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Twelve candidates vying for the title of Miss Tourism Murcia

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The gala Miss Tourism Murcia, where the name of the winner of the contest will be announced, will be held on September 7 in Murcia

Miss Tursim Spain emerged from the National Delegate July Albendea Ray, which had organized Miss Spain Balearic Islands 20 years ago … but after the issue of same was not done and was the last year that this new project launched in Spain.

The Delegation of the Region of Murcia is by Andres Cespedes "ArcaPro" to carry out the next day gala Sept. 7 at a single site in the Region of Murcia as Sal Garden, located near the Castle in La Asomada Puerto de la Cadena.

The gala will be from 21:00 until 23:00 having the coronation ceremony and subsequent celebration party in the VIP area of ​​the same Garden of Sal.

Inside is gala in which there will be music, parades different signatures (Mottele, Costanza +, Green Goblin, Jaws Shop) … in swimwear, cocktail, surf, night gala.

Giveaways for attendees and most importantly be made, it will be released Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic, Miss Elegance, Miss Tourism Queen 2nd Murcia, Murcia 1st Lady Miss Tourism and MISS TOURISM MURCIA.

All of them will participate in a year of various parades representing the tourism Murcia Murcia but Miss Tourism who will represent our region in the national competition to be held in Balearic Islands the next day October 12, 2014.

After this, there will be an international gala, in which Spain sent to Miss Turism Spain to represent the nation in New Guinea.

Our candidates have been all this August touring the coastal areas of the Region of Murcia, distributing advertising sponsors and doing activities such as outings in Goleta Josephine, windsurfing and paddle surfing Jaws Shop & School, Yoga session the salt flats of San Pedro, Output Jet Ski, Inflatable, Goleta "El Cid" with World Yacht, Spa and hotel night fashion show at the Barcelo chain Lodomar.

Source: Agencias

The Spanish team, winners of the European Cup after beating Switzerland (6-8)

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Selection Españolade Beach Soccer has won the title of champion of the European Cup (Soccer Eurobeach Cup) after defeating Switzerland the end of the competition, held this afternoon in Baku (Azerbaijan)

EIF set of Joaquín Alonso have displayed grancalidad to open a gap on the scoreboard in the opening stages, and hancompletado performance with a huge solvency and expertise when cosasse got tough.

After containing the alpine rush, Spain hareeditado a title last won in 2009.

Spain quisoarrancar soon with action in the final of the Euro Beach SoccerCup and their top scorer, Llorenç Gomez put the team ahead in elmarcador when only two minutes had been played.

The bomber suizodejan Refused Stankovic for his team, tying the score, but he most definitely esono awaken the Spanish forward.

Five goals másantes the first break drastically desnivelarían the game and would alos Alonso in a more favorable position to take the title.

But that does not fuesuficiente to give up to the powerful Swiss in a sample of category yraza fought to close the gap to four goals, and leave the score 5-6 ina tight, thanks to goals from Noel Ott, top scorer .

After the Alpine deapaciguar reaction, and before it was too late, The Rojasupo strike again.

It was just what I needed the Spanish dominating set paravolver feel capable of handling the game, something quecertificaría once again, Llorenç, with his fifth goal of the evening for 5-8.Ya with only five minutes left, and an income of three goals, Spain pudopermitirse see things lighter, although Switzerland was not down losbrazos.

The Spanish rearguard was able to contain the Swiss lashes and losminutos went by more and more to confirm that the Cup would remain in manosespañolas.

Stankovic managed to add a little more to the Swiss account, but ladistancia was too big, and too little time remaining.

Conel final whistle, Spain lifted their fourth European Cup Beach Soccer (Eurobeach Soccer Cup), ousting the defending champion Russia.

In addition, the capitánJuanma Martin was named the most valuable player of the competition.

Goals: 0-1: Llorenç, min.

9 (1);

1-1: Stankovic, min.

7 (1);

1-2: Juanma, min.

7 (1);

1-3: Llorenç, min.

6 (1);

1-4: Chiky, min.

6 (1);

1-5: Llorenç, min.

1 (1);

1-6: Juanma, min.

0 (1);

2-6: Stankovic, min.

9 (2);

3-6: Ott, min.

2 (2);

4-6: Ott, min.

0 (2);

5-6: Ott, min.

10 (3);

5-7: Llorenç, min.

9 (3);

5-8: Llorenç, min.

5 (3);

6-8: Stankovic, min.

1 (3).


