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Alazan act in Murcia on 3 De Abril

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Source: Agencias

Four of us fight for the European Cup

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

RFEA publishes The Spanish Selection for the 11th European Cup in March, to be held on May 17th at Gran Via Sculptor Salzillo of Murcia

We know the list of representatives of our country to defend its colors next May 17th at Gran Via Sculptor Salzillo, under the 11th European Cup in March.

Including four walkers in the region, each in a separate test.

In the junior section will have male and female participation, thanks to the presence of Manuel Bermúdez and Irenez ciezanos Vazquez tests 10km., Highlighting the fact that by the time Bermúdez leading European ranking with his teammate Junior Diego Garcia Carrera, also take part Pablo Oliva, repeating the group took silver in the World Cup held in Taicang last year-.

Also worth noting that Irene Vázquez on the payroll selected by Lidia María Pérez and Sánchez-Puebla, while remaining athlete youth category.

Already in the 20km.

Miguel Ángel López male March Nicholas fight for home endorse European gold succeeded in Zurich.

The Llano de Brujas won silver at the last European Cup, held in 2013 in Dudince (Slovakia).

It will compete in this distance by Álvaro Martín, José Ignacio Amezcua Alberto Diaz.

Meanwhile, ciezano Benjamin Sanchez, bronze over 20km.

the appointment of Olhão (Portugal) in 2011, will face 50 with Marc Tur, Luis Manuel Hook and Jesús Ángel García.

Thus, our region formed as the RFEA, 20% of the Spanish, all under the direction of José Antonio Carrillo also part of the Spanish team that will fight for glory in our land says.

Source: FAMU

The refusal of health coverage for undocumented immigrants Rajoy was one of the greatest injustices and restore that right by electoral interests, indecent

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Deputy Teresa Rosique calls for the complete repeal of the Royal Decree of Rajoy that ended the universal character of Health and imposed pharmacist copayment for pensioners

The socialist regional deputy, Teresa Rosique, said the announcement of the Minister of Health, returning the right to Primary Care Health to undocumented immigrants, after two and a half years of you has withdrawn the right to health coverage, " is due exclusively to electoral interests, a real indecency ".

For the Socialist deputy, this modification and reverse is only partial, since for many of these patients will be much needed primary care and hospital.

The measure approved by the Government of Rajoy told only with the support of UPN and the rejection of other parliamentary groups.

Therefore, Rosique requested the Government of Spain the complete repeal of the Royal Decree of Rajoy that ended the universality of Health and imposed pharmacist copayment to pensioners.

The UN Committee, in its fifth report of Spain on the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights publicly expressed concern about the amendments made by Royal Decree-Law 16/2012, of 20 April 2012, particularly in the Aliens Act of 2009, establishing the access rights of irregular migrants were cut in public health services situation.

Regions such as Catalonia, Basque Country, Andalusia and Asturias refused to remove health coverage to illegal immigrants and other implemented measures to remedy this injustice.

"Socialists of the Region of Murcia have been reporting that it was unacceptable to see that our region was among the nine who applied strictly this unjust measure".

The Socialist Party demands the Government of Rajoy recognize their erratic performance, the only thing produced is pain to thousands of people.

It also claims the regional government "abandon its ism in cutting rights and not wait for the Ministry act and return from and health coverage to undocumented immigrants in our region."


The Community and the sequoia Group signed the management contract indirect public service regional television

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

New 7RM managers begin to emit am assuming the supply of information, which extend to the weekend, so there will be a continuity daily from Monday to Sunday

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, and President of Sequoia Group, Raul Berdones, as representative of the company Central Broadcaster Media, SL, awarded the service, signed the management contract indirect public service today regional television in the Region of Murcia.

The period of performance of the contract begins tomorrow, April 1 and runs until April 30, 2017. The agreement also contemplates that may negotiate an extension of three years.

The sequoia Group will take over from tomorrow emission regional television and start assuming the current schedule information, which extends the weekends, so there will be continuity in the broadcast daily from Monday to Sunday.

As stated by the Minister Juan Carlos Ruiz after signing, "there will be a blackout and informational remain, since the new contractor will begin broadcasting tomorrow."

The new managers have designed a transition program that includes the above news broadcast from Monday to Sunday, and a series of specials where the customs, culture and identity of the Region of Murcia will be its pillars.

Also this program, provisional, collects relay procession 'The Salzillos' during Easter and then the live broadcast of the acts of Bando de la Huerta.

