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Garre: "I will continue to claim the water that I have committed many years in this region"

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

At the close of the General Assembly SAT San Cayetano

The president of the Community emphasizes that we must "seek alternative solutions for the moment" and stresses the importance of Decree Drought and the need for social rate of water

The president of the Community, Alberto Garre, said today that it will maintain its commitment to the region and more than 60,000 workers in agriculture in Murcia that depend on water for survival.

"I will continue to claim the water that I have committed many years," he said.

Garre President was speaking at the closing session of the General Assembly of Agrarian Transformation Company SAT San Cayetano, whom he accompanied the Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, and which highlighted the "extraordinary" work being developing the cooperative for four decades and "its commitment to quality, differentiation and efficient service offering."

"I live this anniversary with special interest, because I was born in this land, because I have advised the SAT San Cayetano as a lawyer for many years, and because they feel the absence of water and inclement we suffer."

To Garre, the Environmental Assessment Act and the approval of the Memorandum, "has taken a big step," especially in terms of "security, stability and flexibility to transfers from the headwaters of the Tagus to the Segura basin".

However, he said, "drought constantly plagues us" and there are times like these where, if there is enough water almost to maintain shipments a year from the Tajo Segura, must "make use of other methods" .

In this regard, he recalled the negotiations with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment to establish a social rate of water to make profitable agricultural products irrigated with desalinated water.

"We have to find alternative solutions for the moment," he said.

He stressed the importance of Drought Decree, which "will start alleviate this problem, open wells that we have in the region, so that no sufficient water to a sector vital to our economy, many jobs da in the Region of Murcia, approximately 60,000 ".

To Garre, despite the difficulties felt by the sector agriculture in Murcia reaches "a strategic dimension in production, export and marketing, in addition to strengthening it means for rural areas and for the people who inhabit it."

In this sense, the regional chief executive praised "the ability of companies in the sector to diversify supply and constantly improve the quality of productions and treatments applied for safe food", which, in his opinion, " has allowed us to acquire a degree of knowledge and expertise that put the Murcia agriculture at the forefront of European production areas and other non-EU territories. "

Source: CARM

Triunfo de Murcia in the National Cadet against Madrid

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

The cadet selection Murcia has prevailed 6-2 to Madrid in the first game of the preliminary Cadet National Futsal held in San Fernando de Henares and Arganda del Rey, which will be played tomorrow Sunday 1 , at 11.30, against Aragon, through to the finals to accessing the best four teams in Spain.

The Murcia box that directs Raúl Ortega was far superior to Madrid, since rest and won by 3.0 and 32 minutes, achieved the 4-0, sentenced in the final minute of it.


REGION OF MURCIA (6): Paco (p), Jorge, Gambín, Michelangelo and Yandri.

Also played Boti, Lison, Saura, Antonio, Diego and Oscar.

MADRID (2): Mario (p), Quique, Alberto, Andres and Javi de Quadros.

Also played Dani Gómez, Rober, Dani Alvarez, Miguel Ángel Gómez and Javi.

Goals: Min 10. (1-0) Jorge;.

Min 17. (2-0) Gambín.;

Min 18. (3-0) Michelangelo.;

Min 32. (4-0) Yandri.;

Min. 32 (4-1) Javi de Quadros;

Min 33. (5-1) Yandri.;

Min 38. (5-2) Dani Gómez.;

Min. 40 (6-2) Lisón.

Referees: Del Olmo Martinez and Martin cantonero.

They admonished Gambín and Lison, both of Murcia.

Timekeeper: González Alcaide.

Source: Federación de Fútbol de la Región de Murcia

The Popular Party is committed to removing barriers to homeownership citizens from outside the EU

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

The deputy PP, Francisca Cabrera said that the measure "aims to be a catalyst for attracting Russian and Chinese investors to the region"

ElPartido Popular Region of Murcia commitment to the abolition of the certificate for the purchase of housing for citizens who are not part of the European Union as a "catalyst for attracting Russian and Chinese investors to the Region of Murcia" he stated Deputy regional PP, Francisca Cabrera, who will defend a motion on this issue on Wednesday, the Regional Assembly

According to the 'popular' deputy, to buy a home in the Region of Murcia "Russian and Chinese investors and the other countries that are not members of the EU have to get a visa from the Ministry of Defence that sometimes end up giving up, or buying the house in the province of Alicante, where the certificate is not necessary. "

Moreover, the existence of military bases in the region "is an added problem for Murcia promoters, since complicated administrative foreigners who want to buy a house on the coast procedures," added Cabrera, while noted that the real estate data show "the distance" between the volume of homes sold in the coastal area of ​​Murcia and the volume of the Alicante coast.