Sunday 31.08.14 16:15 – Azerbaiyán3 (1) -3 (2) Hungary (Match for 5th place)

17:30 – Greece 4-7Rusia (Match for 3rd place)

18:45 – Switzerland 6-8España (FINAL)

Individual Awards: MVP: Juanma (ESP) Top Scorer: Noel Ott (SUI)

Best goalkeeper: David Ficsor (HUN)

Source: Sefutbol

BDA Murcia considered "very negative" to let them out of the EU aid for Russian veto melon and citrus

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The agricultural professional organization ASAJA Murcia has negatively assessed that "the melon and citrus have been left out of products to receive aid after the Russian veto tax on fruits and vegetables Spanish three weeks ago.

To the Secretary General of BDA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, "seems outrageous that the EU stops outside aid for Russian veto citrus and melon, which are two very important products for horticulture Murcia".

The head of BDA Murcia has also emphasized that "unfortunately and sadly, the Russian veto Spanish fruit and vegetables remains in effect, so if the situation does not change, this commercial block harm to the campaign of fall vegetables and in citrus ".

To Murcia BDA spokesman, "we believe that the EU should push harder to get unblock the situation, which affects directly and indirectly more than 40 percent of small and medium farmers in our region."

Source: Agencias

Over 500 teachers participate in hundreds of research projects and educational innovation

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Education allocates € 50,000 augmented reality initiatives, implementation of digital media in the classroom, attention to diversity and knowledge of cultural heritage of the Region

More than 500 teachers in the Region of Murcia participated during 2013-2014 in the hundred research projects and educational innovation that developed in schools belonging to the different levels of non-university education.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities allocated a total of 50,000 euros to fund these initiatives based on innovation and research and aim to offer methodological and didactic alternatives that result in educational improvement to be shared with the rest of professionals and schools in the region.

The theme of these projects is part of the most diverse areas and are always relevant to the educational community.

Thus, among these are proposals based on the use of augmented reality, creating teaching courses at all levels and areas, and supports the implementation of digital media in the classroom, the development of basic skills among students, the attention to diversity, innovation in vocational training or knowledge of the cultural heritage of the region.

Coordinating the development of the projects was provided by the Directorate General of Educational Planning and Human Resources, under the supervision and educational counseling Center for Language and Communication of the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM

Consumption remember that new products are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The general director, Ana Cobarro reports that the rights of return, repair, price reduction and termination of contract contemplated

The Department of Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Handicrafts reminds consumers and users in the region that consumer goods and services purchased enjoy a two-year warranty in case they are new, with the guarantee of at least one year if they are second hand.

In this sense, the general manager of Consumer Affairs, Ana Cobarro, shows that "our law requires the seller to deliver products that conform to contract in response to the client for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the product" .

Also distinguishes two types of collateral, legal and commercial.

Thus, the legal guarantee is granted by law as right when final consumption ratio is given, and affects products that are subject to the guarantee scheme.

According Cobarro, "the legal guarantee of the lack of conformity involves right of return, to repair, to a lower price and the contract, and the warranty period begins to run from the date on the ticket or invoice, or delivery note. "

The period during which the consumer can enforce its security depends on whether the purchased goods are new or second hand.

So if it is a new product, the seller liable for nonconformities or defects within two years from the date of delivery, while this period shall be at least one year in the case of a second-hand.

From the Department of Consumer Affairs also reported that if the non-compliance arises in the first six months (both new products and second-hand), it is assumed that the problem existed when the product was delivered, in which case it the seller who must prove that there is a defect or factory product, but misuse or lack of maintenance by the customer.

If, however, the defect or lack of conformity arises from the first six months to two years, but remains legal guarantee corresponds to the consumer to prove that there was no misuse or lack of maintenance.

To make a warranty claim, the consumer must go to the seller of the product and only if it is impossible or would place an unreasonable burden (for example, store closures or because the purchase was made in another region or in another European country), you can claim and demand their rights directly from the manufacturer or producer.

Consumer rights

Since consumption are reminded that any consumer who finds non-compliance or defects in products under warranty may choose to require repair or replacement thereof, unless one of these options is objectively impossible or disproportionate.

It also reports that during the warranty period both repair and replacement will be free to the customer, and all costs associated with them, such as shipping, transport, spare parts or workmanship, will be the responsibility of the selling entity.

Moreover, this process should be carried out in a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the consumer.

The duration of the warranty period repair is suspended, starting to run again when the selling entity to deliver the repaired product.

Furthermore, in the event that a product is repaired during the warranty period, the repair has a warranty of six months during which the selling entity liable for nonconformities arising in connection with this repair.

In the case of replacement, the warranty period will be suspended and will reactivate the remaining term remains to be met when the product is delivered.

You can not demand the replacement of products that are unique, such as a work of art, nor the second hand.

Similarly, consumption remember if still under warranty the product is repaired and remains not in conformity with the contract, the consumer may require replacement with the same or similar (unless the replacement is disproportionate) and price reduction or resolution the contract.

