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Directors of Tourism and Culture will support'Murcia Gastronómica' as "the great gastronomic event southeastern Spanish"

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Culinary Congress, to be held from 7 to 10 November in the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas de Murcia, will Chefs with 35 presentations totaling 20 Michelin stars

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, and Education, Culture and Universities, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, today presented the third edition of Gourmet Murcia ', which will take place from 7 to 10 November at the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas de Murcia.

The conference will feature presentations from 35 renowned chefs, including chefs totaling 17 20 Michelin stars are included, as well as over 40 workshops and tastings.

The presentation also was made by the director of 'The Truth', which organizes culinary congress, Alberto Aguirre de Carcer, and the principal congressional Sergio Gallego.

Juan Carlos Ruiz felt that "this is a game that has no competition in the southeastern Spanish, so it has become a tourist attraction for the region of Murcia raising the prestige of our community."

He also noted that "in the congress, we will have an informative space on Tourism, Training and Food Grade".

For his part, Minister Pedro Antonio Sánchez emphasized "the opportunity of" this celebration of gastronomy in the Victor Villegas, for more than 850 students in grades Vocational Training Hostel and Tourism in contact with professionals and companies, showcase their work to improve their future employability or ideas for mature to become entrepreneurs and start their own business. "

In total, over four days in which Congress is held, they will be held over 40 workshops and tastings, pairings, pastries, chocolates, sushi, traditional cuisine and mushrooms Murcia.

This year also, the Street of the Caps 'Murcia Gourmet' at the Auditorio Victor Villegas offer 100 square feet of the best trends of the culinary world, you can try buying a single ticket.

Fifty exhibitors from restaurants, wineries, catering supplies companies and distributors offering the best of regional cuisine.

The Tourism Minister also emphasized that "the program of lectures and workshops on 'Gastronomy Murcia' will have regular contributors prestigious Tourism Qualification Center, which has become an inexhaustible source of professionals providing the most qualified industry tourism in the region. "

Also, once again, the Michelin-starred kitchen cabin Buenavista he moved to the Auditorium exclusively for attendees.

On the other hand, the space will MiniGourmet this year with a games room open at noon, in which children's meals will be served at midday with specialized staff care for children while their parents enjoy the other activities of the Congress.

Among the prestigious chef who pass through Murcia Gastronomic are Oriol Castro, chef and co-founder of El Bulli restaurant;

Alfonso Egea (Casa Alfonso, 1 Michelin star);

Mark Moran (Casa Gerardo, 1 Michelin star);

María José San Román (Restaurante Monastrell, 1 Michelin star);

Kisko García (Choco, 1 Michelin star);

David Gil (Tickets, 1 Michelin star);

Alberto ferrut (Amb Bomb, 1 Michelin star);

Juan Antonio Medina (Zalacaín, 1 Michelin star) and Soledad Ballester (Casa Pepa, 1 Michelin star).

In addition, Daniel Jorda show that distributed the Creative Pan El Bulli, breads of all kinds of flavors, colors and smells.

This third edition of the conference will have benchmarks of haute cuisine, such as Quique Dacosta (Quique Dacosta Restaurant, 3-star Michelin El Poblet, 1 Michelin star);

Nacho Manzano (Casa Marcial, 2 Michelin stars);

Jose Alvarez (La Costa, 1 Michelin star);

Fran Martinez (Restaurant Maralba, 1 Michelin star);

Manolo de la Osa (Restaurant The Grates, 1 Michelin star, and Ars Natura, 1 Michelin star);

Mario Sandoval (Coke, 1 Michelin star) and Pablo González-Conejero Murcia (La Cabaña, 1 Michelin star).

Source: CARM

The Guardia Civil arrested 32 people connected with robberies on farms in the region

Friday, October 31st, 2014

We have arrested eight members of a family clan for stealing farm produce on farms in Totana

In White has arrested 20 people after being located 'in flagrante delicto' subtracting agricultural products on farms in the locality

In addition, the Meritorious recovered four tons of table grapes and various agricultural tools and involved six vehicles

They have clarified more than a dozen crimes related to the theft of table grape farms in the Region

The Guardia Civil of the Region of Murcia, under the 'Plan against theft on farms and livestock' has developed since last September, several investigations related robberies on farms in the region that have culminated in the arrest of 32 people including eight minors, which are attributed authorship of the alleged crimes of theft, burglary and damage.