Thus, compared to the 1,522 homes sold to foreigners by companies in the region, the Alicante promoters gave out to 10,028, a figure higher than that sold 6,838 Málaga.

The Region of Murcia is in seventh place behind more traditional destinations like the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava and the Balearic Islands, which, according to Cabrera, "confirms that most of the purchases of dwellings formalized in coastal areas for tourism. "

Therefore, he stated that "it would be beneficial for the property market in the Region remove the certificate that prevents, in many cases, the purchase of housing is made," he finished.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

César Nebot UPyD lead the project in the Regional Assembly

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

The economist and speaker of the electoral program of Union Progreso y Democracia, César Nebot, will be the formation magenta candidate for President of the Autonomous Community of Murcia.

Nebot's bid to lead the project UPyD Regional Assembly has been elected by the members of training with 85% of the vote in a primary election which could choose any affiliate without collateral.

Nebot says "it is a huge responsibility" to be the head of the list for the Community in the May elections, in which "UPyD will be key to change regional policy".

In addition, the newly elected candidate explains that "we must change the way we understand politics as a way to make use of the public, to re-listen to citizens".

César Nebot adds that "before the ruinous situation where we are because of social cuts and the unjust distribution of the cost of the crisis, I realized that useless knowledge economy unless it is coupled with a commitment to work for change things. "

"You may be behind the barrier, because the cost of not taking part in political terms, is that eventually you end up deciding for whom untrustworthy".

César Nebot is an economist and currently works as a professor at the University Center for the Defense of San Javier.

Previously, he has developed his teaching at the University of Murcia, Polytechnic University of Cartagena, UCAM and the Pompeu Fabra.

He is also responsible for the area of ​​regional economics UPyD and speaker of the electoral program for the May elections.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

González Tovar ". The full transparency in public procurement will be one of the first steps we will take to fight corruption"

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

The candidate for President of the Region of Murcia proposed in Valencia televise the processes of procurement network and share all documents of possible public interest

Second day of Regional Conference in Valencia for socialists.

More than eighty PSRM-PSOE militants have attended the meeting in which the candidate for President of the Region of Murcia, Rafael González Tovar, spoke Saturday at the panel discussion on 'Autonomous Communities committed to democratic radicalism and equality ', with candidates Canaries, Balearics and Aragon.

During his speech, González Tovar has reiterated the need to fight corruption that stains the image and the expertise democratic Region of Murcia: "Our region is paralyzed by the PP bad policy, a policy that, among all citizens we will change next May 24th. The Socialists are committed to the change, the change demanded by citizens, based on the urgent democratic regeneration, which put an end to the network of patronage and corruption, and evaluates equality social of all people ".

The socialist candidate is committed back to lead the fight against corruption "health and hygiene democratic" and raised in Valencia with a large number of militants of the PSOE in Spain, the launch of a real transparency portal in the region, "a real transparency portal is needed, no excuses, unfettered believe in a portal where everything is accessible to the public, where public contracts are televised from beginning to end, where all relevant documents. public who can make known to hang in sight of all. He is currently in public contracts where most of the corruption we are suffering occurs, hence the need to provide transparency to all processes contest, awarding and realization. Transparency is the best vaccine to end corruption. "

González Tovar has insisted that bet against corruption is vital. "Our region can not remain at the forefront of political scandal Democratic cleaning is incompatible with corruption, so when we talk about transparency are talking about democratic health, cleaning politics of decency and economic and social momentum, "stated González Tovar.

The candidate PSRM concluded stressing the need for a region of modern Murcia, addressed honestly. "We are an honest party, honest people who demonstrated daily If our complaints had been heard at the time, if our proposals they had started when we launched, we would now all these corruption cases in the Region of Murcia. Luckily, from May end up with the burden of corruption and neglect of regional government with transparency, with participation citizenship and responsibility. "


Over 20 murcianas cooperatives attend the Fruit Logistica

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Seek attract new customers, increase their exports to the European market and emerging countries to output production before destined to Russia

Agricultural cooperatives in the Region of Murcia will again be present at Fruit Logistica, the most important fair in Europe dedicated to the fresh market fruit and vegetables, plus associated industries (machinery and logistics), and a point of reference among professionals the sector, which will take place from 4 to 6 February in Berlin (Germany).

More than 2,600 exhibitors from 84 countries participated in the event at last year's edition, which was visited by 62,000 professionals from 141 countries.

The delegation of Fecoam, led by its president, Santiago Martinez Gabaldon, will consist Agroter, Golf Jumilla, El Limonar of Santomera, Frucimu, Hortamira, La Sultana, San Cayetano, Soltir and Thad Cieza, who will share space in the booth Amopa inside the pavilion of the Region of Murcia at the fair.

