González Tovar ". The full transparency in public procurement will be one of the first steps we will take to fight corruption"

The candidate for President of the Region of Murcia proposed in Valencia televise the processes of procurement network and share all documents of possible public interest

Second day of Regional Conference in Valencia for socialists.

More than eighty PSRM-PSOE militants have attended the meeting in which the candidate for President of the Region of Murcia, Rafael González Tovar, spoke Saturday at the panel discussion on 'Autonomous Communities committed to democratic radicalism and equality ', with candidates Canaries, Balearics and Aragon.

During his speech, González Tovar has reiterated the need to fight corruption that stains the image and the expertise democratic Region of Murcia: "Our region is paralyzed by the PP bad policy, a policy that, among all citizens we will change next May 24th. The Socialists are committed to the change, the change demanded by citizens, based on the urgent democratic regeneration, which put an end to the network of patronage and corruption, and evaluates equality social of all people ".

The socialist candidate is committed back to lead the fight against corruption "health and hygiene democratic" and raised in Valencia with a large number of militants of the PSOE in Spain, the launch of a real transparency portal in the region, "a real transparency portal is needed, no excuses, unfettered believe in a portal where everything is accessible to the public, where public contracts are televised from beginning to end, where all relevant documents. public who can make known to hang in sight of all. He is currently in public contracts where most of the corruption we are suffering occurs, hence the need to provide transparency to all processes contest, awarding and realization. Transparency is the best vaccine to end corruption. "

González Tovar has insisted that bet against corruption is vital. "Our region can not remain at the forefront of political scandal Democratic cleaning is incompatible with corruption, so when we talk about transparency are talking about democratic health, cleaning politics of decency and economic and social momentum, "stated González Tovar.

The candidate PSRM concluded stressing the need for a region of modern Murcia, addressed honestly. "We are an honest party, honest people who demonstrated daily If our complaints had been heard at the time, if our proposals they had started when we launched, we would now all these corruption cases in the Region of Murcia. Luckily, from May end up with the burden of corruption and neglect of regional government with transparency, with participation citizenship and responsibility. "



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