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Saturday, February 28th, 2015


The CPR IU-Green meets to prepare the election campaign

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The Regional Political Council (CPR) IU-Green, the highest body between assemblies, met today to finalize the preparations for regional and municipal elections on May 25.

Attendees at this meeting from various municipalities in the Region of Murcia, have debated convergence processes that are taking place in the towns, and the role they play in this context both IU-Greens as its members.

The training has made it clear that focuses on the confluence at the regional and municipal levels, both political parties and citizens "who believe that the sum creates a powerful bloc against the policies of the PP and neoliberalism" as well as a program " sharply left. "

Among the issues of the day, have released the organizational and economic needs of local assemblies IU-Greens also model campaign.

Regarding the latter, the formation has opted for a model focusing on participation, so that citizens know firsthand the electoral program and take part in the discussion of it, with proposals to improve the situation of their municipalities.

Also, IU-Green has highlighted the importance of social networks and new technologies to promote interactivity with citizens, and promote their participation in political affairs.

Source: IURM

Nebot states that "UPyD has the best team and with serious and realistic proposals"

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

César Nebot, the candidate of Unión Progreso y Democracia for president of the Region of Murcia, states that "UPyD will fight relentlessly to achieve Spain deserving citizens, because we have the best team and with serious and realistic proposals" .

Regarding the different electoral events, explains that "UPyD know that this year will be crucial, and so we present to citizens in Spain to candidates needed to build a better country."

Nebot has been well expressed in his speech at the presentation of candidates magenta training for regional and municipal elections in Málaga, coinciding with the Day of Andalusia, with Rosa Díez and Martín de la Herran.

In it, the candidate for the Autonomous Community has addressed the issue of education, noting that "UPyD has state vision, so understood to be future proof" and not "a bargaining chip more", which in judgment is what they have done "bipartisanship and his nationalist partners."

"The outrageous rates of school failure or human capital flight are direct consequences of irresponsible education policy", stressing that the formation magenta "is the only party that demands the return of power to the State Education to guarantee equal opportunities" .

In this sense, for Nebot "Education depends the future of the country, what we will be tomorrow", which "should be pillar of the state and ensure equality live where you live".

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

The PP asks prohibit and penalize websites that promote anorexia and bulimia

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The regional deputy Ana Guijarro highlights the "ease and speed" with which children can access websites and blogs which directly threaten your health

Says it is "a demand of the affected groups who have made ​​public through numerous platforms created for that purpose"

The regional deputy PP, Ana Guijarro, lamented "the ease and speed with which currently minors can access Internet content harmful to your health", which has assessed the need to take legislative measures "with be able to prohibit and penalize those websites and blogs where very hazardous to health, especially children "practices are encouraged.

The 'popular' deputy explained that there are pages designed "solely" for people with eating disorders, "in which advice to minors are offered to deceive their parents or to combat hunger for hours and even days ".

"These tips range from throw food to the mouth and immediately spit it out, until it was a cut on the wrist as a penalty if you skipped the fast."

These circumstances, in his view, "are authentic very dangerous to the health of those suffering from anorexia or bulimia or begin to take the first steps in that horrible way atrocities".

Finally, the 'popular' deputy presented at the Regional Assembly a motion urging the Regional Government to develop the necessary procedure to eliminate these pages or at least "not make them as accessible to minors."

"This way we respond to a major demand of the affected groups that have uncovered this problem through numerous platforms created for that purpose," he concluded.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Education accelerates and simplifies the process of awarding scholarships for families

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The secretary general of the Ministry participates with the mayor of Yecla in educational conference of the Federation of Associations of Parents 'Juan González'

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities has advanced up to six months concession processes and award of 31,268 school meals, textbooks and school supplies that have been granted in this course from 2014 to 2015, which were allocated nearly 6.5 million.

This was stated today the secretary general of Education, Manuel Marcos Sánchez, next to the mayor of Yecla, Marcos Ortuño, while participating in educational sessions of the Federation of Associations of Parents of the Region 'Juan González', held in the hall of Yecla Furniture Fair.

