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UPyD says it is a "nonsense common sense" that simultaneously operating two airports in the region of Murcia

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Fuensanta Maximum criticizes the "lack of foresight and coordination" that has allowed this "economic waste" and urges "provide data to support future profitability of Corvera Airport"

The regional head of UPyD, Fuensanta Maximus, has stressed the folly of the operation of two airports simultaneously in the Region of Murcia, according to statements made this morning by the Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning Manuel Campos, which stated that Corvera airport opens in December this year and the San Javier airport will not close, at least until 2016, to thereby return on investment of 25 million euros corresponding to the construction of a second runway.

In this sense, regional spokesman has criticized the "lack of foresight" about the need for the two airport infrastructure in the region, and the lack of coordination and communication between the central and regional administrations, governed by the PSOE and PP construction time "allowing economic waste of this magnitude."

Also, Max has stated that as a relevant investment, as 200 million euros guaranteed by the regional government, have been projected to be aware of the proximity of the two airports, and assuming a "real nonsense, an insult to common sense and citizens and a waste of public money. "

He has also criticized the words of director Manuel Campos, alluding to the profitability of infrastructure Corvera, "without providing any data to support it," without knowing whether the European Union will loan the regional government Aeromur 180 million euros for Sacyr, Aeromur main partner, "to offset losses in the early years of its opening."

Finally, responsible for training magenta reminded the regional government Corvera Airport "will cost us a lot of money to Murcia", completely unbalancing the budget of a community characterized by "being less compliant with the limits tax deficit. "

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Juan Carlos Ruiz commitment to dialogue to agree on the rules of regional Chambers of Commerce

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Business and Innovation says the goal is to become a useful and important instrument favoring the work performed cameras

The regional standard applies to strengthen the role of chambers in supporting SMEs and in the field of internationalization and increasing competitiveness

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, decided today to "continue dialogue with employers to agree a new Regional Law Cameras in all we do we bring ideas and proposals that enrich, with the aim of become a useful tool and flattering played the important work the cameras. "

Ruiz was speaking at the conference 'The New Law of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation', organized by the cameral institution of Murcia, which was also attended by Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime Garcia Legaz, and President of the Chamber of Murcia, Pedro García Balibrea.

The regional director remarked "our intention is to develop a law that is not restrictive and follow the premises of national law, which recognizes the broader regional governments powers to define the territorial organization and the governing bodies of the respective chambers, so as to reflect the economic reality of their territories and increased direct representation of companies in terms of their contribution to promote the cameras. "

During his speech, Juan Carlos Ruiz alluded to the spirit of the state standard "fixed the need to rationalize the structures and functioning of organs cameral and adapt to the economic situation."

"The goal is to launch efficient rationalization of expenditure and strengthening and boosting the economy, and in particular, the growth of the competitiveness of enterprises through policies to support trade and business," he added.

As found by the director, following the guidelines set by the national law, "the regional regulations establish a system of universal membership of the official cameras, which establishes the principle of all companies belonging to these agencies without financial obligation arising therefrom".

In this sense, defended, "the cameras represent the general interests of all economic and business activity rather than a particular sector, association or group of companies."

Support for SMEs, internationalization and competitiveness

Regional law also provides that the cameras will enhance their efficiency;

for it, said Ruiz, direct their actions to "support small and medium enterprises and develop actions that will result in increasing the competitiveness of companies and the field of internationalization."

Regarding this last point, the counselor said "should focus its efforts on the promotion of foreign trade, playing a leading role in opening up new markets and help companies to adapt to the international market."

Regarding the economic system, the cameras will get their revenue from the provision of services and the exercise of their activities, as well as voluntary contributions of companies and products, revenues and increases in their assets, bequests and donations.

In this section, as the holder of said company, the cameras will work with the regional administration through conventions, focusing on it studies, work and actions for the promotion of trade, industry, services and navigation.

Another aspect that is marked on the regional rules is the election of representatives to the cameras, which will be a universal choice, "where all businesses are eligible voters and".

This system also obliged to determine the composition of the plenary Cameral, so that, as a novelty, a part of vocalías correspond to those companies that increased voluntary contributions made in the territorial demarcation corresponding to them.

