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The financial measures proposed by Montoro will also save 71 million euros for the Community

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The Minister of Economy and Finance assesses this as "solidarity, fair and necessary to the support face of the welfare state in the Region"

The Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy held in Madrid on Thursday proposed, the main novelty, new financial support measures for the regions.

Specifically, reduced to one per cent interest Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA) for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, as fixed by 5.18 percent 3.91 percent and 2.41 percent, respectively between October 1, 2014 and December 31, 2015. Minister of Economy and Finance, Francisco Martínez Asensio, praised the measure, saying that "this is an important gesture to thank and give us breath, and we will allow savings of 71 million euros in the case of the Region of Murcia ".

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration considers appropriate measures under the Financial Plan of the Economic Community of Murcia.

The Minister said that "the plan of the regional government's commitment to move forward on the path to financial stability and fiscal consolidation, with actions that have to do with saving and efficiency in public spending and revenue improvement is evident."

The regional manager today after the meeting appreciated the proposal of the Minister Cristobal Montoro, who considered "supportive, fair and necessary to the support face of the welfare state in the region."

Moreover, extending a year of depreciation and a lack of FLA year 2012, which will mean an additional liquidity available to 67 million euros.

As indicated Martínez Asensio, "is a new instrument that has a positive effect on regional accounts and the adjustment has to perform Murcia in your Finance Plan" mechanisms, he added, "that allow us to guarantee the delivery of public services, tackle payments to suppliers and provides greater solvency to the Community. "

Although the central government considered "appropriate" measures included in the Financial Plan of Murcia Economic postponed for September approval to the need to incorporate the measures in the Ministry, since the exercises affect 2014 and 2015. Holder of Economics noted that "the impact of new revenue, the Government of Spain, will, as already anticipated, do not apply more cuts and ensure the remuneration and other conditions of public employees."

Achieved the goal of reducing public bodies

Also, the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy of the 2014 debt target was revised. While the deficit target is maintained in the one percent, the debt has been revised upwards.

So, after being set last year by 19.7 percent, the ministry has now risen to 21.9 percent, due to the increase of the target set by the Government's Office joined in the Stability Programme.

The Minister said that "in this matter, we must remember that in 2013 the Region of Murcia met its goal of debt, ending the year with a volume of undersized including debt, in terms of our GDP."

Regarding the commitment of the Region regarding the rationalization of public administration bodies and reduction, has reached 104 percent of the stated objective, which is the removal of 49 compared to 46 entities initially raised.

Source: CARM

Meeting with the President of the Association of Diving centers in the Region of Murcia

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Manuel Campos, met today with President of the Association of Diving centers in the Region of Murcia, Daniel Martinez, who presented the association and dive centers there to along different coastal areas of the region, as well as facilities, vessels and services to provide the diver quality service and security that allow enjoy the coastal and marine heritage of the region.

Source: CARM

The General Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía comprehensively assists patients with coronary heart disease

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Patients come for two months physical and multidisciplinary sessions in which they are informed, inter alia, to reduce the psychological stress level techniques

The General Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía, a reference center of the Health Area VII-Murcia Este, held since 2007 a comprehensive assistance, according to the head of the Unit of Cardiac Rehabilitation of the center, Dr. Diego Roldán, is "fundamental "because it combines physical exercise with aspects of psychology to treat patients who have suffered a heart attack and that they" grab approach life differently ".

Dr. Roldan argues the "importance" to develop, among other things, the psychological plot in patients with such ailments as "the patient accepts their condition and helps you live better, for the patient with ischemic heart disease need to work area psychological ".

Thus, are held and multidisciplinary group sessions, lasting two months, which are run by staff Psychology Unit of the center.

The aim is to help these patients "also improve their quality of life and live with their disease, providing tools for this new phase."

These sessions techniques such as relaxation or Jacobson called 'Mindfulness' to encourage self-awareness and reduce physical symptoms and psychological distress associated with stress and suffering caused by this disease are used.

Also during the development of psychological therapy patients are given a guide with tips and techniques that they can be helpful in reducing the stress level, since the "ischemic heart disease is the key disease where you see exactly how it affects the mind to the evolution of the disease, "as explained from the area of ​​psychology.

