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Notable role of our athletes in the 1st round of the National Cadet

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Mariano Mateo has achieved the bronze medal in the shot put during the Championship of Spain of the category that this weekend is celebrated in Valladolid

The first day of the Championship of Spain by Autonomous Teams School Age (Cadet), which this weekend celebrated in Valladolid, has given us the first medal for reigion of Murcia.

Has come from the hand of Matthew Mariano, who has managed the bronze medal in the shot put with 14.31m best attempt.

For men, Francisco Javier Truque was 6 in the 1st semifinal 100m.l.

(12.51), while Victor A. Requena occupied 8th place in the 2nd semifinal of 600 (1:31.24).

At the edge of the medal was Alejandro Ortuño, 4th in the 1500m final.

obstacles (4.39.46) and José Antonio Maldonado in the pole vault, also with the 4th position (3.20).

David Murcia was 3rd in the 2nd semifinal of 100m.

Hurdles (16.48) and Martin Ortiz signed the 2nd place in the 1st semifinal of 300m.

hurdles (43.23).

In long jump, Guillermo Belmonte signed the 8th position (5.70), being 12 in hammer Mario Braid (24.70) and Ivan Garcia 5th in 5,000 m.

Run (26:24.55).

On the women's side, Maria Jose Norths was 5th in the 1st semifinal 100m.l.

(13.42), while Pino Garcia held the 3rd place in the 2nd semifinal of 600 (1:39.90).

Mary Garnes was 15th at 1,500.

hurdles (6:14.63), Claudia Martinez being 16th in 3,000 m.


Meanwhile, Rosa would Florenciano 4th in the 2nd semifinal of 100m.

hurdles (17.28), while María José Alcaraz finished 5th in the 1st semifinal of 300m.

hurdles (50.86).

Mayte Torres was 7th in length (5.11), Violeta Nieto took 8th place in the javelin (28.56).

After the 1st round, the Region of Murcia occupies the 5th place in the men's standings with 71.5 points and 12th in the women's table, tied with Madrid by 30 points.

Source: Federación de Atletismo Región de Murcia

FDARMUR organizes the Miss and Mister Contest 2014 Wow Murcia to benefit the abandoned and abused animals.

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The federation organizes the event for June 14, which may register all those dogs at 3 categories: beauty, skill and disguise.

The federation that brings together the protective and animal associations in the Region of Murcia, FDARMUR is organizing an event called Miss and Mister Contest Wow in the region, which will be on Saturday June 14 at 18:30 pm in the auditorium Thader (up from Ikea) and will be presented by the Murcia model and former Miss Spain Maria Jose Matron of Honor Besora.

The categories that can enroll their pets all those people who want it are the ability canine costume and beauty, which will be parades in each.

In the event there will be a solidarity with protective products 'Towers', 'Style', 'Alhama', 'For a faithful friend', 'APAMS' and 'Lorca Animal'.

There will also be professional dog show handler José Luis López, a big dance Bollywood Hand Hara center, and an information stand Veterinary Hospital Fleet discount.

In addition, there will be a big parade for adoption dogs that have been abandoned and abused and attendees can take.

The company supplies and feed Hill's will be a sponsor and distribute gifts.

All proceeds will go to the abandoned and abused animals.

The deadline is open until minutes before the conclusion of the event.

The bases can be found in

Source: DARMUR

Health and Social Policy 4.5 million allocated this year to EI

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The Minister of Health and Social Policy at Eagles closed the XVII Regional Seminar dedicated to this type of health services

Catalina Lorenzo stresses that the region was a pioneer in the creation of the public network of Centres and Early Childhood Development

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy allocated this year, through the Instituto Murciano Social Action (IMAS), a total of 4.5 million to fund early intervention services, providing both municipalities and associations of disability , representing an increase of one million euros the previous year.

