The Socialist Party says the new funding is delaying a search of the Region to the interests of PP nationally

Francisco J. Oñate deputy spokesman said that if the deputy Isabel Toledo has come forward on the initiative of the PSOE, because the PP currently has no moral ability to ask anyone to resign

The deputy spokesman of the Socialist Group, Francisco J. Oñate expressed a complaint on behalf of the PSOE in the meeting of the Permanent Council, to the fact that President Garre has not appeared in the Assembly to explain his meeting with Mariano Rajoy.

"The PP has been positioning itself as a keystone to solve all the ills of the region change regional financing, which became Valcárcel centerpiece of its election, his investiture speech and all its interventions House. "

Oñate recalled that former President stressed the need to advance the date to have a new more favorable model for the Region of Murcia.

"So now the president surprised Garre applaud the delay, which is de facto a raid in the region before the interests of the People's Party at the national level, this is the second major raid,. Was the first with the Basin Plan Tajo, yielding flow rates corresponding to this region. Now do it again on funding. "

Cessation of Isabel Toledo

On the cessation of the popular MP Isabel Toledo said that "it is not a pleasant job, but the law has only one way and it is their inexorable fulfillment that has already arrived."

Oñate said regarding this matter "would not have happened if not for the initiative of the Socialist Group, as the People's Party and the regional government have no moral right now ask no ability to resign or cease. A Community maintained at a government delegate, two councilors, mayors of major towns and summering imputed in office not able to ask anyone to leave, and we have seen in this case. "

Rebalancing plan

Other topics discussed at the meeting of the Permanent Council the petition have been the Socialist Parliamentary Group of appearance of the Minister of Finance to explain the budget cut will lead the new Plan of financial balance.

In this regard, Francisco J. Oñate said that "at this time we have known two disturbing news. One, that the Region has peaked deficit for the whole year, and two, that the state tax authority asks major cuts By We want to know what they will consist of and are not made in a hidden way. "

He said the budgets and programs that are approved involve in the Assembly and, therefore, is where one must first know the intention of the regional government.

"It seems that we want to settle for words about a possible economic recovery, but it is not credible and should explain".

Corvera Airport

Regarding the Corvera airport, Francisco J. Oñate said that "there are many lies about this topic. Seemed that the Government of Garre had a roadmap to follow to avoid losing money and prestige to this issue.'ve Seen that puts Brussels condition to close San Javier.'s why the government must appear and clarify if another roadmap know. "

Finally, Oñate said the PSOE feels cheated on dates, because the socialist parliamentary group began to make proposals on 9 July and the Permanent Committee has not met until the last day of this month.

"We believe it was a way to steal the opportunity to discuss issues of interest to the citizens and that the Assembly should continue its work in the summer."



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