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Architects Without Borders and the Colegio de Arquitectos de Murcia inaugurate the charity exhibition Universes of Light

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The exhibited prints will be for sale and proceeds will go to the implementation of development cooperation projects

The College of Architects of Murcia hosts until October 27 the charity Architects Without Borders exhibition titled 'Universe of Light.

The exhibition is divided based on 16 drawings of prestigious architects including Andrés Jaque, Beth Galí, Carlos Ferrater, Carlos Lamela, César Ruiz-Larrea, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Fermín Vázquez, Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Jerónimo Junquera they are situated, Jose Morales, Luis Alonso, Luis Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón M, Manel Bailo and Rosa Rull, Oriol Bohigas, Patxi Mangado and Rafael de La-Hoz.

The exhibited prints are available in limited edition, with certificate of authenticity for sale to the public, and the funds raised will go to the activation of architectures needed in disadvantaged areas and the implementation of projects of development cooperation by Architects Without Borders.

Among them, the Casa del Migrante in Guatemala, or advice to NGOs on issues related to architecture, such as status reports on housing or technical assistance workshops and construction work.

Antonio García Herrero, dean of the College of Architects of Murcia, has indicated the importance of "support charitable initiatives" stressed "the commitment of the College with such initiatives" and encouraged all citizens "to come closer, enjoy exposure and collaborate with Architects Without Borders. "

For his part, the president of this organization in the region of Murcia and Valencia, José Miguel Esquembre, explained that "in a time when the crisis plaguing our country, this exhibition aims to convey that we live in a same planet and what we do or fail to do, affects us all, so we are called to contribute to the transformation towards a more just and united world. "

The exhibition is part of Architecture Week, organized by the Architects Association to commemorate the World Day of Architecture, which is celebrated on October 6.

Source: Agencias

Volunteers assist in the recovery of threatened species dune La Manga in the Mont Blanc

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Thirty volunteers from ENAGÁS, ASID and Adecco have worked this morning with members of ANSE CREECT and Associations in planting over 200 dune plants, many of them belonging to endangered species.

The plantation has been done in the Monte Blanco (La Manga), in a public lot where the IMSEL ANSE and been developing recovery actions dune flora and eradication of invasive alien species such as acacias.

The event, which took place this morning in connection with an action of corporate social responsibility, has enabled the planting of more than 200 seedlings of different species, some of them very threatened as sea carrot (Echinophora spinosa) or sabina the dunes (Juniperus turbinata) and other endemic (exclusive) of the Mar Menor as tamarilla of sand (Helianthemum marminorense) or del Mar Menor asparagus (Asparagus macrorrhizus).

Have also been planted in this municipal parkland some specimens of Juniper Dunes (Juniperus macrocarpa) tree disappeared from La Manga forming extensive forests with juniper according to some historical texts.

Planting today is in addition to the recovery efforts made by the dune plant IMSEL ANSE and the City of Cartagena and have allowed transform occupied by acacias and garbage in a real reserve for the endangered dune plant site.

The action has been developed under the project "Conservation and Recovery Actions habitat and rare species of lower sea and its environment" with the collaboration of the Biodiversity Foundation under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Source: ANSE. Fotos: J. Sánchez/ANSE

Asaja Murcia valued as "very positive" rains yesterday and today for the Murcia area

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The agricultural professional organization ASAJA Murcia rated in a "very positive" rains since yesterday and today have been very beneficial to the food industry Murcia.

To the Secretary General of BDA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, "rainfall totals were very good for both irrigated crops as well as for the production of dry, because the consecutive rainfall for several days have cooled the land and have contributed much vigor to most crops. "

In addition, the holder of BDA Murcia said "the rains have fundamentally affected all regions of Murcia agriculture such as Campo de Cartagena, Guadalentin Valley, Media and Vega Alta, and west Huerta de Murcia".

Also, Murcia BDA spokesman said that "hopefully continue raining Durane other week as get a risk and mitigate the severe drought we have endured during that summer, and allow many farms with lack of water and the water can be recovered serve to enhance the development of the crops. "

Source: Agencias

Andres Ayala: "Murcia receive 30 percent more funding from the Government in 2015 PGE"

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Development spokesman in Congress, Andres Ayala, announced that "The Region will receive a total of 425.23 million euros in 2015 ".

Ayala stated that "Murcia may face more calm and confidence next year and improve its competitiveness relative to other regions."