In the context of these proceedings, the Civil Guard have recovered four tons of grapes, several batteries of tractor and agricultural tools, and seized six vehicles and other useful, like scissors, boxes, flashlights and other tools used supposedly for the removal of the fruit.

The first investigation last September began in Abarán when agents specializing in prevention of public safety learned of numerous subtractions grape farms of the township, about events that had caused some alarm among the agricultural sector.

The researchers collected information on each case, which they knew to have been committed at night and that his main objective was the farms producing table grapes in those days were in optimum harvest dates to which, also caused severe damage to both the vines themselves, and perimeter fences.

The Civil Guard launched various devices close eye on the farms subject to robbery, during which it was detected the presence of suspicious vehicles and people.

As a result of these services, the Meritorious from late September to mid-this month of October, stopped in five performances, 20 people including seven minors who were caught 'red handed' in the same instant he was committing the crime on farms in the town of Blanca.

In addition, the Civil Guard have recovered three tons of grapes, several batteries tractor and farm tools that have been returned to their rightful owners.

Were also involved six vehicles and numerous articles used for the theft, such as scissors, boxes and flashlights.

Detainees and the proceedings have been submitted to the Magistrate's Court and Office of Children Cieza Murcia.

In Totana, Guardia Civil has developed another research aimed at clarifying the theft of farm products on farms in the township, which has resulted in the arrest of 12 people in eight men and four women related thereto, and the apprehension of a ton of table grapes.

The operation called 'GRAPE' last September began in Totana, when members of the Rock teams (theft in the country) had knowledge of numerous robberies on farms in the area, events which had led to some social alarm in the agricultural sector.

The performed investigations focused on a family clan settled in the towns of Cabeza de Torres and El Palmar-Murcia, whose members had been identified in dates and locations coinciding with the thefts.

Following these people has culminated in the arrest of the 12 components of the clan, who are credited with authorship of the alleged crime of burglary, theft and property damage.

He has also been recovered one ton of grapes, whose final destination was allegedly peddling or through weekly markets environment Murcia.

Research has determined that the arrested, with numerous precedents for offenses of similar characteristics, they moved from their homes to Totana in Murcia, where, after forcing the access of farms, were made with large quantities of table grapes.

The operations carried out by the Guardia Civil Guardia Civil in the months of September and October, relative to crimes investigated, have resulted, so far, with the elucidation of 11 crimes and the arrest of 32 people eight of them minors, which are attributed authorship of the alleged offenses of burglary, larceny and damage to property.

In addition, the Meritorious recovered four tons of grapes, several tractor batteries and agricultural tools, which have been returned to their rightful owners and have seized six vehicles and tools used in the robberies.

Those arrested 28 men including 8 children, and 4 women retrieved effects and the proceedings have been made available to the competent judicial authorities.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

The Community introduced more than 10,000 students in the culture of prevention and safety

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The Minister José Gabriel Ruiz presides over the awards to the students honored for their drawings on the perception of the risks they are exposed and preventive measures

The Presidential and Employment "introduced more than 10,000 students from nearly 300 schools in the Region of Murcia in the culture of prevention of occupational risks due to regional drawing competition 'Increased security," said today the Minister José Gabriel Ruiz during the awards ceremony of the drawing contest promoting his apartment, on the perception of the risks to which they are exposed and preventive measures.

These awards are framed in the actions of promotion and dissemination of occupational safety and health carried out by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the Region of Murcia (ISSL).

Through drawing and technical briefings of ISSL, the Autonomous Region aims to educate children about the importance of preventing the potential risks of school level

This initiative was carried out in 45 municipalities in the region in collaboration with their respective municipalities, who are given a role in the project, and has the support of the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia (FMRM) and the Ministry of Education.

Besides the general secretary FMRM, Manuel Duran, the event awards were attended by the mayors of Alhama, Pliego and Calasparra and councilors of Education Murcia, Jumilla, Sewer, and Bullas, and representatives from the areas of Health of the Confederation of Organizations of the Region of Murcia (CROEM), Workers' Commissions (CCOO) and the General Union of Workers (UGT).