As stated in the documentation submitted to public tender, the contractor, Central Broadcaster Media (CBM), agrees to issue 73.5 hours of weekly programming, performing 21 live broadcasts throughout the year and have a presence in 21 locations the Region.

In addition, the company will have a definite schedule within two months and carry out contracts with audiovisual producers of the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM

The SEF and Estrella Levante expand the number of places for young graduates undertake internships in factory Espinardo

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

The presidential advisor and Employment and the director of Estrella Levante held a follow up meeting with the young industrial engineers covered by the agreement signed in December

After completion of these practices, about 70 percent of young people have gotten a job

The Employment and Training Service of the Region of Murcia (SEF) and the company Estrella Levante today agreed to extend to 12 the number of places for university students or graduates make their first practices in factory Espinardo, explained the Minister of Presidency and Employment, José Gabriel Ruiz, after his meeting with the CEO of the firm, Patricio Valverde, which tracked the agreement signed in December labor practices.

Both stressed the benefits of this agreement benefits both employers and young people without experience, but with a university education or vocational training, and helps to improve employability and provide a first contact with the working reality for children under 26 years .

"We want to bring the company to the unemployed, and this requires bridging the education of our youth and the labor market," said the director.

Thus, the Community aims to complete the training achieved by the youth to acquire knowledge of the relevant productive organization professional profile also social and labor relations system in the workplace, and facilitate their future employability.

José Gabriel Ruiz highlighted the success of these scholarships for employment, "which have a high rate of employment, because after the completion of these practices nearly 70 percent of young people have gotten a job".

Such agreements with companies are part of measures to promote youth employment which includes the Strategy for Employment Creation in the Region of Murcia 2014-2016, which will be complemented by other actions of the 'Youth Employment Guarantee' which has a budget amounting to 19 million euros for next year.

The Community has made, over the years, 430 companies have offered the first work experience more than 600 young people from the region, thanks to grants of employment promoted by the Ministry of Presidency and Employment through Employment and Training Service.

Scholarship Characteristics for employment

These agreements are aimed at young people with qualifications but with very little or no work experience, to facilitate the acquisition of practical knowledge.

The above grants will go aimed at unemployed young people registered at the Employment Office, aged between 18 and 25 who possess the qualifications or professional certificate required by companies.

The duration of said scholarships will be between three and nine months.

It requires that these young people have not had an employment relationship or other than three months in the same activity professional experience, disregarding for this purpose the practices forming part of the curriculum for obtaining qualifications or certificates .

The shortlist of candidates for the practices corresponds to SEF, according to professional and academic profiles expressed by the company in the application document of candidates, and the final selection correspond to the latter, without prejudice to the final selection could be performed by the SEF, provided at the request of the company.

Subsequently, the young and the company will sign an agreement in which the specific content of practice to develop is defined, and the amount of that grant, which will be at least 80 percent of the monthly IPREM.

Source: CARM

"I am very proud of this presbytery of the Diocese of Cartagena"

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


Lorca at the Chrism Mass |

In celebration have been blessed Chrism and the oils to anoint the catechumens and sick

"I get before the Lord to give thanks for the gift of the priesthood, precisely on this day we renew our priestly promises, it is the most beautiful manifestation of closer union of priests with their bishop and, personally, I feel very proud of this presbytery of the Diocese of Cartagena ".

Thus began this morning his homily, Bishop of Cartagena during the celebration of the Chrism Mass, the great celebration in which consecrates the Chrism and the oils with which he will anoint the catechumens and the sick and where more than 250 diocesan priests have renewed their priestly promises.

In celebration have also participated seminarians of the Major Seminary of San Fulgencio, Minors of St. Joseph and the Missionary Redemptoris Mater.

. Bishop Lorca Planes talked about the qualities of priest integrity of life and ceaseless service to others;

humble readiness to accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to give generously to others the fruits of love and peace, to give them the certainty of faith;

capable of loving people with a new, great and pure heart;

with full, constant and faithful dedication;

apostolic zeal;

and tenderness, typical of a mother.

"Being a priest is something beyond us, which requires us to take a leap into the visible reality, not away from it, to connect more and better with the heart of God through prayer and be a two-way bridge, no losing contact with the brothers and keep with the Lord. "

He recalled the priests present the need to remain faithful in prayer in order to do God's will "faithfully" to the Church.

During the homily, the bishop has invited all present to watch the video that the Delegation of Education has made to publicize the campaign registration and Religion class in which Mons appears. Azagra, an "opportunity to enjoy the last catechesis D. Javier, tenderness, "said Msgr. Lorca.