The national deputy of the PP by Murcia and Development spokesman in Congress, Andres Ayala, said that "Murcia receive 30 percent more than last year, under the national Government in the General State Budget (PGE) for the year 2015, thus responding to the needs of the region. "

In this sense, Ayala has stated that "the government of Spain Mariano Rajoy and meet the region such as PGE collect 2015 as Murcia receive a total of 425.23 million euros, which places as one of the Autonomous Community where Growth budgetary contributions. "

According to the 'popular' deputy, increases investment in public enterprises by 65 percent and the different ministries by 37 percent, "being the meaning of these figures that Murcia will deal more ease and confidence by 2015 and improve its competitiveness compared to other regions. "

Ayala has said that the Government of Spain "essentially responds to the needs of investment in railways, roads and policy support agriculture" also added that "budgets ensure speed train to the city of Murcia in 2015 and its connection to Madrid with an investment of 145.4 million euros. "

He also said the spokesman of Development budgets "Ave ensure arrival at Cartagena in 2016 with the appropriation of $ 5 million for next year and multi-year funding of 62.2 million euros."

So, recalled Ayala, "the Government of Mariano Rajoy remains confident in the power and importance of agriculture to the economy of the Region", for that reason, "a dramatic increase of 58 percent in allocations occurs at improving irrigation and water supply managed ACUMAD whose main beneficiaries are the municipalities of Puerto Lumbreras Aguilas, Lorca, White and Cieza. "

Meanwhile, the deputy who summarized, "Seiasa, agriculture public company, it also increases its investments by 380 percent, with notable Librilla, Lorca, White and Calasparra".

"This, together with the growth of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the 183 percent credited, as stated the importance that 2015 budgets will have for the Region of Murcia," he noted.

Finally, the popular leader has stated that "members of the PP express our satisfaction with the PGE presented this morning by the Minister of Finance, and mean they pose a spur in our efforts to defend the interests of all Murcia, as our efforts see that they are recognized and protected for the Government of Mariano Rajoy. "

Source: Partido Popular de la Región de Murcia

Bill of 2015 PGE plans to invest 253.63 million euros in the Development Area, 10% more than in 2014

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Bill of State Budget allocates 176 million euros in railways

Heading budgeted for roads exceeds 52 million

22.8 million investment by the Port Authority of Cartagena is also made;

1.4 million for the San Javier Airport and 18.6 million in housing policy

The Draft Law on State Budget for 2015, presented today by the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Cristobal Montoro, provides for the Autonomous Community of Murcia in the area budget Building 356.38 million euros, which represents a 6.01% increase in 2014 highlights the investment chapter in which the Government of Spain slogan 253.63 million euros, exceeding 10% planned for this year.

In the area of ​​investments in Railways, the state provides a game of 176,050,000 euros, which makes the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia on the 5th fastest growing regarding 2014 Among the main actions planned in railways included the following:

– Projects on the Mediterranean Corridor AVE in Murcia, amounting to 151.06 M €.

Among them, the connection works with LAV Levante Murcia include (145.36 M €);

A specific item for the study of burial of the AVE in Murcia;

continue writing performance studies in Lorca, Murcia-section within the building ADIF Almería;

continue work on the connection and Murcia-Cartagena Cartagena Station will be developed within society, where are represented the City and the Region of Murcia (5.1 M €).

– Work continues on the Adaptation to UIC in the Mediterranean Corridor and sidings 750 m.

– A game of 1.24 M € suppression level crossings Eagles is contemplated.

– Performing improved variant Cliques: 0.3 M €

– The study of the connection will continue Albacete Murcia: 0.39 M €

– Studies will follow, under the Protocol between the Ministry of Development and the Autonomous Community of Murcia, for the development of intermodal logistics terminal Gorguel ZAL and Murcia.

– In addition, the budget RENFE items are collected for actions and acquisition of rolling stock at stations Carmen Murcia, Totana, Alhama, Sewer and Beniel and industrial facilities.

– Finally, for the maintenance of the conventional network 12.5 million euros are allocated.

As for roads, 52.6 million is earmarked for investments in the road network of the state, 10.5% more than the recorded investment in 2014 in this chapter include the following actions:

– Execution of the works of the A-33 between Jumilla (link N-344) and Yecla (link C-3223).

The investment for 2015 will be 25.8 million euros.