Therapy is completed giving full assistance with advice on smoking, sexual dysfunction or social and labor implications.

You are treated through open to family and social core of the patient to give the overall care group and individual educational interventions.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit of the General Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía tratacada year about 50 patients.

His goal is for the patient to be treated for a multidisciplinary and comprehensive.

Thus, the patient is to have detailed information about their disease and how to prevent future problems to promote their autonomy.

Source: Agencias

Regional aid for the establishment of new autonomous reach 9,000 euros

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The Minister José Gabriel Ruiz explains that the measures included in the Employment Strategy of the Region of Murcia during the Regional Advisory Board of Contract Work

"We promote self-employment to become, with the consolidation of the activity, a source of recruiting new people, which is the highest priority of the regional government," said the counselor

About the program 'Family Employment Guarantee', the regional government is pleased that the State extended throughout Spain an initiative of the Region of Murcia

The Autonomous Community provides support for the establishment of new autonomous among long-term unemployed over 45 years and have family responsibilities, ranging from 6,000 euros and will reach 9,000.

This was explained today the Minister of Presidency and Employment, José Gabriel Ruiz, during the meeting of the Regional Advisory Board of Contract Work, in which he recalled that those subsidies are some of the measures outlined in the so-called 'Family Employment Guarantee', program that is part of the Employment Strategy of the Region of Murcia.

On Family Guarantee, José Gabriel Ruiz said that "from the Community have launched this pioneering initiative in Spain, the Ministry of Employment will expand in the October issue satisfies us because it will affect one of the groups that more strongly suffered the effects of the crisis: the unemployed over 45 years, long lasting, and dependents. "

In addition to the actions of self-employment, Family Guarantee complete with a support system aimed at this group in their recruitment, with measures to promote stable employment and providing specific training programs that allow their retraining, to thereby allow return to the labor market.

"For young people in the Region of Murcia have also become autonomous incentive provisions, which consist of a support between 6,000 and 8,000 euros," said the director.

José Gabriel Ruiz recalled that the Employment Strategy groups other series of measures aimed at moving from unemployment to self-employment, ranging from conducting orientation and training projects for young entrepreneurs under 35 years of training actions for self and busy.

The Minister added that "we also want to become self-employment, with the consolidation of the activity, a source of recruiting new people, generating new jobs, which is the highest priority of the regional government."

The autonomous region has 3,700 more than last year

The manager stressed that employment Murcia continues to experience a very positive evolution in recruiting new self.

"On an annual basis, in June 3700 ended with more autonomous than last year. This makes us the second community has experienced a growing number of self-employed members in the last year to a growth rate of 4 percent compared to 2.5 of the national average, "said José Gabriel Ruiz.

Source: CARM

The Community announces the sixth edition of the Awards Building Quality

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The awards recognize the work of both professionals and users themselves, evaluating the use of criteria and parameters of sustainability and energy efficiency

Applicants may submit their work until September 30

The Ministry of Development, Public Works and Planning announces Awards Building Quality in the Region of Murcia, which acknowledges the work of agents of the building and the users of the buildings along the years, have contributed to the conservation of the baseline characteristics of the property, encouraging the durability requirements, habitability and safety.

The Official Bulletin of the Region of Murcia (BORM) today announced the call for the biannual awards to satisfy its sixth edition.

The general director of Architecture, Housing and Land, Yolanda Muñoz stressed that the initiative aims to identify, recognize and accompany involved in the construction sectors with the greatest potential in the promotion of quality in construction, whose "importance is obvious because responds to the growing social demand in this area and the challenge of continuous improvement in the quality of our buildings "is reached.

Muñoz said that the awards "are intended to stimulate quality improvement, through recognition of the achievements of the industry players, support improvements in quality and competitive in momentum for constructive solutions, enabling secure procedures and techniques construction used in existing buildings that over time has validated its use. "

These awards aim to highlight the importance of developing actions to support innovation and sustainability in building construction, while recognizing the work of both professionals and users themselves, evaluating the use of criteria and parameters sustainability and energy efficiency.

For the organization and financing of quality awards in the Construction of the Region of Murcia, the Department of Development has the support of Cajamurcia Foundation, the Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers in the Region, and Regional Federation of Employers in the Construction of Murcia (FRECOM).