Regional stage of the competition

During the months of May, June and September saw the award of the best drawings in each of the municipalities and, among these, were chosen the winners of the regional phase who received awards today.

The first prizes were awarded to Miriam Gomez Juan Alfonso X College Yecla;

Juanjo Reverte Caparros College Jacinto Benavente Sewer;

Cristina López Martínez, CEIP Prince of Spain Alhama de Murcia;

Carmen Meseguer, Colegio La Merced Fuensanta of Murcia;

Guirado and José María García, Bishop Garcia Bullas Ródenas College.

On the other hand, have been awarded the second prize Elena Díaz Sánchez, College of Pascual Martinez Abellán Pliego;

CEIP Gil Alba Castillo de Murcia John XXIII;

Gemma Minguez Guardiola, Our Lady of Assumption College Jumilla Pardfo Raquel Lopez, CRA Sierra wetting Archivel in Caravaca de la Cruz.;

Salinas and Miguel Egea, CEIP Las Pedreras Calasparra.

Source: CARM

The Segura basin gets the award for best paper of 2014 Esri conference

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Presentation on Corporate Geographic Information System of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura (CHS) has been chosen as the Best paper ESRI Spain Conference 2014, held last week in Madrid, according to the votes of those attending the event.

The ESRI 2014 Conference, the largest event held in Spain related to the geographic technologies and geo-spatial intelligence, gathered at IFEMA over 2,000 professionals and 400 organizations in the sector.

The CHS, autonomous body under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, presented in this important technical forum your Corporate Geographic Information System and the proposed flood defense works on the promenade Nogalte (in the town of Puerto Lumbreras Murcia ), which includes 24 check dams flows in the channels of the head of the ravine, and the draft of a dam with a capacity to regulate the flow of floods that occur in this area of ​​the basin.

Total investment for check dams in the gully Nogalte exceeds seven million euros, while the dam is being studied and is estimated to could have a storage capacity of more than ten cubic are.

The system of corporate Geographic Information CHS, which was submitted along with other leading projects driven by other administrations, is a strong commitment of the basin organization for the standardization of information, efficient use of resources and improved administrative management.

This system provides access to vast amounts of cartographic and thematic information systems available on the Confederation and is a key element in the modernization and improvement of transparency that are developed today and reflect each other on your website ,

Source: CHS

Miralles appreciates the efforts of the 11 women who have completed Santomera sewing workshop of the Association "Project Abraham"

Friday, October 31st, 2014

In total there were 40 hours of socio-vocational training for these people to develop work that allows them to be more autonomous and join a job

The Director General of Pensions, Assessment and Social Inclusion Programmes (IMAS), Miguel Angel Miranda, said "the effort" by the 11 women Township Santomera who have completed the sewing workshop developed by the Association 'Abraham Project' in this locality.

Miralles was speaking at the closing and awards ceremony for the workshop, which was accompanied by the Mayor of Santomera, José María Sánchez, Councillor for Sustainable Development, Victor Martinez, the president of the 'Abraham Project' Association, Nuria Clavijos.

The course objective was to convey basic notions repair garments and during its development has benefited from the technical assistance of the Department of Employment and Training Santomera that was responsible for the selection, monitoring and evaluation of participants.

The course is designed for people at risk of exclusion and aims, said the CEO, "who can gain autonomy learning a trade that will allow them to increase their security and the labor market."

In this regard, he commended the Association "Project Abraham" for "his involvement with the underprivileged."

He recalled that "the commitment of this organization and the City Council also extends to protecting the environment by promoting a sustainable environment through activities that enable separate collection offer employment to disadvantaged groups."

Source: CARM

The National Police arrested four employees of a club hostess suspected of crimes of extortion and drug trafficking

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The investigation was initiated by a complaint from a customer who was forced under threat of the husband of one of the employees, also arrested, delivering 5,000 euros

The inspection of the premises several types of drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana and hashish were found

Agents of the National Police have arrested four employees of a club hostess in Murcia as alleged perpetrators of extortion and drug trafficking.