During the ceremony, the Secretary General of Education explained that this measure has been "a significant benefit for families".

In this course, he said, "families have known up to six months in advance with respect to previous calls if possessed aid for dining, textbooks and school supplies. In addition, we have introduced improvements in the reporting process, which is has made custom messages via mobile ".

Specifically, during this school year has been allocated 3,181,577 euros for school meals, which have benefited a total of 4,102 families, representing an increase of 60 percent over the previous year.

As for aid for textbooks and school supplies, provision has been 3,350,000 euros, an investment which have benefited 27,166 families.

Speaking before members of the educational community, the general secretary of Education reviewed other axes of the policy of the Ministry, as the promotion of bilingualism, constant evaluation as how to design improvement plans or implementation of LOMCE.

During this meeting, the Association of Parents of Students of the College of Education and Primary San Isidoro and Santa Saint Florentina and Secondary School La Mojonera, Almeria, presented their educational experience through projects 'Drive to Education' and 'joint parent-teacher training'.

Furthermore, in the event the awards 'Juan González', which recognize the work of all persons, associations, institutions, schools or media that contribute to disseminate the educational values ​​and associations of parents surrendered.

Source: CARM

The marine resort Mar Menor-Cabo de Palos also be in the regional bureau of industry

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The Minister of Public Works announced that the constitution of the Bureau of the Nautica will take place next March

The marine resort of Mar Menor will add to the Bureau of Nautical, as agreed by the Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Francisco Barnabas, and the president of the association, María José Segura, in an interview this week.

Bernabe said that "in a project much depth as the Bureau of the Nautical, which aims to bring together the entire industry to establish seated political consensus and the defense of common interests, could not miss the Nautical Mar Menor Corporal de Palos, a pioneer project that was in Spain and as a driving association of the infinite possibilities of this natural paradise ".

The Minister of Public Works said that "we already have accessions of nautical schools, ports, dive centers and Nautical Station in our desire to be a convergence scenario that is as broad as possible and in which are present all areas related to recreational boating. "

Notwithstanding, he added, "they still let us add new elements to this great project, the idea is to put in place in the month of March."

The Nautical Mar Menor-Cabo de Palos is an association formed by thirty centers for aquatic and underwater activities, which for two decades raises a wide range of tourist accommodation, water sports, restaurants and many other services through its website and a team of professionals to help prepare the trip and stay stakeholders, whatever the type of tourism that is preferred.

Source: CARM

Health Accreditation'Centro delivery without Tabaco' to 13 hospitals in the Region

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The Red Snuff-Free Hospitals Region was launched in 2005 following the recommendations of the European Network of the same field

The Directorate General of Public Health and Addictions works to raise awareness of the effects of snuff on health

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy, through the Service Promotion and Health Education Directorate General of Public Health and Addictions, presented this week the accreditation of 'Centro without Snuff' to 13 hospitals in the Region of Murcia.

This accreditation certifies adherence to the Network of Free Snuff hospitals in the region, involving the promotion of health in different aspects, such as ensuring free snuff care and work spaces, provide information on smoking and encourage smoking cessation.

The Director General of Public Health and Addictions, Francisco Garcia, presented these awards to eight public health centers in the Regional Health Map of Murcia Health Service (SMS) and five private hospitals.

Public hospitals which received accreditation have been the University Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, University General Hospital Santa Lucia and Santa María del Rosell, Hospital Virgen del Castillo, University General Hospital Morales Meseguer, Hospital General Universitario Reina Sofía, University General Hospital Los Arcos del Mar Menor and the Hospital de la Vega Lorenzo Guirao.

To this list of public schools Psychiatric Hospital Roman Pool and four private, which were the Hospital de La Vega, the de Molina, the Mesa del Castillo and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and the Residencia Los Almendros added.

They are centers that are developing actions for the implementation of the Programme 'Centro without Snuff', which includes actions to protect and promote health.

Among them are those of providing health information and education about the consequences of snuff, procure a smoke free environment and offer help to quit smoking.