Also, cameras accentuate the nature of public corporations, which will require greater coordination and collaboration with government in the development of programs for the corporate sector and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

The Minister Juan Carlos Ruiz concluded by noting that "this new framework is to adapt the functions of the cameras to new social and economic reality."

Source: CARM

Treasury collects proposals for stakeholders to share the European Regional Development Fund

Monday, June 30th, 2014

This financial instrument is worth 300 million to promote R & D, ICT, supporting SMEs and the average environment

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Francisco Martínez Asensio, today chaired the public information session on programming the European Regional Development Fund for the period 2014-2020, comprising representatives of trade unions, business associations, municipalities, and representatives of social associations, NGOs and poverty reduction Cermi.

Martinez said Asensio's "Open Government action to receive information and be involved in the decision-making of the assessment process for all managers of European FEDER funds."

The Minister added that the European Fund for Regional Development 2014-2020 is worth 300 million euros, and main lines of work are "encouraging R & D, information technology, supporting SMEs and the environment environment. "

Finally, Asensio Martínez recalled that "the proposals will be reviewed and addressed the coming weeks for the European Commission to approve the final document before the end of the year."

This is the second workshop related to European funds chaired by Minister of Economy and Finance in a week, since last Monday, the contributions to the distribution of 90 million euros from the European Social Fund were collected.

Source: CARM

IU-Greens strongly criticized the Government for Regional Airport Corvera

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The IU-Greens deputy Jose Antonio Pujante, harshly criticized the announcement today of Director of Development, Public Works and Planning, Manuel Campos, that will not be completed until 2051 to pay off the debt with the Autonomous Community Aeromur by Corvera airport.

Booming considered "nonsense" that the Executive Murcia "mortgaging no less than 9 legislatures of four years each, and 36 laws of regional budgets."

"Maybe for those years the PP will be gone from the face of the earth," he commented.

According to the MP, in his appearance in the Regional Assembly, Campos has "tiptoed" in the subject from the airport, because he has not explained, among other things, "what they say in Brussels" and "what negotiations have made" from the regional government "and who" all apologizing in a "secret negotiations" that seems unusual.

"We want to know what is happening in Brussels, what they say there. Records We asked who denied us, and there is much darkness around the airport," he argued.

Regarding the AVE, Pujante has made clear that his arrival will not accept training but is buried, and has accused the director who "has not expressed a commitment to reach underground to Murcia, Lorca and Sewer" and has demanded a "global solution".

It has opted for the improvement of conventional rail and long distances as well as the construction of variant Cliques, while criticized the continued listing, for two decades, the Regional Government of the arrival of the AVE the Region.

Pujante has also criticized the work of the PP regarding Housing Plan 2009-2012, marked, in his view, the increase in the number of evictions, as evidenced by the fact that in the first four months of 2014 there have been 926 foreclosures .

"Fear gives us the announcement of the housing stock over 50 years and the requirement analysis and review; surely will be, as always, the weaker those who have to foot the bill for this initiative."

About the regional urban system, has stated that "scary" to think of a "more relaxed" legislation, as pointed Campos, because it involves "back on track" with "unnecessary and unworkable" projects like macropuerto Gorguel or urbanization of Marina de Cope.

Regarding the latter, he stated that "tourism is not" but "residential pitch with undesirable environmental conditions" that also "is not legally feasible."

The IU-Greens deputy has also opined that if the recent Supreme Court ruling on the illegality of urban IBI has retroactive effect could mean "ruin" for the municipality of the region.

"We want responsible for the ignominious era brick and planning agreements" that is leaving many bankrupt municipalities.

Booming remarked that intervention Campos has let him down because "the same stresses, which led us to ruin," with projects like the Marina de Cope or Gorguel and for large companies at the expense of SMEs, which are those that generate employment, and basic infrastructure.

Source: IURM

Martínez: "Moving to Madrid by train in three hours become a reality in 2015"

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Victor Martinez says that the central government has confirmed the arrival of the AVE to Murcia early next year

Congressman argues that the AVE reach the region through a comprehensive draft burial phased manner consistent with determinations under the 2006 protocol

The parliamentary group spokesman Victor Martinez has said on Monday that "the central government, through the Ministry of Development, has confirmed the arrival of the high speed train our region for the first quarter of 2015," so that " Murcia brief may move from Murcia to Madrid in three hours, not five as usual ".