The investigation was initiated by a complaint from a customer who was forced under threat of the husband of one of the employees, also arrested 5,000 euros to deliver.

The inspection of the premises several types of drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana and hashish were found.

Upon the filing of the complaint, the agents in order to clarify the facts reported by the victim made an inspection of the premises.

They also proceeded to check whether he was committing the crime of human trafficking for sexual exploitation or other offense connected with this, for which he had the labor inspectorate within the club.

The agents found that at this prostitution and narcotics exercised sold to customers.

Besides the police identified the alleged perpetrators of the crime of extortion reported by a customer.

From the study of documents and annotations found in the record is disclosed the existence of a control prostitution by the owner of the premises.

It is for this reason that it is considered the author of an offense relating to prostitution, based on the profit and the undue influence of a position of need for prostitutes

The inspection resulted in the arrest of 4 people, 2 women Brazilian nationals on charges of extortion and drug trafficking;

another woman for crimes related to prostitution and drug trafficking;

and a man of Venezuelan nationality by dealing drugs.

All of them aged between 27 and 48 years of age.

Spanish Days after a 34-year-old husband of one of the women working at the club, he had intimidated a customer transferring it to a bank to get that asset disposal stopped.

Records in two homes

Also, following the discovery of several types of drugs in the inspection, we proceeded to record two homes in the cities of Murcia and Molina de Segura.

In the first one a lot of documentation was found on the premises and in the second a lot of notes hidden in a closet and large amount of narcotics intervened.

In total we have spoken a vehicle, $ 3,000 in cash, several mobile phones, a PDA and fifteen bags of cocaine along with small amounts of hashish and marijuana ready for distribution.

The operation was carried out by agents of the Unit Against Illegal Immigration Networks and Falsehood Documentary Provincial Immigration and Border Brigade of the Police Headquarters of the Region of Murcia.

Source: Jefatura Superior de Policía de la Región de Murcia

Tovar and candidate for mayor of the largest municipalities in the region have signed the Code of Ethics socialist transparency and corruption

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Among the commitments, that the public office that is charged may continue in office

The presidential candidate of the CARM, Rafael González Tovar, accompanied by the mayors, candidates for mayor of the region and other members PSRM-PSOE, said today outside the headquarters of the regional government in San Esteban " PSOE returned to politics dignity, decency and honesty that should characterize "and for the record, the socialists in the region have signed the code of ethical commitment.

This code PSOE intent to continue fighting against corruption is reiterated: "Faced with the embarrassing situation in our region with corruption in the highest levels with a government that tolerates and a party, the PP, which the blanket, the Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia does not tolerate in its ranks one person linked to a corruption case, either public activity or private activity. For the Socialist Party, leaving corrupt the Politics is not an act of generosity, it is an act of rigor, commitment and steadfastness to the principles of democracy, "stated Rafael González Tovar.

Among the highlights of the ethical code is that any public official, candidate or member that is the responsibility of the PSOE accused may remain at his post when the Justice investigate it, that elected officials will forego the gauging and should be involved a judicial inquiry will be submitted to the ordinary courts and all organic or public representatives of the PSOE made the public statement of activities, assets, rights and interests.

"This morning here at the Palace of the regional government, which left him a few months to have new tenants to the Murcia society, the Socialist Party publicly commits in writing that their candidates to the government and all municipalities Region maintained an exemplary attitude and a faultless performance of anti-corruption and democratic commitment cleansing ", said Tovar.

Another commitments is limited under President to eight years and guarantee a transparent, austere and serving the citizenry Public administration: "This is a commitment that we signed publicly in favor of regeneration and democratic cleaning ".

"The situation in the Region of Murcia requires scalpel. The rot of corruption that are experiencing demands greater strength of democratic decisions, because that is hurting, and not the regional health policy, but the image and ecomía of our region, "he concluded.


Juan Carlos Ruiz announced that Science Week in the Region will become "a small town with about 300 activities"

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The Minister of Research highlights the Malecon Garden will host 66 booths, two planetary, a stage for 'shows' scientists and rooms for exhibitions and experiments

This scientific event to be held from 7 to 9 November, will be present in Cartagena, where science-related activities and the sea will be developed

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, announced today that Science Week in the Region of Murcia, which will be held from 7 to 9 November under the theme 'Science everywhere' It will involve fifty agencies and institutions and offer about 300 activities.