To do this, from the Ministry technical support and information materials is provided.

The CEO said that action is covered by the European Code of Hospitals Without Snuff and have been extensively validated by the European Network (ENSH-Global), so that all centers attached to this Community network must comply with the Code and the standards defined by it.

Free Network Hospitals Snuff Region

The Network of Free Hospital Snuff was launched in the region in 2005 with the accession of five public hospitals in the region and following the recommendations and indications of ENSH-Global, which belongs as a corporate member.

Currently, already has 13 members and expects to continue increasing the number of attached centers.

The Director General of Public Health and Addictions, Francisco García, welcomed this experience because it allows promoting the benefits of the system and correct deficiencies, as every year evaluations are conducted.

In this regard, he added, "is a strategy that allows us to continue on the path of promoting excellence, healthy, non-smoking places."

In conclusion, Garcia stressed the various initiatives of prevention, health promotion and awareness that are running from the Ministry of Health and reiterated that "smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the world, so we're betting on awareness ".

Source: CARM

Culture celebrates International Women's Day with a sample of the creations of two designers in the Regional Library

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The exhibition, which is part of the Gateway BRMU, combines the work of the designers with books, movies, music or comics which the figure of the woman is analyzed in society

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities joins the celebrations of International Women's Day with an exhibition on the work of the designers Marta Martinez and Alexandra Canovas combined with a selection of books, songs, comics or movies which the central axis is the role of women in society.

The exhibition, which is part of the Gateway BRMU project can be seen throughout the month of March in the Regional Library of Murcia.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Maria Comas explained that this is the fifth exhibition of the Pasarela BRMU, where others have gone Murcia designers.

"This initiative opens the doors of the Regional Library different artistic disciplines such as literature, music, fashion and film," said Maria Comas, adding that initiatives like this "contribute, therefore, to promote culture and knowledge between users and help publicize the work of young designers who are already proving their quality inside and outside the region. "

On this occasion, the Pasarela BRMU shows the collection of these young designers, Marta Martinez and Alexandra Canovas, who make up the duo 'The culpaSS' and entered in 2010 in the fashion scene in the region with a proposal that combines a combative with the rebellion of punk feminism.

The sample of the Regional Library collects a selection of his latest collection, called 'Degenerate Club Deportivo' and that affects the denunciation of social inequalities that persist in society, where designs are exposed inside a boxing ring.

This sample was preceded by the work of designer Pedro Lobo, 'Instrumental', which in this case combining fashion with music and mathematics.

On the Runway BRMU have also been other designers from the region, as 'Titis clothing' and his tribute to the famous television series Twin Peaks, or Fernando Aliaga and Baroque inspired designs.

The next meetings will be with the designs of Constanza But in this case will involve a reflection on our times and an evocation of the interwar period through the work of Carmen Ramil.

Source: CARM

Culture edited in the Cendeac correspondence Marcel Duchamp, hitherto unpublished in Castilian

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The Book 'Affectionately, Marcel' collects 285 letters written by the artist over six decades

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities published by the Centre for Documentation and Advanced Studies of Contemporary Art (Cendeac) Correspondence of Marcel Duchamp collected in the book 'Affectionately Marcel' hitherto unpublished in Castilian.

The work of Cendeac is one that Culture is promoting the ARCO Fair in there activities undertaken by the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts (ICA).

The director of the ICA, Marta Lopez-Briones, said that "this work, which collects correspondence Duchamp, a key to better understand one of the most outstanding and unique artists of the twentieth century book."

This, he stressed, "one of the last major publications by Cendeac, a center dedicated to the study of the history, theory and criticism of art that was founded ten years ago, pioneering in our country, and that continues to demonstrate that thought and research are essential in contemporary art. "

In 'Affectionately Marcel', is offered to the public for the first time in our language, a wide selection of correspondence Duchamp maintained over six decades from 1912 to 1968. The book contains a total of 285 letters transcribed and organized chronologically eleven chapters;

a fruit of exhaustive research for twenty years did Francis M. Nauman in archives around the world and through which work successfully identified 1,100 letters from the artist.

