The web 'Know your Social Security' aims to streamline administrative procedures for the elderly

DG Murciano Seniors Social Action Institute has collaborated with the National Institute of Social Security to start this page

The web 'Know your Social Security' streamline administrative procedures and process documents for people over the Region of Murcia, to electronically check that there are different types of pensions, effective date, deductions or amounts liquids, among others.

The director general of Instituto Murciano Seniors Social Action (IMAS), Enrique Pérez, today participated in the presentation of this new website by the provincial director of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), Carmen Tortosa.

The presentation was aimed at managers, social workers and components Involvement Councils Seniors is in the social centers of Molina de Segura, Sewer, Murcia Murcia I and II.

Specifically, it has been informed of how to access the web, the query options available to the user and how to make proper use of this new page taking advantage of it to the fullest.

Thus, Perez said, "they will be responsible for communicating and explaining to users in their centers the launch of this new telematics device for online efforts."

The presentation made by professionals of IMAS and INSS and, according to the CEO in this act, will from next September when social centers begin to inform users that make use of this new resource on which they can deepen their computer rooms.

It is also scheduled in September a traveling presentation of the website is done 'Know your Social Security' in all social centers that exist in the different municipalities of the region.

Source: CARM


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