the competitiveness of the sector."

The papers of the conference were given by the professor of Plant Production, Pablo Melgarejo, who spoke about the possibilities of pomegranate cultivation in the area, the director of the Northwest District Agricultural Office, Pedro Guirao, who spoke about the possibilities of pistachio and the engineer of the Regional Office for the Middle Vega, who referred to the almond cultivation practices aimed at maximum utilization of water.

The general director of Food Industry and Agricultural Training, Angel Garcia Lidon, then moderated a discussion among participants on the potential development of these crops, both agricultural and commercial.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water and prepares to hold new Conference on citrus and fruit in Abanilla, to move forward on alternatives to traditional crops.

Source: CARM

PROEXPORT sneaks into the SOS 4.8

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

A mural of 90m2 promoted among the thousands present consumption of fruit and vegetables from Murcia

This weekend PROEXPORT be present at the SOS 4.8 festival with a huge mural of 90 m2 situated in front of the stage.

Designed in indie-pop style, the mural become protagonists of the festival to fruits and vegetables in our region.

Modern, fun, vitality … as our fruits and vegetables

In the words of director of Proexport, Fernando P. Gómez, "the SOS 4.8 is music, art, fresh, fun and vitality. A spirit that reflects the values ​​of innovation and modernity that our consumers increasingly associated with consumption of fruits and more healthy and tasty vegetables from our region. "

International Showcase

For Gomez, "the festival is an exceptional showcase that has broken boundaries like our fruits and vegetables. It has long PROEXPORT and its affiliated companies were not satisfied only with feed millions of homes on three continents. We also support and be near the people who trust us through initiatives such as the SOS 4.8 squander optimism, vitality and zest for life "

Morrissey, enthusiastically declared in fruit and vegetables

The artists participating in the SOS 4.8 are no strangers to this commitment.

Without going any further, Morrissey has repeatedly proclaimed his total commitment to the consumption of fruits and vegetables because of his veganism.

Source: Agencias

González Tovar prioritize those over 45, women and youth in their plan against unemployment

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The socialist candidate for the presidency of the Community, which has presented its measures to create jobs, condensed into four urgent implementation of the "first strike" to combat the problem of our region: the long-term unemployed

The candidate for President of the Community, Rafael González Tovar, presented at a breakfast briefing with the media, the emergency measures plan for employment will at its election, "because in exceptional situations such as that we live, it takes extraordinary measures, because if it continues at its current pace of employment growth-destruction in the region there would be 'acceptable' situation before 2027 ".

"The unemployed who have exhausted their benefits, households with all members unemployed, women, youth, can not stand this suffering until 2027, so we have to act urgently," insisted Tovar, who has referred the "precipitous drop" in the level of coverage benefits, which according to the latest EPA was only of 46.95%, when in November 2011 it was 58%.

"Gone are the savings of families, but also have been ruined psychological reserves of people," he added.

The measures that the PSOE is prepared to start from May 24 are focused mainly long-term unemployed "still look distant retirement", young people and women, "whose unemployment rate is 30%."

Four urgent measures

First, Gonzalez Tovar will implement, if elected to hire 20,000 unemployed through public employment programs managed by municipalities, which also contain training modules president of the Community, an emergency plan.

Their target: people in long-term unemployment and families with all members unemployed.

Secondly, the permanent hiring in companies be encouraged through a line of grants of up to 7,000 euros per contract.

Third, it is encouraged with 10,000 euros each indefinite self-generating self-employment as long-term unemployed people.

Fourth, training activities for entrepreneurship and business creation, with advice and guidance to those in need.

Employment for our youth

The socialist candidate has reiterated that "in this holistic approach from the public sector to combat unemployment in the region, women in particular must be considered as a great hit by the crisis, and youth whose only outlet in more than 55% of cases, is to look towards Europe. "

"Therefore, the Plan will refocus European Youth Guarantee evil that the PP has applied with personal attention and training measures, because we want to resume their studies who were forced to abandon," said Tovar, who favors the cited European program to expand its coverage from the current 25 years to 30.

"In addition, of the 20,000 jobs in our Emergency Plan, 4000 will be for boys and girls. A minimum of 735 seats in workshop schools and trade with mixed programs of training and employment will be created, taking into account the training and the need for urgent and direct employment. We will implement second chance scholarship of 1,200 euros per person to return to the education system who need it. We will develop programs first professional experience through work experience contracts of one year with salary convention and business subsidies to hire. We will encourage permanent contracts with 7,000 euros per child under 30 years hired, and will continue to encourage youth self-employment to 10,000 euros per person, "said González Tovar.

He has not forgotten the socialist leader to emphasize the need to encourage the hiring of people with disabilities and social clauses, "something that the PP has not done".

Vocational training and public employment

On the other hand, the Socialist candidate has highlighted the need to reform the Professional and Occupational to adapt to the real needs of the Region Training.

And he recalled that last year, 6,500 young people were unable to pursue studies FP they wanted.

Also, is committed to public employment have a clear timetable for oppositions, to gradually restore educational and health templates, and reform the public employment service orientation towards an individualized itinerary.

"The Region has to stop being the fifth of Spain with more unemployment (25%). It is necessary to reach an agreement by the quality of employment, to return to collective bargaining, to regain the rights of workers and women workers have lost with the Popular Party. We must fight against occupational fraud and the black economy, which is a drag on the exit from the crisis. We are committed to it, to give answers to this region we love so much, "he concluded.


The PSOE launched a video entitled 'So Rafa' having the human profile of Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Community

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

His neighbors, his patients and friends described the socialist candidate for the presidency of the Community as a person honest, that fulfilled his word and who likes to listen and address the problems of people

The Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia has made a video with which he intends to present to the public the human profile and the main concerns of Rafael González Tovar, Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Region of Murcia.

