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Mortgage Counseling Service serves 248 families at risk of eviction during the first eleven months of the year

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

The Minister of Development stresses the help "of social and human depth" offered by Office

Service Orientation and Mortgage Information (SOIH), under the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Planning, has treated 248 cases of people affected by foreclosure processes between January and November, which added to the 181 since its launched in 2013, making a total of 429 interventions.

The Minister Francisco Barnabas said today about that "in such difficult as they will live to people who are at risk of homelessness situation, feel heard, cared for and guided much, and if through the efforts that are made from this service find the solution, we can be truly satisfied for having provided aid of social and human depth ".

Barnabas explained that all interventions Service Orientation and Mortgage Information "an orientation that includes an economic, financial and legal advice on the matter is addressed".

Sometimes, he said, "matters volunteers economists belonging to the Association of Economists of the Region of Murcia, with which we have signed a collaboration agreement to advise and accompany users in renegotiating your mortgage with stem financial institutions ".

Service Orientation and Mortgage Information

The Service has carried out intermediation with financial institutions in 124 cases (60 in 2013 and 64 in 2014) and has intervened directly as mortgage mediator in seven cases.

The profile of applicants for the service is to mortgagors in 70 percent of cases fall in the cases established by law for persons considered especially vulnerable situation, and 90 percent are in a position to unemployment or precarious or seasonal jobs.

Citizens demanding intervention SOIH are greeted by appointment to be fixed from the phone 012, although it also receives other arising from the Superior Court of the Region of Murcia under agreement sucrito collaboration and under which puts citizens contact the service when they are notified of the foreclosure lawsuit.

Source: CARM

Education announces tests for training cycles and Higher Vocational School for the 2015-2016 course

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

The tests, which will remain open enrollment period between January 14 and February 2, are aimed at those who do not meet the academic requirements for access to FP

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities convenes entrance exams training cycles and Higher Vocational School for the 2015-2016 course registration period which begins next January 14 and will remain open until 2 February.

The Director General of Vocational Training, Joaquín Buendía, said today that these tests, set for May 30, are aimed at all those who do not meet the academic requirements for access to vocational training.

"For Intermediate cycles, the minimum age for access to these tests is 17 years, while for Higher Grade cycles are required to have at least 19 years, or 18 years if they are in possession of a technical or vocational training will be obtained in this academic year, "said Joaquín Buendía.

Tests for access to intermediate level cycles consist of a sociolinguistic hand, other mathematical and scientific-technical third.

Higher Level examinations, meanwhile, have a common first part that exercises Spanish language and literature, mathematics and foreign languages ​​are performed;

and a second part specifies where the candidates will have to choose two subjects of the three proposals, according to the option that is present.

In 2014, nearly 2,000 applicants were able to place in one of the 102 training cycles and Higher that were offered during 2014-2015 in the Region of Murcia.

Any information relating to registration and enrollment process can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities ( or from the website of the Community Training (www.llegarasalto. com).

Source: CARM

Culture agenda two tellers Friday and Monday in the Regional Library of Murcia

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

'The horrific Monster and Other Stories' and 'Tales ice to spend a warm winter' will be narrated by Reyes Frigard

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities scheduled for Friday and Monday two sessions of storytelling in Murcia Regional Library will Reyes Frigard as narrator.

The sessions will be to 12:00 pm Friday and is titled 'The horrific monster and other tales' and Monday 'Tales ice to spend a warm winter'.

Both activities are aimed at children aged 3 to 9 years and places are limited to 20.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Maria Comas, said: "The Regional Library continues its rich cultural programming that goes beyond encouraging reading, as demonstrated every day and special activities scheduled for vacation Christmas ".

To register for this activity to take place in child Balcony Regional Library, you must go to child desk Library itself.

"We believe that this activity is very interesting for this Friday, to await the arrival of the Magi with stories and more stories," said the CEO.

Reyes Frigard is storyteller and social worker.

Attracted by reading and writing since childhood, entered the world of storytelling casually.

He is the creator of the blog 'Spinning tales',

Source: CARM

ASAJA Murcia makes a "disastrous and very negative" balance of agricultural 2014

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

The agricultural professional organization especially noted the Russian veto on Spanish fruit and vegetables and unfair competition from third countries in international markets

The agricultural professional organization ASAJA Murcia has made a "disastrous and very damaging" balance of 2014 for Murcia farmers field.