Martinez was speaking as part of the Territorial, Environment, Agriculture and Water held today in the Regional Assembly Policy, who appeared in the director of Development, Public Works and Planning, Manuel Campos, and has focused on the high speed train to Murcia, among other issues related to their department.

The 'popular' deputy highlighted "the tremendous importance of freight and passengers, who will be increased with the imminent arrival of the AVE" an infrastructure "will be key to the launch of the Region of Murcia in their innovation development and competitiveness. "

Here, Martinez stressed the "commitment to the Popular Party scored to bring the Region of Murcia high speed rail, infrastructure very high socioeconomic value that will allow us to be more competitive and that, once the capital of Murcia, have as their most immediate step connection to Cartagena and Lorca. "


Moreover, the Deputy People's spokesperson referred to forecast that Minister Manuel Campos International Airport Murcia will be launched in December, saying that "we already see the light at the end the tunnel, and after infinite barriers and obstacles that we have encountered along the way, we are able to state that the aircraft will be soon in Corvera airport runways. "

As pointed out, "growth prospects of the region pass through the opening and entry into operation of an airport like Corvera, that unlike the San Javier nature military will focus to civilian passenger traffic at that commercial part will put us as a power in terms of tourism. "

Finally, Martinez said that "both the AVE and the International Airport of Murcia pose certainly achieving a society Murcia longing and a hope that are linked to growth and economic recovery of our region ".

Source: GPP

Industry encourages companies in the region are positioned on the German market

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The Minister Juan Carlos Ruiz, president of the Institute of Development, signed a cooperation agreement with the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain

Regional companies will be present in a portal freado power to effect

Germany is the host country of horticultural products and wines both Spanish and Murcia

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, president of the Institute of Development, today signed a cooperation agreement with the managing director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AHK), Walther von Plettenberg, aimed at Murcia companies position in the German market by leveraging the tools, channels and business contacts in the German House.

In this regard, Juan Carlos Ruiz noted that the agreement "will allow the positioning of our momentum and SMEs with export potential and consolidate companies that are already present on the German market through the tools, channels and contacts Chamber of Commerce Germany to Spain. "

The regional manager said that "we seek to promote the exchange of bilateral business opportunities and dissemination of the Region of Murcia, export potential and attracting investment in the German market."

Through this agreement the procedures necessary to manage opportunities for business cooperation are set.

As noted by the director, "will help companies in the Region of Murcia registered in Spain products from Murcia platform the possibility of using electronic channels broadcast featuring the German Chamber, as a food portal facilitating importers Germans access to data providers supply sector in Spain, while Spanish companies and promoting food products. "

And thanks to this agreement will enhance the resolution of queries of interest from companies on the relevant markets, in order to assist companies in regulatory issues, opportunities and contacts, among others, in both markets.

On the other hand, the manager of the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain director announced that included a link to the Institute for Development on its corporate website.

Also, in the German version, in the section on the Spanish regions, has included a review for the Region of Murcia and its main socioeconomic characteristics.

The managing director said that this new gateway to the German market may increase exports from Murcia and although this first initiative is aimed at food market, do not rule extension to other sectors such as the machinery or services with high added value.

The German Chamber among its partners in Spain with chambers of commerce, industry associations, economic promotion agencies and federations of agribusiness cooperatives, while among employees in Germany are 80 regional chambers, more than 40 associations of the German food industry, more 20 magazines and portals.

Exports to Germany

During his speech, the Minister said that "Germany is an important country for the economic development of our region, since 14 percent of our exports go to the European Union to the German nation."

The Minister of Industry said that "last year 574 companies in the region, exports to Germany worth 833.26 million euros, representing an increase of 12.2 percent over 2012."

Germany is the second destination of Spanish agri-food exports and the first country receiving fresh produce and wines both Spanish and Murcia.

The main items exported from Murcia to Germany were horticultural products, representing 72 percent of total sales;

chemical industry, which includes, among others, raw materials and semi-processed plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical and industrial technology;

and bakery products.