Also reported that the consumer must inform the seller of the lack of conformity or defects observed in the two months since he had knowledge of them, because even if you lose the guarantee must answer for damages caused by the communication delay.

The price reduction or termination of the contract shall if the repair or replacement of the defective product is not possible or would not be done in a reasonable time.

On the other hand, consumption indicates that the commercial guarantee is offered voluntarily by the person selling, and additional legal guarantee, so you must always improve the legal guarantee.

You must be formalized, at least in Castilian and, at the request of the consumer, in writing or in another durable medium.

In addition, the commercial guarantee shall state that the consumer is entitled to an appropriate service and availability of spare parts for a minimum period of five years from the date on which the product has stopped.

Source: CARM

Ascension Carreño applauds aid of over 308 million for R & D + i in the technology sector

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The aid included in the Digital Agenda for Spain 2014, seeking to create more than 240 direct jobs and higher billings to 800 million euros in the Spanish ICT sector

The ICO Digital Agenda 2014 provides first line support for liquidity and investment technology firms abroad with more favorable terms than market

The national representative for Murcia in Congress, María Carreño Ascension, today highlighted the "great effort" of the central government to strengthen the Spanish sector of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) as a source of wealth and employment , to provide more than 308 million euros in aid for R + D + i in the technology sector.

Specifically, the Government will invest 215 million euros in aid for innovative technology projects coming to market and 93 million for large ICT projects with high technological value meaning that have an effect on other tractor companies.

Carreño explained that these initiatives "are one of the lines of action of the Digital Agenda for Spain, which seeks, among other objectives, the creation of more than 240 direct jobs and more than 800 million billings."

As he stated, "is to encourage the implementation of projects with high innovation potential and economic impact, thereby affecting the overall competitiveness of the entire national ICT industry," for which "since 2012 has been introduced a number of improvements in the management and call processing such aid. "

"These grants complement the 1/2014, intended for experimental development projects, which was convened in December 2013 with a budget of 140 million euros," he noted thereon.

The deputy noted further that the government "has provided support to a maximum of 16 million in grants and $ 199 million in loans," adding that "has been set at 200,000 euros the minimum project budget and payment of aid in its two forms of grant and loan. "

Also, Carreño has emphasized that the Digital Agenda for Spain puts the internationalization of technology-based companies as "one of the key elements for the development of the digital economy and growth engine of employment and future opportunities."

In this sense, the deputy recalled that "the 30 million euros to the internationalization of technology companies is a key measure of support and demonstrates the government's commitment to the ICT sector."


Ascension Carreño has also referred to the fact that "for the first time in more favorable financing than market businesses and freelancers to develop its activities in the ICT sector and telecommunications conditions facing internationalization" because the Government "wants to support his trip abroad taking advantage of the know-how to build our technology companies in projects in Spain."

Finally, Carreño has defended the "utmost importance" of these initiatives today, "and that the deployment of telecommunications networks and the growing demand for ICT products and services across the world is fostering the development of applications in the cloud, mobility services, advanced telecare services, telemedicine and telecommuting, opening numerous opportunities for export business initiatives. "

Source: GPP

Health working on a project to evaluate the quality of life of Murcia with systemic lupus erythematosus

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The CEO of geriatric Planning, Pharmacy and Citizen states that "the objective is to identify opportunities to help improve the quality of life of these patients "

In the Region of Murcia, as different studies suggest the incidence of systemic lupus erythematosus is estimated around 5,000 affected, and is more common among women

The Directorate General of geriatric Planning, Pharmacy and Citizen, through the Information System on Rare Diseases (SIER) under the Health Service Planning and Finance, working on a project to evaluate the quality of life of Murcia with lupus erythematosus systemic.

This project, in which professionals from the Ministry of Health and Social Policy participate is being conducted in collaboration with the Department of Sociosanitary University of Murcia, and is projected to the end of 2014 the first results can be published.

Director General Arturo Giménez valued today interagency collaboration, which said that "in certain contexts such as this, in which we have a low prevalence disease and on which little research is essential to obtain an overview and multidisciplinary. "

Gimenez said that systemic lupus erythematosus is a condition that causes "a big impact" on family, social and working environment of those who suffer, so that "this project is duly justified to further progress in the disease and enhance the quality of life for patients. "

To carry out this study was mailed to a representative sample of people affected by systemic lupus erythematosus, 550 people, a questionnaire with different scales to measure quality of life, disease severity and the degree of treatment adherence .

Thus, we have collected sociodemographic variables that are being introduced anonymously in a database to perform an analysis of the degree of compliance with drug treatments prescribed by doctors to alleviate the symptoms of this disease.