The bishop thanked all who are participating in various activities to mark the Year of Charity and recalled that on 19 April in Cartagena magna diocesan celebration.

After the homily, priests renewed by the bishop his priestly promises.

During the Eucharistic Prayer, Msgr. Lorca has blessed the oil of the sick and the end of the prayer after communion has blessed the oil of catechumens and consecrated Chrism, pouring on oil scents.

With this Chrism will be anointed baptized, confirmed and ordained to the priesthood;

also be devoted to him altars and churches.

Mr. Bishop has reminded priests died during the last year and especially greeted the ordained this past year and now, for the first time, were added to the diocesan clergy in the renewal of priestly promises.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena

González Tovar will launch Care Quality Councils in schools and health services in the Region

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

In a meeting with ALCER, the PSOE has shown support for the request for greater citizen participation in decisions that affect this disease

The socialist candidate for the Presidency of the CARM, Rafael González Tovar, held together with other members of PSRM a meeting with the Regional Federation of ALCER Murcia, to listen to concerns and demands of kidney patients.

González Tovar has been interested in their problems and shown their support and solidarity in the petitions filed, as there is greater citizen involvement of patients in decisions that affect them directly.

Also, the Socialist candidate has promised to start in the next legislature, the implementation of Quality Care Tips centers and services Murciano Health Service.

He also moved his intention to implement a Regional Bureau of Chronic Disease Care.

"It's a commitment that demonstrates our commitment to public health and the specific treatment that must have this with chronic patients".

Rafael González Tovar supported these claims pursued mainly that patients have a greater voice in decisions that affect them and there is greater support for research and transplants "as one of the jewels of public health".


Industry doubling the budget for the modernization of food markets

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Summon aid for municipalities to carry out work in these areas, as a measure of retail and revitalization of the historic centers of towns

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Business and Innovation has summoned aid for a total amount of 130,000 euros for municipalities in the region to implement modernization works in municipal food markets, as a means of promoting and boosting trade, just as reflected today in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia (BORM).

Thus, in 2015 the Ministry will double the aid offered last year at this same concept.

The general manager of Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Handicrafts, Ana Cobarro, explained that "this aid for the conservation and improvement of municipal supplies markets are part of the Strategy to Promote Retail Region of Murcia Horizon 2014-2020" and noted that "the maximum aid to be granted by council be 20,000 euros".

"We intend to value the municipal markets as key local shops of historic centers and neighborhoods of cities and towns in the Region of Murcia piece," said Ana Cobarro, adding that "food markets serve as a channel of distribution of goods in the region, especially fresh, organic and artisan products, thus becoming specialized malls. "

Similarly, the regional manager of Commerce stressed that "the actions carried out should range from conducting rehabilitation of these markets, incorporating new technologies for management and urban works to improve conditions accessibility ".

"We feel very beneficial these grants because modernization of municipal food markets entails undoubtedly a major revitalization of historic or urban centers," said Cobarro.

In 2015 this aid in Murcia, Mula and Alhama de Murcia were granted.

The deadline for municipalities to submit applications is 20 calendar days from today, the day it was published the Order of the call in the BORM.

Source: CARM

Juan Carlos Ruiz highlights that the UNAI working with nine investment projects in the region could generate 550 jobs

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Business and Innovation meets with President of Croem to analyze the project's driving and managing Acceleration Unit Investment

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, met this morning with the president of Croem, José María Albarracín, to analyze the nine projects that are managing and promoting Acceleration Unit Investment (UNAI) and said "These are large projects that could generate an investment of 224 million euros over the next two years and create 550 jobs."

The holder of Company, who was accompanied during the meeting by the director of Instituto de Fomento (Info), Francisco Martinez, noted that "these investment projects in our portfolio, and which are in various stages of development, corresponding to different sectors of great importance for the region, such as the food and logistics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, tourism, plastic and biofuels. "

Likewise, Juan Carlos Ruiz moved the location where these companies would be implemented and would be in the region of Cartagena, Alhama, Northwest and the region of Guadalentín.

As an example of one of the investment projects you are working on the UNAI, the counselor said if Primafrío, framed in cooling logistics, whose location would Alhama de Murcia.

"This particular project will entail an investment of 30 million euros and the creation of hundreds of jobs," he said.

The objective of the Unit Investment Acceleration, integrated info, is to streamline and reduce processing times for administrative authorizations for those companies that will create at least 15 jobs, or providing investment of over 600,000 euros in assets no estate.

With simplification and administrative procedures, and the elimination of administrative burdens for the start of industrial, commercial and service companies experience a saving both cost and time.