The Minister concluded by saying that "this agreement represents a new impetus to trade relations between Germany and the Region of Murcia and establishes mechanisms for bilateral cooperation, both to promote exports from Murcia and diffusion of bilateral business opportunities in the German market. "

Source: CARM

The Socialist Party says the Government's regional Public Works suspends all subjects

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Joaquín López Pagán deputy spokesman said that the management of the Ministry, "is one of the greatest political failures exhausted model of PP in the Region of Murcia "

The deputy spokesman of the Socialist Group, Joaquín López Pagán said the regional government has suspended all subjects "and is the worst student in class" in terms of Public Works and Infrastructure.

This morning the Minister appeared Development, Public Works and Planning, Manuel Campos, before the Committee on Regional Policy, to report, on request and at the request of the Socialist Group on the objectives and lines of action of their counseling to end of term, and the situation in which the high speed train to the town of Murcia is located.

López Pagán said in Development, Public Works and Planning "have everything done and we are in the last year in office."

For areas indicated on Housing, the Region has the worst data regarding empty dwellings in housing evictions in housing development in rent subsidies in aid for house purchase, etc..

"In the urgent housing or are serving as is the case with people who are homeless and have no support or prevention; neither necessary it is to plan in the medium-term policy to make it a viable option for it serves citizens and the construction sector. All refers to a National Plan of that, today, the scope of the aid is not known. "

In short, a subject suspended.

On transport, Joaquin Lopez said, first, bus transportation, with which the citizens of the region and the municipality of Murcia in particular are being punished for the PP infighting.

"Public transport in the region has become a business subsidy for companies which are saved in the overall interest expense."

López Pagán said the regional government is subsidizing the disaster on public transport and gives options to access it at a reasonable price, while cuts services.

"There is no plan, strategy or evaluation of what the region needs in this area."

Another suspended subject.

Socialist deputy spokesman also talked about transportation on the high speed train to the region.

In this regard, he stressed that the words of the director "will represent a betrayal of the agreements of the Regional Assembly and local groups in the city of Murcia, and a fraud on the public, asking to be carried out the burial, much needed and would solve the high speed train to other cities such as Cartagena and Lorca. "

Joaquín López said that there is any political will or Garre Rajoy or counselor or the AVE reach Murcia and are repeatedly lying about the dates.

Also suspended in this matter.

Regarding the Corvera airport, Joaquín López said that the director has not said anything new.

Again refers to the file that is being processed in Brussels, we know exactly what is happening in that file without setting any timeframe.

"They talk about the first quarter of 2015, but in this as in the high speed train are buying time to try to save the electoral process."

He added that they have no roadmap if the shareholder loan that the EU must authorize, nor a solution to stop us from having our heads on 182 million euros of collateral fails.

In summary, described the appearance of Manuel Campos of "a way to cover the record, where returns to talk about issues such as Puerto Mayor Marina de Cope or not to save what interest is well known."

On these two issues stated that, in the case of Marina de Cope is a performance that has to adapt to what the Constitutional Court said.

On the other hand, in the case of Puerto Mayor is also subject to criminal prosecution, "in which whoever issued the illegal resolution today seeks fix is ​​Mr. Alvarado, who is accused and prosecuted for the criminal proceedings. We do not know tell what the regional government has to take this issue back to the drawer and based on what particular interests. "

López Pagán concluded that "this is the dynamics of the policy of this Department, one of the greatest political failures exhausted model of PP in the region of Murcia and hopefully corroborating citizens at the polls in 2015."


Campos says the airport and the AVE are "critical infrastructure that will enhance the competitiveness and economic development"

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning at the Regional Assembly presented the main priorities of his department in transport, housing and roads

Stresses that the regional government works with the European Commission and the Central Government to advance the paperwork and permits opening of the International Airport of Murcia

The AVE will come to the region with a comprehensive draft burial phased budget allocation and deadlines that meets the needs of residents and determinations protocol 2006

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Manuel Campos, said today that the International Airport of Murcia and the arrival of the High Speed ​​Murcia "are essential and vital infrastructure that will become in a few dates realities, which will provide an innovative breakthrough and a new service for enhancing the competitiveness and economic development of the Region. "

"The commissioning of the airport and high-speed connection in the region favor the region is increasingly popular abroad, with all that this implies in terms of economic growth and job creation," said Campos, who appeared before the Committee on Regional Policy, Environment, Agriculture and Water of the Regional Assembly to report on the objectives and lines of action of the department.