The regional head of Health and Social Policy, Catalina Lorenzo recalled each year pass through these services 3,500 children up to six years and their families, who were supporting during intervention with the child.

Early Intervention services cater to children with disabilities or at risk of suffering, and act from a preventive aspect and care to enhance their capacity for development and welfare.

This is intended to facilitate their integration into the family and social environment, and personal autonomy.

Catalina Lorenzo Eagles closed today, with the mayor of the town, Bartolomé Hernández, the XVII Regional Early Childhood Conference, organized by the Association of Early Intervention in the Region of Murcia (ATEMP).

During his speech said that the Region of Murcia was a pioneer in the creation of the public network of Centers for Child Development and Early Intervention "because that was visionary professionals over 30 years ago they put the embryo which is now a public network regional perfectly organized. "

"The service provided today in the region is the result of a joint effort social: career, family, social services for people with disabilities, local and regional government organizations, as well as a scientific body and researcher from the University Murcia help in this field, "Lorenzo said.

28 Early Childhood Centres

In Murcia there are 28 early intervention centers, of which 16 belong to local authorities, 12 member associations of the Federation of Community Mentally Handicapped (Fadis), the Federation of Associations of Parents of Children Sensory Impaired (Fasen) and the Federation of Organizations for Persons with Intellectual Disability and Cerebral Palsy (Feaps-Murcia).

Municipalities that provide these services subsidized by the Community are Eagles, Sewer, Alhama de Murcia, Murcia, Fortuna, Totana, Cotillas Towers, Molina de Segura, Blanca, Cieza, the Commonwealth of Social Services Mula River (Albudeite, Bullas , Mula and Pliego), Lorca, Abarán, Mazarrón, Puerto Lumbreras and Yecla.

Source: CARM

PSOE described as discriminatory and unfair to citizens and families on public transport system bus

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The deputy spokesman Joaquín López Pagán has requested a case discussion in the Assembly for the counselor realize the precarious situation in which he finds the public bus transportation in the region and the ultimate decision to grant the municipality of Murcia

The deputy spokesman of the Socialist Group, Joaquín López Pagán has described as discriminatory and unfair to citizens and families the current system of public bus transportation in the region.

López Pagán believes that "despite the latest data, the trajectory Popular Party government on public bus transportation is a complete failure."

Socialist MP blamed the cuts in transportation services in all municipalities in the region, together with the existence of a cluster of poorly sorted concessions and, in some cases, clearly non-compliant with current legislation;

"A formula that results in the apparent decline in travelers in recent years."

Four million travelers lost in 5 years

Joaquin Lopez said that in the last 5 years has accumulated a loss of 4 million passengers per semester, from 11.9 million passengers in the first half of 2008 to 7,800,000 at the beginning of 2013, according to data provided by Regional Administration.

"Something that occurs precisely in the years of crisis in which the disastrous management of popular government in transport has displayed more clearly to the detriment of citizens."

López Pagán referred to the continuing decline of wages, to families in which the purchasing power has dropped dramatically;

Meanwhile, "the PP, far from putting measures on the table to facilitate access to public transportation to those who need it most, repeatedly punishing citizens unbearable absence of efficient prices and services."

Joaquín López criticized "has delved into the situation in the town of Murcia and its metropolitan area, where the regional government continues to save insolvent companies that are illegally providing unsatisfactory services rather than serve the citizens" .

Lack of solutions

In the PSOE opinion, the recent Order of freight rates has reassessed a scenario of lack of solutions for the citizens of the municipality of Murcia, discrimination against cuts to districts and municipalities in the area closest influence;

specifically, Molina de Segura, Sewer, Cotillas Towers, Alguazas, Ceuta, Lorquí, Santomera, leaving out of this system of metropolitan area, inexplicably, the municipality of Beniel.

Pagan Lopez reported that the Socialist parliamentary group has requested access to the file that has led to the new tariff system for the municipality of Murcia, in order to verify compliance with the law.