Broad concept of quality in construction

Buildings with a length equal to or greater than 15 years since its construction or have been rehabilitated eligible categories of 'Buildings for residential use', 'Buildings for institutional use,' Buildings for tourist use ',' Rehabilitation 'and' Other uses'.

In each of the categories the facade, common areas, housing, facilities and building quality in the field of security, fire protection, sanitation (indoor air quality and the collection will be assessed and waste disposal), protection against noise, water savings, energy efficiency and sustainability (cladding, HVAC, lighting and heating) and accessibility.

The jury will review all proposals and awards to fail a building in each of the categories set out, as well as references to the work related to the length of the buildings that meet the sufficient technical merit.

Source: CARM

The PSOE regrets that the PP clearance debating the motion on the maintenance of PCPI in municipalities

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Congresswoman Maria Carmen Moreno asked President Garre that is responsive to requests from these teachers and reminded him that there is still time to make the call in September

The charge of Education of the Socialist Group, M ª Carmen Moreno lamented that the parliamentary group has rejected the discussion of a socialist motion for the Initial Professional Qualification Programmes (PCPI) remain in the municipalities in the region.

Before the visit representatives of tomorrow PCPI Region President Alberto Garre, Moreno expressed his hope that the president is receptive and reconsider the request coming by teachers and opposition groups, as the regional government is still time to make the call for the month of September and to ensure that they continue to offer these programs by municipalities.

The Socialist deputy recalled that these programs are aimed at students aged 17 to 21 who have not won the title at ESO and therefore is your last chance to reintegrate into the educational system, or to learn a trade.

"The importance of these programs is demonstrated to the low demand that has taken the basic FP, which the regional government to replace these programs, given the number of places that have been released."

M ª Carmen Moreno noted that for two decades, many municipalities in the region have developed an important compensatory action of the socio-educational and employment of young people through the PCPI inequalities.


The Info Murcia encourages companies to seek alternative funding lines following the traditional American model

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The Institute of Public Works approved a memorandum of understanding with 'Murcia Undertakes' Murcia to help entrepreneurs fund their projects by different routes to bank

The regional agency gives approval to agreements with the School of Industrial Organization to enhance innovation in enterprises and chambers of commerce to promote the internationalization

The Instituto de Fomento (Info) has approved the Protocol of Intentions Info-'Murcia Embark' to help companies in the Region of Murcia to find alternative funding lines to the bank.

This agreement received the approval of the info for the Board of Directors held today chaired by the Minister for Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz.

The director of Info, Samper Reyes said that "with this Memorandum of Understanding we go one step further in the development of funding for companies. In the American model and English, financing for companies is 20 percent banking and 80 percent to other models. In Spain, however, the opposite is true, since 80 percent funding is through the financial system and 20 percent through venture capital and private investors . Through this agreement, we take a step in order to offer alternative financing our business is not just the bank. "

Samper also reported that the Board of Directors has approved an agreement between the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and the information for the development of follow-on training for innovation companies during 2014-2015.

"This means implementing improvement actions necessary in the direction of projects and in improving product designs for companies," Samper said, adding that "some fifty companies may benefit from these actions."

The director also noted Info have been approved "specific agreements for the development of the 2014 Trade Promotion Plan that takes place between the info and the Chambers of Commerce of the Region of Murcia, within the SME Internationalization Plan 2014 -2020 ".

Samper explained "suppose the continuity of foreign promotion plan, the adequacy of the funds necessary for its development, for our companies to continue internationalizing" noting that "there are shuffled only specific grant scheme funds own of Info, but also there will be ERDF funds for the development of overseas promotion plan. "

Source: CARM

The web 'Know your Social Security' aims to streamline administrative procedures for the elderly

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

DG Murciano Seniors Social Action Institute has collaborated with the National Institute of Social Security to start this page

The web 'Know your Social Security' streamline administrative procedures and process documents for people over the Region of Murcia, to electronically check that there are different types of pensions, effective date, deductions or amounts liquids, among others.

The director general of Instituto Murciano Seniors Social Action (IMAS), Enrique Pérez, today participated in the presentation of this new website by the provincial director of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), Carmen Tortosa.

The presentation was aimed at managers, social workers and components Involvement Councils Seniors is in the social centers of Molina de Segura, Sewer, Murcia Murcia I and II.