The head of the Ministry of Public Works said that "expectations for growth in the region pass through the opening and entry into operation of the airport to meet the needs of the present and the future of society and improve quality of life and well-being citizens. "

The Minister said the "strong commitment" of the regional government's openness to civil airport passenger traffic and "the Autonomous Community that goal working with a serious and rigorous process, set a new Economic and Financial Plan and the current context set "which includes the processing of a Participative Loan" means that, authorized by the European Commission once would free the Community payment guarantee (182 million euros) and get enough help to operate the Airport International Region of Murcia ".

While this goal is reached, Campos said there are other issues that are being managed from the Department of Development "to advance as far as possible the various procedures and authorizations initiated" as the certification process of the airport, the procedures for obtaining the Enabling or outpost as Schengen border contacts to establish a service-oriented monitoring and maintenance of the radio installations aids to air navigation agreement.

The Minister said that this infrastructure "will mark the decisive economic boom in the region and will be a key element in the regional growth" and to this end the provisions of the flow of passengers to the airport "are set to tourism forecasts in the region and Spanish Mediterranean Arc ", which represents 19 million people, over 40 percent of the Spanish population.

High speed

In addition to the airport, high speed rail, which is a substantial part of the Mediterranean Corridor, "is one of the main communication routes in Spain and Europe and will be a reality in the region for the first half of 2015."

This is confirmed by the "advanced state of completion of works in the Monforte-Murcia stretch, with over 90 percent of the platform works executed and the remaining track, signaling and electrification tendered in full up to station Murcia ".

"The AVE will come to the region through a comprehensive underground project in phases, consistent with the determinations pursuant to the protocol of 2006," said the adviser, adding that to do so, "it will be necessary to ensure budgetary allocation and deadlines, meeting the needs of the residents and the rest of society Murcia, based on criteria of reasonableness and consistency. "

Promoting regional official explained that in the first phase, endowed with EUR 79 million, provides a stretch of 530 meters underground between South Ronda and James the Greater, free of level crossings in Tower Romo and the Path of the Garres and make the connection with the variant Reguerón by this station and El Carmen.

"The socio-economic importance for the region is the high-speed connection with Madrid and improvement of the common section of the Mediterranean Corridor will lead us to focus all our efforts in this strategic infrastructure to connect Cartagena and Lorca," he concluded.

Strategic Projects

In his speech, the Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning to other strategic initiatives for regional economic development as Gorguel, which "will allow a significant gain in market share and enhance the strategic positioning also referred Region outside "or Marina de Cope, with the support of environmental and urban planning to meet current legislation will be discussed.

Also noted that the future of Puerto Mayor passes through "the repair, restoration and compensation" of the damage from the environmental point of view, always in dialogue with the central government and all sectors involved in order to eliminate visual impact that currently represents the work.

Territorial Planning

The Minister also outlined other priority actions to complete the management of all the territory, defining the Territorial Model of the Region through the Guidelines and Spatial Plans in the Region of Murcia and completing the process of developing guidelines and county areas Regional Landscape Strategy.

Campos said that the adaptation of the entire city general plan to the current legislation, in order to complete in the next annuity the process of adapting the general plans of the 45 municipalities in the region with the Revised Act is necessary Floor and currently reaches 26 municipalities covering 75 percent of the territory and population.

In the section on Housing, Campos reported that his department will promote measures to facilitate access to decent housing for families at risk of social exclusion or particularly vulnerable.

In this regard, 23 homes have been delivered and developed measures to promote the social and labor integration of the most disadvantaged sectors of population.

He said the new Housing and Rehabilitation Plan 2013-2016 is supposed a new tool to ensure the quality of life of citizens, conservation and energy efficiency and job creation materialize and with the injection of 42 million in the region.

Also during his speech, the Minister of Public Works said that the regional government will continue to work for "safe and efficient" roads.

In that vein, the Ministry develops actions for elimination of accident concentration sections and potentially dangerous, improvement and maintenance of roads, and the installation of barriers with special system to protect motorists, safety lamps and non-slip flooring.