For two and a half minutes, different people close to the Socialist candidate explain their tastes, interests, values.

Video presents a 'Rafa' as it has been and is in his life, his way of being and acting, their attitudes to the problems of their neighbors, to their patients, to the organizations with which he has worked, to political , with friends, with family, with young …

Stables his countrymen, his patients and friends of Blanca Rafa described as a constant, honest, honorable, "a formal and studious lad" who fulfills his word, honest dialogue, who likes above all listen and respond to people.

A person who "does not work for himself but for the people".

Your neighbors count as very young had clear ideas, which began steps with neighborhood movements and as a doctor used to come to a house, sat on the bed and talked with the patient and if not call him again visit to inquire about his recovery.

His fighting spirit led him to change the practice of charging patients for travel to their homes and the retainers.

A person close and loving, humble nature, which has always fought against all types of barriers and treats everyone equally whoever he is.

So think of him who best know him, Rafael Gonzalez Tovar is above all a friend of his friends, a normal person, a tireless worker, a defender of public services, which spread enthusiasm to change things and that you awake the situation in our region, which is leaving the skin to change, as Inma Veracruz, his traveling companion says.


Pedro Antonio supports the claims of entrepreneurs because they are indispensable for the development of the region

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The PP candidate for regional president is committed to CROEM to lower taxes, the elimination of inheritance tax and linked to job creation grants and reductions in the regional section of the Income Tax

The Popular Party candidate for president of the region of Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, today held a working meeting with representatives of the Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Murcia (CROEM), which has taken and incorporated into the agenda Claims of employers, because they are "indispensable for the development of the region".

Pedro Antonio CROEM is committed to lower taxes, the elimination of inheritance tax and donations, linked to job creation, and stressed that "those children who are a business or a business of his father, will not have to pay this tax "as well as" reductions in the regional section of the Income Tax. "

At first, this deletion will benefit those entrepreneurs continue to create employment or inheritance intended to maintain its business and tax exemptions gradually extend to all Murcia.

Also, the candidate for the presidency of the Community, recalled that "money where this is best in the pockets of citizens, to consume and to spend it and thus stimulating the economy" and has said "Entrepreneurs are essential for the growth of the region ", in addition, stressed that" we must give back to society the effort he has done, and that means lower taxes. "

Pedro Antonio has taken on its agenda the demands of employers for the development of the region, and finally reiterated that "we must pave the way for businessmen, entrepreneurs, because the government is not to create empelo , but we can help entrepreneurs believe that by stimulating job creation. "

More infrastructure for the Region

Pedro Antonio Sánchez has endorsed the claims that has raised the president of the Employers, Jose Maria Albarracin, "because the Mediterranean Corridor, the rail option Camarillas, the opening of the International Airport of the Region of Murcia, the arrival of the AVE Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca and we get water in other spare parts, because they are priority issues for regional development ".

Also, the Popular Party candidate for president has also informed CROEM and has sought their proposals in order to remove administrative barriers.

"My goal is that only rarely has to move to a public body to run an errand. We extend the express licenses prior administrative authorization replaced by statements makers, supporting new entrepreneurs with new, more flexible financial instruments intelligent capital without only financial costs, accompanying since the launch of the project until its consolidation and growth. All this will create jobs and wealth for the whole of Murcia. "

Also, this economic revitalization facilitates the implementation and expansion of initiatives also will be aided by a new policy of tax cuts to create jobs, "as it is achieved more if more of us that we contribute with our taxes, these being low ".

The meeting also discussed initiatives such as the recovery of the competitiveness of our industry today, by launching programs to subsidize the purchase of goods of technologically advanced equipment in order to address the growth of the industry and competitive opening markets;

or launching a specific program of new industry based on the 4.0 release, digitization and new materials, with financial support programs, training for SMEs, training and equipment.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Winning the Region of Murcia shows its refusal to endorse the statement that exclude homosexuals from donating blood

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

LGBT responsible for IU-Greens in the Region of Murcia and regional Assembly candidate to win the Region, Victoria Rodriguez, today expressed his "revulsion" at the European Court for which Member States are authorized to issue rules allowing gays exclude people from donating blood.

According to Rodriguez, the sentence is "absurd, undignified and insulting", is against human rights and endorses discrimination based on sexual orientation, while making a "clear setback" in the gains of recent years for real equality.

He has also criticized the European Court qualify "risk" sexual practice between same sex, an approach that has been considered "an insult" and "a false pretext and overcome introducing medical approaches for years."

It has insisted that he will fight so that in the framework of the European Union a policy that prevents any member state can discriminate against a European person for their sexual orientation, also to donate blood when it is approved.

In Spain, more than 20 years ago that allowed the gay people to donate blood and "we will watch that it does not go back in that fight," added Rodriguez, who pointed out, moreover, that now a hundred countries maintain the ban.

Source: IURM

Win Murcia encouraged to participate in the demonstration on May 1

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

IU-Green-AS / Win Murcia today has encouraged citizens to participate in the demonstration for tomorrow, international day of workers in defense of quality employment and decent wages, and against the "model neoliberal exit the crisis. "

The coalition has criticized the "cuts and reforms of the PP" because "have increased poverty and social inequality", while denounced the decline in wages while the benefits of large companies have increased " considerably ".

"The government can not present a positive balance out of the crisis on working people: a little more work in exchange for miserable salaries and precarious contracts, which has led to the emergence of the figure of the contract worker, but poor ".

Earn Murcia has expressed its "active solidarity" with workers, and stressed the importance of taking part in the demonstrations of this May, in which the fight for jobs "remains the determining factor of policy alternatives. "

Source: IURM