Moreover, the Socialist deputy requested a case discussion in the Assembly for the advisor Manuel Campos realize the precarious situation in which he finds the public bus transportation in the region and the ultimate decision to grant the municipality of Murcia.

In this regard, he recalled that the PSRM-PSOE will have recourse in the courts this new legislation "has not taken into account either large families or retired or unemployed, who need more than one public transport, which evidence that local and regional governments PP give back to the citizens who are faring worse. "


Education opens the deadline to apply for school meals that will benefit around 3,700 students, 1,100 more than in this course

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The Ministry increased by 45 percent the budget for these grants, you may apply up to 15 June

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities published today by the aid of high school that next year around 3,700 students will benefit about 1,100 more than the current one.

The Director General of Education Centres, María Dolores Valcárcel, said that "we make a great effort with this increase in the amount dedicated to school meals, representing 45 percent growth over this course. Our goal is to help families and children who need it with this call for help with an order that goes beyond the purely educational. "

Until June 15 may apply for these grants to the Ministry of Education allocates 3,181,557 euros, one million euros.

With this budget increase in the call are expected to be granted 3,653 scholarships dining, which would aid 1,148 more than the current course.

This scholarship covers the dining hundred percent of the cost of this service, which allows students to receive a healthy and balanced daily food, tailored to their dietary needs and considering its peculiarities, special dishes or gluten intolerant students any food.

The number of schools that have a school meal service in this course than 200 and more than 12,000 students have made use of it.

Easier and faster

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education has introduced improvements in the procurement process to make it easier for families to apply for aid easier and faster the process of granting thereof.

"It was one of the goals we set at the beginning of last year and from the community have worked to achieve this with a number of improvements," said the director general of Department.

For the first time in this competition may be formalized application in electronic format, available on the website (

Once completed in this format, it should print the application for submission to the school where the student is enrolled.

This enhancement allows the user greater ease and eliminate errors and incorrect transcriptions.

In addition, the management of the center, which will result in greater agility and speed when dealing with applications is simplified.

In addition, the Ministry has improved the process of adjudication and payment of aid to minimize the time from the decision until settlement.

Another novelty is that when data from seeking families have suffered no variation may be requested to enforce the documentation is made in the application of this course to establish the number of members of the household or situations officially recognized large family.

Finally, in order to adjust the grant of aid to the actual situation of the family economy, will be considered family income data for the year 2013, provided that the tax office to give the data before September 1 , 2014. Otherwise be considered income of 2012.

Source: CARM

Health reminds citizens that smoking is harmful to health behavior

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The Director General of Public Health and Addictions, Francisco Garcia, emphasizes that "only 8.3 percent of smokers leave the snuff"

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy on the occasion of World No Snuff, held today Saturday, May 31, reminds citizens that smoking is harmful to health behavior, so that encourages society to adopt styles healthy life and be co-responsible with their health care.

The Director General of Public Health and Addictions, Francisco Garcia, said that according to the latest data available, "only 8.3 percent of smokers in the region manages to leave the snuff."

It is, he added, "a low percentage invites us to continue working to improve care for smokers."

The prevalence of smokers in the region is 30.9 percent, a figure that puts Murcia among the highest in Spain.

Proof of this is that 25 percent of the citizens of the Community, about 375,000 people, usually smoking daily.

Garcia stressed that among the priority objectives of the Health Plan 2010-2015 Murcia is delaying the age of first use of snuff beyond age 14.

In this regard, he praised the policies adopted since 60.8 percent of Murcia over 15 years have never consumed snuff.

The CEO said that "investing in prevention is to make health and also prevention is one of the most effective ways to contribute to the optimization of the resources offered by the health system pathways."

From the Department said Francisco Garcia, "committed to preventing and consider those actions that can help you stop smoking."

He added, "on the bank of primary care services tailored actions for pregnant teens, age 50 and psychiatric patients are included."