Ruiz presented the thirteenth edition of "major event held in our region to bring, disseminate, communicate and stimulate interest and curiosity for science among the public", accompanied by the Director General of Research and Innovation, Celia Martinez during a ceremony in which he stressed that "Science Week is an example of the strong commitment that has this advice for the promotion of scientific culture and to increase society's appreciation for the work of researchers, especially in very young "age.

The Science Week, organized by the Ministry through the Seneca Foundation, "will this year with 66 stands, two planetary, bus Iberdrola material and experiments on clean energy scenario shows dedicated to science, living exhibitions and various rooms for the development of scientific workshops, "announced the director.

12,500 square meters of exhibition

He added that "the scenario will be, as usual, the Malecon Garden of Murcia, with 12,500 square meters of exhibition space, will become a small town with its main street and squares to enjoy and participate in science. It is where scientists, technologists, communicators and educators develop activities in direct contact with the public. "

These activities, Ruiz said, include science demonstrations, workshops, live experiments, monologues, exhibitions, guided tours and countless experiences.

The Minister said as a curiosity "the day the Science Week opens its doors this year coincides with the anniversary of the Polish scientist Marie Curie", and "precisely the exhibition" Scientific invisible 'display on the Malecón role of women in science, unknown to the general public, from antiquity to the present day. "

Among the many activities that highlighted Juan Carlos Ruiz are "workshops for 'Young Scientists' and 'Young Engineers' among those who said 'Swallows paper' workshop introduces the principles of aerodynamics using origami techniques; workshop and scientific animation 'I have a lab in my kitchen', where children can play and experiment with chemical reactions that occur in foods. "

Also, the Minister said that "the kitchen and its links with science also shows the star in Tourism Qualification Center."

Astronomy and mood

The Minister also said research activities related to astronomy, which "will have a starring role in this edition, in which visitors can make observations of the sun and participate in a workshop to develop sundials" and the actions of the monologist murciano science 'Aitor Menta "who" will explain the science in a very different way: with his guitar and a lot of ingenuity. "

Moreover, "the public can work with DNA, an archaeologist for a day, learn the ancient stories, experience the forces of physics, conducting chemical experiments and introduced into the electronic" listed Ruiz, who added, "will also learn on the organ, wind energy, dinosaurs, fuel cells, the tiger mosquito or Murcia chicken. "

Likewise, the public can see plants, insects and fish, see images of virtual reality and 4K technology, and making and sharing photographs QR code.

And they will be offered the opportunity to test solar vehicles, reveal fingerprints or build model bridges

The Minister stressed that Science Week will travel to Cartagena, "where various activities related to science and the sea will be developed. With the collaboration of the Spanish Armada, the Port Authority of Cartagena and National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, will be organized Guided tours of various facilities and ships' visits.

Similarly, Ruiz said activities will also take place at the Museum of Science and Water of Murcia and in the Hall of Cultural Area of ​​the English Court of this city.

Finally, Ruiz said, "This Week in Science we expect a large number of people, which we believe will exceed the 30,000 who registered last year. In this way, we will consider accomplished one of our goals, which is to increase interest in science and encourage scientific vocations among young people. "

Source: CARM

Garre highlights the "excellent source" that the CoR offers regions and local authorities to participate in the European integration process

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The regional chief executive receives President of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union, the Belgian Michel Lebrun before whom reiterates the "European vocation" of the Region

The president says that "thanks to the work done in the CoR, Murcia will benefit from structural funds that will continue to work on competitiveness and employment creation"

Remember that it was the first community to adhere to the Charter of Multilevel Governance CoR, as a commitment to a way of doing politics based on participation and transparency

Subsequent to this meeting, Garre and Lebrun visited in the company BALSICAS SAT Agriculture and Export using cogeneration to improve agricultural production and energy efficiency

President of the Community, Alberto Garre, said today in Murcia "excellent channel to the Committee of the Regions offers to local and regional entities will share in this process of integration is the European Union."