Unexport and Alimer will feature exhibitor, while also attended by representatives of ciezana Venta del Olivo, Hoyamar, Blancasol, Camposeven, Campotéjar, Branchy Fruits, Coalor, Gregal, La Vega de Cieza and La Vega de Pliego is expected that attend any of the three days to meet with clients.

Gabaldon Martinez emphasizes that the fair is an "excellent opportunity" to develop business relationships and establish new business opportunities and agreements intensively for three days, and greatly influences business success for the rest of the year.

The event allows companies to maintain existing business relationships and enables open new avenues of sale in other countries, all the more urgent need to output production destined for the Russian market before, by the ban that exists exports the European Union.

It also provides that Fruit Logistica is a "great showcase for cooperatives Murcia show the quality, food safety and variety of their products," besides the great efforts in innovation to stay ahead of the sector, progress in parallel the changes occurring in the market and "provide a differential value compared to other producing countries".

Cooperatives have chosen in recent years to improve its competitiveness in international markets through research and introduction of new varieties adapted to the tastes of consumers, and Fruit Logistica is a must.

Not surprisingly, seven out of 10 fruits and vegetables grown in the region are aimed abroad, mainly to the UK market and other countries like Germany, France and Italy.

United States and Switzerland are the main non-EU countries who consume regional products.

Citrus, melon, watermelon, peaches and nectarines are the most demanded fruit in these countries, while lettuce, tomato, peppers, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower are the most exported vegetables.

Source: Agencias

Company family of different generations share best practices on effective management

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

The debate has occurred under the 'Forum Experience', a space for sharing knowledge driven Amefmur

Entrepreneurs family of different generations have participated in another meeting of the "Forum of Experience '.

This is a forum for debate that drives the Murcia Association of Family Enterprise (Amefmur) in order to gather all the knowledge and experience of those who have spent many years in front of leading companies in their respective sectors to share it with those called to take over or already have.

In this fifth edition, the Forum has initiated a review of good practices in specific aspects of functioning of family businesses analyzing the role of the board.

"His existence and proper functioning in a family business is useful and necessary for ongoing evaluation of the situation of it and to take appropriate depending on the context decisions. It contributes to a balanced management of power, which is very useful to have the presence of counsel or outside counsel, "stated Isabel Sánchez, President of Amefmur.

The intervention of the attendees entrepreneurs with their assessments of the strategic role of the board has opened a dialogue in which were laid the foundations of a document with recommendations that are now distributed among the partners Amefmur.

Among them, the need to be an operational, independent and qualified body or representing reality and the various interests involved company.

Source: Agencias

The Architecture Awards bring together for the first time in a single act the jury and the awards ceremony

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

The Department of Development announces the eighteenth edition, which also maintains the Audience Award, created in the above, for involving Citizens

Barnabas emphasizes "the contribution of the urban landscape architects and welfare of the population"

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Francisco Barnabas, said today the main novelty of the new edition of the Architecture Awards of the Region of Murcia, the simultaneity between the jury and award ceremony, which will occur in the same act.

"In this way, the authors of all the finalists in each category will be attended by the ceremony of awards without knowing who the winners, as in some famous ceremonies, and unlike what has been happening so far," said the counselor.

The bases of the eighteenth edition of the awards are available in the Official Gazette of the Region (BORM) last Thursday.

Barnabas, who called on architects to submit their work to this new edition, also recalled that since the previous edition an Audience Prize is awarded "that offers citizens the opportunity to give their vote to any proposed presented in the categories of Building, Public Space and Landscape Architecture and Architectural Design ".

The Minister for Public Works, said that "the awards are made, thus, most of all, because beyond valuations and appraisals jury established, residents can express their opinion about something we live every day, as are the contributions that make the urban landscape architects, to daily and welfare of the population living ".

Recognition of professional excellence

Similarly, Francisco Barnabas impact on that "even in times of crisis, which has hit the construction sector have continued to produce works that deserve public recognition in that pose a contribution to society, for their sustainable and innovative values ​​and by the desire for conservation and rehabilitation of the artistic heritage of the region. "

Ultimately, he added, "these awards express our admiration for the professional excellence of so many good architects".

Under the terms of the call, which is derived from recently signed with the College of Architects of Murcia and Cajamurcia Foundation agreement are eligible for these awards the works or stationed in the Region of Murcia which is finalized between days January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014, although previous jobs and have not received any prize or mention in previous calls will be eligible for special prizes.

The authors of the works or works must be architects, except in the case of applications submitted in the category of disclosure.