Source: CARM

Education extends the range of languages ​​and levels on the Official School of Languages ​​of the Region

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Over 18,500 students attend one of the seven languages ​​on offer right now in 21 municipalities with six Official Language Schools and 16 extensions

The enlargement of the workload will get the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​at 4.5 years and C1 in 6

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities expand the range of languages ​​and levels on the Official School of Languages ​​of the Region for the next academic year 2014-2015.

Director General Colleges, Luis Javier Lozano today filed this offer to allow, for example, provide the advanced level of English in Sewer and Eagles, the advanced level of French in Molina de Segura, the intermediate level of Italian and Lorca basic level of German in San Javier.

During his appearance, Lozano said the effort from the Ministry of Education to strengthen the language training of citizens.

"The region has a wide range of languages ​​that reaches 21 municipalities, with six Language Schools and 16 extensions, which are an essential tool for improving language skills, which is essential to improve society and the development of tourism or sell more and better products abroad. "

Also during the course of work on extending school hours, from 120 hours a year to 144. This increase will allow to obtain the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​at 4.5 years, which is fluent command of language, and the C1 level in six years, which is a very advanced use of language.

In addition, the Ministry of Education is working on the development of the Organic Rules of the centers to be ready for this course.

Similarly, the CEO said that this course will be reserved for 15 percent of vacancies for each course, language and form teachers in the region.

"We need to strengthen the outlines of the '+ Languages' key so that our students receive the best training in other languages ​​initiative," said Lozano.

Also reported that the Department continues the process of drafting the decree of recognition of proficiency in foreign languages, which is currently under consultation with the social partners.

Currently, more than 18,500 students attend any of the seven languages ​​offered in 21 municipalities in the region through six Official Language Schools (Murcia, Cartagena, Caravaca de la Cruz, San Javier, Lorca and Molina de Segura) and 16 extensions.

The defendant language is English, a language study 75 percent of those 18,500 students enrolled, followed by French, with 12.7 percent, and German, with 5.1 percent.

In addition to these languages, the Official Schools of Languages ​​of the Region offering study Arabic, Chinese, Italian and Spanish for foreigners, and the arrangements 'online' English and French.

Source: CARM

Culture program for the first time in July a series of family films in the Regional Film

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Includes films praised by international critics never before exhibited in the region, classic animation and silent film, as well as concerning 'The Wizard of Oz '

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities scheduled for the first time in ten years of operation of the Regional Film Francisco Rabal cycling family movie in July in the 'Summer of Culture initiative.

Culture Summer '.

The director general of the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts, Marta López-Briones today presented this program that includes 10 titles with films praised by international critics never before exhibited in the region, classic animation and silent film, as well as benchmarks of fantasy films.

"The goal of this program is to introduce children to the Cinematheque to lead a cultural and leisure activities for the summer.

This July is a great time to do it and the films have been selected taking into account that are of interest to the whole family, with films from countries like the United States, Malaysia, Iran, France and Germany, "Lopez-Briones said.

To appeal to the whole family have been chosen both tapes animated children's films such as 'A fish out of the sea' and 'Ernest & Celestine', away from the commercial and unpublished circuits on screen in the Region as animated classics essential Disney factory, as 'The Aristocats'.

There are also family films, a more independent judiciary and valued by critics as 'Moonrise Kingdom', 'The Illusionist', 'The White Balloon' and 'The Neverending Story'.

"Also, we wanted to include great masterpieces of silent films as 'The Cameraman', Buster Keaton, and The Kid, Charlie Chaplin, coinciding with the 125th anniversary of his birth.

With these two real gems of celluloid, it is intended that families come in contact with the essence of film, motion picture, pointing out that movies can be fun, come to excite and entertain no dialogue, just using the universal language image.

These films will be screened in 35mm format, so that families feel and see a projection as originally made, "said the director general of ICA.

Finally, the Cinematheque will honor one of the family films quintessential icon of various generations, a timeless classic that is 75 years old and is 'The Wizard of Oz', considered one of the best films in cinema history.

Marta Lopez-Briones also stated that "viewers can visit the screening room of the Regional Film Archive, to feel and discover the romance involving a film projection."

The family movie cycle starts tomorrow and the ticket price is 2.5 euros, but you can purchase the 'pequebono' 10 films for 10 euros.

Source: CARM