Older Murcia II Social Center commemorating the 75th anniversary of the death of reading activities Machado

This act adds to other studies conducted in this center on the occasion of World Book Day celebrated on Wednesday

The CEO of the Murcia Seniors Social Action Institute praises the active character and enthusiasm of the users of this center

Users of Social Senior Center Murcia II, under the Directorate General of Instituto Murciano Seniors Social Action (IMAS), today commemorated the 75th anniversary of the death of the poet Antonio Machado, one of the events organized to mark the Day Book last Wednesday, April 23.

On this day, in which the CEO of Older IMAS, Enrique Pérez, was present was read a short story called 'Holidays' which has been developed by users of the Social Centre Seniors Murcia II supported an educator.

In total, ten users who have written and read the story 'Holidays' and then proceeded to the reading of poems by Antonio Machado different, previously, had been selected in the Reading Workshop this social center .

The CEO highlighted the work of professionals in the center and "concern and dedication" to provide daily comprehensive care and provide users with a variety of activities and workshops.

Pérez also praised the character of this center over "are very proactive and have a great desire to participate and collaborate in all activities that are scheduled."

This, he added, "is an added value to achieve an active and healthy aging."

The Murcia Senior Center II, located on Calle Mar Menor in Murcia, currently serves more than 2,100 pensioners and it various volunteer activities to foster intergenerational relationships and integration of older people in society are developed .

Source: CARM


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