– EUR 10 million is earmarked to promote the works of the highway Reguerón

– A party of 2 million is included to develop the project and begin work on the highway's Terrace.

– Drafting of studies and projects future actions in state Murcia network among which the Northern Arc de Murcia or third lane on the A-30 in the stretch: Puerto Chain-link Miranda.

– Regarding conservation and road safety, 2015 PGE provide 12.7 million euros, including, inter alia, on the link performance of A-7 to A-30.

Regarding the Murcia-San Javier Airport, there will be an investment of 1.4 million, 64.2% more than planned for 2014 Also, the amount of the Port Authority of Cartagena chapter to 22.8 million euros, highlighting the expansion of cruise pier urban Cartagena dock or land access to the expansion of the tailings basin.

Finally, in the section on Housing and Architecture, the Government has initiated a paradigm shift in housing policy through various legislative reforms and the new State Plan promote rental, rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal from 2013 to 2016.

To continue this line of action and aid Basic Emancipation, 2015 PGE 18.66 million euros slogan for the Region of Murcia, in which 2 million grant will include Sepes to build 40 homes in Lorca and 600,000 euros for the recovery and rehabilitation of the Church of Santa Maria and its environment.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

Victor Martinez: "It is irresponsible of the PSOE propose measures that are already collected and running on the Employment Strategy"

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

deputy spokesman PP, Victor Martinez, says "have only been two weeks since the presentation of Strategy in the Assembly and the PSOE is already unchecking "

Martinez emphasizes that "Tovar rejects resignation and his attitude Strategy over 240 million Euros to combat unemployment."

PP deputy spokesman, Victor Martinez, has described the request by the PSRM of preparing a Special Plan for Employment "today" irresponsible ".

Martinez said that "no sense applying what is already done and running, just two weeks we had the opportunity to discuss the Regional Assembly Employment Strategy developed by the Government of President Garre ago, and today are discernible in Instead of helping to improve and collected measures we propose. "

Popular spokesman said that González Tovar with his attitude "shows she would not participate in this Strategy and its refusal thus of more than € 240 million for the same".

"We can never support demagogic measures such as raised, which is directly hire some of our unemployed with an expense that would be over 150 million, we can not support past formulas that did not help to curb job losses and much less to generate it, "said regional spokesman.

In this sense Martínez recalled that "President Garre has on the table a Strategy that collects and responds to all elements involved in job creation, especially focusing with a wide range of incentive measures for our business" .

"Similarly we can boast of being the first community that has a measure to the most forgotten and industry hit by the crisis, the unemployed over 45 years," said Martinez.

So, has emphasized the popular leader that "we combine measures aimed at greater integration, training and recruitment sector has less able to reintegrate into the labor market."

Another important aspect of this strategy is based on the European Youth Guarantee, "is important to highlight the good European and national negotiation of our government to obtain funds above average despite position ourselves as the regions with lower rates of Youth Unemployment "he added.

He concluded Martínez noting that "this strategy is designed to address our weaknesses and immediate to the unemployment problem solutions, not join it, oppose and not work together with the Government of the Region of Murcia, only serves electoral and extremely irresponsible ".

Source: Partido Popular de la Región de Murcia

Over 1,500 people attend the premiere of the new season of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts goes to the first concert of the cycle of SORM, which interpreted Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

More than 1,500 people attended the Monday night opening concert of the new 2014-2015 subscription season the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia, in the Auditorio Victor Villegas.

The regional musical training at the hands of its director owner, Virginia Martinez, performed Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

She was accompanied by soloists Isabel Monar, Cristina Faus, Gustavo Peña and Jose Antonio Lopez, as well as a participatory choir made up of 130 voices from different choral societies in the region and directed by Jorge Losana.

The director general of the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts, Marta Lopez-Briones, who attended the opening concert, said "this early season has been very encouraging, both for the large crowds that attended the premiere of the Symphony Orchestra as the high quality that has once again proved that orchestral training. "

Also, Lopez-Briones said "confident" that this trend "is increasing" and that the public "continue to move toward the Auditorium to enjoy quality programming designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities."

The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia resume its cycle in the Auditorium on Friday October 10, with a program that will feature trumpet soloist training, Alejandro Castaneda, in which works of Salieri, Haydn and Mozart will be interpreted under the direction of Virginia Martinez.