Lupus erythematosus in Region

Systemic lupus erythematosus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease of unknown etiology and nature with a prevalence of 300 to 400 patients per 1,000 inhabitants, and is more common among women, with a ratio of one man for every eleven women.

In the region, according to various studies suggest, is estimated to be about 5,000 affected.

Considering the gender distribution, the majority, 86 percent, are women;

and age, the strip with the highest incidence, 77 percent is between 15 and 59 years.

Source: CARM

UPyD considers that the PP wants to sell as successful tax reform totally disappointing and very little help in recovery

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

To Fuensanta Maximus, "the PP would have us believe that tax reform effort of the Spaniards returned when in reality, the effort of the Spaniards led him to Switzerland fortunes, tax amnesty and insufficient measures to prevent fraud "

The regional head of UPyD, Fuensanta Maximus, believes that the Popular Party wants to "sell as successful tax reform totally disappointing and very little help in the recovery."

In this sense, as published, although the maximum rate quoted higher rents will itself 52 to 47% next year and 45% next, rebates for the middle class will be very little significant.

Thus, the maximum regional head of UPyD has indicated that an average salary of 23,650 euros, with two dependent children, the reduction of income tax is 21 euros per month for which was paid in 2011, and in the case of 30,000 gross salary, income tax rebate would be 6.66 euros per month.

All this with the added difficulty that this reduction of the state income tax "is anticipated accompanied by a reduction of deductions at regional level, which will take place in the review of the regional financing system."

In addition, the timid tax cuts are accompanied by strong increases in capital gains tax on the sale of homes.

Selling a home by 120,000 euros to ten years will cost € 100,000 would be taxed 1143% more with this reform, while if it is sold for 150,000 euros, the tax increase would be 39%.

"A step back in the progressivity of the tax."

"In short," continued Max, "would have us believe that tax reform effort of the Spaniards returned when in reality, the effort of the Spaniards led him to Switzerland fortunes, tax amnesty and insufficient measures to prevent fraud 'spokesman .The training magenta remember that tax inspectors qualified in its July report that the tax reform is "disappointing", since no anti-fraud arises as partedel process tax reform, "which is absolutely necessary" and may even "very slightly alleviate the pockets" of some households, will not achieve the "need to improve permanently boost."

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

The Socialist Party calls for an urgent meeting of the Commission for the Reform of the Electoral Act that exists in the Regional Assembly

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Socialists do not accept any change from the norm except that it occurs by unanimous agreement of the parliamentary groups, and that work progresses in the Assembly "and not in the basement of the headquarters of the People's Party"

Socialist spokesman in the Commission for the reform of the Electoral Law of the Regional Assembly, Francisco Javier Oñate, announced that it will request an urgent meeting of the committee to discuss the claim of the PP now modify the constituencies in the region.

First, the PSOE request explanations from the parliamentary group of the reasons why, despite repeated requests from the socialist group, have not started work on the scheduled appearance of independent experts.

In addition, it will require assurances that missing less than a year for the next election, not perform any modification of the electoral law, "except that it occurred by unanimous agreement of all groups in the House."

Also, require the Popular Group explicit assurances that the work, for a possible reform would take place at the headquarters of the Regional Assembly "and not in the basement of the Popular Party headquarters," and that experts would inspire reform " they were independent set by the Special Commission, and electoral strategists People's Party. "

Finally, Oñate recalled that in plenary where the constitution of the Special Committee was approved, "it became clear that our goal would be to respond to the new demands of citizens who are claiming a breakthrough, a second transition, an evolution of our democratic marked ".


Red flag in 4 checkpoints and yellow in another 18 on Saturday

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Four checkpoints COPLA Plan of beaches have opened today Saturday flag hoisting BAN RED BATH are:

Cartagena Municipality: Calnegre, Galua Lost Ship and post and post Entremares Sirens.

Another 18 checkpoints COPLA Plan of beaches have opened today Saturday YELLOW flag hoisting CAUTION IN THE BATHROOM and are:

Municipality of Cartagena: Lift and Calblanque.

Municipality of San Javier: Tabal Bank since 1 and 2, since Pedrucho 1 and 2, since 1 and 2 Arenal and South Estacio.

Municipality of San Pedro del Pinatar: Barraca Quemada, Las Salinas, El Mojon and Tower Demolished Station 1 and 2.



Go to the beach lifeguard service

Follow the instructions of the lifeguards on the beach.

Know the area where you bathe and note depth possible currents, waves …

He never bathe alone and do near the shore

Watch children permanently

Protect yourself from the sun and hydrate.

Drink water frequently without esperra thirst

Source: 112RM