"These measures will help to improve the investment climate and make Murcia a much more attractive for investors community," said Minister of Enterprise, who noted Croem support this initiative.

Source: CARM

AELIP reinvindica the impetus to research on World Day lipodystrophy

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

In commemorating today March 31

Research is the centerpiece of the celebration tomorrow March 31, the World Day of lipodystrophy.

Since 2012 has been celebrated this day, which has become the reference date to join forces with him raising citizen awareness and enabling give visibility to the main needs that face every day people suffering from lipodystrophy and their families.

On this day, the Association of Relatives and Affected lipodystrophy (AELIP), an organization of international scope, wants to claim the creation of reference units worldwide in comprehensive care to patients with lipodystrophy, which lipodystrophies be considered as social priority and health by different public and private institutions and the establishment of a map of experts / professionals worldwide lipodystrophy.

Moreover, since the dissemination of lipodystrophy AELIP-Connect, the world's largest registry of patients with lipodystrophy syndromes uncommon requested, through different institutions and health authorities;

establishing concrete measures to ensure equitable access to vital drugs use for families with lipodystrophy, in particular human recombinant leptin;

and boosting research in lipodistrofias through the centers, services and reference units.

Also, measures to ensure the care of people with lipodystrophy requiring transfer to another member state and institutional support to European Consortium of Lipodystrophies claimed.

Lipodystrophies ultrararas are a group of diseases with unknown prevalence.

In the case of familial partial lipodystrophy, which is the most common, we can talk about one case per 200,000 people, while in the case of Berardinelli syndrome, which is particularly prevalent in the Region of Murcia, a one in a million and half people.

The lines of research that are being developed in Spain through the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela and the Center for Biomedical Research at the University of Santiago de Compostela (CIMUS), in collaboration with the University Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca of Murcia and AELIP focus on four major blocks, the first of which refers to research Berardinelli syndrome associated with mutations in seipina looking for the mechanisms responsible for the disappearance of fat and effects on the central nervous system.

The second line of research covers new genes associated with familial partial lipodystrophy;

the third addresses the mechanisms responsible for the loss of fat in the familial partial lipodystrophy associated with the LMNA gene mutation;

and last investigates the role of recombinant leptin in the treatment of Berardinelli syndrome and familial partial lipodystrophy.

Precisely because of this World Day of lipodystrophy, AELIP is developing a social media campaign to collect as many props to further research this type of pathology, a campaign that has made a flurry of adhesions in a few days.

The campaign is to be done individually or in groups a photo positioning the index finger and thumb of the right hand, thereby forming an L, a symbolic gesture that aim to increase awareness about the importance of further research in lipodystrophy.

The image should be uploaded tomorrow March 31 inclusive to facebook, instagram and twitter using the hashtag #Linvestigando.

Furthermore, it has created an event on Facebook to join him all these expressions of solidarity (

Currently, many people of all ages are joining the initiative and including many known people from the world of sports, entertainment, culture … have shown more solidarity face and have contributed, making the symbolic gesture of L fingers, hope to those affected and heat to feel supported.

Thus, in social networks has seen, for example, the world of sports coach Vicente del Bosque, athletes as Andres Iniesta, Daniel Carvajal, Alex Abrines or Alejandro Valverde;

former athletes like Chichi Creus, Kiko Narvaez, Julio Salinas, Juan Manuel Asensi, Miguel Porlán "Chendo" (current CEO of Real Madrid), Roberto Fresnedoso, Ruben de la Red, Luis Milla or Fran Murcia.

The actress Pepa Aniorte, actor Alex Navarro, Barbara Rey, Yvonne Reyes or singer Chenoa have not hesitated to take a picture with journalist Andrew L. Aberasturi was also among the first to support the campaign Investigating lipodystrophy, like the FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu or second vice president Jordi Cardoner i Casaus.

Moreover, in parallel to that the association wants to become trending topic on twitter next March 31 at 20:25 hours, so you are encouraged to contribute to this charitable initiative and visibility up to twitter comments supporting research in lipodystrophy, through the hashtag #Linvestigando, between 20:00 and 21:00.

Moreover, it also reminds you can collaborate with AELIP in research projects launched by donations through the account numbers that this partnership has: IBAN ES52 3058 0262 44 2720029059 (in CAJAMAR entity) and IBAN ES40 2100 2759 23 0200101469 (La Caixa).

You can also do so online through the website of the association

From AELIP all samples are receiving support for further research in order to improve the quality of life of people suffering from some lipodystrophy syndrome are appreciated.

Source: AELIP