A year that will go down in history as one of the most critical for professionals Murcia primary sector is completed.

The Secretary General of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, said that "2014 is dismissed leaving a bad taste to farmers and ranchers Murcia, mainly because farm incomes are getting poorer rapidly, following a lack of concentration of supply and an apparent lack of generational replacement in the Murcia area ".

The owner of ASAJA Murcia has also noted that "the biggest blow to the agricultural sector has been the Russian veto for Spanish fruit and vegetables that began last August and is still in force. We can not forget that over 60% of Murcia horticultural exports were hurt by this trading bloc, with heavy losses in the millions. "

Unfair Competition

In addition, the head of ASAJA Murcia has been especially emphasized that "one of the great problems of the past year has been the strong unfair competition from third countries, and therefore, the EU should step up quality controls and require the same conditions that Spanish fruit and vegetables sold in European markets "are requested.

Persistent drought

The owner of ASAJA Murcia has indicated that "during 2014 we had a drought that has dried up many farms, and has especially punished rainfed crops with very important losses in almond, vines, cereals, etc. Is clearly essential implementing the National Hydrological Plan, so that our region has no water needs and to not jeopardize the economy of thousands of families living in the regional agricultural sector ".


At the same time, Gálvez Caravaca also noted that "during the 2014 still undeveloped important issues such as promoting and marketing the food, nor were able to create an identity for fruits and vegetables from Murcia, although much progress has been made in other areas such as corporate globalization or the opening of new markets such as United Arab Emirates or the Asian market. "

The head of ASAJA Murcia has stressed that "we must strengthen the food industry over the next year 2015, making it more profitable and competitive in order to remain the engine of the economy of the Region of Murcia".

Source: Agencias

Their Majesties The Magi Kings visit Hospital La Vega

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar be in our facilities on Monday bringing the magic of this day to patients and workers who are that day at Hospital La Vega.

Hospital La Vega produces an annual Christmas program for patients and workers, among which includes visiting the school choir Santa Maria de Gracia, special menus for Christmas and New Year for patients, where medically indicated, and the expected visit SS.MM.

The Magi from the East.

On Monday, the three Majesties will go through each room and areas of the hospital to make a gift and have a detail with all those who for various reasons spend those days in our center.

Employees of La Vega, also will be entertained by Melchor, Gaspar, Balthasar and several pages who try to bring the spirit of these days everyone.

For several years, Hospital La Vega performs this type of initiatives that are very popular among patients and family.

Source: Hospital La Vega

D'Genes has attended during the year 2014 more than 100 weekly direct service users

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

The Association of Rare Disease Genes D'closed 2014 with a balance of more than 100 people attended weekly direct care

The users have been enjoying the portfolio of services that the association offers, such as physiotherapy, psychology, speech therapy, cognitive stimulation, hydrotherapy, reflexology and reiki.

Since March this year, the focus is made on the new Multidisciplinary Centre "Celia Carrión Pérez de Tudela" located at 7 Calle San Cristobal de Totana.

The provenance of users is mainly in this town and vicinity.

In addition, since December, D'Genes also pays attention physiotherapy in the town of Cartagena, to give more coverage and care to those affected that area and avoid having to scroll to Totana.

With work and effort played by all who make up the association, D'Genes has established itself as a benchmark of attention on rare diseases in the Region of Murcia, contributing to improving the quality of life of people suffering from rare diseases and improving health care and rehabilitation is needed in such cases.

Source: D´Genes

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014


Lorca gives thanks to God, together with the Sisters of Christ Crucified, by the Venerable Mother Mary Séiquer]

The Apostolic Sisters of Christ Crucified have ended today one of the two internal assemblies that perform year.

Sisters of the different houses in Villa Pilar met to discuss issues of importance to the congregation and to celebrate the Christmas together.

In yesterday, the Bishop of Cartagena, Mons. José Manuel Lorca Planes, presided at the Eucharist in the chapel of the Mother House in thanksgiving for the declaration of Mother Mary Séiquer, co-founder of the congregation, as Venerable.

Mons. Lorca expressed his joy for the recognition of the Church of the heroic virtues of Mother Mary and encouraged religious in their mission and vocation of service to the needy.

Murciano origin, this congregation was founded 75 years ago and during this time have opened twenty seven houses in seven countries motivated by love of Christ and strengthened by a deep prayer life and community life.

The prelate said that as families gather for Christmas, in a special way, so did the Sisters of Christ Crucified as a family united by the same vocation.