Garre was speaking during a visit to the Palacio de San Esteban, the seat of regional government, Michel Lebrun, President of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union (CoR), position in the Belgian politician happened last June Murcia president Ramón Luis Valcárcel Executive.

The president emphasized that "thanks to the work of the Committee of the Regions, Murcia will benefit from structural funds that will continue to work on competitiveness and job creation."

Alberto Garre thanked Michel Lebrun to accept his invitation to visit land Murcia again, since "it will allow further deepen the profound relationship of Murcia with the CoR, which unite us years of close involvement and accepted as a useful and nearby institution" .

He recalled a recent meeting with the two leaders held in Brussels on October 6, during the celebration of the European Week of Regions and Cities ('Open Days'), in which the regional chief executive told Michel Lebrun concern "about conditions in the agricultural sector, vital for the region and for the whole Spanish Mediterranean".

This is the second official visit to St. Stephen Michel Lebrun, who, in his capacity as chairman of the Committee for Financial and Administrative Affairs CoR, held in December 2013 met with Ramón Luis Valcárcel and participated in a panel discussion on ' The future of the EU and the challenges of the regions' during the day 'Twenty years of the Committee of the Regions: engine integration and cohesion of Europe', held at the seat of Government of Murcia.

"Excellent responsiveness to the Region"

Similarly, Garre said that in the months leading to the front of the regional government, has found in the person of Michel Lebrun "excellent responsiveness and a desire to Murcia remain actively engaged in the CoR."

In that vein, he remarked that "our vocation as a European region for years has translated into active participation in the processes that have generated closer to the citizens a Europe;

a Europe that is more present in our lives. "

"We both, along with a common bond," Garre recalled, "because we both have succeeded as president by the same person, a knowledgeable politician in Europe and deeply committed to this as Ramón Luis Valcárcel, which now continues as best in the vice presidency of the European Parliament. "

"Continue your path and bring further action from a complete understanding, in the belief that more Europeans and regions greater levels of collaboration will better the lives of those who live and work in them," said the head of Murcia.

Alberto Garre said that "Murcia is the first Spanish region to accede to the Charter of multilevel governance as proposed by the Committee of the Regions, as a commitment to an open way to make policy based on participation, transparency , accountability and social inclusion. "

Finally, the regional chief executive invited the President of the CoR to "see first hand one of the activities that our region is a pioneer, optimization of water resources through the use of advanced technologies in agriculture, a Murcia already decades prided itself on being the garden of Europe ".

Greenhouses of Strength

Following their meeting in San Esteban, Alberto Garre and Michel Lebrun visited the company 'SAT Agriculture and Export', located in the pachequera hamlet of BALSICAS, with a greenhouse next generation, in which years ago introduced an energy facility for the production of pepper through known as "cogeneration" system, which produces electricity by natural gas generators.

This technique makes use of heat production is intended for agricultural heating to increase crop productivity and production of electricity in a single process, pouring into the mains surpluses at prices regulated.

All this creates a higher yield of the greenhouses, fosters a breakthrough in harvesting the crop and avoid the occurrence of pests by reducing humidity.

This company has over 40 acres of cultivation under greenhouse dedicated to pepper, which exports 90 percent, mainly for the German market.

Source: CARM

Presented the draft Budget Law of the autonomous community of Murcia 2015

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The president of the Regional Assembly of Murcia, Francisco Vidal Celdran, received this morning from the hands of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Francisco Martinez Asensio, the bill Budget of the Autonomous Community of Murcia 2015, condensed into one device USB.

At the ceremony were also attended by members of the General Committee, the chairman of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget, Domingo Mowing, parliamentary speakers and senior counseling.

The Minister of Finance has provided below a press conference in the press room of the Assembly, to explain the outlines of a budget, the last of the current Legislature, amounting to 4.103 million euros.

His remarks are available on the website of the Regional Assembly (, together with the assessments on the draft Finance Act have made representatives of the three parliamentary groups: José Antonio Pujante Diekmann, Izquierda Unida MEP + Greens, by the Joint Parliamentary Group;

Alfonso Navarro Hawk, Head of Finance of the Socialist Group, and Domingo Martinez Mowing, deputy spokesman of the parliamentary group.

Source: Asamblea Regional de Murcia