Over 500 teachers participate in hundreds of research projects and educational innovation

Education allocates € 50,000 augmented reality initiatives, implementation of digital media in the classroom, attention to diversity and knowledge of cultural heritage of the Region

More than 500 teachers in the Region of Murcia participated during 2013-2014 in the hundred research projects and educational innovation that developed in schools belonging to the different levels of non-university education.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities allocated a total of 50,000 euros to fund these initiatives based on innovation and research and aim to offer methodological and didactic alternatives that result in educational improvement to be shared with the rest of professionals and schools in the region.

The theme of these projects is part of the most diverse areas and are always relevant to the educational community.

Thus, among these are proposals based on the use of augmented reality, creating teaching courses at all levels and areas, and supports the implementation of digital media in the classroom, the development of basic skills among students, the attention to diversity, innovation in vocational training or knowledge of the cultural heritage of the region.

Coordinating the development of the projects was provided by the Directorate General of Educational Planning and Human Resources, under the supervision and educational counseling Center for Language and Communication of the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM


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