Santa Teresa and Christ Crucified

Also taking advantage of this assembly, religious prayer vigil organized by the Cartagena singer Carmela Martinez, who premiered a few weeks ago new album, "Para Vos was born", this time putting music to different texts of St. Teresa of Jesus.

The spirituality of the Sisters of Christ Crucified drinking from the Saint Teresa, which knew deep and had a great devotion to the two founders, Mother Mary and Mother Amalia.

Carmela was accompanied on guitar by Javi Marín, songwriter Caravaca, who played some of the songs that have been composed with letters of Mother Amalia.

Both Carmela as Javi shared with presents (religious teachers of different schools and friends of the congregation) lyrics both as part of the album "Strong Friends of God", published for the V Centenary of the Birth of St. Teresa of Jesus.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena

The PSOE says that currently, neither PP nor the Government of Garre have credibility when they talk about ending corruption

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Communication Secretary PSRM, Emilio Ivars, Garre ask how long you plan to keep the accused in their charges, "because one bad apple can be discarded, but a packed basket requires a general cleansing"

Secretary of Internal Communication and Electoral Action PSRM, Emilio Ivars said about the president's remarks CARM that "the red lines are shown with facts, actions, decisions and, at present, neither PP nor the regional government that presides Garre have any credibility on these issues, because neither act or decide not react ".

Ivars said, "that Garre make these reflections with the level of corruption that are in your party is shameful" and asked how long will Garre keeping his advisers accused in office ?, how long will allow us to have the Chief PP Government imputed for corruption as a public representative of the Government of Spain ?, how long will we have the mayor of the largest city in the region accused in alleged corruption offenses without leaving office?

"One bad apple can you discard, but one full of rotten apples basket requires a general cleaning of the entire basket and you have to make the Popular Party to be credible," he said.

For social responsibility, need not demonstrate generosity accused counselors, "what is essential is that this generosity will materialize with EESC by Garre to his advisers." Garre still does not know anything, everything lid with good words, but does not solve the problems.

It is necessary decisive action, facts, separations and exemplary decisions all the accused, "he said.


End League Promotion Aros fellowships 2015

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

La Liga Promotion Aros, in which more than fifty horsemen, has completed fellowships for free at sport competitions organized in Murcia equestrian center during 2015. The delivery of the checks was made Parking by the entrepreneur Fuensanta, Pedro Hernandez Puche.

In the classification of the different tests have highlighted the following riders and riders who have competed over the course of the ten rounds played in the equestrian center, located in La Alcayna road, crossing with Altorreal: 1.30 in test meters, the winner was the rider Murcia Dormal José León, with "Nadal";

at 1.20, have been classified Candel Amazon Laura Sánchez, with "Rinsky-2; María Monzón Tarrago, with" Datil Ara "and Dormal José León, with" Llach ".

In the test of 1.10, have been classified Andrea López Sarabia, with "Viquin" and Isabel Alonso Serrano, with "Kansas".

At 1.00 meter, Cristina Muñoz Vigueras, with "Kiki de Roldán Faubel and Cristian Marin, with" Crack ". In the test of 0.80 meters, the first and second place went to the rider Andrea López Sarabia, with "Sandy" and "Angel Bailo" respectively, and in third place, Loris Ford Aunn with "pinturera." In the test of 0.60 were classified Rhiana Ford Aunn, with "Beyoncé" and Maria Mateos Tarrago, with " Yirvana. "The rider Rhiana Aunn Ford has also won the test of cross-bars" Beyoncé ".

Source: Agencias

Approved the extension to analyze the feasibility of a gateway in the Mar Menor

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

The Governing Council has approved an addendum to the agreement between the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Planning and the University of Murcia (UMU) to study the feasibility of a gateway in the Mar Menor, amounting to 25,000 euros.

In particular, the extension is established to analyze the environmental impacts of the proposed draft footbridge, whose term runs until February 28, and the delivery of work until March 15, 2015.

This study their impact on the protected areas NATURA 2000 network and international agreements (regional park, SCI and SPA and Ramsar area) and possible alternatives and proposals for the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage of the area is known.

The analysis will include the identification and assessment of environmental and socio-economic alternatives and complementary actions, and funding opportunities at national and European context, in the context of environmental restoration and enhancement of social value of natural systems La Manga Mar Menor and ecogeographical environment.

Source: CARM