It also carries out other actions as the Plan of Health Education in the School of the Region of Murcia, focused exclusively to school and youth and Tobacco Information Program.

Project Network Free Snuff Hospitals of the Region of Murcia, which was created in 2005 to coordinate, support and encourage smoking cessation making snuff free health centers is also developed.

Finally, Garcia insisted that "today, World No Snuff is a great day to leave.'s Necessary to emphasize the positive aspects of having a life free of snuff and concentrate all our efforts to ensure that children are able to say no to cigarettes and other substances harmful to health. "

Source: CARM

The Minister of Culture highlights the work done in the School of Bullfighting in Murcia

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

25 young people between 8 and 21 years are taught about the art of bullfighting while learning values ​​such as effort or perseverance

The Minister of Education, Culture and Universities, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, this week held a meeting with the board of the School of Bullfighting and met with the work of 25 students from 8 to 21 who receive thorough training on bullfighting and values related to bullfighting as effort or perseverance.

He also shared with the students one of their practices in the arena of Condomina classes and knew first hand their work and progress in the art of bullfighting.

"The work they do in school is commendable and we should support and recognize socially. The way that make them advance in this art and create and nurture the magnificent quarry bullfighters in the region, combined with a special concern for their education school and as citizens, "said Pedro Antonio Sánchez.

The training of students in the winter is focused on theoretical given once a month with bullfighting critics José Francisco Guillermo Lorente Bayonne and Taurino Club in Murcia, headquarters School classes.

With the arrival of warm weather, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17:00 to 19:00, students are taught bullfighting games in the Plaza de Toros.

Also, students torean camera facing possible compromises in Villa de Flores Cotillas Towers in Yecla Nazario Ibanez or Daniel Martínez Albacete.

During his meeting with the president of the School of Bullfighting, Rocío Bernal, vice president and president of Club Taurino de Murcia, Alfonso Aviles, and art director, Pepin Liria, the Minister of Education, Culture and Universities could learn other aspects of training of students, such as teaching standards of behavior, respect, costumes and social protocol, as well as monitoring of the school year in order to make compatible their conventional studies bullfighting.

Another point to emphasize Bullfighting School is that all collaborators who made this initiative do altruistically and the budget is intended to assist students in Toreen field tackle to injury, displacement or gear.

Source: CARM

The Forum 'Top Capital' drives 16 agreements between investors and entrepreneurs in the region to accelerate innovative projects

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The Info conducive five entrepreneurs to showcase their technology-based projects to regional investors

The European Business and Innovation Centre of Murcia (CEEIM) under the Development Institute (Info) agency, this week hosted the eighth meeting of the Forum 'Top Capital', where five entrepreneurs presented their business ideas.

These events, which are part of the network of private investors in the region, MurciaBan, 16 agreements have helped to boost partnerships between investors and entrepreneurs, focusing on innovative technology-based projects with high added value, especially in the field of digital economy.

This meeting, held at the headquarters of CEEIM in Espinardo in Murcia, focused on the use of Internet as a multiplier business platform in the digital world, and was presented to investors as an attractive bet, although significant risk.

Each of the five entrepreneurs counted five minutes to present their projects at the time showed investors about business ideas related to electronic commerce products and services, industrial technology and application development for mobile devices.

Subsequently, investors with entrepreneurs exchanged views on the proposals.

MurciaBan is an initiative promoted by the Institute of Development and organized by the Forum 'Top Capital' every six months in the regional Emprendemos Plan.

The aim is to stimulate and promote new business projects 'startup' created by entrepreneurs that are integrated into the organization and passing through an optimum time for inputting external participation.

MurciaBan has a core of thirty investors.

The inflow of foreign capital may be pre-pulse as a business development or when approaching product launch to market.