Source: CARM

The Community announces the implementation of a program to support SMEs and municipalities on Corporate Social Responsibility

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The presidential adviser and Employment presented the study 'CSR: persons and organizations' Adres prepared by the Association

The 'CSR Mentors' program will allow regional companies with great career advice to SMEs and freelancers in corporate responsibility, and the Community so equally with municipalities will

The regional government believes that the policies of transparency also part of CSR

The presidential adviser and Employment, José Gabriel Ruiz, announced today that his Department will implement a program to support municipalities and SMEs on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), entitled 'Mentoring CSR', intended to companies of great experience in the implementation of these policies responsible advise those now starting out in the job.

José Gabriel Ruiz made the announcement during the presentation of the study 'CSR: persons and organizations', the Association for the Development of Corporate and Social Responsibility (Adres), which highlighted the business and social benefits to be derived from the set up of this new policy.

"These are policies that directly affect society through the work-life balance in the environment, in a decision-making with integrity in the proceedings, among others, that result in the companies and administrations that implanted, but also all citizens, "argued the counselor.

In the implementation of this pilot project, which is part of the Strategy for Job Creation in the Region of Murcia, and the Presidential Jobs with the participation of the Chair of RSC, University of Murcia, maximum scientific exponent of the Region of Murcia in this area.

"The regional government is firmly committed to incorporating CSR business management systems, in all areas because we are convinced that it is a model that will help us achieve a more competitive, sustainable and excellent region," said the adviser .

Transparency policies are also CSR

José Gabriel Ruiz said that "transparency policies are also Corporate Social Responsibility" and recalled "the regional government's commitment to support initiatives relating to transparency."

"The Comprehensive Transparency Initiative promoted by the regional government shows a willingness to be open to the public, to know where it goes to the last euro they pay their taxes," argued the counselor.

The actions of that initiative are part of the "policy of the regional government decided to adopt a new public management that has as its backbone transparency, citizen participation and good governance."

Source: CARM

Massive youth participation at the XXI Diocesan Youth Choir

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Some 550 young people participated on Saturday at the XXI Diocesan Youth Choir this year organized the Seminary San Fulgencio.

As usual, the last Saturday of September, the Delegation of Youth Ministry course activities started with this choir meeting organized every year by a different parish.

In recent years the Seminary participates in the meeting with the intention of establishing ties between young people and seminarians and for this reason they were invited last year to organize this edition.

Under the theme "Witnesses and Missionaries of Charity" the meeting began at 9:30 am on the premises of the seminary.

After the reception and morning prayer, the participants were divided into groups and toured accompanied by seminarians Seminary, knowing a little more everyday of that form there.

At 13:00 all participants in the meeting moved to the parish church of San Juan Bautista to celebrate the Eucharist, presided by the Vicar of Young, D. José León there;

who was accompanied by the rector of seminaries of San Fulgencio and San José Menor, Chico D. Sebastián;

trainers of both seminars and parish priests of some choirs.

José León greeted youth on behalf of Bishop and thanked them for their service in their parishes or realities.

"Put love in your music in tune with God, your music is praise," said the Vicar, who invited the audience to wonder, "What am instrument for the Lord?".

He also encouraged them to be consistent with the lyrics of the songs they perform, "that what you sing at Mass not disprove your life."

Before the end of the celebration, the director of the Diocesan Youth Ministry Center, Alba Nicholas, greeted the group and encouraged them to participate in Youth Ministry activities taking place throughout the year, and also announced that it will host next year meeting the parish choir of Santa Maria la Real de Aledo.

After a short break for lunch, choirs participated in the music festival.

Each of the participating choirs, some 22, performed a song about charity, closing the festival choir Seminar with the theme song of the game.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena

CCOO condemns death of Sahrawi activist Hassenna The Wali

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

CCOO Murcia wants to express its strongest condemnation of death, murder qualified by some organizations, the Saharawi activist Hasenna El Wali, in a Moroccan prison.

From the information we have, Hasenna The Wali had been subjected to a total lack of health care, despite the serious illness, and this has cost him his life.

The struggle of the Saharawi people for self-determination has claimed another victim, in this case a person who, after a football match, was accused of causing a "riot" and sentenced to 3 years in prison, for the sake of poor structure Moroccan prison and allegedly expressed by the lack of medical attention to himself, has become a virtual death sentence.

We hope that, sooner rather than later, end this situation of continuing conflict and repression of the Saharawi people, and we understand that the solution is necessarily for the referendum that the UN is calling for decades.

Source: CCOO Región de Murcia