Categories and prizes

The categories to which they may submit nominations for the 40 days of publication of the notice (until 10 March), are Building, and within New Plant Rehabilitation and Restoration;

Urban Space and Landscape Architecture, Urban with paragraphs Performance and landscaping;

Architectural Design, Interior Design and Architecture Ephemeral with;

and Other routes, which includes both Innovation and Dissemination.

The prizes to be awarded are: Regional Architecture Award;

papers presented awards to each of the categories and sections corresponding to Building, Landscape and Urban Performance and Architectural Design;

references to non-winning performances that deserve recognition;

Special Permanence of Architectural Values ​​awards;


Innovation and Outreach;

Professional work;

and Audience Award.


The registration of a job to attend the awards be realized in telematics Internet, filling in the application form contained in the website of the awards:

The applicant will receive by email the confirmation of registration has been properly formalized and an identification code.

The jury, chaired by the Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, or his delegate, with the participation of representatives of the Regional Administration, College of Architecture, College of Technical Architects, Regional Federation Construction Entrepreneurs, Cajamurcia Foundation and schools of architecture in the region.

Of all the admitted works the jury will make a preliminary selection of the finalists, which will be published on the website of the awards.

The date for the final decision and the awards ceremony of the proposals selected subsequently signaled.

In subsequent acts, the winners will be exhibited and will present the corresponding diploma architect / author, and if the developer, architect and builder, involved in the process.

Source: CARM

Education supports 13 new centers were added during this course Excellence Network Region

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Members of the Inspectorate of the Ministry visit schools and colleges to guide and support teachers in developing the necessary measures for the quality certificate CAF

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities are working with the 13 new schools have been built during this course Network of Centres of Excellence in the region, which is being given the support and guidance necessary to implement measures to obtain a certificate of Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

The secretary general of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities, Manuel Marcos Sánchez, explained that the goal of this process is to "improve the performance of schools through the culture of effort, excellence and evaluation".

In recent weeks, he added, "school inspectors of the Ministry of Education visited the new centers that joined the Network of Excellence for guiding and supporting management teams and teachers in developing the measures most appropriate each college or institute to improve its management and its inner workings. "

The CAF is a quality management tool developed by and for the public sector and is inspired by the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

Currently, the Network of Centres of Excellence Region consists fifty colleges and institutes, which have a web platform on staying materials and contents.

In addition, over 800 teachers have been specifically trained to work on the implementation of these systems to achieve excellence in their centers.

A center of the region, the Secondary School Valle de Leiva, Alhama de Murcia, was a pioneer in Spain to complete this process and obtain the Seal of Excellence of the State Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policy and Service Quality (AEVAL), proving the excellent management of the center to benefit the educational community.

Source: CARM

Culture opens the doors of the auditorium to attend rehearsals of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Region of Murcia

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Over 350 secondary students enjoy dramatized tours and also people who wish may see up close how musicians work the SORM on 3 and 4 February

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities organized from Monday to Wednesday dramatized tours of the Regional Auditorium Victor Villegas de Murcia in which more than 350 secondary students, who can then enjoy a rehearsal of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region Murcia (SORM), under the baton of its chief conductor, Virginia Martinez.

Besides students, all those who wish may also attend rehearsals prior registration to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

The general director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts, Marta Lopez-Briones, explained that with these activities, "continues working from Culture to bring classical music to the citizens of the region. On this occasion, coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the Auditorium, have organized visits for secondary school students and also tests Symphony Orchestra on 3 and 4 February will be public, thus giving the opportunity for anyone interested to see up close how it works in an orchestra like the Region of Murcia. "

Through the initiative 'Know Your Orchestra', which joins other students and aimed at 'School Concert' secondary students know better SORM thanks to a theatrical journey that will guide the illustrious Friedrich von SORM a patron culture of the eighteenth century to the life-giving Manuel Reyes actor and assistance after a trial.

The visit, Culture organizes this season for the first time, includes a tour of the 'guts' of the Auditorium Victor Villegas de Murcia backstage, rehearsal room, dressing room, den and elsewhere that the public never sees accompanied by a detailed explanation by the 'patron', who also delve into details, curiosities and anecdotes about composers and orchestra itself, among other details.


Besides this activity aimed at students and will repeat throughout the season for most centers, all those people who are interested in attending rehearsals SORM Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 February, may do so by writing comunicació email.

Trials in which the Orchestra will be working a program dedicated to Mahler, will be held from 10:00 to 13:30.

The entrance and exit of the room allow early (at 10:00) and after the break (at 12:00), in order to minimize disruption to the work of musicians.

Source: CARM