The preface of this book published by the Cendeac, whose translation has been carried out by Javier Fuentes Feo, signs one of the leading specialists in Spain on the work of Duchamp, José Jiménez, and through numerous letters, the reader will discover, for example, the first attempts of known 'readymades' artist, the process of creating their works or their passion for chess.

'Affectionately, Marcel' is thus an epistolary journey through a complex life between cities like Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Ruan, Berlin or Cadaqués and for the names listed recipients friends and acquaintances artist of these letters as André Breton, Francis Picabia, Constantin Brancusi, Tristan Tzara and Alfred Stieglitz.

In this book, the Cendeac has made a circulation of 750 copies, which may be purchased both in the main Spanish bookstores and Latin America.

To facilitate its dissemination is also possible acquisition in electronic format to read both 'online' and 'offline' via web, tablet and 'readers', among other devices.

Collection Infraleves

In addition to 'Affectionately, Marcel' the Cendeac presented at ARCO the new texts of its renewed collection 'Infraleves';

a number that according to Marta Lopez-Briones recalled, "we want to become a window of opportunity for young researchers and creators."

In the first of these new titles, 'Poetic Images in Spanish photography.

Visions of Chema Madoz and Manuel Vilariño 'Arantxa Romero approaches the connections between photography and poetry present in the work of these two outstanding contemporary Spanish photographers.

To do this, the author analyzes the poetic sources that feed your images, establishing a dialogue between word and image.

Rodrigo Garcia, meanwhile, has created a work as deep as irreverent.

'That's because I do not jodáis me', co-edited with Párraga Centre, is a piece of poetry that challenges the senses that give us access to the real, but also distort and deceive us.

The book includes a critical epilogue written by Fernando Castro Flórez.

Source: CARM

200 candidates participate in the evaluation tests of key competences organized by the SEF

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

are required to access courses Certificate of Competence, of which the Community offer 6,000 seats

To access these courses legislation requires knowledge of language, mathematics and demonstrate sufficient English to take the training they will receive

The Director of Employment and Training Service of the Region of Murcia (SEF), Alejandro Zamora, said yesterday conducted tests evaluating key competencies, in which 200 people participated, as "path" to perform Certificate courses Professionalism and improve their employability.

The objective of these tests is to eliminate barriers to access to training involved for some people the fact of not having access requirements for courses Certificate of Competence Training for Employment.

Alejandro Zamora said the new professional certificates are official qualifications equivalent to vocational training levels.

Also, to access these courses regulations require that workers demonstrate knowledge of language, mathematics and English enough to take the training they will receive.

For those without the ESO or the Bachelor, how to prove to be in possession of such basic instrumental knowledge is conducting evaluation tests of key skills, tests which were held yesterday at five venues scattered throughout the region.

Specifically, the venues were Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Cehegín and Jumilla.

In total, distributed all, I made the check out these 200 candidates interested in receiving training for employment that allows them to improve their chances of integration and could not access the courses for not having access requirements (graduate ESO).

Zamora met with one group of applicants in the minutes before the start of the tests to be congratulated on their attitude to training opportunities, and encourage them to move forward to seize the new economic situation of job creation for which it will be necessary be qualified to the level that businesses require.

6,000 training places for employment

The director stated that a wide range of training courses for those who pass the tests there is currently unavailable.

"Throughout the year we run over 400 courses Professional Certificates, most of level 2 and 3, and, with this test outweigh those who have the ability to access the 6,000 training places that offer therewith Professional Certificates "he said.

For those who do not succeed, the SEF, in their efforts to promote training and open doors to unemployed workers in the region with the greatest difficulties, has supported the development of 13 training courses in key skills, beyond which also allows access to professional certificates and provide other 200 seats.

On the other hand, is working in a call for training in this regard aimed specifically at people at risk of social exclusion, which in addition to providing key skills, work on the socio-employment of persons involved, improving their social skills and job search.

Source: CARM