The Community announces the sixth edition of the Awards Building Quality

The awards recognize the work of both professionals and users themselves, evaluating the use of criteria and parameters of sustainability and energy efficiency

Applicants may submit their work until September 30

The Ministry of Development, Public Works and Planning announces Awards Building Quality in the Region of Murcia, which acknowledges the work of agents of the building and the users of the buildings along the years, have contributed to the conservation of the baseline characteristics of the property, encouraging the durability requirements, habitability and safety.

The Official Bulletin of the Region of Murcia (BORM) today announced the call for the biannual awards to satisfy its sixth edition.

The general director of Architecture, Housing and Land, Yolanda Muñoz stressed that the initiative aims to identify, recognize and accompany involved in the construction sectors with the greatest potential in the promotion of quality in construction, whose "importance is obvious because responds to the growing social demand in this area and the challenge of continuous improvement in the quality of our buildings "is reached.

Muñoz said that the awards "are intended to stimulate quality improvement, through recognition of the achievements of the industry players, support improvements in quality and competitive in momentum for constructive solutions, enabling secure procedures and techniques construction used in existing buildings that over time has validated its use. "

These awards aim to highlight the importance of developing actions to support innovation and sustainability in building construction, while recognizing the work of both professionals and users themselves, evaluating the use of criteria and parameters sustainability and energy efficiency.

For the organization and financing of quality awards in the Construction of the Region of Murcia, the Department of Development has the support of Cajamurcia Foundation, the Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers in the Region, and Regional Federation of Employers in the Construction of Murcia (FRECOM).

Broad concept of quality in construction

Buildings with a length equal to or greater than 15 years since its construction or have been rehabilitated eligible categories of 'Buildings for residential use', 'Buildings for institutional use,' Buildings for tourist use ',' Rehabilitation 'and' Other uses'.

In each of the categories the facade, common areas, housing, facilities and building quality in the field of security, fire protection, sanitation (indoor air quality and the collection will be assessed and waste disposal), protection against noise, water savings, energy efficiency and sustainability (cladding, HVAC, lighting and heating) and accessibility.

The jury will review all proposals and awards to fail a building in each of the categories set out, as well as references to the work related to the length of the buildings that meet the sufficient technical merit.

Source: CARM


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