The director of the Instituto de Fomento (Info), Reyes Samper noted that "one of the difficulties it presents to many 'startup' is funding for the high risk that behave" so that the Forum 'Top Capital is " an excellent tool for investors to bring entrepreneurs, and as shown by the 16 partnerships made in recent months. "

By the eight editions of the Forum have been 195 potential investors, which have been presented 52 initiatives.

Ornaments Samper "initiatives have contributed outstanding quality and originality."

Additionally, he said, "which is the impetus for funding through MurciaBan will allow projects are realized in such a competitive market as risky."

During this year's forum investors approached the world of Internet business through the paper 'Online Reputation and Business Angels, current trends', which developed the Vice President of Business and Professional Association of Internet Community Valencia, Alejandro Perez.

It advised to invest and engage in cyberspace looking to get a significant return.

This requires having a high knowledge of the network or specialist advice.

MurciaBan account in the organization of the 'Top Capital' in collaboration with the Information, the European Regional Development Fund, Region of Murcia-Growing with Europe, Murcia Emprendemos Plan, the Young Entrepreneurs Association (AJE) and the Regional Confederation of Employer Organizations (Croem).

Source: CARM

The Region is touted as summer destination with over 900 travel agents in six 'workshops' national

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The Valencia in 2013 was the main source of tourists domestic market to the Region

The Institute of Tourism introduced tourism in Murcia over 900 travel agents through a series of 'workshops' (professional workshop) and business meetings during the months of April and May.

During this period the Institute participated in a total of six workshops in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga and Seville Sitges.

The purpose of these actions was to strengthen the presence of the region in major national travel agencies, to increase sales to final customers in the face of summer.

In these meetings and business meetings 19 tour packages made by the Institute, including accommodation and tours and sightseeing recommendations to the chosen area were promoted.

These packages offer tours of coastal areas, and inland cities in the region, and propose experiences nautical sun and beach, culture, nature, rural, active, food and wine tourism.

According to the ranking of the National Institute of Statistics, the number of travelers who visited residents in Spain Murcia in 2013 grew by 3.2 percent.

During that period, the main regions generate tourists to the region were, in this order, Valencia, Madrid, Andalusia and Catalonia.

Today, Valencia is the first national tourism source market to the Region of Murcia, with a market share of 19 percent, followed by Madrid having 18.7 percent.

The workshops were organized by the Spanish Federation of Travel Agencies, CEAV (Madrid), the Catalan Association of Travel Agents and the Catalan Union of Travel Agencies Specialized, ACAVe (Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Malaga), the Group Management Agencies Travel, AVASA (Sitges) and NEXUS Group (Sevilla).

Source: CARM

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water shows for public consultation on the Rural Development Programme

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The Community and the regional agricultural sector work in developing measures to boost farming and rural areas for the period 2014-2020

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water has lifted the draft document public exhibition of the Rural Development of the Region of Murcia (PDR) for 2014-2020, which will determine the implementation of actions co-financed by the European Union to ensure the viability of agriculture and agri-food sector and rural areas.

The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, held a meeting this week with representatives of the regional agricultural sector to establish schedules of new program development and work together on the design and development of measures to collect the new PDR for the next six years.

The Rural Development Programme of the Region of Murcia 2014-2020, which must be approved by the European Commission, represents an investment of nearly 600 million euros, of which 450 million euros will be public, provided by 63 percent EAFRD European fund by 11 per cent by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and 26 percent by the Community.

This program, which is expected to be approved in November this year, includes several help lines that will be enacted in the same year, and will affect especially in those who have had a very favorable reception in the period 2007-2013, as AE , aimed at the improvement plans and incorporating youth, support for food companies and those for organic farming.

Measures under the current Rural Development Programme, have led, among other indicators, the addition of 186 young farmers to the activity, improving more than 300 farms and modernization of processing and marketing systems of a hundred industries.

It has also enabled the modernization of the irrigation area of ​​45 irrigation communities over an area of ​​53,000 hectares and conditioning of 610 kilometers of rural roads.

Source: CARM