Specifically, it has been informed of how to access the web, the query options available to the user and how to make proper use of this new page taking advantage of it to the fullest.

Thus, Perez said, "they will be responsible for communicating and explaining to users in their centers the launch of this new telematics device for online efforts."

The presentation made by professionals of IMAS and INSS and, according to the CEO in this act, will from next September when social centers begin to inform users that make use of this new resource on which they can deepen their computer rooms.

It is also scheduled in September a traveling presentation of the website is done 'Know your Social Security' in all social centers that exist in the different municipalities of the region.

Source: CARM

The Permanent Committee of the Assembly is aware of the opinion of the Committee on Members' Statute on Isabel Toledo

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The Permanent Council of the Regional Assembly of Murcia has been aware this morning of the opinion of the Deputy Status Committee and the Political Activity is considered affected by any circumstance of incompatibility legal Isabel Toledo Gomez.

The body assumes the functions of the Regional Assembly of Murcia in inter period agreed to forward an official letter to the Central Electoral Board communicating the vacancy occupied so far by Isabel Toledo Gomez and requesting credential issued by the regional deputy for the person holding the next place on the list of People's Party for the constituency number four, where he attended the regional elections Isabel Toledo.

Another point on the agenda of today's meeting of the Permanent Council was to decide on the request to convene an extraordinary session by the Socialist and Joint Parliamentary Groups, for the processing of different initiatives, application has been dismissed .

Source: Asamblea Regional de Murcia

The Socialist Party says the new funding is delaying a search of the Region to the interests of PP nationally

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Francisco J. Oñate deputy spokesman said that if the deputy Isabel Toledo has come forward on the initiative of the PSOE, because the PP currently has no moral ability to ask anyone to resign

The deputy spokesman of the Socialist Group, Francisco J. Oñate expressed a complaint on behalf of the PSOE in the meeting of the Permanent Council, to the fact that President Garre has not appeared in the Assembly to explain his meeting with Mariano Rajoy.

"The PP has been positioning itself as a keystone to solve all the ills of the region change regional financing, which became Valcárcel centerpiece of its election, his investiture speech and all its interventions House. "

Oñate recalled that former President stressed the need to advance the date to have a new more favorable model for the Region of Murcia.

"So now the president surprised Garre applaud the delay, which is de facto a raid in the region before the interests of the People's Party at the national level, this is the second major raid,. Was the first with the Basin Plan Tajo, yielding flow rates corresponding to this region. Now do it again on funding. "

Cessation of Isabel Toledo

On the cessation of the popular MP Isabel Toledo said that "it is not a pleasant job, but the law has only one way and it is their inexorable fulfillment that has already arrived."

Oñate said regarding this matter "would not have happened if not for the initiative of the Socialist Group, as the People's Party and the regional government have no moral right now ask no ability to resign or cease. A Community maintained at a government delegate, two councilors, mayors of major towns and summering imputed in office not able to ask anyone to leave, and we have seen in this case. "

Rebalancing plan

Other topics discussed at the meeting of the Permanent Council the petition have been the Socialist Parliamentary Group of appearance of the Minister of Finance to explain the budget cut will lead the new Plan of financial balance.

In this regard, Francisco J. Oñate said that "at this time we have known two disturbing news. One, that the Region has peaked deficit for the whole year, and two, that the state tax authority asks major cuts By We want to know what they will consist of and are not made in a hidden way. "

He said the budgets and programs that are approved involve in the Assembly and, therefore, is where one must first know the intention of the regional government.

"It seems that we want to settle for words about a possible economic recovery, but it is not credible and should explain".

Corvera Airport

Regarding the Corvera airport, Francisco J. Oñate said that "there are many lies about this topic. Seemed that the Government of Garre had a roadmap to follow to avoid losing money and prestige to this issue.'ve Seen that puts Brussels condition to close San Javier.'s why the government must appear and clarify if another roadmap know. "

Finally, Oñate said the PSOE feels cheated on dates, because the socialist parliamentary group began to make proposals on 9 July and the Permanent Committee has not met until the last day of this month.

"We believe it was a way to steal the opportunity to discuss issues of interest to the citizens and that the Assembly should continue its work in the summer."